16 Şubat 2021

A Woman in Every Port, Hawaii Ch. 01


When we left the dormitory, we were all spiffy and clean in our dress white overseas uniforms. We’d been steaming 16 days from Long Beach to Honolulu where we outfitted and took on freight for the overseas command. The Ship’s Captain was allowing 65% of the crew to have shore leave tonight, and the rest would get the day leave tomorrow.

The port was expecting us since there were going to be a constant stream of over four hundred ships passing through to resupply Viet Nam via sea lift. It was the mission of the ship to transport troops and supplies for amphibious assault of beaches.

So as we disembark everyone scatters to Pearl Harbor and the island of Oahu. Many caught a nickel snatcher from the base to points on a route for free transportation if in uniform to almost all of the island.

Six of us got off at the North Beach village and met our ex-pat dates in the, ‘Surf Broad Bar and Cafe’.

The women were all from Britain, and were on various church missions as part of their faith. They were all pretty, all eighteen years old, High School ‘AP’ graduates, and having a wild, free, and permissive year. The women they had replaced gave them a tour of the island for day and night enjoyment. The four of them all agreed casino siteleri to a ‘no tell’ relationship. The house they leased was four bedrooms and five baths. The house had a pool, hot tub, sauna, weight room, work out room and an S and M dungeon that was padlocked when they first moved in. Now, it was not locked, (They had it opened.)

Two of the guys wandered off with one woman, so there were four sailors, and the four missionaries. The first thing agreed was to get some beer and wine. When that was handled, the eight of them loaded into my convertible and we drove to their house.

The view was unobstructed to a long uninterrupted beach in each direction. The house was awash in the sand of the beach, as it was right down on the beach. The second floor of the house allowed for three bedrooms to overlook the beach. The third floor was divided between two larger bedrooms with the beach view. The waterfront faced to the north, so sunrises and sunsets both were visual treats nearly every night of the year. In the season, the surf was used for competition surfing.

The eight of them had split up into some sort of natural pairing, and by the time everything was sorted out, no one was a spare. When the last of them canlı casino left the large common lounge area, the silence from the rest of the house was complete.

The ambient noise source was the surf and sounds of the beach.

The sailors had to work fast, because they had to be back aboard at eight AM or be placed on report. The couples were all in a bedroom within fifteen minutes of arrival. The moaning, loud laughing, cussing, mumbling and such from behind their bedroom doors left no doubt about what was happening.

After midnight, they began to straggle out to the kitchen and lounge individually or as a couple.

The snacks had been arranged by the ex-pats, so everyone gathered for a snack, or so the sailors thought. After everyone was standing and sitting around, one of the women took a sailors cap and put four slips of paper in it. The four sailors pulled a piece of paper and saw a mark that was different from the other three. The four sailors were then left to wonder what the slips meant. The drinking, and looking, fondling, kissing and action was begun again by the women. After a half hour or so, the women told the men to go back to the original bedroom and gather their stuff. They were told to return to kaçak casino the lounge as quick as they could. When their stuff was in four separate piles, the women then went to their bedroom and placed a placard on the door as they closed the door behind them.

The men were then told to match their slip of paper to the door placard, and then take their personal stuff in there and do exactly what they were told by the person waiting in the room.

The first room was readily visible from the kitchen, so the sailor grabbed his stuff and without a look back entered the bedroom. The others matched and entered the bedroom that was indicated.

The unknown was that the sailors were all with different women than they had been with earlier. They were four different women completely. The new women were sorority pledges from UH that were required to turn a trick with a stranger. The sailors did everything the sorority team asked, because they were going to be invited to a party when the rushing of the sororities ended.

At six AM, the original four women had breakfast for all four sailors and the eight women. The pledges had to be naked, and the other four women were topless. Each sailor was allowed to fondle, kiss, or fuck all or none of the eight women before they all caught the nickel snatcher back to the ship.

Unknown to the sailors, the women, all eight of them, were going to greet them in the ports of call the ship was going to visit on the tour of duty.___

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