29 Temmuz 2021

A new Granny…Finally!!!!!


A new Granny…Finally!!!!!I have changed jobs recently and now work in a retirement community as a maintenance man. I did so for a couple of reasons, but primarily to be around sexy old women again. It’s been over 6 years since my Ruby died and almost 3 since Betty passed away and I have REALLY missed them. Please read my stories about these INCREDIBLE ladies!I seen a few women here who caused by cock to throb just seeing them. Hoping to enjoy them. But one had started to call for me to correct small items in her apartment more and more. First light bulbs, then a clogged sink. Just last week though her hot water heater failed and that’s when it happened.Mary had lived there for a number of years, was 77 years old and very active. I was told that she was a friend of the previous maintenance guy and I noticed she drove off early ever morning. Found out later she had morning coffee at bursa escort his house since he retired.My helper and I knocked on her door , standing there with tools and replacement heater. Mary opened the door, wearing a housecoat and open robe and let us in.She showed us the way to the heater closet and left us to our work. I had to send my helper for more tools and shortly after he left, Mary came into the room offering me a cup of coffee. I noticed the robe was gone and as she stood in the window I could see that she was naked under the house coat She came toe to toe with me and holding up the cup, she locked eyes with me and smiled saying that she hoped I would like it. I smiled and told her that I intended to find out and that I was sure I would. Looking into her eyes I sipped the coffee and smiling I said it tasted wonderful. Mary smiled and walked away she said good, there’s bursa escort bayan plenty more.My helper returned and we finished replacing the heater. Gathering my tools, I told Mary that it be a while before the water was fully heated and that I would return in an hour to check it. She smiled at me, locking eyes again saying that she would be waiting.I returned within the hour and Mary let me in. I noticed that a couple of buttons on her house coat were opened and her impressive cleavage showed more. She offered me another coffee, which I took saying that I wanted to make sure there was enough time for the water to heat.We sat at her kitchen table and enjoyed small talk as we drank. I noticed that she enjoyed “slapping” my hand as she talked.Time to check the water, running the kitchen sink , the water heated quickly,. She seemed happy but wanted me to check the bath escort bursa and shower as well. As she pointed to the bedroom bath, I left her at the table. The sink worked as expected and as I started the shower, I turned and saw Mary, naked, standing in the doorway. She said, with a smile, since the shower is running would I mind scrubbing her back. My clothes were off in seconds and I followed her into the shower.Between hot deep wet kisses she asked if I wanted to fuck her. My throbbing cock was my answer. A quick dry and half wet we were in bed with her legs wide and her bald cunt open and waiting. Wanting to fuck her before she had the chance to change her mind, I rubbed my cock between her cunt lips and quickly slipped deep inside until I was balls deep in her. Mary is an INCREDIBLE fuck…As I kissed her deep while flooding her cunt with my cum, she said that we would be doing this much more.Morning “coffee” was now my routine and her daily drives stopped. It’s only been just over 6 weeks, but I have explored every inch of her body.Nothing is off limits . More later, time for my lunch blowjob!!….TRUE story.

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