11 Nisan 2021

A Week in the Life of a Cumeater Ch. 01


To start off with I only like to eat my own cum. While I call this a week in the life it didn’t happen in one whole week. It actually did happen though and is all true but it may have happened over a span of a month or two.

Here is a little back ground. My wife and I have been happily married for over 20 years and she is the one that started me on the path of eating cum. The very first time I ate my spunk was from her pussy after I had just finished shooting my cum in her. She told me she was close to cumming and that she wanted me to lick her pussy till she had a chance to cum. I thought nothing of it as she climbed on top of me and lowered her sopping wet pussy onto my face. It was just a short time and my cum was mixing with hers as I swallowed the mixture. That night a cum eater was born. For us cum eating or I should say my cum eating has become second nature and is a frequent practice that can happen at any time and place. We both just think of it as no big deal and expect and accept that it will happen as a common part of our day.

We are pretty kinky and most days we are both in various stages of undress, with me being usually naked around the house. Our sex life has developed over the years and we have tried and enjoyed most any kind that we can enjoy by our selves including anal. She will enjoy my cock up her ass from time to time but I enjoy my ass played with much more. In fact I tuzla escort love to have my ass stretched to the max with ever larger than large toys, but that is a story for another time. This one is about cum and suffice it to say I eat my sperm each and every time I cum. The story is an example of seven days and seven ways I have eaten my sperm.

Monday it’s after dinner and we are sitting down for a night of television. My wife is on the love seat a few feet away from me as I sit on the sofa. I’m naked and she is wearing a tee shirt and panties. This is for the most part how we hang around the house at night. I get up and head to the bed room and grab one of my butt plugs I lube it up and place it up my ass. As I get back to my couch she asked if I put the plug up my ass again and I told her of course you know I like it. We settle in to watch The Big Band Theory as my cock is growing and leaking pre cum. Every time I move or change positions the plug just gets me harder and leaking more and more. Besides that Kaeley Cucio just does something for me. It’s not long and my dick is fully hard and I have a nice stroke going.

As I leak pre cum I scoop up what I can with my finger and clean it off by sticking it in my mouth and sucking it clean. Shortly after the second commercial I can’t hold off and shoot spurt after spurt of cum on my chest and belly. My fingers are dripping as I slowly subside and can tuzla escort bayan cum no more. My wife very nonchalantly didn’t say a thing in fact she just sat there only giving me a few glances through the whole process. I laid there calming down and then proceeded to clean my self up with my finger, scooping up glob after glob and licking them clean. After there were no traces of cum left I looked at my now soft dick and there was one last large drop of cum leaking out, I grabbed that with my finger and swallowed that also. We both just hung out there the rest off the night watching TV till we went to bed for the night.

Tuesday I’m at the office about mid morning on a very slow day. I’m board so I begin watching some porn on my computer. I get pretty excited, reach into my pants and I’m starting to get some pre cum oozing out of my cock. I think I have two choices I either have to stop this or take care of it. Well take care of it won out. I got up and walked out to the coffee pot and filled my cup with black coffee. As I walked back to my office I told my assistant that I would be on a conference call for the next half an hour, that I didn’t want to be bothered. I went back into my office and locked the door behind me. I went back to my desk put my coffee down, took my pants off so I wouldn’t get a mess on them, sat back down and started up the porn again. It got me going again and pre cum was leaking escort tuzla out of me. I watched intently for about 10 minutes cleaning up the leakage every few moments when it would present itself.

I wanted a huge load so I edged myself over and over each time bringing myself right to that spot then stopping abruptly. Each time I was sure that orgasm size was building up in volume and would be huge. About twenty minutes in I could not hold off any longer, I stood up grabbed my coffee aimed my dick at the cup and released three huge spurts into the bottom of the cup. They hit the coffee with such force some of the coffee spilled out over the sides. I kept milking my dick till there was just a dribble coming out. I wiped that last few drops into the cup and made sure I didn’t have any stray bits of cum anywhere. What I found I wiped with my finger and shoved them into my mouth. I greedily sucked them clean as I looked at my coffee with some little spermies floating on the top of the coffee. I stirred them down and mixed it all up so it looked like a regular cup of java.

I got dressed and grabbed my coffee took a taste, it was great. I opened my door and walked out towards my assistant with cup in hand. She asked if I was done and that if everything came out okay. I said why yes it did. I then proceeded to walk around the office sipping my sperm coffee chatting with some people and just watching others hard at work. I finished my coffee and grabbed another, this time without any extra cream though. Then was back to my desk and back to work for the rest of the day.

The rest of the days are coming shortly.

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