8 Kasım 2021

A day at the beach 2


A day at the beach 2Following on from my last post……………..When we got to the nude beach we spread our towels and went for a swim, Brian in his shorts and t-shirt as he wanted to get the spunk washed off. When we had cleaned up we sat nude on the beach and Brian was very worried about what he had done. He thought he had been unfaithful to his wife. I pointed out that all we had done was wank to live sex rather than porn. I said I did that twice a week at home (using the internet) and he admitted to being a regular wanker too. We discussed what we watched and were soon discussing our sex lives in detail, our likes and dislikes. We both enjoyed amateur porn and wanking.I suggested we went back to the hotel to meet up with the girls and we packed up and set off for the hotel. About 100 yards from the beach we saw our first exhibitionism of the return journey. A woman was being filmed wanking with a dozen guys watching (about half wanking). We joined in the watching for a few minutes, but she was not that attractive and had a very hairy pussy!!10 minutes brought istanbul escort us to a couple in the early 20’s lying on beach towels and obviously aroused. As we started to pass them I started to slowly wank my hardening cock and Brian copied me. The couple sat up and the female asked if we were gay. We said no, but she said it was a pity as she would like us to wank each other while she watched. Jokingly I said if she sucked me I wold gladly wank my friend, never thinking she would. She stood up walked over, bent down and sucked my cock for about 30 seconds. I grabbed Brian’s cock and gave it a few strokes. I thought he would shy away but he grabbed my rock hard cock and stroked me too.It was strange, but we both felt uninhibited and reacted in the same way. I had always thought about a mutual wank with a guy and here I was, liking it. We moved closer to the couple who were now starting to get very randy. She was wanking his cock and kissing him on the lips. We moved to feet away from them and increased avcılar escort our wanking speed, much to the girls delight. The guy looked less happy but fully erect. Soon I needed to shoot and a small amount of spunk shot onto the sand near the couple. Brian on feeling me shoot followed in seconds. I felt his cock starting to twitch and I loved it. However, his cum shot into the air and over the young couple, gush after gush. He came as much sperm has he did earlier and the guy was furious, he had cum on his chest and thigh. The girl laughed and said “yuk, you are fucking cunts, I’m covered in sperm”.As the guy was very angry we moved away as quickly as two guys can when they have just shot their loads and realised they have just wanked another man. Over the sand ridge we stopped, laughed and checked for sperm! We mopped up the sperm and talked about the mutual wanking. Amazingly we both had enjoyed the experience and were not embarrassed by what had happened. Strange but true! We walked slowly towards the hotel and met a şirinevler escort couple in the next room To Brian and his wife. “Any action in the dunes” the man asked. Do you mean……….. I trailed off. “Yes” he replied “we come here for the dogging and swapping don’t you”. He went on “Fancy a foursome”. Brian replied he was fond of his wife and that he wanted to keep his testicles, which he added would be chopped off by his wife if he was caught. The couple went in search of a good shag and we carried on back to the hotel.Brian said if he had not just cum he would have liked to shag the couple from the hotel and would have liked to watch me fucking the wife. I said I felt the same, but that we needed to be cautious. He commented that we needed to do this again as soon as possible. We found the girls and I sat down. Brian and his wife were going to go for a drink. As i looked at his shorts I could see that here was a fresh wet patch on his shorts and I could see he was semi hard again. He was leaking the last few drops of cum. As they walked away my wife commented on his semi asking what was going on. I explained the encounter with the couple from the hotel and said Brian had been aroused by the thought of sex with a stranger. We then went back to the room and I set up the video camera to record an early evening amateur sex session. This holiday was just getting better and better!!

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