9 Ocak 2021

A Mother’s Revenge Ch. 04


All characters over 18. Copyright 2011


The drive was a pleasant affair. Mother and son chatted and laughed easily, flirting and teasing each other, Sheryl’s darker motivations and Jimmy’s determination to unravel recent events forgotten in the enjoyment of each other’s company. Eventually Sheryl pulled into the parking lot of an upscale spa and beauty salon.

Sheryl saw the look on her son’s face and said, “We’re going to get waxed. I want to be nice and sexy for you. And I’ve always fantasized about having a lover who was all nice and smooth for me. It’s something I could never talk your father into, but you’ll do it for me, won’t you sweetheart? I promise your mommy will make it up to you.” She added the last with a sexy, wanton tone and a look of lust.

“Okay, mom, I’ll do this for you, but later you’re going to do something for me.” Jimmy paused a bit, and then continued, “You’re going to give me your ass. This morning you said I could fuck your pussy, your mouth; I could even fuck your ass. I’ll keep my promise to you, mom, but you have to do the same.”

“Okay, sweetheart, but I’ve never let anyone do that to me before. Just be gentle with me. Okay, Jimmy?”

“Of course, mom, I don’t want it to hurt. I don’t want to hurt you. I love you. I want you to enjoy it. Trust me?”

“Yes, baby, I trust you, and I love you too.”

They sealed their bargain with a kiss. Jimmy’s hands strayed to his mother’s breasts, fondling them as they kissed. Sheryl broke it off saying, “I love you, but we need to get inside for our appointment.”

They entered the business and Sheryl checked in, right on time. Without delay, they were ushered inside. The first part of the appointment was haircuts, then they were led to different rooms for the second part: the waxing.


A short while later… Jimmy was in near agony. Everything he heard or imagined about being waxed seemed to be true. And it seemed to go on forever. Finally, he was finished, and the woman attending to him began spreading a soothing lotion onto his abused skin.

The woman, an attractive, rubenesque ‘dirty blond’ in her late twenties, had maintained a chatty, flirty monologue while denuding his body of hair. By the time she was rubbing the lotion into his genitals, it was apparent by the twin points of her hard nipples pushing against her black tee-shirt that she was more than a little aroused.

Her ministrations had Jimmy aroused as well. He was hard as she worked the lotion into his now-smooth balls and along his shaft. Breathing hard, she told him, “We don’t do ‘happy endings’ here. Not that I don’t want to, but I’m engaged. And if I don’t quit right now, I’m going to start feeling like I’ve been cheating on my fiancée.”

Pulling herself away with visible reluctance, she gestured to a door. “There’s a shower in there. You can have a few minutes to clean up and, uh, take care of this,” she said, giving his dick one last squeeze, “and if you want to imagine a ‘happy ending’ I won’t mind.” She gave him a smile and left.

Jimmy hit the shower, turning the water to cold. He had wanted to jack-off badly, but figured that he would need to save his energy for what lay ahead. The water, though not frigid, was cool, and soon brought his erection down to a semi-flaccid state. At least he could get dressed without tenting his pants. Jimmy dried, dressed, combed his hair, and went to the front to wait for his mom.

The waiting room next to the receptionist’s desk was small, but tastefully appointed. There were several deeply padded love seats and a couch in black leather. The coffee and end tables were made of gleaming chrome and glass. The walls had artful photographic portraits of beautiful people, some of which were clients. Jimmy took a seat on the couch.

An older woman, blond and curvaceous and strikingly attractive despite the lines in her face marking her age entered the salon and traded a few word with the receptionist. She turned to survey the waiting area, and as her eyes rested on Jimmy her face broke into an easy smile. She walked over to him and said, “Hello. My, aren’t you a handsome young man. Would you mind terribly, if I sat with you while I wait?”

Jimmy, now playing the part of a gentleman (Dumas’s “Three Musketeers” had been one of his favorite books during his ‘awkward years’ of puberty), rose and replied, “It would be my pleasure.”

“Oh, handsome and polite,” the woman responded, extending her hand. “My name is Jean.”

Jimmy took her hand, and bowed, bringing it to his lips. He planted a light, dry kiss on the back of her hand. “My name is Jimmy,” he said. Still holding her hand lightly in his, he guided her to a place on the couch and helped her sit. Releasing her hand, he sat facing her.

Jean spoke, “I suppose it would be too much to expect that a charming young man such as yourself is single. I’m sure we could have quite a good time getting to know each other.”

“I’m canlı bahis şirketleri sure we could,” Jimmy replied with a soft chuckle, “but I am waiting on a special lady. Tonight is our first date together.”

“How lucky for her, and so unfortunate for me,” Jean lamented with a hint of amusement. Then she continued, “If things don’t work out between you and her, or even if they do, it would make me very happy if you would agree to have lunch with me sometime. It isn’t often I meet a man l find so fascinating. I hope we can become good friends. At any rate, please call me.” She handed him a card from her purse, which read ‘Jean Dubeval – Consultant, Attorney at Law’, and listed a phone number.

“On occasion I find a young person I take an interest in. One of my greatest joys is to help that person grow into his or her potential. You may find my interest advantageous. And don’t worry; I’m not in the habit of seducing men who are already attached. Most of the relationships I develop with the people I take an interest in are very satisfying, regardless of whether sex is involved or not.”

Jimmy took her card and put it in his wallet. “Thank you, Jean. I think having lunch with you would be very nice.”

“Good,” she replied, “I’m glad. Call me at that number anytime, day or night. If I don’t answer, leave your name and a number where I can reach you. Be sure I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.”

Their conversation was interrupted by the receptionist, who came to usher Jean to her appointment. Jimmy rose and offered his hand to help her up. As she was leaving, Sheryl entered the waiting area. Jean paused a moment, regarding Sheryl with her intelligent blue eyes.

“You must be the ‘special lady’ that charming gentleman mentioned,” Jean said, with a knowing smile, glancing at Jimmy. “I envy you. Please don’t be angry, but I invited your ‘boyfriend’ to lunch. I extend that invitation to you as well.”

Sheryl, startled by the woman, the forward manner in which she addressed her, and the way she said ‘boyfriend’, was taken aback, temporarily speechless. She managed a brief “Thank you” in reply before the woman swept around her, incidentally brushing against her as she went past.

Sheryl had been thoroughly aroused while she had been waxed, and had paused to finger herself to an unsatisfying climax before she showered and dressed. The brief contact of her rubbing against another woman’s body now reignited her ardor, a fire spreading from the points of contact to warm her entire body.

“Who was that?” Sheryl asked her son as he came to meet her.

“An attorney,” Jimmy told her as they left. “She propositioned me, but I turned her down. Then she invited me to lunch, which I accepted. It seemed to be the polite thing to do. Besides, she might be able to help me find a job for the summer.” Seeing his mother’s face cloud, Jimmy added, “Don’t worry, there’s nothing she could do to take me away from the woman with whom I’ve fallen so madly in love.”

“So you’re madly in love with me?” Sheryl asked her son as they reached the car.

“Mom, I’ve had a crush on you for a long time. I love you, but after this morning, I realize I’m in love with you too. I don’t want this relationship to end, ever,” he told her, drawing her close.

“Jimmy, I’m in love with you too. And I can’t say I blame her,” Sheryl said, sidling up to her son and bringing her lips close to his ear. “If I wasn’t already fucking you I think I would be doing everything I could to get you between my legs, my handsome stud of a son,” she whispered into his ear before sucking in the lobe and nibbling it, sending a tingle down his body. She purred, seductively, “As it is I’m not sure I’m going to be able to keep my hands off you.”

Breaking their embrace, Sheryl took the keys from her purse. “Maybe we should get together with her for a threesome. Just thinking about watching you fuck another woman senseless before you do the same to me is getting me all wet.”

Jimmy pulled his mom into another embrace and plucked the keys from her hand. “Hey, mom, I’ve got a date tonight and need to borrow the car,” he said, then kissed her, hard, pushing his tongue into her mouth which she accepted willingly.

Releasing her, Jimmy said, “Thanks, mom.” Pressing the appropriate button on the electronic key fob, he unlocked the car and led her to the passenger side, opening the door for her and holding her hand as he helped her inside. Before he closed the door, Sheryl parted her legs, pulling the hem of her skirt up to expose her sex, naked and hairless except for a thin neat line that was all that remained of her auburn pubic patch. The sight of her bare pussy being exposed to him in public caused Jimmy to go fully erect, tenting his loose fitting pants.

“I see you like it. It feels so smooth. I can’t wait for you to touch it. I’m dying to touch you. We may just have to find somewhere quiet before dinner,” she growled lustily, before canlı kaçak iddaa swinging her leg inside and buckling her seatbelt.

Jimmy got behind the wheel, buckled up and started the car. He pulled into traffic and was soon heading to the restaurant he had in mind. “So Sheryl, have you ever had Cuban food?” he asked, his hand sliding over to hers. Jimmy brought his mother’s hand to his mouth and kissed it, sending a thrill through her. “Hey, you’re not wearing your…”

“…Wedding ring?” she finished his sentence. “No. I belong to you and you alone until you’re father gets home. But you see I’m wearing my engagement ring so everyone will know I’m taken.” She guided his hand under her skirt until it rested against her bare flesh… releasing it, she moved her hand into his lap and started stroking his cock. “I hope this isn’t too distracting Jim.”

“No, not too distracting, but I don’t think I can drive, talk and do this at the same time.”

“We don’t need to talk, just enjoy.”

By the time they got to the restaurant, Jimmy had a raging hard-on and Sheryl was pushing hard against his hand. Fortunately, because it was still early, the parking lot was relatively empty. Sheryl directed her son to a relatively secluded spot behind the place where he found a space between two SUV’s. “Pull in there,” she told him.

He parked, got out of the car and made his way around to the passenger side to open the door. Sheryl saw the tent on his pants and said, “We can’t have you going in like that. Here, help me out.”

He offered his hand and she stood up and pulled him close. Her hand went back down to his crotch and squeezed his cock, hard. “I need you to fuck me right here, right now. I can’t wait any longer and I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer,” she said, unbuckling his belt and opening his pants. She closed the door and leaned her back against the car, hiking her skirt up. “Get that cock of yours out of you pants and into my pussy. Do it now, baby, fuck your mommy hard,” she pleaded.

Jimmy opened his pants and pulled down his boxers. Sheryl held onto to the waistband of his pants to keep them from dropping around his ankles, pulling him to her. “Put it in, baby. Give your mommy the fucking she needs. I’m so wet for you, just stick it in and fuck me.”

Jimmy took his throbbing cock in hand, its bulbous head smeared with pre-cum. Steadying himself against the car with his other hand, he bent his knees and held his shaft down so the head wedged against his mother’s weeping gash. He moved it up and down her slit a few times, causing her to moan in anticipation, sucking in her breath as the head parted the folds of her slit, making contact with the tender inner labia. As he would move it upwards, he made sure to rub against her engorged clit, making her gasp with pleasure.

A climax tore through her, body shuddering as she whined, “Please baby, don’t tease me any more, just shove it in, baby, pleeeasssee.”

“OOOOHHHH GGAAWWWWD!” she cried as he rammed his cock, burying himself inside her wet steaming hole, all the way to the hilt. Sheryl was now firmly pinned against her car, toes hardly touching the ground as her weight was supported between the mass of the vehicle and the body of her son, fully impaled on her son’s turgid pulsating dick.

Jimmy’s hands, now free, pulled her shirt up, exposing her puffy nipples to his view. He cupped her breasts, massaging her firm flesh, thumbs flicking at the underside of her extended nubs, setting them afire.

“Oh yes, baby, play with my tities, I love it when you AAAUUUUGH!” she cried as Jimmy clamped fingers and thumbs on her swollen nipples, squeezing and pulling hard, crashing her into an orgasm.

Slowly withdrawing so only the head of his cock was still inside her, he thrust home again, eliciting a groan of ecstasy from his mother. Thrust followed thrust, separated by brief pauses that had Sheryl grinding her hips against her son. She whimpered in delight as he increased his pace, hammering into her sodden cunt.

Another climax torn through her slender frame, making her shiver with carnal, incestuous lust. She felt his cock expand, signaling his impending orgasm.

“Cum in my mouth baby,” she panted. “I want you to shoot your load down my throat. I need to taste your cum, please baby,” she begged her son.

Jimmy withdrew his fleshy pole, allowing his mother to sink to her knees. As her face drew level with his cock, slimy with her juices, she sucked him in, hands grabbing his ass, pulling him in until her nose was pressed against his newly bared skin, forcing his cock deep into her throat.

Jimmy exploded inside her as she swallowed him, the muscles of her throat milking his load as he spurted rope after rope of his creamy jism into her willing maw. Releasing her grip on his butt, he pulled back until he felt her talented tongue swirling around the sensitive head of his prick. She sucked him hard, tongue working its magic, coaxing more of his canlı kaçak bahis essence into her mouth until it was filled with his semen.

Sheryl gulped down his sperm hungrily and resumed her suction. Her full luscious lips sealed tightly around his shaft. She continued the tongue massage, flicking it over his sensitive glans, sucking even harder, trying to drain every last drop of cream from his depleted testicles.

Satisfied he was truly empty, Sheryl licked his deflating cock, relishing in the taste of their combined juices until he was clean. “Thank you, baby, I needed that.” she told him.

Jimmy stuck his dick back into his boxers and fixed his pants. Then he took Sheryl’s hands in his and helped her to her feet and pulled her into a hug, kissing her fiercely. She returned his ardor, not noticing her skirt and shirt were still pulled up high, leaving her sex exposed.

“Fuck! That was fucking hot!”

The sound of those words snapped the incestuous lovers back into the world. Looking over to where the words came, the saw a pretty Latina, evidently a waitress, staring at them. She was average height, long dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, and the skirt she wore came to mid thigh, exposing long legs and showing off the shapely curve of her ass. She had medium sized breasts, enough to accentuate the curve of her hips and her narrow waist. She was obviously braless and very turned on as her nipples made hard points against the white of her button down shirt.

Sheryl blushed, her skin turning a deep crimson, and hastily adjusted her clothing. Jimmy smiled and called over, “I’m glad you enjoyed the show!” This, in turn, caused the waitress to giggle as a flush spread up her neck and added color to her cheeks. She took another deep drag of her cigarette, dropped it and crushed it out with her toe, before turning and hurrying inside.

Jimmy gave his mother another deep kiss, sucking her tongue into his mouth before taking her by the arm. “Come on, let’s go eat,” he said, grinning from ear to ear.

The two entered the establishment and were seated immediately, Jimmy holding the chair for his mom as she sat. Taking his own seat he waved off the menus offered by the hostess. “We already know what we want, but first, please bring the lady here a mojito. I’ll take a Jupina. Thank you, miss” he said, dismissing her with a smile.

“I see you’ve been here before, sir, that’s an excellent choice for your beverages. Marisol will be your waitress. She’ll be with you in just a moment.” My name is Alicia. Please enjoy your meal,” she said giving them both a large friendly smile before leaving.

“How did you find this place, Jimmy?” Sheryl inquired.

“Accidentally. Me and some friends were coming home from a ball-game last year. We were hungry because we decided to skip eating a bunch of crap at the game. This was the first place we saw. I’ve been back several times since. The food here is great!”

“So, what are we having?”

“You’ll see. Don’t worry Sheryl, you’re gonna love it.”

Their waitress came up with their drinks, and nearly dropped her tray when she noticed the couple sitting at her table. Looking up, Jimmy and Sheryl recognized the waitress who had seen them in the parking lot. The woman blushed again as they smiled at her. Fumbling nervously, she barely managed to serve their drinks without spilling.

“Hi,” she stammered, the nipples hard points threatening to tear the fabric of her shirt. “I’m Marisol. I’ll take your order if you’re ready.”

Jimmy and Sheryl burst into laughter at the girl’s discomfiture, but then Jimmy said, as reassuringly as he could, “Hi Marisol. My name is Jim and this beautiful lady is Sheryl. So I take it you enjoyed watching us earlier?”

Marisol’s smile spread across her face. She leaned forward, bringing her head down low to speak, incidentally allowing them to look down her shirt at her firm breasts, and said in a hushed voice. “Yes I did. Watching you two was so fucking hot. It made me really horny. I’m still horny. When I’m done with my shift I’m gonna go home and fuck myself silly thinking about you two, only I’m gonna think about what it would be like to join in, not just watch! In fact, if you wanted to hook up later…”

Sheryl sucked in her breath, surprised, and not just a little aroused, at Marisol’s invitation. Marisol glanced at her nervously, thinking she had gone too far and began stammering an apology before Jimmy intervened. “Thanks for the invitation, but I think we’ll take a rain check. Tonight is our first date, you see. But maybe sometime in the future, if Sheryl here is okay with the idea. I don’t know how she feels about having a threesome with another woman. It’s just something we haven’t had a chance to discuss. Okay? No harm done.”

Marisol looked at him gratefully. Standing, she said “Thank you sir. May I take your order?”

“Sure thing, Marisol. We’ll start with the mariquitas and ensaladas cubanas. For the main course we’ll have camarones salteado and arroz con gandules. Oh, and one more thing,” he added gesturing her close. She bent down until her head separated from his by only a few inches, incidentally flashing Sheryl another view of her unencumbered tits.

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