3 Şubat 2021

Adrienne’s Secret


Adrienne was a beautiful girl.

All the men wanted her, and all the women wanted to be her. She came to eye level on most men even without heels, and she liked to flick her long, dark hair carefully out of her lustful green eyes when she was feeling particularly naughty. She licked her full, pouty lips and ran a manicured hand over her hips, pulling her riding skirt down enough to cover the silky span of thigh that was exposed beneath the material. Adrienne was the epitome of beauty, and yet she wouldn’t let anyone close enough to her to even touch her. She preferred her lonely existence; she found things to be better that way. Adrienne always thought it was better to live her life without a man in it. No one to tie her down, or a person she’d have to make happy aside from herself.

Besides, it wasn’t like her life was completely without male influence. She had James. Her sexy, seductive, tattooed, pierced, secret lover. And all she had to do to reach him was to click her mouse. She absolutely loved her sessions with James. And she certainly loved looking at him; having him watch her, watch her torture her own body with her hands as she watched him do the same to himself.

James was a beautiful man in his own way, that’s what Adrienne loved about him.

His eyes caught Adrienne’s attention the most. They were so intense and captivating. It was quite easy to get lost in those icy pools of blue. Sometimes, it seemed his eyes were saying more than his lips ever could..

Adrienne sat down at her computer, hearing the familiar: “Welcome. You’ve Got Mail.” Her thighs almost quivered in anticipation of seeing James this evening. Once she logged in and turned on her web cam, there he was; naked and waiting canlı bahis for her; his gorgeous eyes once again piercing her soul.

James smiled when he saw her. “Hello love, how are you this evening?”

Adrienne replied: “Wet and waiting for you.”

James gave her a devious smile with a playful look in his eyes. Licking his middle finger and making it moist, he played with his nipple ring. Knowing Adrienne enjoyed watching him do that, he traced his finger down his chest to his stomach, stopping short of his erection.

He asked her: “What do you want me to do for you tonight.”

God, she didn’t know where to start. Every time they had there sessions it was almost like he was actually there, touching her, kissing her, feeling his tongue in between her thighs.

“I want you to play with me James, ” she replied.

James looked directly at his camera and smiled softly at her. Running his wet tongue over his lips as he began to tell her exactly how he would play with her body, make her his sex slave even. Adrienne liked it when he talked to her that way, made her his bitch for lack of a better term. Made her do things to herself that she would never tell anyone about and keep it a secret between them. She had a dominating personality by nature, so it was a turn-on to be dominated for once.

He told her to let him watch her play with her nipples. Adrienne did so obediently, rubbing her fingers over them until they hardened. She pinched the buds as she awaited his next command, feeling her snatch grow moist in expectation. She traced her fingers down her body, over the heaving mounds of her breasts to her stomach, stopping before she reached that warm area between her legs, knowing better than to bahis siteleri be impatient.

“Go ahead, slide your fingers in between those lips. I want to see you harden that little bud of yours.”

Adrienne smiled. Taking her long finger and sliding it slowly in between her pussy lips, she tenderly played with the little button that sometimes sent her into blinding orgasm, rubbing it softly and slowly as low moans escaped her lips. She watched him watching her, showing him the ecstasy that was overtaking her body.

James felt himself stiffening even more from the sight of Adrienne tormenting her body for him. He reached down to stroke his cock intermittently as he typed to her, getting even more excited from her doing exactly what he said.

“Slide your finger inside of you. Get it nice and wet for me, then lick it from your finger.”

Adrienne did as she was told, slipping her middle finger into her moist nether regions and began to unhurriedly move it in and out of her body. Groaning inaudibly while watching James stroke his cock, she slid her finger in between her wet, red lips and sucked the juice from her finger, almost enjoying the taste of it.

James stroked his swollen arousal faster, feeling it tighten and twitch in his large hand, almost smelling the sweet aroma of Adrienne’s beautifully shaven twat right in front of him.

Adrienne smiled devilishly at James and reached for her vibrator. She knew that she shouldn’t do it, but at this point she was so soaking wet and dying for release that she didn’t care. Placing the small buzzing bullet on her hardened nub, her thighs quivered even more, her nipples ripened and hardened once again. Adrienne’s orgasm mounted and she moved the instrument bahis şirketleri over and over on herself.

James caught her and said, “Be patient love, you’ll get your release soon enough.” He adjusted his camera so Adrienne could fully see his throbbing hard-on, his hand stroking it firmly and slowly.

Adrienne watched James stroke his cock. His hand moving slowly up the shaft, over the tender tip, and back down again. She traced the tip of her tongue over her lips, imagining she was licking her way down over the sexy stomach muscles that were clenching and relaxing while he stroked himself.

Their desire for each other intensified rapidly.

Adrienne begged James for her release, making him promise her that he would come with her.

James nodded to her ; his eyes became heavy as he got lost in his excitement. He clenched his teeth and threw his head back as he felt his own orgasm grow. He gripped his cock tightly and stroked it harder while he watched Adrienne.

Adrienne rubbed her vibrator faster on her clit. Whimpers and moans filled her apartment as the intensity built. While her right hand worked her pussy, she reached up to her nipples with her other hand pinching and squeezing them hard.

They both came together.

James thrust his cock forcefully into his hand, draining it from the last drop, his release soaking his hands and thighs as he came. He looked deep into Adrienne’s eyes as he struggled for breath, watching her come for him. He could almost hear her delighted gasps.

Adrienne threw her head back as she came; her thighs shuddering and her heart pounding as she let go, nearly screaming James’ name.

Adrienne smiled widely at James as her breathing slowed. “Thanks again doll, you’ve made my day much better.”

James smiled cheekily back at her in his own appreciation. They exchanged pleasantries and good nights.

Adrienne went to bed with a light step and a beaming smile.

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