7 Şubat 2021

A Good Time


I arched my back, and began checking myself out. I was 17 back then, and extremely well fit. I was 5’6, about 112, maybe 115lbs, with perfect D34 breasts. I was extremely proud of my sexuality, but lately, I’ve been finding myself wanting a different attention then what I’ve already been getting. Sometimes, my vagina area would ache, and the only way to describe it was simple: The Unscratchable Itch.

I walked into my school, back arched, breasts sticking, out, my jeans hugging my hips and ass the way that made GODS tremble. I was simply perfect.

As I trotted down to my first block, math, I noticed something really odd. A guy was making out with his girl, nothing new there, but the guy had his fingers in the girls pants.

I shook off the thought, she was probably itching or something. I disregarded the senario and continued to math. The second, I repeat, SECOND I walked in, every guy’s jaw dropped. I made my hips sway, and pushed my long, luscious brown hair off to the right side of my head. School was otherwise uneventful.

On canlı bahis the bus, I met up with my best friend, Alex. We started talking, and when he was doing this wierd hand thing he does, his finger-tip hit my nipple. I gasped in shock as my nipple began to grow. Alex noticed this, and began stuttering his apologies. I noticed a fairly large bulg in his pants, and wondered if he needed help. “Alex, would you like some help with that?” I whispered. His eyes widened in shock. I’ve heard of these things called handjobs, and something else called head service, what ever that was.

He stuttered something inelligable, and I just moved my hand to his bulge. When I touched his cock, I realized it was harder than any manmade steel. I began to rub it through his khakis. He moaned, and grunted. I giggled, and smelled my hand. It smelled wierd. The bus ride was rather quiet.

When I got home, an exetremely strong pair of hands grabbed me, just as I walked through the door. One hand pulled down my pants, the other carresing my large and well formed tit. I was calm. I turned around, bahis siteleri and nailed him in the cock. I stood still, how ever. I think the fact that I was more horny then a porcupine made me stay. He shoved himself against me, and I couldn’t help but grind against him. He took out his cock, and whacked it against my pussy. Each hit sent spirals of extasy through me. I basically IMPALED my self with his rod, and I thought death would be my only release from this pain. I began to hump him. He pulled out, and slammed back in, each thrust bringing me closer and closer to bliss.

He must’ve gotten tired, because he pulled out, threw me on the ground, and shoved his cock in my mouth. I loved it’s taste, and was swirling my tongue around the head. It tasted like a salty pickle with oranges on it, which I learned was because of my vegitarian diet.

He shoved his cock into my throat, making me gag, and began throat fucking me. He grunted, and his cum splashed down my throat. I gasped, and puked.

He shoved a large finger in my pussy, making me cum. I passed out after bahis şirketleri my 1st ever orgasm.

I woke up tired, in my bed without any pants or bra on. I stumbled out into the bathroom, with a need to get off. I made sure I was okay, but realized I had blood running down my well, evenly tanned legs. I ran back into my mom’s room, pulled out her dildo, and shoved it in my fiery cunt.
Each thrust felt so good, it was like being fucked all over again. I arched my back, and with my other hand, rolled my clit between my thumb and forefinger. I came over and over again, and I knew all too well I wanted more.

The next day was beast. I dragged Alex out from bed, it was a weekend, and literally shoved his cock into me. He gasped, but his heavy breathing turned to moans quickly. I began to moan myself, each moan filling the room with the vocal parts of our bliss. He thrusted in and out of my pussy, not holding back. I began to enjoy the sensation, and was rocking against him. I orgasmed again, and he filled my pussy with his hot cum. I winked at him, a new woman, and left.

When I got home, i realized a horrible thing: I WAS A WHORE!

Guys, there may be a part two if you’re nice ^.^


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