3 Şubat 2021

A Night at Work Turns Into Fantasy


As I pulled into the parking lot and parked my truck, I thought back on the long day, realizing that I had not had taken a break. I had began my day at 7 am, and it was now 10:30. With any luck, however, this would be a quick stop and I would be home in no time. I entered through the main entrance and quickly found the elevators. Punching the button for the 27th floor, I watched the floors light up as I ascended, holding a bag of tools and parts under my arm. These house calls were always a crap shoot. Usually 5-10 minutes were all that was needed to fix a computer, but there were always a few that ended up taking forever. Hopefully this was not one of those times.

As the elevator came to a stop, the doors opened into a small entry way. I walked up to the door and rang the bell. As I stood there waiting, I began to wish I had just canceled this last stop, but it was too late, I was already here, and might as well get it over with. Besides, I could definitely use the money. I heard footsteps, and then the lock being turned. As the door opened, I caught my breath when I saw the woman who had come to the door. She was gorgeous. With light brown hair and blue eyes, she had a terrific tan, and what looked like a very trim, toned build.

“Hi!” She said. “I’m Megan. Are you here to fix my computer?”

I was a little nervous, but managed to say yes, and tell her my name. She invited me in, and I waited while she closed and locked the door.

“I was starting to wonder if you’d ever get here, it’s getting late,” she said, with a twinkle in her eye that let me know she was giving me a hard time.

“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry but it’s just been a crazy day. This shouldn’t take too long I hope. Do you want to show me to your computer?”

“No problem, right this way.”

She walked off and I followed, eying her tight ass as she made her way through the apartment. I was so preoccupied with her body, I almost forgot about my surroundings. She lived in the penthouse apartment; the floor to ceiling windows showing off an incredible view. The city gleamed with all its lights, and it felt like we were on top on the world. As we passed through the ornate dining room and handsomely furnished living room, I paid attention to the quality surroundings.

“You’ve got a very nice condo,” I said, “I wouldn’t want to ever leave if I were you.”

“Thank you, its actually my parents, but they are traveling in Europe for the next 6 months. Ah, here we are”

She had led me into her office, and pointed out the computer on a large oak desk. I sat down and she asked me if I’d like a glass of wine, and something to snack on. I said I would love that, and she left. I had barely unpacked my bag and got the computer on, before she was back, with two glasses of wine and a platter of cheese.

“Why don’t you take a minute and have a drink before you get started?” she asked with a warm smile, handing me the glass.

“Well, ok. You talked me into it.” I said with a wink. We sat on a small love seat, sipping our wine, and making small talk. I began to notice more features of this woman, and I was becoming extremely attracted to her. She was wearing linen slacks and a thin sweater, both rather tight fitting, easily showing off her ample assets. Her thighs were toned, not to thin, but sexy and tight. The way she was sitting, with one leg crooked up on the couch, facing toward me, the tight pants stretched tight against her crotch. The story was the same with the tight fitting sweater. It was very clear that she was not wearing a bra, and it was very clear that she didn’t need one. Her full round breasts protruded proudly, jutting out, with little hang. As I imagined what they might be like to hold, and kiss, she suddenly surprised me by asking me if I wanted to mess around.

“Um, mess around?” I asked, shocked.

“Yeah! You know, we could just mess around a little. You’re not married or anything are you?”

I couldn’t believe what she was proposing.

“Well, you’re certainly unbelievably hot… and I guess I haven’t fooled around in a while, what with work being so busy and all…” I said, looking into her eyes.

With a seductive gaze, she leaned towards me, her unblinking eyes locked on mine. She reached out and placed a hand on my thigh, her hand playfully lingering, before it began traveling up my leg, towards my hips. Her touch felt laden with electricity. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but I didn’t want her to know that. I leaned in and kissed her, lightly at first. Her soft, supple lips were warm and inviting, and she smelled amazing. Wearing very little make-up, her face radiated a sexy glow that made me a canlı bahis little shaky. I began to use my tongue, kissing her firmly. I was aware of her hand making its way around my groin, and I felt her discover my erection. Apparently she was serious about this whole fooling around thing- no strings attached thing. That was just fine with me.

As we kissed, I reached over and slipped my hand up her sweater, slowly inching my hand in, exploring the soft skin on her side and stomach. I pushed into her, and she laid back. With our mouths still pressed together, I pulled on the bottom of her sweater and, reached up to find her big boobs. She broke off our kiss and smiled at me. Reaching down, she grabbed the edges of her sweater and pulled it over her head in one motion, her breasts spilling free. I attacked them passionately, grabbing a big handful of the soft flesh in each hand, cupping my mouht over a nipple. I sucked gently, flicking my tongue across the light mocha brown tip of her breast. Her eyes were closed and she had a slight smile on her face.

“Eat me…” she murmured, laying back and relaxing. With one hand she pushed slightly on my head, directing me toward her crotch. As she did this the other hand had unbuttoned her slacks, and was tugging on the zipper. I moved down, gently spreading her legs with my hands. I nestled down, kneeling on the floor next to the couch, and peered in the opening where her zipper had been. Inches away from my face was the best looking pussy I had every seen. Obviously waxed, there wasn’t a hint of hair or blemish. I quickly tugged on the side of her pants, slipping them down further, revealing more. Her pussy came into view, the pouty lips small and slender. As she raised her knees to her chest so I could get the pants off her ankles, I eyes her entire package, again noting the smooth hairless skin. I threw the pants aside, returning to my position, breathing hard. Pushing my arms up and under her thighs, I lifted her hips and legs slightly, splaying her legs even more, her pussy on stage.

I started slow, toying with her, kissing her inner thighs ever so slightly, gently licking and breathing hard on her snatch. She was incredibly aroused, and her pussy began to bead with moisture. Her clitoris had swollen as well, engorged and shiny with her juice. She was begging me to lick her when my tongue made contact with her slit. Moving so slowly, I licked from the very bottom of her pussy up past her hard clit, to where the soft folds of her pussy lips converged in a soft mound of skin. She shuddered and ran the fingers of both hands through my hair. Licking again and again, I got into a rhythm, licking firmly and slowly. She began to thrust her hips into me, her pussy making little circles under my flat tongue. When I knew she was on the verge of exploding, I switched it up, directing all of my attention to her clitoris. I had rearranged my right arm to allow a finger to work its way into her tight pussy. I easily slid in all the way, and I wiggled it gently in beat to my tongue to push her over the edge. She began to come, and opened her eyes and stared at me. Gasping, she convulsed back, throwing her head back and moaning loudly. With another loud gasp, she thrashed wildly, clamping her thighs over my head. Whimpering loudly, she came. I could feel her orgasm building and pulsating through my her pussy into my face. My tongue seemed to meld into her sloppy wet slit, rubbing and licking. She was thrusting her hips violently into me, grinding my face against her pussy. She fucked my face harder and harder, the tremors of her orgasm completely taking her over. Finally her entire body went limp, and she lay against the couch in a sweaty pile of naked limbs and heaving boobs.

“I don’t… I … That was amazing… ” Was all she could muster. Feeling very good about the results of my effort, I sat back on my feet, kneeling in front of her. My fingers were still inside her, and I slowly pulled them out.

“Give me just a minute,” she said. “One minute then we’ll see if I can’t turn you into a big melting lump.” She smiled with her eyes closed.

I sat there a minute and gazed at my new playmate. She was stunning. She was laying there, sprawled out with her legs spread wide, every detail of her amazing body on full display. I wanted to attack her pussy again, but knew she would be very sensitive, and I wanted to let her bask in post-orgasm bliss for a few more minutes. Getting up, I wandered into her kitchen. Helping myself to another glass of wine, I walked into her bedroom, looking around. The master bedroom was very spacious, with a huge entertainment system that included a huge TV, a full couch and love seat, bahis siteleri king size bed, and, of coarse, huge windows letting in the magnificent view. I kept going finding the her bathroom. It was large and luxurious as well, and the shower looked awfully inviting. Shedding my clothes, I stepped in, flipping the warm water on, and testing the temperature. When it was good and hot, I stepped into the hot water jets. It felt amazing. Quickly I washed, taking advantage of all her soaps and shampoos. Finally feeling clean and refreshed, I massaged a good deal of conditioner into my balls, dick and ass. Using a razor I quickly shaved off the few days of growth, and giving everything a once over, rinsed and dried off.

I entered the office to find Megan with her eyes open, but still not wanting to move.

“I can’t stop shaking!” she laughed.

“I couldn’t be happier!” I replied, extending my hand and helping her up. Naked, we walked into her bedroom, where she led me over to her bed.

“No one has ever made me feel like that,” Megan looked at me, dead serious. “And I wanted to thank you. One of my best friends is going to be here any minute, and she is going to help me take care of this,” she said as she gently grabbed my cock.

I was blown away.

“You’ve got a friend coming here to HELP?!” I blurted, clearly excited.

Megan nodded, “I called her while you were in the shower,” she said pushing me onto the bed.

“You lay here for a minute, she’s on her way up.”

She walked out, and I heard her opening the front door. Then I heard laughing and a new female voice. I didn’t know what to think.

Soon Megan walked into the room – still naked, followed by a stunning tall blond gal, dressed in very tight, hot jeans, and a low cut blouse, revealing a good deal of cleavage. Her eyes sparkled as she introduced herself, and began undressing.

“Megan tells me your incredible in bed,” she said to me, eyeing me as she pulled her cowboy boots off. Slipping out of her jeans, I stared at her lack of underwear. She had an incredible ass. Firm and tight, her ass cheeks were small, but still sexy and round. She didn’t have nearly the tan Megan had, but her skin was rich and creamy, with a few freckles. I noticed a very thin landing strip above her bare pussy. Pulling her blouse over her head, her big jugs fell free, jiggling a little as she moved to throw her shirt onto a nearby chair.

Stepping to the bed she said “What are we gonna do with him Megan?” winking at me.

“I haven’t really decided, to tell you the truth. Lets start by teasing the hell out of him!” she laughed and climbed onto the bed. Mandy followed, kneeling beside me while Megan got between my legs, and focused on my package. Looking at it for several seconds, she finally got close and teased my balls with her tongue. I quivered at the first touch, the pleasure electrifying. She smiled, and licked from my balls all the way up my shaft, pausing at my dickhead, and swirled her tongue around and over my slit.

“I LOVE your shaved balls…” she was able to say before she crammed my cock into her mouth. Only taking it in halfway at first, she was easing into it. Mandy watched, guiding my hand to her pussy, her huge tits hanging in front of my face. Megan was bobbing on my cock hard, starting to take more and more of it in her. As she started sucking faster, she began making little grunts as my dick rammed the back of her throat. She must have known I was starting to like it, because she stopped, and sat up.

“Get on your knees,” she commanded. moving out the way. I got up and she quickly lay on her back, directing me to straddle her face. With her body behind me, I could only see her forehead and sexy eyes, looking up at me from underneath my genitals. I relaxed my balls, lowering them onto her face, draping her nose and eyes. Mandy moved around so that she was kneeling in front of me, her ass in front of me. Sitting back, she reached around and grabbed my dick, guiding it into her gaping pussy. As she sat back onto my lap, I could feel Megan’s lips sucking in my balls. It felt incredible, and when Mandy started bouncing on my lap, I could feel the orgasm coming. Letting my mind wander, the urge passed, and I focused on fucking.

Mandy was really banging on my lap, and I was completely sitting on Megans face with both of my balls entirely in her mouth. Reaching around I was firmly grabbing Mandy’s big titties, squeezing them hard. Suddenly, as if on cue, Mandy pulled me out of her twat, and spun around and impaled herself on my erect shaft. Megan had moved back, and was firmly pushing her tongue into my ass. I didn’t want to cum yet, bahis şirketleri but they were intent of getting me to blow it. Holding Mandy’s head against my crotch, and keeping my hard dick shoved to the back of her throat, I lifted off Megan, swinging my knee over her, kneeling beside her naked chest. Mandy was still slurping my cock while I reached down and fingered her cunt.

“Cum on my face!” Panted Megan, out of breath from inhaling my ball sack. Quickly, I hopped off the bed, standing next to it, holding my dick. Both the girls laid on their backs, positioned so that both their heads were close together, on the edge of the bed. I beat my rod fast as they licked and kissed my balls. I began to feel an orgasm building, growing inside me – a cresendo of pleasure that I knew would finalze in an erruption. Doing all I could to keep a steady focus on their faces, I took aim at Mandy, and timed my hand in rhythem with my body, slowing down when my penis began to spew semen.

The first wave of pleasure washed over me like a numbing rush of adrenalin. Suddenly a thick hot stream of thick white sperm shot out of my dick, flying threw the air, hitting Megan squarly on the forehead. Clinging to her face, it finally began to run diwn the side of her head; the stiff trickle finding her ear and hair. I swiveled, putting the tip of my cock in front of Mandy’s eye – the second wave imminent. She shut her eyes in the nick of time, my jizz splurting out, oozing onto her face, dripping onto her nose and mouth. Sticking her tongue out, she greedily lapped at the sticky jizz, gobbling and slurping every drop. I felt like I had one more squirt left, and moved to rest my balls on Mandy’s sticky face, while aiming directly at Megan’s mouth. A final little spurt dribbled out, dripping directly onto her tongue, as she moaned and licked her lips.

They lay there, chests heaving, sperm glistening on their bodies. Bending my knees I lowered my shrinking dick into Megan’s mouth, and she slurped it in, sucking hard. She actually had my entire cock in her mouth, before I pulled it out, her lips making a pop when it sprang free. I did the same for Mandy, and she gave it a little suck, squeezing out the last drop.

The girls sat up, smiling and kneeling beside each other. The cum on their faces was dripping on their chins onto their big boobs, leaving little white droplets all over their chests. They looked very hot.

“Why don’t you sit up against the headboard there and try and recover while we clean each other up,” Megan said. “Mandy going to need a hard cock stuffed in her while I eat her out, so rest up!”

The girls laughed and began licking and slurping cum off each other. Using their tongues they lapped up the droplets that were clinging to their tits, and sucked the big globs still stuck to their faces: they licked it out of eyes, hair, ears, noses and cheeks. Watching was a turn on. They attacked each other hungrily, and were soon going down on each other.

They began to 69, each one lapping pussy, their big tits shaking and their bodies meshed. This was enough to get me hard again, and I wanted in on the action. Mandy was on top, and I positioned myself behind her, holding my dick, poised to fuck her. Stroking my dick with one hand, I spread her pussy with the other, then push in and entered her pussy. I began thrusting immediately, her moans telling me she loved it. I was ramming hard, her ass slapping my hips and thighs, and I could feels my balls swinging into Megan’s head. It was hard, but I kept fucking her as she climaxed.

Finally collapsing in a shaky heap, she rolled off and lay on her side, while Megan took my erect dick in her mouth again. I fell forward and replaced Mandy in a 69 with Megan. Attacking her pussy with my tongue and fingers, I started thrusting my hips and fucking her mouth hard. She was taking the whole thing in, her nose smashing my balls as I rammed my entire dick down her throat. At one point I stopped thrusting, leaving my entire cock buried in her mouth – I could feel her throat contracting around my shaft when she swallowed. I was going to cum, and clinched my ass shoving my dick in as far as it would go. Suddenly I felt Mandy pulling my ass cheeks apart, pushing her face into my ass. I felt her tongue lapping my ass, poking in and licking wildly. I started convulsing in orgasm, pumping jizz deep into Megan, the hot goo ejecting directly into the very back of her mouth. As I came, I sucked hard on her pussy lips, as hard as I could while she coughed and gagged. She was squealing and the sound reverberated through my dick that was stuffed in her face. I went limp, laying on her, my face resting on her wet sloppy pussy, my dick relaxing but still in her mouth. I loved her hot breath blasting on my balls, as they draped across her nose. I didn’t want to pull out it felt so good, and I was still having little post orgasm spasms.

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