2 Ocak 2021

A Learning Experience


Katina was sitting in the back of the classroom playing solitaire on her laptop computer as her professor lectured on. She hated this class, but her past roommate Melissa has told her it was easy. Well at least the professor was not totally ugly like most of them.

“Ok, class here is your Mid-Term back. Almost all of you did really well. If your exam is not in the pile I would like to speak to you after class.”

Katina felt a sense of dread settle over here as she had failed the last two quizzes. Why had she let Melissa talk her into this class? As the exams went by Katina saw that her exam was not in the pile. After the rest of the class had filtered out of the room Katina picked up her bag containing her laptop. Walking down the stairs to the front of the room Katina approached her professor. “Professor Johnson, my exam was not in the pile that you handed out today.”

“That is because you are failing this class. You might actually pass the class if you paid attention instead of playing solitaire; yes, I know you play solitaire while I teach. It is possible to learn in my class; actually it’s not hard to learn.

Katina just stared at him for a moment a plan forming in her mind. “Would you be willing to work out some extra credit with me?” She asked as she unbuttoned one of the three buttons holding her top closed. “I would be willing to do just about anything.”

“Katina . . . .”

“Please Professor, I can’t fail.” She finished unbuttoning her top revealing a sheer pink bra.

At first all he could do was stare. This girl was so beautiful. “Not here, another class starts in ten minutes. Follow me to my office, and look chastised.”

Katina lost the smile that had crept across her face, “Yes Sir.” As they walked towards the building that held the majority of the offices on campus Katina could not help but stare at her professor’s ass as he walked before her.

As the entered the office Katina watched her professor sit on the edge of his desk. Seeing a plaque next to him with his name on it Katina smiled, “Your name is Jonathan Johnson? That is adorable.”

“I believe young Katina that we were discussing the possibility for extra credit here.”

Flicking the one button that she had reclasped back open, Katina took a step towards Jonathan. “I think we left off here. Now Jonathan do you want me to remove my pants,” her hands played with the button on her tight black jeans, “or would you bahis firmaları like me to remove my tight bra and let my enormous breasts fall free?”

Swallowing hard as he felt his cock stiffens he thought about her offers. “Pants,” he croaked.

Removing her hands from her breasts, where they had been caressing Katina unbuttoned her black jeans and pushed them top the floor. Carefully stepping out of her jeans leaving her black high heeled shoes on; she smiled at Jonathan as she stood before him in just her sheer pink bra and thong with a pair of black high heeled shoes on her feet.

Jonathan felt his cock completely harden at the sight of the young beauty standing almost naked in his office. Her long hair cascading down her back to her waist. He knew her eyes were the color of warm milk chocolate. Damn, he was getting lucky today.

Katina started sliding her thong over her hips and down her leg. Next she unclasped her bra let her large 34d tits stand at attention for Jonathan. Stepping between Jonathan’s spread legs Katina whispered “touch me.”

Not having to be told twice Jonathan took a massive mound in each hand, rubbing and squeezing, pinching the nipples, then tugging on them harshly, listening to Katina’s moans. “Damn girl,” Jonathan mumbled as he lowered his head to suck her right nipple into her mouth.

Katina gasped then moaned at the sensational feeling that his tongue on her nipple created. She wove her fingers through his thick black hair holding his head against her. Katina let the sensations overwhelm her as Jonathan switched from one nipple to the other and back again. Then the next thing she knew she felt Jonathan’s fingers caressing her clit. Moaning Katina’s body collapsed against Jonathan’s.

Sliding off the desk Jonathan turned Katina around and lifted her onto his desk. Spreading her legs wide he slid two fingers deep into Katina’s wet slit; using the other hand to rub her tits at the same time.

“Yes oh fuck yes . . . Jonathan.” Katina moaned.

At Katina’s moan Jonathan removed his fingers from her pussy and let go of her tit. Holding up his two fingers glistening with lubricant from her pussy Jonathan sucked his fingers into his mouth savoring in the flavor of her young fresh pussy on his skin. “I think that you taste really quite good, but I am not sure. I think I need to taste more of you.”

Before Katina could grasp his meaning he dropped to his knees kaçak iddaa before her. She could feel the coolness of his breath as he gazed at her soaking wet pussy. Then his tongue was flicking at her clit as his fingers slid back inside of her.

Katina was wiggling around on Jonathan’s desk from the pleasure his tongue and fingers were causing her. Feeling her orgasm building at a steady pace Katina started shouting for Jonathan not to stop.

Knowing how close Katina was, Jonathan did the one thing that Katina did not want him to and stopped. Stepping back and sitting in a chair facing his desk, the one that the students that visited his office usually used, just looking up at the young woman sitting at his desk.

Katina growled in frustration as Jonathan pulled his head and fingers from her pussy, “No!”

“Finish yourself Katina. Let me watch you bring that pussy to the edge and back.” Jonathan was staring straight at Katina’s glistening pussy.

Katina glanced around Jonathan’s desk quickly, seeing his red correcting pen laying right beside her, she picked it up. Smiling to Jonathan she licked the pen, then she slowly drug it down her body, between her breast, past her navel, and stopped as she reached her pussy with it. Locking her eyes with his, Katina slid the pen, which had caused her such annoyance, into her needy slit to help induce greater pleasure. Katina watched as Jonathan’s eyes quickly fell from her face to once again gaze at the wonder of her pussy, just watching his own pen move in and out. Soon Katina put two of her fingers of her other hand onto her clit and began rubbing fast hard circles.

Jonathan was transfixed watching one of the hottest girls he had ever seen fucking herself on his desk with his pen. A pen that he used everyday and often sucked on the end of! He could hear her moaning and wondered now how much farther she had to go. His cock was pressing to hard against his pants that he lowered his pants to his ankles and started to softly stroke his cock.

Katina screamed as her orgasm hit her. The pen was pushed right from her pussy to land on the edge of the desk softly. “Wow, oh wow. I have never been watched before it is such a turn on.” Seeing that Jonathan had taken his cock out and was stroking it Katina moved off of the desk to kneel in front of him. “Your cock is so wonderful. It is perfect.” Rubbing her hand up it a few quick strokes then lowering her head to lick and kaçak bahis lubricate his cock. “You even taste wonderful.” Katina continued to lick on Jonathan’s cock until it was moist. Then she took it into her mouth sucking about half of it into her mouth. Wrapping her hand around the base of his cock to keep him from gagging her if he thrust; her hand and head moved in the opposite directions to give him extra pleasure. Sucking hard and moving fast.

Jonathan sat back in the chair, his head leaning against the top of the backrest. He was biting his lower lip in pleasure as Katina sucked and rubbed his cock. He could not believe the feelings that this young woman’s mouth was giving him. He could feel the tension building in his balls. Jonathan almost jumped from the chair when he felt Katina grab is balls unexpectedly. The feeling of her rubbing his balls as she sucked his cock was extraordinary.

Katina listened to the sound of Jonathan’s moaning as she pleasured him. Katina started sucking harder wanting to have Jonathan cum inside her mouth. While squeezing his balls hard she could feel his blood pounding through his veins. Unexpectedly Katina heard Jonathan moan a deep moan which sounded like the hoarse cries you hear dogs sometimes make. She knew he was about to come. Katina pulled her head back so all that she had in her mouth was just the tip of his cock. Flicking her tongue over the end, while stroking his cock with one hand as well as rubbing his sack.

Jonathan closed his eyes as he felt his orgasm hit. He could feel his come shooting into Katina’s mouth. She didn’t even pause as she started swallowing his come. After shooting half a dozen thick streams of cum into her mouth Jonathan smiled and looked down at the girl sucking on his cock.

Katina kept a little of Jonathan’s cum in her mouth. Moving up she kissed him deeply sharing his cum with him; their tongues dancing a magical dance with each others. “That was wonderful,” Katina said as she leaned against him.

“You were wonderful Katina,” Jonathan said honestly, not remembering the last time he had cum so hard from just having a girl suck his cock.

“So, about that extra credit?” Katina asked.

“Oh, yeah. I can’t give you any extra credit because it would be starting a bad precedent, and it would also be like accepting a bribe, but if you want to get together and have a little fun from time to time, that can be arranged.” Jonathan said as he pushed Katina back from him and pulled his pants up. “You are going to have to get dressed and leave now as I have to go to my other class. It was fun. See you in class on Wednesday. And leave the laptop at home this time.”

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