8 Ocak 2021

A Trip to the Spa


I rolled my head around and stretched my back, wincing I put my hand to my neck. “God this sucks.” I had been dealing with more stress than usual lately. My stress always seems to stay in my neck and lower back, tightening the muscles and giving me headaches. Changes at work, the fact that I may be laid off, going through a Master’s program, and then general life issues had me bound up. I needed to relax. I needed some time where I thought about absolutely nothing.

I picked up the phone and waited impatiently for the other end to pick up, “Good Afternoon, Shine Spa, how may I help you.”

“I’d like to set up an appointment.”

“I can assist you with that.”

The woman’s voice on the other end made my head pound more. It was one of those high, frilly voices, and being a person who was prone to anger and violence, all I wanted to do right then was punch her in the face. I rubbed my neck some more and talked to the annoying-voiced woman on the other end until I had my appointment scheduled for that weekend. I sat back and sighed, “I really hope this works.” I set the time period so that I would have four hours there, getting pampered and rubbed on to try and release my stress and tension.

I thought about the spa all week long and when Sunday finally rolled around, I was almost overjoyed. When I walked into the spa, the same woman who I spoke with on the phone was behind the counter. Her voice went to the center of my head; but I donned a fake smile and a pleasant voice. I filled out the forms and away I went for my relaxation.

The receptionist walked through all the mandatory things, all clothes and jewelry off, robes and towels here, and where to go when I was done changing. I thanked her, and got ready. I was greeted by my massage therapist. Her voice was calm and less annoying. I shook her hand and went into the room. She left and I disrobed, laying on the table. The room smelled good; it was softly lit with candles and recess lighting; some relaxing music played from somewhere. I laid my forehead in the pillow. My feet couldn’t reach the other pillow but she fixed that when she came back in.

“What kind of pressure would you like, soft, medium or hard.”

“Medium is fine.”

“Okay then lets get started.”

The first moments of contact where wonderful. I closed my eyes and let my body relax into the table. I slowed my breathing down and focused only on her hands. I soon found myself dozing off. I tried to fight it but then decided that when she needed me to turn around she’d wake me up.

When she did wake me up, it felt like I had been asleep forever. I was confused, “how long did I sleep?”

“Not long Hon, but you went down hard.”

I smiled, “I’m sorry. I meant to just doze for a while, not actually sleep. I didn’t snore or anything did I?”

She laughed, “No you looked quite peaceful.”

She moved up to my head and massaged my face, moved her fingers through my hair and massaged the top of my head, down to my neck. I let out a small thankful moan, “well, it was hard not falling asleep. You’re very good at what you do.” “Thank you Hon. I know how to relieve stress, and you looked like a girl who needed that badly.”

I laughed, “I do, I do.”

I quit talking again and closed my eyes. I smiled as her hands went down to my shoulders and moved along the top of my arms. As her hands moved down my arms, I took noticed that her thumbs grazed the sides of my breasts. I didn’t think much of it, I have big tits they are hard to get around sometimes. When she came back up and lingered on my bicep where her fingers could touch the side of my boobs, I took even more notice. I didn’t say anything, if she wanted to stay there I wasn’t going to stop her.

I opened my eyes and looked at her as she spoke, “I must admit that you have a nice body. You take care of yourself well. How do you do it? ”

It took my a minute to answer and I heard her stuttered, “sorry it’s just that most people who come in here and well you know esthetically pleasing.”

I laughed, “no you’re bahis firmaları fine. I really don’t do much. I’m a busy person. I eat pretty irregularly and probably never enough. I do go jogging with my dog every morning; it’s a little bit of a stress reliever just to be out with him, but other than that I do nothing. I don’t go to the gym or anything; I don’t have time.”

I noticed her hands moving down. They went to my stomach and I thought, “I’ve never had a masseuse touch me there.”

“What do you do that leaves no time for you?”

I laughed again, “everything. I work full time, I’m a full time graduate student, and I have a family, a husband and two daughters.”

“How old are your girls?”

“They are ten and eight.”

Her hands stopped for a second and she looked me in the eyes, “how old are you?”

I looked at her with my right eyebrow cocked at the surprise in her voice, “I’m 30, Love.”

Her hands had moved down and her fingers massaged my lower belly. I looked down at her hands and back up to her.

“Oh my God, really? I thought you were 22 tops. You look very young.”

“I’m not that old.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

I laughed, “I know.”

“I mean really, you have to spend hours on yourself.”

“No I don’t. I don’t do skin treatments or anything. I wash my face in the shower, put on some make-up and that’s it. I’m not even wearing make-up today.”

“Wow.” I shrugged, “guess I’m blessed.”

Her hands went down further and she massaged my upper thighs. Her body was now leaning over me and I could see down her shirt.

“I know you’re stressed, I feel it in your body, but you still must handle it well. What else besides walking the dog do you do? Your face wasn’t drawn or anything. Most people who come in here look like absolutely hell. You are very pretty. I love your hair.”

She brought one hand up and ran it through my copper hair. Her hand went to my thigh and she moved them both further up. Her fingers were now grazing the sides of my pussy.

I laughed and shook my head, “no I don’t handle it well. I’m a very angry person, and well let’s just say I drink a lot to cope.”

“Do you think you have a problem?”

Her thumbs moved to massage my pussy lips and I moved my hips forward.

“With what? Drinking? Naw, I only drink on the weekends. Which isn’t that great, the binge drinking, but I figure I’ll stop once I wake up on a Monday morning and think, boy I really need a drink.”

She laughed and moved her hands up my belly. The rested for a moment on my full breasts before she started kneading them. I looked up at her, letting my eyes look down her shirt for a minute.

“I’ve never had a massage quite like this one.”

She blushed but didn’t move her hands. She pinched slightly at my erect nipples.

“I can’t help it. You’re very pretty and seem so inviting. I like your breasts. They are so big and soft.”

I smiled at her. She didn’t seem like the kind of girl that got too much play, but she knew what she wanted and I could respect that. I looked down her shirt again, “you have nice breasts too.”

“No really? They are small, not like yours.”

I laughed, “well we can’t all be the same. Your tits are nice. Small tits are good in a lot of ways.”

“How so?”

I looked at her with my eyebrow cocked and realized that she was being completely serious.

“How old are you, Love?”

“I’m about to be 23.”

I nodded my head and looked down to watch her play with my breasts.

“Are you going to answer my question?”

“What was that?”

“You said small tits are good, how? You only answered by asking me how old I was. I don’t get that either.” “Well, I asked because I wanted to know. You haven’t had a lot of experience in the realm of sex have you? Small tits are good because you can stick the whole thing in your mouth and really suck them good.”

She blushed again, “no I’m not too experienced. I’m still not sure if I like girls or guys. I’ve seen lots of women come kaçak iddaa in and there are definitely parts of them that I like and I’ve been with a few guys and there are definitely things I like about them.”

Her hands moved back down, and she began to massage the outer part of my pussy.

“You’ve never been with a girl?”


“You ever give another woman the same kind of massage you’re giving me?”



“Women who come in here are always stuck up bitches. They command me to do things. They tell me where to touch and how to do it and if I’m not doing it correctly. When I saw you, I just knew you were different.”

I smiled, “Yea I’m a lot different from most women. I’m not a bitch.”

She laughed and let her thumb move along my slit.

“So, let me get this straight. You’ve not had a lot of sexual experience, you want to be with a girl but you haven’t found one yet? Have you ever had an orgasm?”

She looked down and away like she was ashamed.

“I’ve given myself orgasms.”

“The guys you were with?”

“I guess they weren’t very good. I don’t know. That’s what made me think that I’d like women better, if I ever found one.”

She opened my lips with her thumb and began to massage my clit. I let out a surprised moan.

“Wow, you’re really good at that.”

She giggled, “it’s kinda my job, the whole massaging thing.”

I laughed and nodded, “yeah guess I didn’t think of that. Good God girl, keep that up.”

She moved her thumb in a circular fashion. She moved it slowly, which is always nice, and with some pressure. Her fingers came down and she pinched my clit between them, slowly, softly stroking it. I let out another moan as she bent forward and licked the nipple of my right breast. I moved my hand to her long, brown hair and gently pulled her back.

“I want you to lay on the table.”

“But I wanted to make you come.”

I smiled, “Don’t worry, there’s time for that.”

I brought her head down and kissed her deeply. She moaned into my mouth and nodded. I got up, “take your clothes off.”

“Will you lock that door?”

“Does it matter?”

She looked frightened. I sighed and went to it. “There no one can come in now. Take off your clothes.”

She quickly got undressed and laid down. I came up and laid on top of her, kissing her lips. I brought my lips down her neck and to her small breasts. I flicked my tongue across the nipples and smiled as she moaned again. I looked up and bit one. She yipped and drew back. I smiled again, “sorry.” She nodded and I continued sucking, licking, and kissing her breasts as I moved a hand down to her pussy. I slowly rubbed it, liking the way her hips moved.

“You’re real good at that too.”

I laughed, “lots of experience.”

I kissed down her belly and stopped at the top of her pussy, looking up at her, “you ready?”

She nodded eagerly.

“Tell me.”

“I’m ready.”

“For what?”

“For you to lick me.”

I liked her shyness but wanted her to say what she wanted.

“Me to lick what? This?”

I licked her belly.



I licked her inner thigh which caused her to moan.


“Then what?”

“My pussy. I want you to lick my pussy.”

“That’a girl” I bent my head down and slowly licked from her opening to the top of her pussy. She moaned again and her hands went down into my hair. She couldn’t get away from massaging, but it felt nice so I didn’t stop her. I moved my tongue back down and teased the opening of her pussy tasting her wetness. I moaned and moved up, flicking my tongue across her already hard clit. She bucked and moaned loudly. I talked into her pussy.

“You wanted me to lock the door. Do you think that people can’t hear the moans? If you want privacy keep your mouth shut.”

She shut up and I smiled, “good girl.”

I continued to lick her pussy while I inserted a finger into her. I moved it slowly and shallowly hitting her g-spot. kaçak bahis She moaned again and her hips bucked, “Oh God!”

“Hmmm.mmmm..that’s a good girl. You like that?”

She nodded, “yes, oh god yes.”

“Makes that pussy feel real good doesn’t it?”



I kept moaning into her clit as I sucked it into her mouth and licked it. I chewed on it gently until I heard her breathing come faster. I sucked it harder, flicking my tongue more rapidly and humming louder. I could feel her pussy tighten against my finger and I looked up at her to see her eyes go wide and her mouth slack open. Her back arched and she whispered, “oh, oh, oh, yes. Oh my fucking God. This is fucking great. I think I’m going to cum.”

I nodded and continued as she let out another loud, long moan. Her hips bucked wildly under me as she had her first experience with an orgasm that she didn’t cause. I pulled back and kissed her pussy. She jolted and tried to scoot away, “give me a second please.”

I looked at her and attacked her clit again. I threw my hands down on her hips to keep her from moving so much. She screamed and moaned and I felt her pussy shoot juices all over my chin. I pulled back and smiled, “that’s what I wanted.”

I moved on top of her and kissed her. She moved her lips down to my chin and licked her own juices off. I smiled, “impressive for a first timer.”

“I like the way my pussy tastes. I always lick my fingers when I’m done with myself.”

I laughed, “I like the way your pussy tastes too.”

“Can I taste yours now?”

“I don’t know. It might take a lot of work with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.”

“I’ll learn quickly. I promise, just tell me what to do.”

I smiled at that, “I guess we can give it a try.”

I laid down on the bed and she came up, kissing my legs and thighs until she reached my pussy. She gave it small, soft kisses.

“You got to do better than that.”


“Lick it.”

She took her tongue out and licked the slit.

“On the clit, silly.”

I pulled my pussy open and she flicked her tongue across the hard nub.

“That’s better. But start with long, flat stroke of the tongue. Yeah like that. Good girl. Now flick it a little. You got it. Now suck it. You know how to suck right?”

She nodded and sucked my clit into her mouth.

“Yes, there you go, now suck and flick your tongue. Oh fuck yes, good girl. And fuck me with your finger.” I moaned, “you do learn quickly, but you gotta vary it. Suck and flick, pull back, just flick, then suck again, and you can always nibble on it. Oh yeah like that but bite it a little harder. Now keep that up.”

I watched her work my pussy as I played with my tits.

“Yeah you’re doing a good job. But you can also bring a finger up to the clit and both rub it and lick it. That’s always real nice.”

She did as I told her and I let her work at it for a while. She was okay but not good enough to make me come. She kept looking up at me and I’d smile down at her, “good work, keep it up.”

“Are you ever gonna come?”

I laughed, “You have to learn stamina on top of everything else. I’ll eventually come but you have to practice more.”

She bent her head back down and I watched her for a while longer. I finally decided that I should give her a break and my time was about up anyway. I pulled her up and laid her on top of me.

“Just rub it, like you were doing before.”

She began to massage my clit again while kissing my tits and neck.

“Fuck yes, just like that. You’re gonna make me come.”

She rubbed a little harder and I moaned as I began to orgasm. She smiled and looked proud of herself. I moved her hand away when I was finished and brought my hands into her hair.

“Did you like that?”

“Yes God, Yes.”

“Would you do it again?” “Could I do it with you?”

I laughed, “maybe.”

“Then yes.”

“My time is up. I have to go.”

She looked sad but got up and we both redressed. I got back to the counter and handed the receptionist my credit card.

“Was everything good?”

I laughed, “yes it was real nice.”

I walked out feeling a lot better and much less stressed.

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