10 Nisan 2021

A Question for My Wife


My wife had what I like to call a sexually adventurous past. Early in our relationship, we dabbled in swapping but once the kids came along we stopped. As the kids got older, our lives got busy and things changed. Unfortunately, so did our sex life, it became boring. When we became empty nesters, I was hoping that our sex life would spark again but it seemed that my wife lost her desire for sex. We still had sex but it was once a week and pretty much missionary. Even sharing stories from her past was no longer an option. Needless to say, I was disappointed and frustrated. After several years of mediocre sex we had a pretty big argument. The argument was not really about sex but the topic did come up. I complained that our sex life had gone from exciting to boring.

That sex happened only once every couple of weeks and was just me getting on top of her. She countered it was a lot more than that and reminded me that she gave me head just the week before. It went back and forth and she asked what did I want? She was clear that neither of us were going to have sex with others, porn was boring and she didn’t feel like playing on cam, which kind of limited my options. I suggested that she talk to me about her past. My wife said that we have been down that road, and I knew everything from her past. At the end of the argument, I told her I would settle for a hand job and her answering questions. The subject was dropped for several weeks.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon my wife looked at me and asked “Would you like to go upstairs and fool around?”

As much as I was frustrated with our sex life, I wasn’t going to say no, even if it was me just jumping on top, so I said “Of course.”

We headed upstairs and went into the bedroom. My wife disappeared into the walk-in closet and shut the door. I kicked off my shoes and stretched out on the bed. A few minutes later she came out wearing very sheer black panties and a matching bra. My wife seldom dressed up like this any more so I get excited.

She said “You’re still dressed, are you sure you want to fool around?”

I jumped up and was naked in seconds.

She walked over to the bed and kissed me passionately and stroked my cock. She then had me lay back on the bed and kissed me some more. She reached into the night stand and took out the KY and moved to the foot of the bed and she spread my legs and slid up between them. She started to tease my cock while kneeling between my legs; she squirted some KY into her hands and started stroking my cock. I leaned back and enjoyed the hand job.

My wife looked me in the eyes and asked “What did you want to ask me?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. escort ataşehir Normally I would ask about the time she went home with two guys and spent the night with them, or the time she spent the day in a hotel with a much older man or when she came home from girls night out with a friends hubby but not today. Instead I asked “Did Jim ever fuck you in your ass?”

We had swapped with Jim and his wife, Jodi, 20 years before. For about two years, the four of us would get together once a month and play. At the end of our playing days, Jodi mentioned that she and Jim were watching anal porn and he was fucking her ass. Something I suggested we try but she pointed out, I was a bit big. Earlier Jim suggested that we DP my wife. I told him she would do anal but she had tried a DP once and didn’t care for it. For some reason I had never thought about Jim fucking my wife’s ass. I knew at the time he was thinking about it, that he and his wife were doing it and that my wife wasn’t opposed to it. I have no idea why I never considered that they had.

This apparently caught my wife by surprise. She kept stroking my cock with both her hands and looked at me and said “Yes”.

“When?” I asked.

To which she replied “Which time?” I could feel my cock twitching when she said that.

“There was more than one time?” I asked.

She answered “Yes.”

I told her to tell me about the first time.

She looked at me and continued to play with my cock. “Do you remember when the four of us went out for my birthday and we went back to their place to play?”

“Yes” I said.

“That night was the first time he had my ass.” My wife replied. “After we had played for a while, Jodi crashed in their bedroom and the three of us played for a bit more. Then we all decided to call it a night.”

I remembered exactly what she was talking about.

“Jim suggested that I sleep with him that night. This was the first time we weren’t in the same room together. After we went to the guest room, we started making out some. He positioned me on all fours and started to fuck me doggy style. You know how much I used to like that. Jim grabbed me by the hips and started to fuck me hard. After a few minutes, his hands were on my ass and he was spreading my cheeks apart with his thumbs. It felt good so I went with it; I had a little buzz on. A minute or two later, he had one of this thumbs on my asshole, pushing a bit. It felt good, so I didn’t stop him. When I didn’t say anything, he pushed part of the thumb in. He kept pushing until his thumb was a decent way in. He continued to fuck me while his thumb was in my ass and then asked if he could kadıköy escort bayan fuck my ass. I told him Ok.”

I was not the first guy to have used my wife’s ass, probably not one of the first ten but it was something she only did once in a while. As she told me “There is a fine line between pleasure and pain.” So I was not shocked that she let him, just more surprised that I never knew.

She continued “Jim stopped fucking me and jumped off the bed and grabbed some KY from their night stand drawer. He then got behind and started lubing my ass. He took his time and made sure there was plenty of lube. When he was done with that I could feel the head of his dick at my asshole. He pushed in nice and slow. You know how I complained that he was small, well when it comes to anal sex that is not necessarily a bad thing. He got his entire dick in me and fucked my ass real slow at first. He had the perfect sized dick for fucking my ass.”

I listened as my wife continued to tell me about that night. “He fucked me for quite a bit. I think he lasted longer than usual because I had sucked his cock and fucked him several times earlier. Then I felt myself cumming. I don’t think I ever came from anal before.” My wife seldom came from penetration, I almost always had to play with her clit or go down on her for her to have an orgasm.

My wife told me “I had one of the most powerful orgasms, it was probably the combination of my buzz, being horny all night and his dick was the perfect size for my ass. I came and had several mini orgasms right after.”

I must have had a huge smile, because my wife said “You liked that, didn’t you.”

I replied, “Definitely, most definitely. When did he fuck you in the ass again?”

“The next morning, I woke up horny and a little hung over. It was early and everyone was still sleeping. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I grabbed a washcloth and soaked it in warm water and went back to Jim. He was asleep and I used the washcloth on his dick. I wanted him clean. He opened his eyes and looked at me, I could tell he was wondering what was going on. After I had him pretty clean, I tossed the washcloth and started sucking his dick. You know, I can deep throat his dick. Anyway, I sucked him hard and asked if he wanted to fuck my ass again. He didn’t waste a second; he said sure and grabbed the lube. He had me lie on my stomach and he spread my legs some. He applied the lube and fingered my butt for a bit. Then he got on top of me. I was still lying on my stomach. I could feel his dick spread my cheeks apart. Then his cock slid into my ass. It felt so good. He fucked me for a little bit and then escort bostancı unloaded in my ass. I was close to an orgasm. I spread my legs and told him to make me cum. He used one hand on my pussy and put a finger, maybe two in my ass. I came pretty fast.”

My cock was hard and my wife continued to stroke it. “I can’t believe how much you enjoy hearing about what I have done.”

“I love it; it makes me so horny picturing you doing whatever. Did he ever fuck your ass again?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, I wasn’t overly fond of his dick for regular sex but I enjoyed it for anal. It was the perfect size.” she told me.

I had to ask “How many more times did he?”

She thought for a minute and said “I really don’t know, a few more times anyway.”

“Tell me about them.” I told her.

“Well, the time we went camping. You were out making a beer run and Jodi was taking a shower. Jim came into our tent while I was trying to nap. Again, I was on my stomach. He asked for a blowjob but I wasn’t really in the mood. I was tired from a day on the river. He reached under my shorts and started playing with my ass cheeks. I just laid there, too tired to do much. He took his hand out and stuck a finger in his mouth and then back under my shorts. He went right to my butt and slid the finger in. It felt good and he worked it for a minute. Then he slid my shorts down and got on top. I let him stick his dick into my ass. He fucked my ass for just a minute and came. It felt good but I didn’t get off. He pulled my shorts back up and left.” she frowned a little as she said this.

“Another time, the four of us were playing at our house. You were on the couch and Jodi was giving you a blowjob. Jim was fucking me doggy style and we were facing you. In the middle of him fucking me, Jim pulled out. He must have aimed for my ass because the next thing I know, his dick is in my ass. He fucked my ass as you were watching us. It felt so naughty, you watching us and me looking right at you and you didn’t know. I came fast that time!” This time she was looking at me and smiling.

I asked her if that was it?

“Pretty much.” she said.

“What do you mean by pretty much” I asked.

“Did Jim ever fuck your ass besides those times?”

My wife looked at me for a minute and said “Maybe once or twice. I really can’t remember so much of it blends together.” She picked up the pace and started to stroke with some intensity. “Are you picturing me on all fours with Jim kneeling behind me? His dick covered in lube, putting the head of his dick on my asshole, pushing it in my ass. Me pushing my ass back into him. Do you like knowing he had the perfect dick for fucking your wife’s ass? That some nights when you are traveling, I lie in bed, one hand on my clit and a finger in my ass thinking about Jim’s dick in my ass?”

That did it; I erupted all over her hand. She looked at me and asked “Any more questions?”

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