6 Temmuz 2021

A big preggo fantasy finally fulfilled – part 3


A big preggo fantasy finally fulfilled – part 3Before the story:This is part 3, the culmination of a much longer story. I recommend reading part 1 and 2 first. Visit my user page on the site or just find the stories “A big preggo fantasy finally fulfilled – part 1”, and “A big preggo fantasy finally fulfilled – part 2” at your pleasure.After helping Ronnie we retreated back to Angela’s room and got undressed. I could not get enough of looking at her naked body. She noticed how excited I was, and undressed slowly on purpose. Being very much pregnant, she couldn’t exactly striptease, but she still did it in such a lovely manner, as sexy as she could. She kept her sandals on to the very end. And there she was, small, and gorgeous. Almond colored hair, green eyes that beautifully accompanied her smile, and with the lipstick now gone, her lips still looked full and utterly pink, and sexy. Her full legs, big white belly, and sizable tits were a sight to behold.She got rid of the sandals and we finally retreated to bed. After two exhausting rounds, sex wasn’t on the menu. I’ll be honest, not just for the fact she was pregnant, but I was no longer a 21 solder on vacation either, and I had my limits. We did kiss passionately, touched each other in a pleasant way for a short while, and went to sleep.I had slept very well, but the waking up was immensely better. canlı bahis I had noticed Angela to my left, playing with one of her tits, and breathing heavily. But she wasn’t masturbating. In fact it was Ronnie, our host, wearing nothing but red sexy lingerie, going down on Angela. Ronnie is a very attractive woman. Her face is cute, she has black hair and black eyes. She’s tall and her skin is almost olive colored. She also has nice rack, small bubble butt, and really long legs. During this session I wasn’t ignored by the way. I woke up from Ronnie’s hand playing with my balls, and the massive hard on she gave me. She knew just what I liked and how I liked it, and it seemed she wasn’t ignorant of Angela’s desires either.I had her stop, and went on to helping her with Angela. Ronnie’s tongue dove deep between Angela’s thighs, while my finger found her clit and I started rubbing it. In the awkward position I could still reach her left tit, licking and sucking it, while she was still handling the right one. She started moaning and twitching a bit more, and after a short time came with a long loud orgasm. Ronnie got up and licked her own lips, as if she just had the best strawberry jam in the world. She sent us off to brush our teeth, and remained in the bedroom, ready and waiting.What came next, when we got back to the bedroom, was perhaps one of bahis siteleri the best treats I could ask for. I lay on my back, Angela has found a convenient position with her head near my crotch and the now completely nude Ronnie, was sitting on the bed on my other side, touching me and leaning down to lick and bite my nipples. Angela put my dick in her mouth before it was even hard. Ronnie moved on to play with my balls. It took me no more than a couple of seconds to get all hard, and after a short space Angela managed to put it all in her mouth, in a proper deepthroat. Ronnie changed position to a sort of 69. She put her pussy on top of my face, and I dove in. Licking her very tasty treat. Angela now put my balls in her mouth, sucking them hard. Ronnie took her turn sucking my dick. She did so magnificently. Licking the top and then quickly moving her mouth up and down.Angela was quite satisfied from Ronnie’s wake up act, but she was keen on helping me and Ronnie reach our respective goals, so to speak. We all stopped, and changed position. Angela lay on her back, and Ronnie stood on all fours on top of her. She used her hands for support so she could kiss Angela. Angela in turn could reach one hand to Ronnie’s pussy, playing with it, and the other was holding one of Ronnie’s boobs. Grabbing it hard and playing with the nipple. Ronnie’s beautiful bahis şirketleri ass was positioned high up in the air, in a doggy position, ripe and ready for the picking. She told me where to get the lube, and after putting it on my cock, I penetrated her backdoor. Slow at first, and increasingly fast.Her first moans were a mix of pain and pleasure. Perhaps it has been a while since her last anal. Though I knew she liked that very much. I kept thrusting, and her moans and noises of pleasure were like music to my ears. Angella moved forward a bit, both hands now focused on Ronnie’s pussy. The left hand was on the clit, playing and toying with it, while three fingers of her right hand were going in and out of Ronnie’s vagina. A couple of moments passed, and I was ready to explode. I came while fucking her ass. It was a great sensation. I finally went out and fell to their side, totally satisfied. Ronnie followed with Angela’s help. She was cumming and cumming. It seemed to last forever, but she did eventually collapse too, on top of me, breathing heavily, and stealing a short kiss. She then moved onto a more convenient position, lying between me and Angela.We rested a bit, wide smiles across all of our faces. Afterwards we all went together to the shower, not messing a round too much while cleaning ourselves up, and after we were clean and dry, we made our way to the kitchen, for a nude breakfast, as per Ronnie’s naughty suggestion. Oh, as it would often happen with her is at the helm, this party and sleepover were very, very fun. A night and a morning to remember.

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