22 Haziran 2021



ALFRED AND HIS HUGE THICK MANHOODafter three months in our new home my husband was promoted in his job, which it was a bad and a good thing, now he was late every Saturday and he had to travel more often, it was a Friday night that I met Alfred on a very nice warm summer day, our new home was at the back of a very long high street full of restaurants and shops, that Friday evening my husband came home early and took me for a late lunch, we took the bus to this restaurant that people at his work recommended to him, after a very nice lunch, we decide to walk back from the back streets, we came to a wide road with large front gardens, in one of them, it was a tall old man wearing buggy trousers with suspenders trying to lift a bag of compost onto a wheel barrow, I elbow my husband and told him, help the old man, my husband asked him, if he could help him, the old man say thank you! ( I was captivated at the sound of his very manly voice ) and my husband after lifting the bag onto the wheel barrow, asked him, where he wanted the bag, he asked him to follow him, my husband follow him with the wheel barrow to the back of the house , after a short while, my husband asked me, to come in to the back of the house, he offered us to join him for tea saying, you have to see his garden, I was stunned, it was full of bushes of rosses of all colours and tulips every where, we sat in the garden, a Filipino old lady came out, he asked her to bring, tea for three please, he introduce himself saying, his name was Alfred, while my husband and him were talking, I was going around the garden while I was listening to his voice and the way he was speaking English, I sat to have more tea I ask my husband, I could come here on the week ends to learn about rosses to plant in our garden when you are away on business, , my husband laughed saying, is OK! with me, but, you have to ask the gentleman, I looked at him, he smile saying, we could give it a try, on the way home, my husbands tells me about him, he is a widower and Maria the Filipino woman takes care of him during the day, the next day after my husband left , I took a very hot shower, lots of body cream and off I went to his house, he open the door, he look at me saying, you can’t do gardening on that dress, he tells me to go home and bring some suitable cloths , like shorts and a t-shirt, half an hour later I was back, asking him, were could I change my cloths, he takes me to the bathroom, after a few minutes I come back wearing shorts and a blouse, he is siting having tea, looking at my legs, he tells me, you look much better, we both having tea looking at the garden, for a while we just drinking tea saying nothing, I ask where is Maria! he says, she only comes Monday to Friday, ( he did not mention that to my husband) after a while, he says, konak escort lets do some work, as he explains things to me about rosses, some times getting very close to me, he shows me how to pull the weeds growing around the rosses, while I bent to pull them out, he is standing just behind me and I can feel his eyes on my ass, around 5 pm he tells me is enough for the day saying lets have tea and biscuits, my arms and legs are full of dirt, so I open the hose pipe and wash my legs and face while he is inside preparing the tea, as he comes out with the tray with tea and biscuits, I am standing with my shorts and blouse shocking wet, my blouse stuck to my tits, my shorts stuck to my body outlining my pussy, he looks at me and he asks me! would you like lemon or milk with your tea, I look at him saying, lemon please, (thinking, what I would like very much is your big mouth on my pussy) after I finish my tea, I get up telling him, my husband is away till Monday , I think is time for me to go home, as he takes me to the door, I kiss him on the cheek asking him, if I could come back tomorrow, he holds my hand and looking me on the face he ask me, if I could do him the honour of having dinner with him, that makes me so happy, I hug him saying, I will be back in one hour, long hot shower, lots of body cream, wearing my red dress and red high hill shoes I ring the bell, he opens the door wearing baggy trousers suspenders and a bowtie saying MY,OH, MY, you look delightful, by taxi, he takes me to the marina by the river to a very nice restaurant, he orders martini cocktail for him and peach champagne cocktail for me, after two cocktails and wine with our dinner, we walking saying nothing, I know he wants me and I am very eager to be with him, I can hold myself any longer, holding his hand and pressing my body to him I tell him, you are a very nice and wonderful man, he puts his hands on my waist pressing me harder and he kisses me on the mouth very hard, after that we take a taxi home, around 10pm we are indoors, I tell him I would like a drink on the garden, he comes wearing his buggy trousers and suspenders, no bowtie open shirt, bringing a bottle of cold white wine, before we sit down I say, is very hot, lifting my hair turning my back to him I tell him, to help me unzipping my dress, he unzip my dress to my waist, sliding his hands inside my dress, holding my tits I start moaning with pleasure as he presses his body kissing my neck saying you are exquisite, he takes my dress off, caressing my ass cheeks he kneels and starts kissing and biting very gently, his big hands caressing my legs up and down, after a while he says, lets have a drink, the night still young, looking at my body he says, very young and delicious, I am siting naked while we drink gaziemir escort the wine, he is just looking at me with wide open eyes full of desire, making me very excited and my pussy very wet, the wine finish, he takes me to the bedroom, he lays me on the bed, holding my ass cheeks he puts his big mouth on my pussy, his big tongue rolling inside my pussy gulping my vagina juices mix with his saliva, making me gasp for air and holding his head I explode screaming with so much pleasure and so loud, he covers my mouth with his hands as he starts sucking my juices harder, he is still wearing his baggy trousers and suspenders, after my second orgasm he starts kissing my tits taking my whole tit inside his big mouth sucking very hard as he fingers my asshole, after he takes his time enjoying my tits, he turns me on my ass holding and caressing as he puts his fingers inside my asshole moaning with pleasure, his big tongue starts entering my asshole pushing very hard and deep inside my asshole, he starts pulling and pushing his tongue in and out of my asshole, he was fucking my ass with his tongue, one hand pulling my ass very hard apart trying to get his big tongue deeper and deeper inside my ass, his thumb inside my pussy as he squeezes my pussy with his big other hand, making me going wild with pleasure as I start my third orgasm, after that, I am laying on the bed stretching my body with a big smile on my face I ask him, to get naked, he stands looking at me he takes his suspenders off his baggy trousers fall, I open my mouth to scream of delight, but, no sound came out, I was astound and astonish at the size of his cock, I tell him, that is not possible, ( is manhood was as big as Mr Altan’s BUT! the thickness, HO! MY GOD!) he tells me, he only marriage once because of it, I was speechless, slowly I got up, taking his shirt off. siting on the bed side, I hold his huge thick cock between my hands, giggling with delight making sounds of pleasure, I started pulling his fore skin down exposing his beautiful pink cock’s head, I started kissing it, taking his whole cock’s head inside my mouth, tightening my mouth lips around his cock’s head and sucking it with great pleasure, with his huge cock fully erected I laid on the bed with my head down the side and with my hands on his ass, I started pulling him and his huge throbbing cock inside my eager mouth, as he push his huge cock inside my mouth, my wet mouth was stretching so much I thought my mouth was going to split, with a quarter of his huge thick cock inside my mouth his cock started pushing the walls of my throat making my throat widen and very painful, I was screaming inside my head, I was breathing very heavily through my nose shaking and twisting my body, holding and pulling the bed sheets, izmir escort holding my hands, he stop keeping his cock inside my mouth telling me to relax and let my throat adjust around his cock while he was talking to me very softly telling me how happy he was he met me, after a few minutes, he puts my hands on my throat, feeling the big bulge of his huge cock inside the beginning of my throat, bending over he started kissing my pussy as he pushed his big cock deeper down my throat, with half of his big cock now down my throat, I started having my fourth orgasm, he stop again letting my throat adjust again to his cock thickness, he had to stop with three quarters of his huge cock, he kept pushing but my throat could not take any more of his cock, he now started slowly taking his cock in and out of my throat and mouth, making me shake and hold and pull the bed sheets very hard till he started moaning louder and louder as he pumped my throat with a huge load of cum, I was gulping and swallowing most of his cum, but, it was so much and his cock so tight in my mouth some of his cum was coming out through my nose, i could hardly breath, after he took his cock out, I just started coughing and gulping for air, he was lying on the bed stroking his big cock and saying, I need to rest, my body was sweating my hair was wet with sweat and his cum, my throat was very painful, I took a very hot shower, I come back to bed, laying on his side we started kissing, while we were kissing I started stroking his huge thick cock, it took a bit of time to get his huge cock hard and throbbing again, he turn me on my side, lifting my leg up, he took his cock putting his cock’s head between my pussy lips, making my body tremble with pleasure and my vagina very eager juicy and wet, with half of his huge thick cock inside my pussy, he left my leg down he put his arms around my body, holding me tight to his body,the lower part of his body was not touching my ass cheeks yet, as he kept entering my vagina I was moaning and my body was having waves of pleasure, my vagina widening as it was swallowing his huge cock, after a very pleasant while, his pubic hair started tickling my ass cheeks making me giggle and very happy, slowly he started taking his big cock in and out of my pussy, we were both enjoying so much, when ever him or me started having the feeling of cumming, we will stop or slow down making it to last longer, Alfred could not last any longer, we both let go having a very long and intense orgasm, the sun was coming out when we went to sleep, the next morning while having tea in the garden, he tells me, tomorrow Sunday, three of his friends are coming, telling me that they come every Sunday to play Bridge, I smile thinking, ( was it a curse of a gift ) I tell him, I will not disturb you, I will do gardening and look after you while you old men play. We spend a very wonderful afternoon, we went shopping, I went to boots to by blue pills ( I did not want to take any chances ) we have dinner again at the nice restaurant and we had a very pleasant Saturday night,

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