15 Kasım 2021



AlexI had not seen or spoken to Alex for weeks and on impulse I sent him a text to say I was not far away of he fancied a coffee and a catch up. As i drove towards his house i glanced at my phone every few seconds to see if he would reply..I really wanted to see him I was feeling incredibly horny and could already feel my pussy getting wet at the thought of him. “Sure” the text came back…ten minutes later I pulled up on his drive, he was standing at his door waiting for me..”hey baby” he put his arms round me and kissed me hard on the lips before taking my hand, pulling me into the house.I sat on the sofa as he put on some music, we chatted for a while me with my head on his chest, occasionally moving my head up to kiss him softly..the kisses slowly became more passionate, I moved up to sit astride him as he pulled at my top, i took it off over my head and unclasped my bra, leaning forward for him to kiss and lick my nipples, sucking on them, making them rock hard within seconds, i could feel his cock pressing against me and began to slowly grind anadolu yakası escort myself on him as he played with my tits and nipples, stopping now and again to kiss. “What do you want” Alex asked me, i told him i wanted his fingers inside me and then his tongue, he moved off the sofa and told me to take off the rest of my clothes, he left the room briefly while i took off my skirt and lay back on the sofa in just a pair of black lacy french knickers.Alex walked back in the room and told me to take my panties off, I told him i wanted him to take them off for me, he stripped off his clothes and lent down to slowly pull my panties down my legs and threw them on the floor, “open your pussy lips for me” i did as he asked, sliding my fingers between my lips to hold them open, he ran his fingers down my lips “mmmm someone is very wet” he slowly slid one finger inside me, then two, sliding them in and out my soaking wet pussy, finding my g spot, rubbing against it over and over, sliding his fingers ataşehir escort out and over my clit, my hands slid up to cup my breasts, pulling on my nipples as i writhed in ecstacy at his touch…i opened my eyes to see his rock hard cock close to my face, moving my head i licked the tip as i looked up at him and then started to slowly suck on his cock, tasting every inch of him, feeling it hit the back of my throat, I felt myself start to cum, my body tensing, as i started to climax his pre cum dripped into my mouth from his cock, exciting me even more, his hand moved to the back of my head and he started to fuck my mouth hard, making me gag , sliding it in and out my mouth, pushing my head back on to his cock over and over, i pulled my head back to gasp for breath, “I want to fuck you” Alex said, i stood up and turned around, bending over the sofa for him to take me, his cock slid into me “God your cunt is so tight” he started to pound away at my pussy as i moaned loudly, his hand grabbing my hair and pulling ümraniye escort my head back as he fucked me harder and harder, his hand slapped at my arse making me yelp in pleasure…..i started to cum again, feeling my tight pussy contract around his cock, our bodies glistening with sweat we both lay down on the sofa, he climbed on top of me sliding his cock back in my mouth, telling me to pull up my legs so he could lick my pussy, his tongue circling my clit, his finger sliding in me as i sucked his cock and licked his balls, running my hands over his arse and his legs. By now we were both covered in sweat and sticky with my cum…Alex lay back on the sofa as i sat astride him gently riding his cock, kissing his lips, grinding my pussy slowly, both getting our breath back “Im so hot” i told him “lets go outside then” he said and took my hand and a cushion and led me into the cool night air.Placing the cushion down on the steps of the decking i knelt on all fours and tried to stifle a groan as he entered me again…his hands on my hips as i backed into him, fucking harder and harder, both trying to be quiet incase the neighbours heard us…i bit my lip as i felt him tense up, telling me he was gonna cum, he pulled out as i felt hot spurts of cum up my back..the feeling of his cum on me making my pussy contact again and again as we both collapsed on the decking, breathless.

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