14 Kasım 2021

Alice’s Son


Alice’s SonAfter the best sex of my life with Alice on our first date, I was totally in her power. I was ‘cunt struck’ as they say, and nothing she could do would drive me away as long as she allowed me the pleasures of her sweet cunt and beautiful ass. As a spoiled rotten, natural bitch she tested me many times over the next few years, but it was her son who finally broke the bond.Ned was 17 and entering his senior year at the best, most expensive prep school in town. When introduced, he was barely able to repress a sneer when told I was a worker in his grandfather’s company. His school chums’ dads were all doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc., and I could tell he thought me beneath his mother’s social status. As I soon found out, he was also jealous.Alice and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other. At first, she would follow me home after work to fuck and suck to exhaustion, then she would drive home to her semi-mansion on the other side of town. She began dropping by my work station to discretely rub against istanbul escort me, leaving me with a raging hard on. We would leave for lunch in separate cars to meet at the park, where she would suck my dick then ride me to a mutual orgasm.I wanted desperately to spend the night with her, but Ned was always in the way. Finally, though, he had a weekend-long tennis tournament. I’ve never, before or since, had such a sex-filled weekend. We fucked and sucked in every position, in every room, and on every piece of furniture in her beautiful home, and at the end of the weekend I knew Ned was going to have to deal with a new man in the house – I was moving in.Ned was barely civil to me, but I didn’t care – I felt I could win his friendship and break his ‘Momma’s boy’ bond. Little did I know that bond was stronger than any I had even ever heard of. Several months passed with me living in their home, avcılar escort and the only thing disconcerting was I’d hear Ned at the door when we were making love in her bedroom. I would mention this to Alice, but her reply was only “he’s just a curious boy.” One afternoon Alice’s father gave me a job which would take many hours, due the next day, and as Ned had an important mid-term exam, Alice left early to help him study. I worked at lightning speed and finished in record time. Alice and I hadn’t had sex for two days, a record for us, and I couldn’t wait to “get all up in that”, growing a boner on the 35-mile trip to her house. I decided to surprise her and walked softly around the back of the house where the bank of windows in the kitchen and den were always open. They looked out onto an impressive landscape and a wooded hillside.I could see Ned at the bar, his books open, but his back was to them and his head was thrown back as if looking at the ceiling. I kept şirinevler escort walking softly to see what was going on, and suddenly realized that Alice was sucking his dick! His pants were around his ankles and she was bent at the waist bobbing up and down while gripping a bar stool leg for support with one hand and cupping his balls with the other. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail, something she only did when giving head, so I knew this was a planned event, not spontaneous. Ned’s head was back with mouth open, enjoying his mother’s warm mouth and obviously about to cum. I knew I shouldn’t, but couldn’t help but watch this run its course. Ned had a big, circumcized dick – it was inflamed red with passion, had a large mushroom-shaped head, and appeared over seven inches in length. It appeared no stranger to Alice’s wet mouth as she licked and sucked in all she could take. He began to hunch in and out of her mouth, and stood up as she dropped to her knees, continuing to suck while jacking him off as he shot his load. As he started to cum, she took as much of his cock in her mouth as possible and I could see her cheeks move in and out in a suction motion. I was at the same time appalled, embarassed, and even a little turned on by what I had just seen. I snuck back to my car and drove off quietly. I had to think about this. What kind of family had I gotten myself into?

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