24 Kasım 2021

A Little Descretion


A Little DescretionCharles lived a life of discretion. He wasn’t online and had never been. The popular social media sites, outlets for self-aggrandizement, the places to share photos were all foreign to him. It was that established fact that made his desire to be just the opposite was so shocking to the few who knew about it. Charles loved to be watched in almost any sexual situation. He was a very controlled exhibitionist. That meant that while he relished the opportunity to be seen and appreciated for his looks and sexuality, he only ever did such things when he had a strong degree of control over the circumstances. He would never be one to walk down the street naked or to sunbathe nude. He had other ways to enjoy his private kink. Charles was nearing the age of fifty. Unlike most other fifty-year-old men, he was in shape. He had developed an enjoyment of working out at a very young age. His continuing workouts over the years gave him the body of a much younger man. Toned, tanned and ripped, as a woman friend once said was the most flattering description he allowed himself to believe. It was hard work, but he was proud of the results. Another thing about Charles that had garnered attention from the fairer sex was his endowment. He was more than aware that most women may say they are interested in a big cock, but very few actually do. What Charles had discovered was that while he was above average, it wasn’t what he considered a stupidly huge dick. When fully aroused and worked up, his penis tabbed just over nine and a half inches and a respectable seven inches in girth. He had no real objective reference, but he had been told by several women over the years that his was a gorgeous cock. It was straight. It didn’t have a weird bend or anything misshapen. He was told he had a porn star cock. Charles’s employment made him travel often. At times, he would be on the road for weeks at a time. It allowed him to enjoy liaisons with women in several towns. He was always careful. Always used condoms. He was even considerate. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for him to stay in contact with many of the women. All of those things aside, the travel allowed him to indulge his favorite kink. Sitting at a hotel bar in yet another nameless town, Charles was working on his fourth scotch and soda before returning to his room for the night. An attractive woman was sitting at a table alone. She had a drink and was reading something from a tablet. More than once, he caught her looking over the edge of the device at him. The previous several days had been long and tiring and had not allowed him much time to enjoy himself. Early mornings and late-night meetings were behind him. He was feeling the effects of the drink and decided that since he had didn’t have to catch his flight until late afternoon that he might be able to have some fun. He was smiling the next time the woman glanced up. She blushed at having been caught and smiled back. Taking his drink and another for her, Charles walked over to her table and asked if he could join her. She hadn’t seen him coming and was startled. She fumbled with her tablet trying to turn it off, but Charles was able to see what she had been viewing before the screen went dark. He was surprised and smiled at her when he saw that this lovely middle-aged woman was flipping through naked pictures of men and women. Seeing his smile, she blushed even more. “My name is Charles. I brought you a drink.” He placed the glass in front of her as he sat. She took the one she had and emptied it in two swallows before taking a sip of the new one. “My name is Misty. I’m sorry you saw that.” She was clearly embarrassed.“Don’t be. After thirty-five, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. We are adults, and we all do adult things. Are you staying here at the hotel?” Charles sipped his drink. “Hopefully. It seems that they screwed up my reservation, and they are trying to find me a room. The place is apparently pretty full, and I may end up staying on a couch in the lobby.” She giggled. It was a very enticing sound. “I don’t think you have to worry about that. I’m sure they will find a room for you. If all else fails, you could join me. There are two king-sized beds in my room. I’m sure they are both quite comfortable.” Charles realized that his words sounded much more inappropriate than intended. He knew it was the alcohol that had dissolved all his filters, and since she didn’t jump up and slap him or anything, maybe him saying what was on his mind was a good thing. Misty smiled.“Charles, is it? Well, Charles, that was quite a proposition for having just met. Don’t you think?” She lifted her drink. “As I said, we are both adults and do adult things. If you are staying at a hotel, just as I am, I assume that you aren’t from here. And as the old saying goes, what happens on the road, stays on the road.” He scooted his chair around the table to sit closer to her while she mulled over his words. “Charles, I do believe you just made a lascivious offer to me.” Misty was trying to be coy. She was unsure about the man and his suggestion. She wasn’t married but did have a steady man in her life. At forty-one, she had been married and divorced. She traveled for business just like Charles. The drink he brought was her fifth, and she was undoubtedly under the influence. His suggestion had merit. She looked him up and down. He was a handsome man and obviously in good shape. She put her hand on his leg and leaned close to whisper.“And if I were to show up at your door, what should I expect?” She flexed an eyebrow as punctuation. Charles decided that if she were interested, he had one opportunity to drive his point home. Taking his right hand, which hand been at his side, he gently placed it on the back of hers on his right thigh. He was staring into her eyes as he pushed her delicate hand up to his lap. With care, he pushed until her hand rested on his swelling cock. He saw her eyes flare as she gently gripped and felt his member growing more significant in her palm. “You should expect to at least see what I have to offer. Where it goes from there would be up to you.” Charles smiled and winked. Knowing he had the upper hand, she decided to see if she could one-up him. “Something like this needs to be seen to be believed. Even then, I might have to take a picture to know it is real.” It was her turn to offer a lascivious smile. It didn’t faze him. “If you come to my room, I’ll insist on pictures.” He leaned close to her ear. “Especially as you suck my cock.” He reached into his pocket and wrote his room number on a card and slid it beside her drink. Before he stood, he placed his hand over hers once more and made her grip his member tightly through the fabric once more. He dropped some cash on the bar and walked to the elevators.As Charles went into his room, he stopped to take a look at how it would appear if she showed up. He picked the spot where he would stand. He rushed into the bathroom for a quick shower. He checked his suitcase and took out a couple of condoms to put beside the bed, and he put on his favorite robe. It had kadıköy escort been fifteen minutes. He figured it would take that long for her to either talk herself into or out of coming to see him. He had written on the card to knock and then come in. The door would be unlocked. Misty sat in the bar finishing her drink and considering the offer Charles had made. She was not one of those women who would sleep with anyone. At forty-one, she was past that age. She was stable now. She was responsible. She was more refined. But she had been drinking. In the past, that had been a more than adequate reason to excuse away some of her behavior. Like Charles, she had been on the road for over a week. It had been a busy yet dull time. She turned up her glass and had the thought, it might be fun. All she knew of this man was he was reasonably handsome, very forward, and he had a nice handful of cock. She had never been one to be impressed by that sort of thing, but his actions were exhilarating. She placed the empty glass on its coaster and lifted the card. Room 2344. Door unlocked. Knock twice and come inside. Let’s see if there is any fun to be had. She read it several times before getting up. She went to the elevator. Getting out on the twenty-first floor, she walked quickly to her room.After a quick shower, Misty considered Charles’ proposal once more. Deep inside, she wanted to go, but her proper and refined side was trying to talk her out of it. She stood in her room in the nude. She caught a glimpse of herself in the full-length mirror and paused. She didn’t pose like she usually would. A cute position would often be enough to satisfy herself that she still had it. Now, she just stood there. She could see every flaw. Her breasts weren’t as perky as they once were. Her tummy wasn’t flat, her butt not as firm. She wondered what that man saw in her. She got the feeling that it was more than the fact that she was female and alone. She felt a connection and a real attraction. She walked over to her suitcase, playing a little fantasy in her head. If she were to do something like this, which she isn’t, what would she wear? She found a powder blue satin chemise and panty set. She always liked it. It made her feel sexy. She slipped it on and went back to the mirror. She was happy with how it looked. This would work, she thought, but I couldn’t walk up there in just this. As a joke, she walked to the hangers by the door and slipped her long coat over her shoulders and buttoned the middle three buttons. It was concealing, but a touch revealing as she stepped, and her hose clad leg jutted out from inside. “I wonder what this would look like in the mirrored walls of the elevator?” Misty asked aloud as she grabbed her room key and slipped it into her pocket before walking down the hall. The elevator was empty, As the doors closed, she let her leg slip out. She popped open the buttons of the coat and pulled her shoulders back to let the jacket flare enough to see the satin underneath. She smiled. She liked how she looked. She heard the bell of the elevator ding and was able to close the coat just before the doors opened, and a woman got on. She pushed the button for the thirty-third floor. She barely glanced at Misty as the doors closed and the elevator began going up. After getting off, Misty was alone once more. She stepped to the button panel. She pressed a button and returned to checking her look in the smoked mirrors of the box. The elevator stopped on the twenty-third floor. She wasn’t paying close attention and stepped off. She had walked a few feet down the hall to where her room was when she noticed. These rooms were numbered twenty-one, and so on. They were twenty-threes. His floor. Charles’ room was on this floor. She scurried back to the elevator, but it had gone. She stood in the alcove near the doors for a long minute. Her pulse was racing. She was nearly panting. She was trying to decide.Charles walked around the room in his robe for several minutes. It was approaching thirty minutes since he had walked out of the bar. He thought that he should have escorted her up, rather than leaving it up to chance. All the while he was waiting, he was also still drinking. Charles had also managed to get quite sexually worked up. Even with the robe tied closed in front, his cock jutted from between the flaps as he slowly paced around the room. He had convinced himself she wasn’t coming, so he took off the robe and tossed it on the bed. He was casually stroking his member as he finished off his drink. He was standing at the large windows of his room looking out over the city, imagining all the people who might be able to see him. He smiled. He had just placed his empty glass on the table when he heard two knocks. He almost jumped out of his skin when he saw the handle turn, and the door started to open. He wasn’t posed. He didn’t look calm and collected. He was standing at a half-bend, holding a glass against the flat surface of the table naked when the door opened wide, and Misty stepped inside. “Oh, my!” Misty spoke as the door closed behind her. Charles stood up straight. The sudden pounding of his heart filled his cock hard in a moment. As he stood, so did it. It assumed a position of attention pointing up at eleven o’clock like the arm of a sundial. He was so hard. A woman could have used it as a place to hang her purse. He stammered for a moment, trying to regain his cool yet in-charge attitude.“Well, Charles, you gave me the impression that you were going to cut to the chase, and I guess you weren’t k**ding.” Misty’s voice was breathy and quiet. Charles poured a second glass nearly full of bourbon and carried it to her. She accepted the glass and watched as he walked away from her. He was very well built. He was muscular and had a cute butt, but when he turned around, she couldn’t help but stare. Misty had never considered herself a size-queen, but she had never seen a nicer cock in her life. His blood pressure being high was a real benefit. It was hard, and she could see his pulse in the full veins that curled around the shaft. As she stared, a beautiful big clear drop of pre-cum trickled down the shaft. “Are you going to stay?” Charles asked as he moved to a small couch near the windows.“Are you going to walk around naked and hard in front of those open windows?” Misty asked the question with a chuckle.“Yes. You see, I’m different than some men. While I have never considered myself conceited, it really turns me on to be seen and appreciated for my body. I have always worked out to stay in shape. The rest is the benefit of genetics. I can’t do anything about my face. I know it isn’t much to look at. I can exercise and eat right to maintain my body. This, however, is something I just got in the genetic grab bag. So, yes. It turns me on to be seen. I’m not walking around with a trench coat or driving a windowless van, but if the curtains are open, and I happen to be naked, it’s a turn on to think someone beautiful like you might see me. I’m üsküdar escort honest about it, at least.” He smiled broadly. Misty could tell he was certainly honest. She did think to herself; you are a sight to see, that’s for sure. “Well, Charles, you are an unusual man, but this was not the discussion I was expecting. I wasn’t sure I would even come up here, yet, here I am.” Misty put down her now empty glass. She started unbuttoning her coat. “You said what happens on the road, stays on the road.” She pulled the coat from around her and laid it over a chair. She posed in the satin chamise for a moment. “This is the road, so there’s that. But there is also the issue of you putting my hand on your cock in the bar. I had to come to see for myself.”“And?” Charles started moving closer to her.“And you are more than you advertised. I like what I see, and I can tell that you like me seeing it.” She looked at his hard member as he stepped to a spot right in front of her. “I remember you saying that you might have to take a picture to prove it’s real?” Charles smiled. She reached into the pocket of her coat and took out her cell phone. After pushing the icon, her camera app opened. Charles took her free hand and had her hold it flat. He then placed his firm member in her palm and urged her to wrap her fingers around it. He heard the artificial click sound, then another, then another. She giggled as she put her phone on the dresser. “And I remember you saying something about pictures too?” Misty smiled. Charles turned and picked up his phone. He opened his camera app and smiled at her. He put pressure on her shoulder with his free hand, and she slowly dropped to her knees. She smiled up at him. Charles grabbed his cock with his free hand and guided it to her lips. She playfully hesitated, and he pushed forward. She didn’t hear the fake shutter sound but knew he was photographing her as she took as much of his cock as she could on the first try. She was careful to look up at his phone as she did it. She saw his eyes roll slightly and knew she had struck a nerve. After a few gentle trips across her tongue, Charles pulled his cock free. He pulled Misty to her feet and into his arms. The pair began to passionately kiss. With an almost unnoticeable motion, he pulled free the simple ties on her shoulders that held on her choice of clothing, leaving her naked in his arms. As they kissed, his hands wandered over her body. He mashed and played with her butt, he twisted and pinched her breasts and nipples, and eventually, began playing with her clit and pussy. Her state of arousal was skysc****r high when she walked into the room, and now, after seeing him and touching him, it was a very short trip to orgasm for her. Charles kissed and bit her neck as he fingered her to three powerful orgasms in short order. By the third, she pushed his hand away from her dripping pussy, not able to take another, and still stand. Charles held her tightly as she partially recovered. Once steadier on her feet, he led her by the hand to the couch at the windows. He left her standing for a moment while he repositioned the piece of furniture. It now faced the uncovered windows. He tugged her around to a point where she was standing with her back to the glass. She knew if anyone looked, they could see her naked ass. To her surprise, it thrilled her. Charles sat on the couch, spread his legs wide, and took his cock in hand. “Now, suck my cock like you can’t live without it.” His voice was low and coarse. She smiled as she slowly got on her knees. She loved that all the while he was staring at her and stroking his member. She had never felt as sexy as she did at that moment. Once in position, she took over for him. She held it in her left hand as she lowered her mouth over the head and paused. He looked confused when she dropped it from her mouth and got up. She returned to the position quickly and handed him his cell phone with a wink. He started filming her as she returned to her task. Misty began slowly. She explored, kissed, licked, and teased his cock and balls. When she felt ready, she returned the head of his cock to her lips and began going down. Misty had always been good at giving head. She based that opinion on how men reacted when she did it. She liked to think it was because she enjoyed doing it, a real anomaly for most women. She had heard her friends talk about it as if it was merely a chore, they had to do every once in a while. Not her. She loved the sensation and power. It was a very powerful position to be in. She knew that men thought they were in charge, but she knew it was her. She could suck a man’s cock well and get anything she asked for. It was up to her how much or how little he enjoyed it. It was also true that practice makes perfect. Judging by the reactions and compliments she had received, Misty was an excellent cocksucker. After taking a mouthful several times, Misty decided to try to take more. She got a little higher on her knees to create a better angle before she started down. She felt the head of that big cock hit the back of her throat, she took a big breath through her nose and pressed on. It wasn’t easy, but once it had made the turn, she was able to take every single inch of fat cock. She heard Charles gasp and curse as her nose met his pubic bone. She held her position for a moment and even swished out her tongue over his testicles to increase his pleasure. She rose slowly until just the head laid on her tongue. She breathed heavily and swallowed a couple of times. She held his cock in her left hand for a moment. “Are you ready for this?” She asked and smiled wickedly as she took the head in her mouth again. With barely a pause, she swallowed every inch again. This time, however, she didn’t take a break. Misty began to rise and drop faster and faster as the man’s member was swallowed whole over and over. Charles had never in his life met a woman who could deep throat his cock once, much less repeatedly. His mind was exploding with endorphins. He had never felt like this in his life. He was in extasy. She knew he wouldn’t last long if she kept up the relentless pace, so she slowed and eventually stopped. She did not let go of his member. She held it in her left hand as she stood and crawled into his lap. Charles was just about to interrupt her to get a condom when Misty made an unexpected move. Instead of lower herself onto his cock, she rose. Standing on the couch, she moved her left leg to the back of the sofa. With barely a knee bend, she lowered her pussy to his face. Charles began licking and sucking with gusto. His tongue went everywhere. In moments, Misty was grinding her pussy against his face. As her third orgasm approached, Charles began teasing her asshole. He had already prepared it with his tongue, and his middle finger slipped right in. Misty yelped in pleasure and started to come once more. He took that as encouragement. Charles moved his index finger in with his middle and was probing her ass while he sucked her clit in what seemed like an endless orgasm. tuzla escort Misty became unsteady on her shaking legs, and Charles had to grab her to keep her from tumbling over him onto the floor. As he grabbed her, she collapsed into his lap, panting and shaking. Charles gave her a moment to recover before standing. Misty laid down as he stepped away. He returned to the couch. Standing at the back, he held out a drink for his lover. She took it and savored every drop of the iced bourbon. She knew she shouldn’t drink more, but also didn’t care. She had just come harder than she ever had. Her hands were still shaking as she sat up. She stood up and placed the empty glass on a side table. She glanced at Charles. His face was wet with her juices, and his body was covered in sweat. His cock was still full but now arched away from his frame in a most appealing fashion. She walked close to him. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. As she snuggled against his side, she took his member in her hand. She started to speak, but her words were slurred and unintelligible. He smiled. Michael left her leaning on the back of the couch. She watched as he fetched a condom. It was all she needed to see. As he put it on, she turned to face the windows and bent over the back of the couch. Charles directed his cock up and down through her crevice. He spread her wetness around. He knew what he wanted, but chose to do what she expected, at first. With a slight knee bend, he pushed the head of his member between the beautiful woman’s pussy lips. He smiled when he heard her groan and then push back. He knew from experience, a woman’s pussy can accommodate more than one would expect. Realistically, they push a k** through the same space, so it was flexible. However, the girth and length of his member can come as a surprise and can hurt some women. Misty wasn’t one of those. Her pussy was immaculately tight, but also welcoming as he ran the entire thing in with one push. Misty’s pussy was as hot as lava and gripped him as if it wouldn’t let go. She yelped and moaned as he pushed the last inch inside. She was panting.“Fuck me hard!” Her voice was throaty and rough. Charles was more than willing to fulfill her wish. He pulled his hips back, positioned his hands at the bend of her hips, took a breath, and jammed the full length of his cock back in. Charles started a forceful rhythm as he pounded his big cock into the woman. At one point, he changed angles. As he thrust forward, he would actually impale her on his member and lift her feet off the ground. Misty was thrashing her head from side to side and was drenching his cock and balls as she came over and over. Charles slowed for a moment to regain some breath. His lover was limp bent over the back of the couch. While he barely moved his cock, he decided to try something. Charles let his cock fall from her sopping wet pussy. He took it in his hand and pointed the bulbous head at her asshole. He prodded and toyed with it, waiting for a response from Misty. His actions seemed to reenergize her. She lifted her torso and looked over her shoulder at her lover. “Do you want to fuck my ass?” She wiggled as she spoke. Charles nodded and kept running the head over her tight hole. She smiled.“I didn’t think you were the kind of man who asked?” She winked. It was all he needed to see. Charles pulled her back, and she dropped to the floor. He wrestled her up onto her knees. She feigned resistance, but it was only for show. Charles got on the floor behind her and pushed her upper torso down. It caused her cheeks to spread wide. He wasn’t mean but knew how to be forceful. He carefully popped the purple head into her ass. She moaned loudly. He placed one hand on her hip and the other in the center of her back to keep her in position and began moving forward. Misty wiggled and moaned. She yelped and pushed back until the entirety of the nearly ten-inch cock was inside her. As their bodies came in contact with each other, it was as if Charles pushed a long low growling moan from her body. Then he began the rhythm he wanted. It was deep and relentless. He started fucking her for his pleasure, not hers. As it was, she didn’t need encouragement anymore. Misty was in a state of euphoria and near-constant orgasm. As Charles felt his need for release approaching, He jerked free his member from her body and pushed his lover to her side. He flung the condom off and rose to one knee over her. His swollen purple-headed monster hung inches from her face for a moment while he gained his balance. Once steady, he gripped his cock tightly.Charles was careful not to move too much or grip too tight until the woman below him regained some sense of awareness. As Misty blinked and came around, she looked up past the massive cock and smiled. She then did what he wanted, She opened her mouth and snaked out her tongue to like the underside of the head. That was all it took. Charles gripped his cock tightly and began pumping it while she licked and nipped at the head. He offered no warning before he erupted. Some men with big cocks don’t have the firepower to shoot, and instead, they dribble. Charles was not one of those. His come shot from his cock and splashed on her face. Misty began writhing under him as load after load painted her face, chin, and tongue. It was all Charles could do to remain on his knee. The spasms were so intense, it looked like he was convulsing. Once he was able to get his body under control, he leaned forward and balanced himself on the one hand. He pushed his still spurting member into her mouth. Misty closed her lips around it and sucked hard. Charles fucked her mouth as he had her pinned to the floor. As the last jolt left him, Charles lifted his hips pulling his member from her mouth. They were both panting as if they had run a marathon. They were awash in sweat, and she was painted with his seed. Charles got to his feet and stumbled to the bathroom for a towel. He grabbed one for her. As he came back, he paused to look at the vision of beauty and sex sprawled on the floor in front of him. She was still wiggling and grasping at the carpet when he lowered himself beside her to wipe her face clean.Misty was panting and sweating as he stepped into the bathroom for a quick shower. They passed each other as he came out and she went in. She didn’t say anything but did look him up and down, pausing to offer a girlish giggle and a playful tug on his swinging dick. Charles went a poured another drink, this time just soda. He turned the couch back around and sat to let his heart rate return to normal. Misty came out of the shower naked and flushed. “I don’t think I have been fucked that good in years. I’m going to be sore in the morning.” Misty rubbed her backside and then her jaw. She smiled and winked at the man. “If you want to go again, I’m up for it.” Charles took his semi-erect cock in his hand. “Twice in a row? While that’s impressive, I’m not sure I could handle it.” She walked up to him and bent over. She placed a long slurping kiss on the head of his cock before turning away. Misty walked over to the chair and slipped her coat on. She turned and winked at that pretty man. “Oh, by the way, could you throw that in the washer when you get home?” She tossed the wadded up chamise to him. “Sure thing, Babe. Love you. I’ll be home when you get there. Be good!” He smiled and winked. “It’s so much more fun being bad, don’t you think?”

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