3 Şubat 2021

A Passionate Interlude


He has gone. You sent him on an errand to town, and he had several other things to take care of, plus he will no doubt stop at the tavern for a beer or two. He won’t be back for a couple of hours. You sent him on his errand because I had called you, and told you I was coming over, and you want, even now, to feel me. You need to hold me close, and touch me, and I am a thirsty man in the desert.

The rain drips through the trees, the world is wet and expectant.

You are sitting at your nightstand, brushing your hair, which has been mussed up from your lovemaking, his and yours. You can still feel his kisses on your breasts…his taste in your mouth, his cum in your pussy, but you sit there, and think of my kisses and my touch and how much you have missed me.

You do not hear me enter. I let myself in, quietly, with the key you had given me on the day we met. As I enter your room, I see you seated at your nightstand, clad only in your white robe, the front open. Your eyes are closed as you brush your hair, stroke after stroke. I watch for a moment, mesmerized. Suddenly, you feel my hand on yours, and then I am brushing your hair. You know that I have come for you, and you sigh, and lean back against me, and feel my warmth. Then I lean forward and kiss your neck. I breathe your name into your ear, and kiss you again, your neck, the space under your gorgeous hair, and then your chin…your mouth. Your kisses are like fire on my lips, you are so hungry for me, and I for you. I suck your tongue, and casino siteleri taste your sweetness, and the odd salty taste he left, but I don’t care. I fall into your mouth, the hairbrush drops to the floor and you hold me… and I hold you, and we kiss a kiss of longing, and passion, and desire, and wanting.

As we kiss, your robe falls open, and reveals your hard nipples as they press against me. I kneel, and bend down to kiss your right breast, savoring the sweetness, running my tongue over your nipple. I suckle, and you sigh, and moan, and push your breast into my mouth. I suckle, and bite, and pull your nipple with my teeth, hungry for your taste. I feel you melt against me. As I kiss you, my hand trails down your breasts and stomach, through your curly hair, and I stop to slip gently over your clit, still slippery with your love-making. My fingers move softly around your swollen flesh, circling gently, as you gasp, and kiss me harder. Softly, I part your lips, and slip two fingers inside your sweet wetness. I kiss and suckle you again. I see the bite mark on your left breast, as I slide my fingers inside.

As my fingers penetrate you, I can feel your wetness. I’ve felt it so many times before, but there is something else, something wet and sticky and foreign. I slip my fingers deeper, and you sweet lover, moan. I lean over and kiss your left breast, circling my tongue over your nipple, and bite, ever so gently, pulling on the nipple, and you arch your back, and moan, softly. I bite again, canlı casino harder, pulling on your breast with my hunger, and you moan again, more fervently. I stand up, and take your hand, and walk over to the bed, and lay you down on the mussed and stained, sheets,. I stand in front of you, gazing down at your smiling face, your swollen breasts, as I remove my shirt, and shorts. I see your fingers circling, tentatively, your pussy, as you watch my cock, hard, and slick with drops of pre-cum, expose itself. I lean forward and kiss your mouth hungrily, again. I cannot get enough of your kisses, and tongue, and passion. Like a starving man after a desert journey, I must have my fill. I plunge my fingers back into your pussy, and get them wet, and full, and pull them out, as you whimper, and offer them to you…wet and slick, and sticky. Your suck my fingers, as I kiss your forehead, telling you how beautiful and sexy you are. I want you more than ever, and need you more than ever, and even your sucking his cum off of my fingers seems sexy, and special, and loving, and I the most fortunate of men to have your kisses and love and body right now.

I kiss your neck, and your right breast, and then your left, running my tongue over the mark he left above your nipple, and I bite the, too, making his mark, mine. You moan and sigh for me. Then I kiss your cleavage, and your belly, lower and lower, kissing down, trailing toward your sweet pussy, with my kisses. I am burning to taste again your sweetness, my kaçak casino lover, my dear woman. I kiss down, across your wetly matted hair, and your open your legs, and expose your pussy for me, and I lick, tentatively at first, and then with more passion, as I hear your moan, and gasp and sigh. My tongue runs over your clit, and swirls around and then dives into the depths of your pussy, sucking your sweet juices mixed with that unfamiliar tang. I am swirling my tongue, wanting more than anything. to give you pleasure.

As I suck, and lick, you gasp, and moan, and call my name, pushing your pussy into my face as I devour everything…. just tasting your juices, sucking and taking your gift into my mouth, as I swirl, and touch… and you moan, and gasp, and shake and whisper to me, as I love you with my mouth, lost in my desire to please you.

Then I raise my head, and smile at you, and you smile at me, and I reach up, and kiss your mouth, and kneel between your spread legs, my cock hovering over your hot flesh. I feel your warm hand reach my cock, and slowly, gently, guide me inside your sweet, warm, wetness. You are so wet, and slick, and slippery, with your juices, and what he left. I am over whelmed with how good you feel. I am falling into your pussy as you kiss me, and hold me, and touch me and love me. Nothing else is real but your kisses and touch and the feeling of falling into you. You push up against me, driving me deep into you, taking me, desiring me, wanting me… and we kiss, and hold each other, and we cum, gasping, and crying and holding each other..

And later, as we lie there, talking and touching, and kissing…..I marvel again on how fortunate I am. For even sharing you in this way, is better than losing you forever.

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