22 Eylül 2021

Amie dose it for hubby part1


Amie dose it for hubby part1My pretty blond wife Amie I have been married for 9 years and I am writing this story to tell you about an adventure we had a few years ago. Let me start by describing my wife, she is 30 years old, 5′ 2″, 112 lbs, and her measurements are 34c-24-34, Her blond hair has natural curls that cascade over her smooth shoulders. She has stunningly pretty blue eyes and she turns many a man’s head.Our adventure started with her telling me about how she had some black lovers before she met me. For some reason this turned me on and I asked her to tell me more details. She told me that none of them were long term and she was only 18 and 19 years old at the time. She said she really enjoyed making love to them and was so turned on by them that she would do more adventurous things than she would otherwise even consider.”What do you mean? I asked her. One part of me didn’t want to know but another was really excited to find out.”Well, one of them, Clay, really had some kind of spell on me and after I had only been with him for a week or so he talked me into fucking him and two of his friends one night.” she told me.I pressured her for more details and she also told me they all took her bareback and all of them came inside her. The mental picture of my petite blond wife willingly taking all that bare black cock and letting them dump their cum into her pretty little pussy instantly got me hard. She noticed this and even though we both were a little bothered that this turned me on so much we still had passionate sex several times that night.This led me to asking her what she liked about her black lovers and she told me that she just found their black skin to be beautiful and loved the texture and smell of their skin. She also was really turned on by the contrast of their dark skin against her pale skin. Another thing was the taboo aspect of it all with her being brought up in the deep South.I asked her about cock size and she told me that nearly every one she experienced was larger than normal but the big thing was she thought their black cocks were just gorgeous and they seemed to be used in such a way that satisfied her very well. I made the lame joke about “once you go black, you can never go back” and asked her why she settled for a pale red headed white man like me. What I left unsaid was me wondering how my cock measured up to theirs.”Honey, you know that the attitudes about mixed race couples has not always been as tolerant as they are now especially with me being from the South, my family would have been mortified if they had known I had even made love to a black man. I cannot imagine what they would have done if I had married one. You might not understand coming from New England. I just thought it would make my life way too complicated to stay with them in a lasting relationship. I really enjoyed the sex but decided to move on with my life in a different manner. Besides, I love you soooo much!””Do you ever feel like you would like to have another black man as a lover” I asked her.She looked at me funny and said, “What are you saying? You want me to fuck another black man?”I only kind of mumbled “I dunno, it is kind of a turn on.””For you or me?” She looked at me incredulously. “I wouldn’t do anything to threaten our marriage, what are you trying to say to me?””Uh, I would be willing to let you have a black lover if I could watch” I blurted out and instantly wished I hadn’t.With that she just glared at me and got up and left the room. I sat on the couch wondering how I could undo this mess when she came back in and sat next to me. She had some tears in her eyes and she took my hand and between sobs said “Since we have been married I have always been faithful to you. I have had plenty of opportunities and have always turned these men down. It hasn’t been easy and I will admit that there was this one handsome black man that was very persistent and I would have loved to be with but I even turned him down. Are you saying this would have been OK if you could have watched?”I just sat there kind of frozen for what seemed like an eternity. I finally couldn’t help myself and blurted out, “Yeah, I guess I would like to see that…but only if you are willing.”After she pondered the idea for a bit she thought it would be best to sleep on it and discuss it in the morning. Needless to say the sex was hotter than ever that night.The next day at breakfast nothing was said for a while when she reached over and placed her hand on mine and softly said, “I am willing to do this for you but I want you to know that I will be planning on enjoying this as much as possible. I don’t want you to turn into a jealous bastard to me if we go through with this. Sometimes reality is not the same as the fantasy and this could hurt our marriage. Remember that when I am making love to this man I am planning istanbul escort bayan on doing everything I can to satisfy him and as far as I am concerned nothing is off limits, I consider myself a good lover and I will be giving myself to this black man completely, like I do to you, to fulfill his every desire. Would you have a problem with that?”My mouth and throat was very dry at this point and all I could do was croak, “No, no problem I’ll let you do anything.” This set everything in motion and we started planning how to make this happen. It took several weeks but we wanted to make sure everything was perfect.We decided against the internet and opted to drive well over 100 miles to this night club that we knew was frequented by many black men. My 28 year old wife got ready for her night by having a manicure with her nails finished with a shiny clear polish (her nails are very long and hard and some have thought she has fake nails) and a waxing of her pubic hair, Usually she leaves a little blond landing strip but for this occasion she decided to have all her hair removed and she now was as bare and smooth as a baby’s bottom all away around to her ass. She wore a tight white silk skirt with spaghetti straps and the hem was just 6 inches below her shapely bottom. No bra no panties no stockings, just red opened toed shoes with 4″ heels that showed off her pretty feet and polished toenails. She wore a gold braided necklace and 3″ gold hoop earrings a gold bracelet and nothing else except her wedding and engagement ring. She put on just the right amount of makeup and she looked gorgeous. We left our hotel room and headed out to the nightclub, it was only a few blocks and it was a mild night so we decided to walk. Many men did double takes as she sashayed down the sidewalk on her 4″ heels, she was really enjoying the attention! When we got to the club we walked right in and while it was not super crowded, it still had plenty of people and sure enough well over 50% of the crowd was black and it seemed like a lot of them were males out on the prowl.We worked ourselves to the bar ordered our drinks, me a beer and her a gin and tonic. As we made our way to a table I couldn’t help but notice the stares she was getting from the men, I could tell she was getting excited as her pretty nipples were very hard and were sticking out hard against the sheer white fabric of her top. We hadn’t even made it to our table when she locked eyes with this large muscular black man who looked to be maybe in his late 20s or early 30s. He was one of these black men with VERY black skin, he was dressed in tan slacks and wore a tight red t shirt that showed off his muscular back, chest and arms. As she sat down she made no attempt to keep her skirt from riding up on her shapely thighs. She continued glancing over at the hulking black man and he kept staring at her.”How tall do you think he is?” she asked. “I’m 6′ tall and he towered over me when we walked by so he must be at least 6′ 5″ I told her.”I think he is very handsome, what do you think of him?” She asked. “Me? Your the one that would fuck him, what do you think?” I responded.She continued to stare at him and finally asked me: “Do you think he is well hung? I think he is!””Could be, is that important to you?” I asked.”It would certainly be a better show for you if he was…what if he was a lot larger than you? Would you be jealous?” “Maybe a little but I think I would get over it! Do you want him to have a really big cock?Amie hesitated but then said, “Yes, I would like to be made love to by a huge black cock. I want him to penetrate me much deeper than you.”I think she was trying to test me but I didn’t want to let on it bothered me even a little, even though it was starting to! It was then I noticed the man making his was across the club towards our table. “This is it honey!” Amie exclaimed, “This is your last chance to back out of this, the rest of the evening belongs to me and my lover…unless you chicken out!” she taunted.”No, no backing out on my part” I responded, my head was spinning.As he strode towards us, he and Amie kept staring into each others eyes. When he got to us he just stops and stares at Amie, totally ignoring me. Amie was breathing shallowly, sipping her drink and just staring deep into his eyes. Finally after a long few moments, he turns to me and says, “Do you mind if I dance with your fine lady?” I just nodded OK and he takes her by the hand and leads her to the dance floor. I overheard him him tell her his name was Dwayne and as he led her to the dance floor he place his huge hands around her waist. I couldn’t believe this was happening and how sure of himself he was. I suddenly felt quite small but also felt an erotic surge go through me and felt somehow empowered. Boy, was I mixed up!They started dancing and as they did he drew her closer and she ground her beautiful tits into his belly, he totally dwarfed her and her face only came up to his pectoral muscles. He was reaching around and running his fingers up and down her ass. All the while her eye lids were fluttering and she gazed over at me to see my reaction. I just sat there and stared and was keenly aware of the raging hard on I had in my pants.As they clung together she reached her tiny hands up under his shirt and run her fingers up and down his muscular abs. I looked around the room and many were staring in their direction and I couldn’t help but notice that several of the black women were glaring at them and talking among themselves, they seemed very angry.She reached up and drew his head down and she whispered something in his ear. He instantly grinned broadly and leaned down and whispered something to her. They continued this for what seemed like hours, talking, laughing and gazing into each others eyes. He was leaning down and nuzzling her neck and ears and placing soft kisses onto her soft full lips with his. She finally stood on her tip toes whispers something in his ear, kissed him and broke away and headed back to our table. He went over to the bar and talked to three black men, gesturing and looking in our direction. Amie got to our table and said we were going back to the hotel room. I gulped the beer I was working on and then Dwayne walks over with his three friends and places his arm around Amie. She snuggled up to him and looks me in the eye and says, “Dwayne’s friends are coming with us, I didn’t think you would mind.” I kind of stammered, “I, I, I thought there would be just Dwayne.” She just spoke to me sweetly with her soft Southern accent, “I told you I was going to do anything my lover wants me to do and he wants his friends to come along. Besides, they will probably just watch.”They all just grinned, turned and headed to the door. I followed along as Dwayne and Amie clung tightly to each other as they walked out the door and down the sidewalk. I was walking along with his friends and they were making crazy comments to me like “Dwayne is going to fuck the shit out of your wife!” and “I can’t believe your are giving your beautiful wife to a stranger, if she was mine I would keep her for myself.”When we got to the room, Amie pulled beers out of the cooler and handed them out to our guests. There was a moment of awkward silence but only for a moment. “Come on lover,” Amie cooed to Dwayne “Let’s get you out your clothes. I want to see what you look like naked” Dwayne peeled off his shirt revealing a large powerful chest with rippling muscles everywhere. “Ooooh! You are gorgeous.” Amie exclaimed. She then slowly sashayed over to him and run her fingers up and down his chest, she softly kisses and sucks on his nipples. She then started unfastening his trousers, unzipping them and drawing them down his muscular thighs. When she did this a huge bulge was prominent in his boxers. She knelt to her knees and pulled his boxers down, his cock springing into action. She leaned back and stared wide eyed and run her tiny fingers over its girth. She started stroking it with her right hand and reached down and softly fingers his balls. She started licking the head of his massive member softly with the tip of her tongue. Massive might be an understatement with his huge black cock seeming to be twice the size of mine. It was a least 10 inches long and so big around Amie could could not reach her fingers around it.She engulfed the head in her mouth and reached around and grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and pulled him towards her. “Oh, you taste so good lover!” She exclaimed with her sweet Southern drawl as she runs her tongue down the bottom the shaft and starts nibbling on his balls. As Amie does this she softly runs her little hands up and down his legs and around his muscular ass cheeks, lightly running her nails over them. After a few minutes of this she gets up off her knees. She steps back and pulls her slinky skirt off over her head, her shapely breasts bouncing as she does. There she stood, totally nude except for red 4″ pumps and sparkling gold jewelry including her wedding and engagement ring. She was lightly tanned with creamy white tan lines where her bikini was. Her breasts firm with pink areolas and erect nipples pointing upwards. She slowly turned around so they could see her shapely ass and legs. Her wasp like waist and flat belly accentuating her beautiful tits and ass. The 4 black men whistled and made lewd comments about her and exclaimed she was too beautiful to be getting down and dirty like she was going to do. Dwayne was the first to speak, “Go to my friends and let them have a feel before I fuck you like you have never been fucked before.”She obediently went over to them and they surrounded her. I started to protest but she tells me “You stop being so jealous, you said I could do anything I wanted and I said I would do anything my lover wants me to do. I belong to him tonight, not you!”The three black men felt her breasts, pinching her nipples and run their hands all over her body including her pretty little pussy and one even reached around and fingered her butt hole. One knelt down and started licking her pussy while the other two suckled her nipples. She threw her head back and her blue eyes rolled back in her head as she gasped for air. After they gave her a good workout Dwayne told them to stand aside and for her to join him on the bed. She slowly walks over to him, her breasts bobbing lightly and kneels down in front of him as he sits on the edge of the bed. She kisses him deeply and works her way down his chest with her tongue pausing at his nipples to lick and suck them gently. She makes her way down his chest and laps his rippled abs. She looks as me through half closed eyes and tells me, “I have never seen a more gorgeous body on any man, he is a god and I will do anything he wants!” This statement was for my benefit, even though I’m not in bad shape I do have somewhat of a beer belly and I’ll tell you I vowed to myself to start working out more to get rid of my gut! She then engulfed the head of his big black cock in her mouth. She pulls away for a few seconds and exclaims “I love the contrast between the black shaft and purple head! You are a beautiful man” She says looking up at him with her clear blue eyes. ” She then continues to gobble his cock and as she does one of the others kneels behind her and fingers her pussy.Dwayne then stands up and picks up Amie and places her on the bed. He climbs on top of her and starts licking and kissing down her smooth skin (she has no tattoos or piercings other than her ears) to her breasts, her tummy and finally to her pussy. He laps away at her like a dog in heat and she squirms around uncontrollably as her does. She reaches down and runs her fingers across his smoothly shaved head and When I repositioned myself for a better look I could see his goatee is soaked with her juices. He then reaches down and removes her shoes and she is now totally nude. He kisses and licks up the inside of her thighs and when he reaches her smooth pussy again he plunges his tongue deep into her.”Please!” she pleaded, “put that monster cock in me now!” He then positioned himself between her legs and starts pushing the head of his bare coal black cock into her cunt and as he does I rush over to give him a condom. “I don’t need that shit!” he growled and when I look to her she says “Whatever my lover wants! I just ask that he comes in me and not on me.” I couldn’t believe this, I had just assumed that protection would be used and this just floored me. Sometimes she can be very forgetful when it comes to taking her birth control pills so I was also a bit worried about that in addition to the other risks! How would we ever explain that if she ever got pregnant! I backed away and as I did it hit me that the fantasy becoming a reality was not what I expected it to be. Here I was in a hotel room with 4 strange black men with one of them getting ready to plunge his bare black cock into my naked wife’s beautiful unprotected pussy. My mind was spinning and thoughts came to mind that Amie might be taking him bareback to live out a black breeding fantasy. I was both extremely turned on and also very disturbed and quite jealous that my wife was enjoying this so much. He was up on his hands when he entered Amie and my wife reached down and guided his shaft into her love hole. Once he was partially in she reached around and clutched his ass cheeks, drawing him into her. The contrast between their skin colors was incredibly erotic. He started slow and quite gentle gradually working his cock in plunging a little deeper with each stroke, Amie anxiously arched her back and thrust her pelvis up towards him trying to take him deeper. After a minute or so of this he still only had about half of his member worked into her. He now picked up the pace and was now really plowing into her going deeper with every stroke. He was thrusting so violently into he was lifting her ass off the bed with every thrust. Finally I saw the last of his cock get entirely buried into her cunt balls deep and as he did she shuddered hard with her first orgasm.Aaahhh! Ooooh! She exclaims “That feels so good!” “Are you coming home with me? If you stay with me you could have this cock every night.” He says”Oh, that would be so nice to fuck you every day.” She responds breathlessly.”We’d let your husband come over and watch. He seems to enjoy seeing you fuck me.” Grunts Dwayne.”Yes, that would turn me on so much.” She whispers. “I would give up everything for your cock.””What would your Daddy think if he could see you now?” Grunted Dwayne.”Oh, he would be so pissed! He would want to kill me!” Amie says.

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