8 Ocak 2021

A Father’s Secret Lust


All characters in this story are 18+ years of age


Jason Song crept down the hallway to stand before his daughter’s bedroom door. He eased it open, knowing that she wouldn’t wake up – she was an incredibly deep sleeper, to the point where they’d had a specialist study her to make sure that nothing was wrong. Nearly no amount of shaking or noise would wake her, which Jason had confirmed the many times he’d carried her back to bed after she fell asleep watching a movie.

He slowly pulled back the thin sheet covering her, exposing her sleeping form covered only in a thin T-shirt and plain white pair of panties. Arabella Song slept with her back to Jason, her ass presented to him, the bulge of her pussy lips apparent through the cotton of her underwear. Trembling, more excited than he’d been in years, Jason released his straining cock from his boxers and began to stroke it. Almost immediately he began to cum, surprising himself and spraying his daughter’s legs and backside. The orgasm seemed to last forever, cum pumping in huge spurts, more than he’d ever cum before.

“Shit,” he thought, heart racing. He hadn’t meant to cum on her; he didn’t want her finding any evidence of his perverted activities. He quickly grabbed a couple of tissues from a box on her nightstand and began gently wiping up his mess. He dabbed at her panties, trying to soak up as much as possible. He hoped that she’d put them into the wash before noticing any suspicious stains he might have left. Throughout this, Arabella slept soundly on, and Jason’s flaccid penis slowly hardened again from the contact with her body. He decided to leave her for tonight, though, rather than risk another accident and get found out.


The next morning Jason was up early, nervous that he would be discovered, and went to the kitchen. Arabella was already there, always an early riser, and greeted him normally with a “Hey daddy” before looking back down at her book.

Relieved, he started to make coffee, and asked if she wanted any.

“No thanks, daddy. I’m about to head out with Bethany. I’ll probably be back kinda late.”

“Doing anything fun?” Jason asked.

“Nothing in particular. Just hanging out at her place, maybe do some shopping.”

“Okay, I’ll see you later then.”

After she was gone, Jason went right to her room to make sure he hadn’t left anything incriminating behind. Going through her hamper, he found the panties he’d soiled, and noticed a large, obvious stain on the back.

He threw them in a load of his own laundry, examining them when they came out to ensure no stain was left, then replaced them in Arabella’s hamper. When she got home, they ate dinner, and he asked her if she wanted to watch a movie. She agreed, first going to her room to change into pajamas, then sat down next to Jason on the couch. Halfway through the movie, she was asleep.

The movie ended, Arabella curled up on one side of the couch. Jason shook her, then again, harder, canlı bahis şirketleri with no response. He then lifted her up and brought her to her room, where he lay her on her back. He slowly lifted her shirt up to her breasts, exposing her taught stomach, then pulled down her pajama pants inch by inch. Tonight she wore a pair of flowery red panties, which Jason softly ran a hand over. Arabella shifted a bit, then stilled, her breathing still deep.

Jason went to his room and removed his clothes, collecting a bowl of warm water and some paper towels on his way back to Arabella’s room. As he masturbated over her sleeping form, he softly probed her panty clad pussy, pressing into the soft flesh as he stroked his rock hard cock. As he approached orgasm, he slipped a hand under her shirt and massaged one of her breasts, playing with a nipple as he spilled his cum onto her stomach.


Arabella’s heart thudded as she felt her father’s thick cum landing on her body. She’d woken up confused, seconds before, when her dad had touched her extremely sensitive nipple. She had no idea how to react, so she lay quietly as Jason began to wipe his cum from her body with a warm paper towel.

After he’d put her shirt and pants back and left her room, she lay awake thinking. Suddenly the strange stain on the panties she’d worn yesterday made sense. She wondered how long her dad had been masturbating over her as she slept, deciding it couldn’t have been long since she’d only just found out about it, or that he’d just now begun physical contact. Somehow, though, the idea of her dad jerking off to her in secret turned her on, and she found that she was incredibly wet. She decided that she would wait and see how this progressed, and not mention anything to her dad.


Over the next couple of weeks, Jason got more and more bold with his nighttime molestations, to the point where he was completely stripping his daughter every night, fondling her naked form as he masturbated, believing her to be asleep. One night, after he’d spread her legs and knelt between them, ejaculating all the way from her stomach to her tits, Arabella rolled onto her front as Jason went to get the towel he now used to clean her up, spreading her dad’s cum all over her sheets.

She heard him mutter “oh, fuck,” as he turned around and realized what had happened. He quickly turned her over, towelling off the stain on her bed. As he reached across her, his cock brushed her side, surprisingly still stiff. After he’d finished wiping her sheets, he stood over her, doing nothing about the cum smeared over her front. She felt a hand begin to fondle her sticky tits and realized that he was masturbating for the second time tonight. He removed his hand from her chest and replaced it with his penis, running it over her boobs while masturbating, then came over them yet again. After a quick whipe down of her front, he replaced her shirt and underwear and left the room.

Arabella quickly took her canlı kaçak iddaa underwear back off as soon as he closed her door and walked down the hall, fingers finding her pussy and rubbing it in circles, quickly bringing herself to orgasm as she did every night after her father had his way with her.


Jason avoided his daughter’s room for the next two nights, worried that Arabella might know something of what she was doing. However, she was treating him as she always did, and made no mention of anything strange. On the third night he returned to her bedside, feeling like an addict, the need to feel his daughter’s body overwhelming him. He removed her shirt, leaving her in just a blue and pink thong wore, and leaned over to suck on one of her nipples, feeling it harden in his mouth. He had stopped being so careful when he touched her, since she never showed any signs of waking.

He slipped a hand under her thong, for the first time feeling his daughter’s cunt. She twitched at this, and breathed in sharply, but her eyes remained closed and she gave no other sign of waking. He began to masturbate as he slowly rubbed her pussy lips, which were surprisingly wet. She squirmed a bit as he did this, moaning softly in her sleep, and soon he was cumming on her stomach. As he removed his hand from her panties, he slid a finger up her slit, rubbing it against her clit on its way out. Suddenly he felt her tense, and his heart nearly stopped, thinking she was awake. Then her entire body began to shake, and a moan escaped her lips. After a few tense seconds, her body relaxed and her head fell to the side, a soft smile on her face.


Arabella felt incredible after the best orgasm of her life, given to her by her own father. She lay still on her back, wondering if he would come twice tonight like he had last time. She wasn’t disappointed, as he climbed onto her bed between her legs and started to stroke. Usually in this position he came over her stomach, so she was surprised when she felt his cum splash onto her panties. He then replaced her shirt, letting it soak up the cum he’d previously left on her front.


Jason wondered what he had been thinking, leaving two incredibly obvious cumstains on his daughter’s sleeping clothes that she was bound to notice. It was almost as if he wanted to get caught, as if his daughter could somehow accept his perverted lust for her. He sat at the kitchen table, mug of coffee in his hands, when Arabella walked in the room.

“Morning daddy,” she said with a smile, kissing him on the cheek as she always did.

“Morning, seetie,” Jason replied, trying to hide any nervousness. She was wearing the same T-shirt she had slept in, and his eyes darted down stomach, where a large yellow stain revealed what he’d been doing last night. She didn’t seem to notice, incredibly, and turned and poured herself a cup of coffee from the pot. Somehow her not noticing was incredibly hot, and Jason felt himself getting canlı kaçak bahis aroused from that fact alone.

They exchanged small talk, and Arabella revealed that she would be out with friends all day. After she changed and left, Jason spent the day working, thinking about last night, and wondering how long he could get away with what he was doing.


That night Arabella stayed awake to hear her father come into her room. Usually she would only awaken when he started to play with her tits, but after last night she was too excited to sleep. She heard her door open, and Jason walk over to stand beside her. She was wearing the same shirt as last night, and felt him brush the stain he’d left last night before bringing it up to her boobs, then moving her arms above her head to allow it to come off. He flipped her onto her front, then started to massage her ass through her panties. He pulled aside her panties and placed his penis in between her ass cheeks and began to hump her. Arabella was surprised at how much she enjoyed the feeling of his cockhead brushing against her asshole, but managed to stay silent as her dad pleasured himself. After a few minutes of this, he pulled his dick out of her panties and came on her backside.

He turned her back around and started to fondle one of her boobs. She hoped that he wasn’t done, and that he’d stay and play with her pussy like last night, but it seemed that he was finished. As he lifted one of her arms up to put her shirt back on, without thinking she opened her eyes and reached for his semi-erect cock with her other hand.


Jason felt her hand close around his cock with a start.

“A-arrabella,” he stammered, “I’m sorry, I-“

“I’m really horny, daddy,” she murmered, slowly stroking his hardening penis. “Can you play with my pussy again?”

“A-again?” asked Jason, distracted by his fast-beating heart and the hand on his once again erect member.

“Like you did last night. It felt soo good. Please daddy? I’ll help you cum again.”

“I thought… I thought you were asleep…”

“It’s okay daddy, I like it when you use my body. But when you made me cum yesterday it was so great, could you please do it again?”

“How long have you known?” asked Jason, as his daughter continued to play with his penis.

“Since you started playing with my boobs. They’re really sensitive so even I wake up when they’re touched.”

Jason was amazed, as well as incredibly aroused, that his daughter had known what he was doing almost since the beginning but hadn’t said a thing. Without another word he slipped his hand beneath Arabella’s panties and ran his fingers over her lips. He rubbed up and down her slit, occasionally dipping a finger into her. He used his thumb to play with her clit, and almost immediately she began to shake as she came, crying out in ecstasy. The sight was such a turn on that Jason came as well, spraying Arabella’s tits and neck with his cum.

When they’d both finished, Arabella simply said “Thank you daddy,” rolled over and went to sleep.

Stunned by this turn of events, Jason stood where he was, examining his beautiful daughter for a few minutes, before shrugging and climbing into her bed behind her.

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