7 Nisan 2021

A Mother Seeks Satisfaction by Son

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As a highly respected woman within the community, I could never allow myself to be disgraced in any way. It simply wouldn’t do if anyone in the community found any kind of bad thing to say about me. My husband was a leader in the community and everyone looked up to him. If there were any cracks in our marriage, we most certainly couldn’t show them to anyone. That most certainly would not do.

Yet I had a deep, dark, sordid secret, and to be honest, I just couldn’t understand where it had come from. But, for many months now, having followed so many of the orders and rules of society, for so long, I was desperate to break free. However, of course I couldn’t let anyone know, it needed it to be a secret, so strong, that I could be sure no one would ever discover my secret desire.

Justin, my eighteen year old son, was the only person I could possibly trust to help me. He was a good boy who would do anything for his mother, and no secret was too big or too sordid. There was nothing that I wouldn’t entrust him with, and so, once and for all, I had decided to confide in him.

“Justin, you know as your mother, I can trust you with anything, even more so than your father.” I began.

“Of course mom.” He smiled.

“Then I have a terrible, deep and dark secret, a desire I desperately need to share with you. A secret so deep and dark that only you can keep. A secret that I need your help with. Help that only you can provide me with.”

“Anything mom,” he assured me warmly.

“Son,” I said, placing my hand on his knee, comforting him. “Your mother isn’t the picture perfect woman she thought and hoped she was.”

“Oh mom, don’t be silly, you’re perfect to me.”

“I know you think that son,” I smiled, he was such a loving son, I could never hope for better.

“But recently I have become overpowered by a strange desire, a need, an uncontrollable want for something, well, taboo. Something that nobody, not even your father could ever understand. Something that if I told anyone else about, I would be ostracised at every turn.”

Now his face took a similar gravity as my own. I knew I could trust him, yet to tell him what I desperately wanted, and what only he could give me needed full, unbreakable confidentiality. So telling even him, was the biggest gamble imaginable.

“Your father and I love each other dearly,” I began. “And yet, there has, over the years, become a certain distance between us, a lack of a certain fulfilment on your fathers side, which has grown. Well, it has grown quite out of control I am afraid, and I desperately need to be pulled back onto the right path, or I fear where this new path might lead,” I said, my voice growing with emotion.

Shocked to see me become distraught, a tear welling in my eye, his hand comforted me, patting me now, on my own knee.

“Don’t worry mom, whatever it is, I can do it. Whatever you need from me, I can do it and nobody will ever know. Promise.” He said, reassuring me.

“Oh you’re such a good, understanding boy Justin,” I began, plucking up the courage to tell him exactly what I needed from him. “For many years now, your father hasn’t been performing his duty in the bedroom,” I said shyly, my eye contact dripping from his.

“Oh!” Justin almost whispered, clearly he wasn’t expecting to hear something so personal from his own mother. “You see, your father and I, well, we have a different level of, how should I say it? Desire!”

Now he was almost silent just watching me, waiting.

“Your father hasn’t been able to perform as a man should in bed with me for a long long you see. He never had the want or stamina that I always had. And I guess I’ve just worn him out. And because he couldn’t keep up with my needs, perhaps he’s lost all confidence in himself. Now he cannot even manage to touch me.” I admitted, my hand running up his leg to the inside of his crotch as I spilled my heartfelt thoughts to him.

“I didn’t think it was…” he began, not knowing what he could possibly do or say to me next.

“And so now I have so much pent up tension and desire, and needs from a man. Frankly I just don’t know what to do with them, Justin. I’m a married woman, your father is the only one who should fulfil my needs. But he can’t.” I said, my eyes dropping and welling with tears.

“I’m sorry mom, I didn’t know.” He said, comforting me as best he could.

“I’m so desperate that I even thought of finding another man, but I dare not, it would ruin our family. No matter how much I put my trust in one of the local men to satisfy my needs, there is always the chance that one day, something would slip, or he’d turn mean and seek out a way to ruin me. To ruin us, our family, your father. You too Justin. I couldn’t possible risk that could I?” I said sobbing, now falling into his arms.

“No, of course not mom. I didn’t realise how much you needed to…” he began before the reality of what he needed to say hit him. I could see and feel he couldn’t bring ataşehir escort bayan himself to talk about the sexual needs of his own mother.

“And so, I decided there was only one possible solution that wouldn’t drive me insane with unrequited desire.” I admitted. Lifting my teared up eyes, looked into his, hoping that he would tell me that he understood, that he knew what I needed, without my having to say it myself.

In silence, I waited. Waiting for him to tell me what I needed. Hoping that he would tell me. Or maybe he could tell me without words. Maybe that would be better. If he just showed me he knew what I wanted and needed and took the initiative like the man he has become. All he needed to do, was to slowly, gently, slide his hand from my knee, down my leg, and along to my needy vagina. My warm, desperate, wanton vagina, where I had waited for a man to roam again for so long. Or instead, he could simply run his hand from my knee upwards, across my tummy, and all the way up to my heavy heaving breasts. There he would feel my heart racing inside, waiting for him to take me, to have me as I needed him to.

Yet, as the moments disappeared, it became more and more certain, that he wasn’t ready to lead me where I needed to go. Instead, I would need to lead him, to assure him, that it was what I wanted. That he was what I wanted. What I needed.

Moving my hand deeper along his inside leg, I ran it closer to his young manhood, hoping with all hope that he was hard, that he had realised his mother wanted him, and that he was ready for her. Oh the dismay, if, when my hand brushed over his manhood, he wasn’t ready, if he was still flaccid, limp, like his father. Then, I would be truly, and totally lost, I realised.

My teary eyes looking into his as my hand closed in on his manhood, where, to my utmost happiness, it rose as it found the minor mountain that had been hiding there all along. Sliding up its slope, it seemed to go on ever upwards. It was then that I knew, my son wasn’t just hard and ready for me, his manhood was positively mountainous for me.

Closing in on his young hard, wild manhood, I closed my tiny woman’s hand around it. Feeling its huge hefty size on my hand, I suddenly felt like a little girl again, caught in the snare of a wild and wanton man.

In silence, I handled his manhood, felling its size, its length, it’s girth. The power within him was ferocious, I couldn’t believe that I had thought he might not have been ready for me. I’d never been so proud of him.

Slowly, I unzipped and unbuckled his trousers, and reached inside. Rummaging around, I found the opening of his boxers. My hand hot from his wild fire, as it burned inside for me, I slipped inside until finally, my bare hand touched his bare skin, the skin of his huge thick manhood. Unmoving, he simple allowed me to roam wherever I wanted, to do whatever I needed.

Pulling his thick hard wanton cock out of his boxers, I eyed it with a hunger I hadn’t known in decades. Clutched in my hands, seeing the pre-cum dripping from its end, I was so proud of him, prouder than I had ever been. Gently thumbing the pre-cum into the head of his cock, stoking the fire that had grown within him to ecstasy, I new he would devour me like the wild beast I needed him to be.

Stroking his cock, stirring deeper thoughts and desires in him for his mother, I did to him, what only he had done to himself. Masturbating him like he must have done hundreds of times already, alone in his room, dreaming about the young girls in his class. Yet, now, I, a full grown woman was giving him feelings he could never possibly have imagined to have come true before.

Now, my wet, teary yes, now teary with happiness, stared at his cock as I pleasured him, knowing any moment his virgin manhood would shoot its first load in the company of a woman. And then, sure enough, with a woman for the first time in his young life, and his own mother at that, he shot his white cum high up into the air as he geysered his lust all over my tiny smooth feminine hand.

“I know I can trust you and only you to satisfy my womanly needs Justin,” I told him, my hand still clutched around his thick hard manhood, the cum now dripping all over my hand.

“I’ll never tell anyone about your needs, I promise mom,” he assured me.

Inside, my heart was on fire. I needed to trust someone and my own son was my only and last option and I had risked everything I had by showing my true needs and desires to him. If my gamble hadn’t paid off, I could have been ruined. We could all have been destroyed by the shame and embarrassment of this all, of me, his own mother, desperately jacking his young cum-filled cock to ejaculate its white lust all over me.

Yet now I knew he understood me. He understood my needs. Yet more still, whatever I needed, wanted, he would fulfil. Now knowing what his new duty as a son had become, I knew I could trust him to do anything and everything escort kadıöy I needed in total safely.

“Thank you Justin, you can’t know how important that is to me. You can never possible know how much I need to trust you with this,” I said. My face now collapsing on his strong chest, my eyes lost again in the heavenly sight of his hefty cock clutched in my hands, his creamy white cum covering both himself and my hand.

Confident in the safety of his arms, I slowly allowed myself to lower my mouth downwards. Descending on his cum covered cock, all I could think about was the warm taste of his cum inside my wet wanton mouth. Yet more than that, I was desperate to feel his hefty size inside my mouth, feeling the thickness of his manhood on the walls of my mouth, his round knob pushing deep down into my throat.

It had been such a long time since I had had a man’s cock in my mouth. The feeling was amazing as it slowly slipped inside, filling up my mouth, sliding deeper inside. Oh, how I wanted to satisfy him. Bouncing up and down on his young cock my hands now reaching for his hard, strong, muscular ass, I slid my hands down the back of his pants and slowly stripped him of his clothes as I sucked his copious cock.

Bobbing up and down on him, his youth and inexperience and the knowledge that I was his mother, intensified his desire to cum, and within minutes, he had ejaculated a second time. Filling my mouth with his warm wad, I swallowed it down eagerly, knowing for sure, I would be eating his fine white delicacy regularly in the future.

I couldn’t help but to rush him now, now that he was open to me, now that he allowed me to indulge in him any way I wished. Hitching up my skirt, I didn’t even take off my lace panties as I guided his cock with my hand inside me, into my vagina. I simply slid the red lace panties away from my opening, allowing him inside me. The sensation of finally having a man inside me again, was unbelievable. I had been so desperate for it for so long, the hot feel of a blood-filled cock slid deep inside me, drove me wild with desire. Immediately, I almost forgot who I was atop, and simply rode him like a cowgirl on a bull gone wild. Of course this cowgirl, however, was far wilder than any bull had known had ever been and Justin, was merely a timid, shy calf beneath his mother.

His cock now depleted of cum for a while, I knew I could ride him and satisfy myself to my hearts content. Bouncing atop is huge member, I ground into him deeply, pushing his firm manliness deeper inside me, powering me as only a man could. Watching his satisfaction as the orgasmic feelings coursed through his body beneath me, I reached up inside my blouse to my brassiere, loosening it, together with my blouse I undressed my upper half, revealing to him, finally, the exquisite shape of my large, heaving bosom, his mothers breasts, breasts he would suckle on once again.

Instantaneously, his hands stretching out, he reached for them as they bounced above him, grasping at them. Feeling them, I could feel him fight back from my powerful movements atop him. Now he was contributing to my eager wanton dance. Fondling, feeling coming alive with the feel of my breasts, he started to push himself deeper into me, in unison with my own movements. Soon, he was the bull I so desperately needed him to be. Tamed beneath me, yet powering into me harder and harder, my hair straggling around my neck, I was lost in the passion, my eyes closed, lost in ecstasy.

Now becoming the dominant man that I needed inside me, his hands left my breasts and slid down to my waist. Grabbing me there he used my waist to still me somewhat, allowing himself the power to dig deeper into me. Powering deeper inside me, he thrilled me like no man had thrilled me before. Then, now confident and eager, he gently twisted me over, flipping me around and beneath him. Now he was ready to truly be a man and power into me with all his might, with everything he could muster.

Now lying beneath him his powerful thrusts entering and exiting me with such force that his manhood would often leave my vagina entirely and come crashing back down against my skin, my ass, before I could grab a hold of its frantic force and guide him back inside me. Yet it was that, that reminded me of my deeper, most desperate, of needs.

Once again, his cock bouncing out of my opening, I urged him to stop. His face a clear sign of dejection, it was clear he thought I had become annoyed with his powerful, yet misguided pounding, and the constant miss alignment with my vagina. Yet he was totally mistaken! Instead, I wanted something more of him, something even more depraved from the cock inside me. Having waited so long to feel a man inside me again, my mind had wondered off to darker places and now my needs, were far beyond those of a normal woman.

“It’s ok, I still want you, you didn’t do anything wrong,” I assured him. My hand now holding onto his cock, it was clear that maltepe escort he thought I wanted to stop and that I would never want him inside me again. Dejected, I gave him a gentle kiss on his forehead as I stood up and slipped off the last of my remaining garments; my panties. Leaving him for a few seconds, I was quick to return, and there in my hand was a present I had for him that set his eyes alight with even greater happiness and hunger.

For so long, lost in desperation, my mind had wandered everywhere and I could no longer be satisfied by the kinds of things I had loved before. Searching for more, I had eventually felt sure that I would need to risk the chances of being caught and begin an affair with one of the men in town. Thinking of the only possible man that I felt I could trust, I eventually found myself caught in an inner battle with myself. Should I tell him that he was the only one I could trust? That he was the only one who could possibly fulfil my needs? If Justin had rejected me, then eventually, I would have had no other option but to go to him and confess everything to him. Yet as part of his promise, my confession, I knew, would stay with him forever.

Daniel, the town priest, had heard all the towns deepest darkest secrets. If any man could be trusted with a woman’s secrets it was surely him. And so, I was fully prepared to tell him of the desperate desires that had been raging within me for so long. Yet more than that, I was ready to admit to him that those desires had grown so strong that I was not only ready, but desperately eager to go beyond the normal needs of normal women. Now, I had become desperate for something so much more. So much more sinful. And yet it was he, that I had chosen to relieve me of those desires, to cleanse me of that sin. By using his own body to fulfil my every need within the secrecy and sanctity that only he could offer.

“I have begun to need a man so much that I have decided, finally, that I must entrust my needs and desires in someone in who I can trust entirely.” I had told him in the secrecy of his church, my face hidden behind the door, my voice muffled with a scarf. “I had told him everything I had just told Justin, yet to Daniel, I revealed that after my son, he was my only second choice to find the fulfilment that I needed.”

“To entrust such a deeply sinful request in your own son would be the greatest sin imaginable. You must fight your feelings with all your strength and not allow yourself to be controlled by the devil so fully, so deeply, so terribly. Your desires are the most shocking I have ever heard, and you will be punished for such crimes,” he admonished me.

My heart broken, what could I do, I was lost. It was then that all my faith was transferred entirely to my son.

“But I want to help you. And I will help you. There is only one way to hope your sin might be forgiven, or at least alleviated. If you choose to reveal yourself to me, I will fulfil your deepest darkest desires. However, for the great sin that this involves, I cannot possible be the soft, sweet, kind shoulder you desperately need. Instead I must punish you deeply and severely for these crimes, and when, as you desire I perform the most heinous of crimes that you so desperately need. When I penetrate your unholy anus with my pure cock, I must treat you as meanly and punish you as deeply as possible for your sins,” he had demanded.

It was then, that I had rushed from the confession booth in tears. I didn’t want to be punished for my passion. Instead I wanted to be loved for it. And now with Justin, I had fulfilled my dream, my destiny.

There in my hand, I held the lubricant that I had used so many times to pleasure myself in the ways I had come to so desperately desire. At first fingering my anus, before inserted something larger and larger, until now, I was ready for a real man. And now my man was here, I knew, as I gently massaged the lubricant into his manhood, before squeezing some onto his own hands. Turning around, a slowly bent over, ready for him to finally make a woman of me.

Gently, timidly, silently, unquestioningly, he gently massaged the liquid into my behind, before slowly inserted first one, then two fingers into my ass. Fingering me exquisitely for many minutes, he was eventually ready to give me his all. Ever so slowly and gently, he slid his heavy, hefty, thick manhood inside my ass. Careful to stop at any sign of pain, he waited patiently before finally, he was fully and deeply inside me, and there, he remained ,totally still until I told him I was ready.

“I’m ready,” I whispered from beneath him. Standing bent over, his hands now clutching my waist, my large breasts hanging beneath me, he slowly started to rhythmically massage my rear with his firm cock deep inside, setting my breasts off on an ever increasing wave of motion beneath me.

If I had found a man and been satisfied much earlier, perhaps my needs would never have reached such a level of crass depravity. Yet they had, and now, I wanted nothing more, than I man, deep inside my ass.

Now, Justin was a wild animal inside me. Knowing that I was ready for him and desperately in need of his most powerful thrusts, I allowed him to pleasure himself inside me.

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