7 Ekim 2021

A casual wife chat


A casual wife chatThe other evening I was setting on our deck having an adult beverage. My wife was inside putting away tonights left overs. Around eight o clock I heard the door slide open and my wife asked if I wanted company. I said sure fix yourself a drink and come join me. She said OK I’ll be right back. It was about five minutes before I heard the door open again. Without looking back I said what took you so long? My wife answered I wanted to change into something comfortable. She brought a chair around to beside me and I saw she had put on just a pair of panties. That’s all, she was topless. I said well sweetheart that looks comfortable. She said after wearing a bra all day at work it feels nice to go bare chested. I love her tits , she is a thirty four b cup and her nipples are always hard. She lays out by our pool topless and her tits are as tan as the rest of her body. She sat down and crossed her legs.What are you thinking about she asked me. I said well right now I’m thinking about how beautiful my wife is. She smiled. But before I was distracted I was just going over our lifestyle in my mind. She asked me like how? I gave her beautiful tanned leg a good look and said you know, with the cuckolding and chastity. After taking a sip of her drink she acted all shy and said I do what I can. Do you regret starting she asked? I said no, not at all. She said I know its not always avcilar escort easy for you being locked in that chastity device for a month at a time. I told her not being able to masterbate only helps me to keep focused on her. She said then what if anything is it that you where thinking about? I told her that last Monday night while she was at Tommy’s apartment I had watched one of her videos. She usually gets mad if I watch one of her fuck films. But tonight she didn’t. She said Tommy video recorded that Monday night. I’d like to see it sometime I told her. She asked me what movie did I watch? I said it was made here in our bedroom, a black guy with a very long cock was fucking you in the ass. She listened quietly. I said you had a orgasm from being butt fucked. She gave me a sexy smile then ran her tongue around the rim of her glass. Well what is your concern she asked. I said well I never knew you could cum from being screwed in the butt. She said well you do, she went on saying when I work a dildo up your ass you leak through your chastity device. I blushed from her pointing that out. She said I have had hundreds of orgasms while doing anal. I said I just never noticed. I noticed she squermed a little in her seat. I said does talking about this make you wet? She kept her legs tightly crossed and said maybe. What is your favorite sex act I asked her? şirinevler escort With you or one of my real men she asked? I said both , tell me both. She said well with you I get the most excited by milking your prostate after you have been caged for a couple of weeks. She said it is so sexy how the clear liquid drips from your soft pee pee. And what about when you have a guy over I asked. Again she squeezed her legs tightly together and said my all time favorite is when I get gang banged. She said the all time best was when Jackson had me over to screw and he surprised me by having four friends there. I had five thick black cocks to play with. I asked what that’s like having all that hard cock? She said my pussy had a hard cock in it for four soils hours . She came non stop the whole time she said. Can you tell me a little about it I asked? She said well at one time I had one in my pussy one in my ass I was jacking two off and sucking one. WOW you are amazing I said. Is all this getting you as worked up as it is me I said. She said are you horny? I am hard I told her. She said I’ll be right back. When she returned she had her cell phone. Still wearing only a pair of see through panties she sat down and dialed a number. I listened to her side of the call, she told the person her pussy needed to be fucked immediately. Then she said no its OK bring him taksim escort too. She hung up the phone and laid it down. Her thigh muscles tightened and she said my pussy is just like that pizza commercial. I gave her a confused look. Its hot and ready she giggled. Then she told me that was Donte I called. He is bringing a friend with him. Which one is Donte I asked. She said he has a very thick fat dick. It always hurts me. She said I’m going to set my pussy on it and let who ever he brings root my butthole. Can I watch I asked? She said I think it would be better if you didn’t. But baby I started to beg. She said keep it up and it’ll be another month of chastity. But I told her I’ve already done my month. I’m edgy. She said I said no.The doorbell rang and she went inside to answer it. She locked the door behind her. I was locked outside. I sat and waited for half an hour before seeking around to our bedroom window. It was dark by now and I could see in the lighted room easily. There on the bed was my wife straddling a black guy with another black guy working his cock in and out of her ass. I couldn’t see anything but I could tell what was going on. I couldn’t jerk off due to being in my cage. I sat on the deck untill I heard a car start up and drive off. Seconds later I heard the door unlock. Out walked my naked wife. She walked in front of me and bent at the waist. Eat my cunt she barked. Its was mostly dark with the only light coming from the kitchen. But I could see a very worn out pussy. My balls where aching by the time I finished. My wife kissed my cheek and said I’m going to sleep. I sat there just a little longer before taking a cold shower .

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