24 Kasım 2021

Andrea and Gillian pt2


Andrea and Gillian pt2I went for my usual morning walk on the mountain after rising early towatch the sun rise. I looked down at my cottage and the house next doorbut unlike yesterday morning my fun was spoiled by the new curtains overthe windows. (see Andrea and Gillian. Part 1).At about seven thirty I tapped on the back door of their small house. It was immediately opened and I looked with a lot of pleasure at Gillian.She looked excited to see me and, seizing my hand pulled me into thekitchen. She clearly had an affectionate trusting personality. I let herhold my hand while I inspected her. She was dressed for school in a shortpleated grey skirt with dark tights and a white blouse, unbuttoned at theneck with just one button unfastened. She looked like a young colt, talland leggy with a small bottom, the mounds of her young breasts evidentagainst the front of her blouse which was sufficiently thin for me to seethat she was wearing a bra. She was chattering on about how excited shewas about going to a new school and I just listened indulgently as she ranon.”Where’s your mother?” I asked. Gillian called her and Andrea came intothe kitchen from the sitting room. She saw me holding Gillian’s hand andwent pale. I released her daughter’s hand and looked at the anxious youngmother. She had clearly been badly frightened by last night’s events andas far as I could tell from a quick inspection she had complied with all mydemands. She was wearing a low-cut yellow dress that showed her deepcleavage and, indeed, left the upper halves of her plump breasts bare. Shewas not wearing a bra and I could see her nipples protruding against thethin material of her dress but she had tried to preserve some modesty bywearing a pale yellow slip. I got tantalising flashes of lace under hershort skirt as she walked into the room. Her dress was very short, barelycovering the tops of her stockings and she was wearing shoes with at leasta four-inch heel. Without the support of a bra her breasts bounced andtrembled with every step and the high-heeled shoes caused her bottom toprotrude enticingly. Gillian looked at her mother in some surprise. “”Youlook nice today, Mummy!” she said, “are you going out?”. I just looked atAndrea.”Nowhere special darling,” she said, “I thought that it would be nice todress up as we have company!”.”And very nice you look,” I complimented her. She looked warily at meand began to serve the breakfast as Gillian and I sat at the table. Toincrease Andrea’s anxiety I began to tease Gillian by tickling her thighsunder the table until she had a paroxysm of giggling, tightly clasping heryoung thighs against my tickling fingers. Her mother hurriedly served thebreakfast which passed without further incident.After breakfast I pushed my chair back and watched Andrea clearing thebreakfast things away. She looked self-conscious in her short low-cutdress and high heels as she saw her daughter watching her. Gillian got herthings together for school and we heard the bus coming which was to pickher up. This was a minibus which made a round trip around all the outlyingfarms picking up the schoolc***dren. Gillian put her blazer on and wasabout to pick up her bag when I called her to me. I took a five pound notefrom my pocket and offered it to her.”Something to help ease the day,” I smiled.”Gosh! Thanks ever so much!!” she gasped. I looked over at Andrea and,taking her daughter’s hand I pulled her down onto my knee. I arranged itso that her young thighs were parted and I pressed my thigh up into hercunt. I kept my eyes on Andrea’s terrified wide-eyed stare as I said toGillian,”Don’t I get a little kiss then?” She giggled and pressed her young bodyagainst mine and, raising her lips, gave me an immature teenager’s kiss. Iput my arm round her, pressed my thigh harder against her young virgincunt, and slipped my hand, holding the note inside the lapel of her blazer.”Let me put your money away for you,” I said sliding it into her insidepocket and then while looking into the young mother’s eyes I tightened myarm around Gillian and casually fondled her daughter’s immature youngbreast through her thin bra. Her breast was fuller and springier than Ihad expected. There is nothing nicer than a teenaged girl’s immaturedeveloping tit. It made a lovely handful through her blouse and bra and Ifancied that I could feel her young nipple against the palm of my hand. Time seemed to stand still as I felt the teenager while her mother watchedin sick fear. Then Gillian giggled and squirmed off my lap. She waslaughing,”Mummy, isn’t Mr Evans naughty?” she giggled, grabbed her bag and wasgone through the door to the bus. I sat and looked at Andrea while I drankmy coffee. My continued scrutiny was making her uncomfortable.”Well, Andrea,” I said, “Did you enjoy having to stand watching mefeeling your daughter and not being able to do anything about it? I amgoing to have a lot more fun with Gillian, I can tell you but before that Iam going to enjoy myself with you. Make some fresh coffee and come throughinto the sitting room. You may as well get used to it. You are mine nowand you do everything I tell you without question”. I walked up to her andkissed her deeply squeezing her plump breast hard until she gasped withpain into my mouth. I put my other hand behind her and slipped my fingersbetween the cleft of her protruding buttocks.”Spread your legs,” I said quietly but firmly and hurt her breast alittle more. She gasped and stood bowlegged while I felt her cunt throughher short skirt. She was flushed and panting as I gave her nipple a lasttwist through the dress and left her standing there shaking. “Coffee,Andrea!” I ordered brusquely and went into the sitting room to relax on thelarge settee in front of the fire.She brought the coffee and put it on a small table beside me. I let herpour me a cup and looked up at her.”Kneel Andrea,” I said, “you know the position”. At once she knelt infront of me with her hands behind her straight back and her thighs widelyspread. Her frightened eyes looked up into mine. I lay back drinking mycoffee and inspected her at my leisure. I looked up her short dress to thegash of her slightly gaping cunt surrounded by light blonde fleece. Shewas shaking slightly under my scrutiny.”Did you enjoy seeing me feeling Gillian?”, I asked maliciously, “Icould feel even through my trousers and her knickers that she has a plumphairy little cunt. Her tits are not as small as I thought either. I amgoing to have a lot of fun breaking her in”.Andrea was very pale. “You promised that you wouldn’t,” she saidmiserably. I just looked at her.”Gillian is very sexy and she clearly likes me. Did you see how eagerlyshe sat on my lap? I doubt if I will be able to keep my hands off her. Iam just going to feel free to come into your house and touch up yourdaughter whenever the mood takes me. You wont stop me, in fact you willtake every opportunity to invite me in. Is that clear?” She nodded dumbly.”If Gillian wants to sit on my lap you are not to interfere and you are totell her that she is to be friendly towards me. Do you understand?” Shenodded again. I finished my coffee and stood up.”Undress me,” I ordered. Andrea struggled to her feet and stood lookingat me. I took her left breast in my hand through her thin dress and gavethe nipple a vicious twist, She gasped with pain. “Just do it,” I ordered.The unhappy woman pulled off my tee-shirt and then unbuckled my belt. Sheunfastened my zip, taking care I noticed not to touch my prick, and slid mytrousers down leaving me in a pair of boxers. I stepped out of mytrousers. “Take my shorts off” I commanded, and she peeled them obedientlydown my legs. I stood naked in front of the trembling sexily-dressedblonde, my prick semi erect. I stood close to her looking into herfrightened wide blue eyes. “Start wanking me,” I ordered. She clasped myshaft in her soft hand and began to toss me off. I put my hand up hershort dress, enjoying the soft lacy feel of her slip and felt her nakedcunt for the first time. She gasped. “Spread your legs,” I said and sheautomatically complied. She was standing slightly bow-legged with herthighs spread giving me complete access to her naked cunt while she slowlyand deliciously tossed me off. I thoroughly felt her cunt while lookinginto her eyes and, despite herself, she began to become moist in my hand.”Listen Andrea,” I said quietly, ” I am going to do more things to yourbody than you have ever dreamt of and I am going to make you do things tome that you would not have believed yourself capable of. You can do it oneof two ways. You can either resist me all the way in which case you willnot enjoy anything and I will have to hurt you. I may hurt you anyway. Isometimes do that because I enjoy it,” she looked afraid, “or you can relaxand try to co-operate. I assure you that it will become easier as timegoes on. You have not been fucked for a year and your cunt seems ready tome. One way or another I am going to have you any way I like. Whether youenjoy it is up to you.” She looked dumbly into my eyes and submitted tohaving her cunt explored as she wanked me. Against her will she becamewetter and wetter in my hand. I began to finger-fuck her with two fingersand she began to gasp in time to my strokes and her hips began to writhe asshe tried to balance on the high heels. As I finger-fucked her I squeezedher breast with my other hand. I was enjoying hurting her and making hersquirm. “Have you ever sucked a man off?” I asked. She was silent. Igave her nipple a twist, my fingers hard up her wet cunt feeling the lip ofher cervix with my fingertips. “Well?””No,” she whispered, “I think that it is dirty and degrading for a womanto have to do that”. Well, I ask you! What more encouragement would Ineed.”Get down on your knees, spread your sexy thighs and take my prick intoyour mouth”. She began to cry. I began to twist her nipple again exertinga downward pressure until I had forced her to her knees. “I can force youto do anything I want Andrea,” I said, “but I’m tired of forcing you. Thisis your last chance. You either do everything I tell you in future,immediately and without hesitation or I’ll take my belt across your fatsexy arse. You have annoyed me so much by all your whining that I may doit anyway before I’m finished. Unless your behaviour improves you’ll bescreaming before the end of the afternoon”. She just looked up at me indumb horror. “Kiss my prick,” I ordered, “then move your lips to the tipand take the tip in your mouth”. She shuddered but her blonde head movedreluctantly forward and she kissed my prick with her soft red lips aboutthree inches from the tip. She was crying quietly and continuously. Shemoved her mouth slowly up the shaft of my rod to the tip and reluctantlyopened her lips.I moved my hips slightly forward and the tip of my big stiff prickentered the moist warmth of her mouth. I pushed it in about an inch andlet it rest there. She automatically closed her lips round the shaft and Ilooked down with pleasure at the sexy blonde mother on her knees before mewith my big stiff prick in her mouth. “Now, take my prick in your hand andwank me off into your mouth,” I said, “on each stroke give a gentle suck”.She automatically began to follow my instructions and before long I wasbeing given a fairly competent blow-job. “Not bad for a beginner,” Icommented, “every so often stop sucking and run your tongue around theridge under the head of my prick”. I began to feel delicious waves ofsensation from my prick passing down my legs and up my back. I knew thatthis would not last long. I took the opportunity to torment the distraughtwoman a little more. “Look into my eyes as you suck me off,” I ordered,”What do you think that Gillian would think of her mother now? I may getGillian to suck me off later, I think that that would be fun”. Andreasobbed on my prick and the warmth from my balls grew stronger. I wound myhand in her hair so that she could not remove her mouth and began to movemy hips, fucking her mouth. “Suck harder,” I said harshly and she obeyedhelplessly. I could feel the sperm being sucked out of my balls and Ipulled her mouth on to my prick further pushing it about four inches in asI came in her mouth and blasted a load of hot cum against the back of herthroat. She began to gag but I held her mouth on my prick relentlesslyuntil she had been compelled to swallow it all. A thin white trickle randown from the corner of her red lips on to her chin. She just looked up atme in mute horror as she knelt before me with my softening prick in hermouth.I took my prick from her mouth and looked down at her. “Go and get me adrink,” I ordered, “and then go and clean your teeth”. I sat on the setteegetting over my ejaculation while Andrea brought me a whisky. As sheleaned over to put it down I grasped the nipple of her dangling tit andpulled her down so shat she was lying across my knee. I began to twist herhard nipple in one hand and to feel her plump arse with the other. I gaveher arse a hard slap while twisting her nipple. She gasped with pain and Iadmired the red outline of my hand on the white skin of her plump shiveringarse. I pulled her further across my lap by her tit until her fleshy hairycunt was rubbing against my semi-erect prick. I did not say anything kadıköy escort but Ijust began to spank her starting lightly but getting harder and harderuntil she first began to gasp with each slap and then to emit a littlesqueal. I rubbed my prick into her wet hairy cunt and gave her a reallyhard spanking until her arse was a fiery red. She was crying loudly nowand squealing with each stroke.I stopped spanking her and thoroughly felt her hot arse, digging myfingers into the soft flesh as I rubbed my prick against her wet cunt. Ipushed a finger up her arse enjoying the way the muscle around her hole atfirst resisted my exploring finger and then seemed to pop open and suck mein. I began to casually finger-fuck her arse.”Oh God!” she gasped, “you mustn’t do that!” I just laughed.”Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do,” I said, “Have you forgotten thespanking you just had. You can easily have another with my belt if youlike”.”Please, no!” she begged, “I will do anything”. I pushed the sexyblonde off my knee on to the floor and she lay looking up at me in fear.”Go and clean your teeth,” I said again. She went to the bathroom. When she came down from the bathroom she stood uncertainly in the doorwaylooking at me. Her dress was beginning to get sweaty and her nylon slipwas sticking to her. All her exertions of the last couple of hours werehaving their effect and I could smell the smell of sex and woman pervadingthe room. “Come and sit beside me and give me a wank,” I ordered, “it isyour job to get me hard for what we will be doing next”. She just lookedat me in dumb fear and did as I asked. She really was becoming an expertwanker. When I was hard I pulled her face to me and began to kiss herclean mouth. I pushed my hand down the neckline of her dress and began tofeel her plump tit through her thin bra. “Do you feel like a fuck?” Iasked casually.”We couldn’t,” she whispered wretchedly, “I am not on the pill. Pleaseuse something if you are going to make me”. I just laughed.”Stand up and go over to the fire-place,” I ordered, “put your hands onthe mantelpiece, spread your legs and lean forward with your fat arse stuckout and your tits dangling”. She took one look at me and knew better thanto argue and went and did as I had told her. I lay back watching thehumiliated mother waiting to be fucked. I just let her wait while Ifinished my drink and then I got up and walked over and stood behind hershaking form. I pressed my prick against the skirt of her dress as Ileaned over her and began to maul her dangling tits. She gasped with painas I twisted her nipples. This was one blonde I enjoyed making suffer alittle. I released her tits and flicked up the hem of her dress and slipso that they were lying across her back. The red cheeks of herrecently-spanked bottom now glowed at me supported on slender thighs withsexy dark stockings held up by a pale yellow lacy suspender belt. Shebalanced a little unsteadily on her high heels. I put my hand between herspread thighs and began to feel her wet cunt, feeling all around the outerlips, gently tugging her pubic fleece until she gasped and finally movingto finger-fuck her. “Stick your arse out more,” I said, and I felt itpress more firmly into me. All this activity had resulted in my gettinghard again and slightly bending my knees so that I was at the right angle Islid my eight inch stiff thick prick straight up her wet clinging cunt inone easy movement until I was buried in her up to the balls.Her cunt was beautifully moist and clinging. It had obviously not seena lot of action as it was almost as tight as a teenager’s. She gasped asshe felt me fill her. I just relaxed with my stiff prick hard up thefrightened blonde, smelling her perspiration as I reached under her for herhanging breasts and began to feel her through her dress. She groaned inanguish as I began to maul her plump tits. I squeezed and moulded themjust a little too firmly for her to be comfortable and she gasped withpain. I felt the internal muscles of her cunt clasp my prick a little morefirmly. I began to move in her at first gradually and then more quicklyuntil I was shafting her with about three quarters of my prick. She beganto gasp. I seized her tits more firmly and pulled her harder against myprick, stopping moving in her for a moment as I whispered through her hair,moist with sweat, into her ear,”I am doing all the work here Andrea, I am going to stay still and youpress against the fireplace and fuck yourself with my prick”. Nothinghappened for a moment as she tried to comprehend what I meant. I justsqueezed a nipple warningly and she began to move backwards and forwards onmy stiff prick fucking herself as I just stood behind her playing with hertits. I moved my hands to her hips and steadied her. “Stop just aminute,” I ordered. I moved my hands to her zip and drew it down. Ipulled my prick from her tight hole and pushed her dress down over herhips. She automatically stepped out of it. “Lose the slip,” I said, andshe shrugged it off still with her back to me. I unfastened her bra andshe dropped it on to the floor on top of the discarded slip. She was nowjust dressed in a lacy yellow suspender belt supporting sheer darkstockings, and a pair of shiny high-heeled shoes. She put her hands backon the mantelpiece and bent forward offering her arse as I reached roundher and pulled her down by the bare nipples. I slid straight up the nakedyoung blonde mother’s tight cunt again and rested with my hairy ballsagainst her arse. “Now, get fucking,” I said brusquely, and just stoodplaying with her stiff nipples which she fucked herself on my stiff rod. “Do you like that, Andrea?” I asked maliciously, “you haven’t been fuckedfor a year, haven’t you missed it?” There was a long silence while shecontinued to agitate herself on my cock, knowing better than to stop. “Well?” I asked.”This is so wrong,” she whispered, “I liked sex when I was married butto do it like this is sinful. We are like a****ls. You are r****g me”.I decided that it was time to finish this part of the game. I moved myhands from her breasts to her hips and began to fuck her with more purpose,pulling her on to my stiff prick. I began to feel the familiar warmth inmy balls and I made no attempt to delay the ejaculation. I rammed my prickas far up her tight hole as I could and shot a load of hot cum deep intoher unprotected womb. She gave a loud groan. I put my lips to her ear,”After that, Gillian may have a little brother or sister in about ninemonths!”. She burst into almost hysterical tears but didn’t dare move as Istood with my softening prick buried up her. I pulled my prick from thesweaty blonde and wiped it on her slip. I went and sat on the settee. “Get me a drink, something long and cold ” I ordered the weeping woman. She tottered to the kitchen and brought me a glass of iced lemonade. Shelooked very uncomfortable on her high heels and I could see cum runningdown her thigh. I pointed at the floor in front of me and she dumbly kneltdown with her hands behind her back and her thighs spread her wet cuntgaping open and her trembling thighs smeared with cum.”What am I going to do?” she wept, “I just can’t have a baby at my timeof life, I just can’t”.I was tempted to let her suffer but she was coming apart at the seamsand I still needed her for my afternoon entertainment. “Don’t be sillyAndrea,” I said calmly, “all you have to do is to go and see your doctortomorrow and ask for the morning-after pill. While you are there get asupply of pills because you will be needing them. I wonder if it would beworth putting Gillian on the pill at the same time”. She just looked at mein dumb horror. I laughed. “Forget about Gillian for the time being butget yourself fixed up. You don’t want to be asking for a morning-afterpill after each of my visits”. She realised what I had been saying andunderstood it. Now that the fear of an unwanted pregnancy had receded shewas much calmer.”I am going for a shower,” I said, “and then I’ll be in the bedroom. Make me a nice light lunch and bring it upstairs with a bottle of wine”. Ileft her kneeling in the living room and went for my shower. When I wasdone I relaxed on the clean bed and listened to Andrea bustling about downbelow. I imagined how uncomfortable she must be with her stockingssticking to her and her thighs sticky with cum and not daring to take offher high heels. She came into the bedroom carrying a tray which she put onthe bedside table. She had made a nice light lunch of fresh rolls, cheeseand ham with a bottle of white wine. I could see from the dew forming onit that it was nicely chilled.”Go and have a shower and wash your hair,” I said, “put on a nice cleannightie and come to bed. We can have some lunch together”. She took anightdress from the dressing-table drawer and went to the bathroom. I laydozing until I heard the hairdryer stop and opened my eyes as she came backinto the bedroom. She looked stunning in a sheer black semi-transparentshortie nightdress the hem of which just covered her cunt which was sharplydefined by a pair of matching tight-fitting panties. The low necklinedisplayed a deep cleavage and her prominent nipples thrust proudly againstthe sheer fitted clinging nylon bodice. Her clean blonde hair fell in softwaves to her bare shoulders. I looked at her in approval.”You look lovely, darling,” I said calmly. She smiled uncertainly. Ipatted the bed beside me and she came and first sat and then lay beside meon the bed. She smelled sweet and clean. I poured us some wine and we hada light lunch which she seemed to enjoy. It was as though doing somethingordinary took her mind off the ordeal I was forcing on her. When we hadfinished lunch I lay back and pulled the young mother to me so that she waslying half on her front with her plump sexy breast pressed against me. Ibegan to gently kiss her and by now as soon as our lips met her mouthopened admitting my tongue. I wound one hand in her blonde hair enjoyingthe feel and smell of her softness and put the other hand on her bottomfondling and playing with her plump arse through her panties as I exploredher clean soft mouth. I took my lips from hers and looked into her blueeyes.”Why don’t you toss me off, Andrea?” I suggested gently. She gave atremulous smile and began to gently wank me. I felt a real change in theatmosphere. Since I had let her shower and put a nightdress on she seemedmuch more relaxed. This could really be to my advantage and I began tocheck how relaxed she really was. I put my lips to her ear and began towhisper to her as I carried on gently fondling her plump bottom as shewanked me off.”This morning has been very hard for you darling because I have had toforce you. You would not have done willingly any of the things we havedone. That is not right. Sex is to be enjoyed and I don’t want to have toforce you. You used to like sex when you were married and if you arehonest with yourself you have missed it since. I told you that you weremine to do as I liked with and I meant it but how it works is up to you. Iam going to continue fucking you and if I have to keep forcing you I willhave to keep hurting you. If you relax you will begin to enjoy it and Iwill not have to force you”.I moved my hand to the front and slipped it under the waistband of herpanties and moved straight down to her cunt. I gently ran my finger downthe groove of her slit and she shivered, tightening her grip on my prick.Her cunt began to moisten again and I could see that, now that her nerveswere beginning to settle, that she was an excitable and sexy woman. Ibegan to finger-fuck her as gently as I could just using about half an inchof my finger She began to pant and rapidly became much wetter in my hand. Ibegan to gently kiss her as I moved my exploring finger forwards to thehard little bud of her clitoris and I began to gently caress and stroke it.She gave a great shudder and pulled her lips from mine and buried her facein my chest. Without warning her body went into spasm against me as thewaves of a powerful orgasm swept through her. Her cunt flooded into myhand and I kept on stroking and fondling her clitoris. She rolled on toher back, pulled her heels up to her arse and splayed her thighs as shecame again. I took my hand from her wet panties and began to gently feelher breasts through the sheer bodice of her nightdress as I gave her a deepkiss which she now accepted.I lowered my lips to her breast and began to suck on her prominentnipple through the nylon of her nightdress. Andrea was gently tremblingfrom the effects of the two powerful orgasms and her small hand was stillalmost automatically tossing me off. I sucked more powerfully on her stiffnipple, drawing the areola into my mouth. She groaned and put her hand onmy head pressing it into her breast. She clearly had very sensitivenipples and having them sucked certainly aroused her. I slipped theneckline of her nightdress down and freed a plump breast tipped with abullet-hard nipple on which I immediately began to nurse, sucking hard andteasing the stiff proud point with my lips and tongue. She groaned againand clutched my hair with her hand, pressing me into her. Her heelspressed against the bed and her thighs were so wide that I could see thepink slash of her üsküdar escort gaping cunt through the dark nylon of her wet panties. Itook my lips from her breast and whispered into her ear,”Take your panties off, darling”. Without hesitating she let go of mystiff prick and slid the thin panties down her lovely legs. I began tosuck her breast again and started to work her up with another gentlefinger-fuck, teasing her hard little clitoris. This time she took theinitiative, pulling my head from her breast with her hand in my hair andpressing her lips to mine. I put my tongue to her lips which immediatelyparted allowing me the freedom of her mouth. She was panting into my kissas the sensations emanating from her hot cunt swept through her excitedbody. I did not want her to come in my hand so I gently rolled on to herbetween her splayed thighs and, without breaking the kiss gently pushed theeight inch length of my stiff prick straight up her wet receptive cunt as Ilooked into her wide baby-blue eyes.I took my lips from hers and raised myself off her so that I could feelher plump breasts while I was fucking her. I began a slow gentle fuckwhile I fondled her firm breasts trough the sexy material of hernightdress. I was not riding her hard as I wanted her to begin to enjoy myattentions. I made sure as I was fucking her that I was far enough forwardthat the front of my prick rubbed and stimulated her clitoris with eachstroke. I was only using about half of my prick and the internal musclesof her cunt were massaging my organ deliciously. I looked into her eyes,”Is this good for you Andrea?” I asked quietly. She bit her lip andlooked up at me. I knew the struggle that she was having admitting it toherself and to me so I just waited, feeling her firm breasts as I gentlyfucked her. She lost the struggle with propriety and decided on honestyinstead.”It’s lovely!” she whispered shyly, “but we shouldn’t be doing itreally!””This is only the start, darling,” I said, “you will feel much morerelaxed as you gain more experience with me. It can’t be wrong. We arenot hurting anyone and it is not wrong to give one another pleasure”.”What about Gillian?” she murmured, “what are we going to do about her?””Don’t worry,” I said, “We’ll talk about Gillian later. Justconcentrate now”.I began to fuck her a little harder using a longer stroke and pressingdeeper into her. It became clear that now she was beginning to relax shewas not at all inexperienced. Her hips began to move with my thrusts untilwe had worked up a nice rhythm. She clasped her thighs around my waist andpulled me hard into her cunt with each stroke. I started to ride her moreroughly and she began to emit a high pitched squeal with each stroke as mystiff prick massaged her hard clitoris. She was now writhing and sweatingunder me, her blue eyes wide and staring with the intensity of the emotionsthat were sweeping through her. I could see the tell-tale flush spreadfrom her cheeks to her shoulders and down across her upper chest and I feltthe warmth in my balls and lay further forward on her perspiring body. Isqueezed her breasts firmly and pressed my lips to hers taking possessionof her mouth as my prick spasmed and I came up her hot cunt. Simultaneously she gave a kind of loud squeal as her whole body wasovertaken by orgasmic spasms. She was gasping in to my mouth as I withdrewmy lips from hers and buried my face in her hair lying on her sweatingbody. She sighed and her thighs unclasped from round my waist to lie spreadand relaxed on the bed. She slowly brought her breathing under control asI lay on her with my softening prick in her wet cunt. She moved slightlyunder me and I knew that I was too heavy for her so I moved off her and layon my side admiring the sexy woman I had just fucked to a screaming orgasm.I reached out and began to gently fondle her breast and she seized myexploring hand in both of hers and pressed it hard to her bosom.I took some tissue and gently cleaned her up a little so that she wasmore comfortable and poured her a glass of cold wine. We sat propped up onthe pillows drinking wine and eating the last of the lunch. Andrea seemedlost in her private world. I squeezed her hand and her wide baby-blue eyeslooked into mine.”Did you enjoy that Andrea?” I asked. She looked away momentarily andthen back into my eyes.”It was the most lovely feeling I have ever had,” she confessed shyly,”when I was married I never felt like that with my husband. I have neverhad a proper orgasm before today”. I just smiled at her and squeezed herhand. It was getting late in the afternoon and it was time to be thinkingabout Gillian coming home.”Listen, darling,” I said, “I don’t want to leave you but time isgetting on. Let’s go and have a shower and then we can get dressed. Gillian will be home in an hour.” She began to look anxious again at mymentioning her daughter and I smiled to myself. There was still a lot shehad to find out about this situation. She was more relaxed with me but shewas still anxious about my intentions towards her sexy young daughter.I gently drew her off the bed by the hand and slipped her sweatynightdress off her sexy body and led her to the shower. We showeredtogether and as I stood behind her under the warm water soaping andfondling her sexy tits I was not at all surprised to feel her soft handfondle my hairy balls and reach for my prick which she gently wanked tostiffness again. I kissed her neck under the falling water and turned herto me. My hand went to her cunt and her thighs immediately andresponsively parted and with her back against the wall of the warm showerunder the waterfall of the cascading drops I went between her thighs andslid my stiff prick up her in one smooth movement. She pressed herselfagainst me and I fucked her to another quick orgasm in the warmth of thefalling water. I withdrew as she smothered my face with kisses and wewashed each other all over again! I left her to wash and dry her hair andI dried myself and collected my clothes. I relaxed on the setteedownstairs while I waited for her.When she came in to the living room she smiled shyly at me and broughtme a cold beer. She was absolutely beautiful in a high-necked short blackdress apparently without a bra which clung to her hips and bosom andstunningly set off her soft blonde waves. She was wearing sheer darkstockings and quite high-heeled shoes. I wondered if she had put pantieson but I suspected that she had. She looked sexy and magnificent, sodifferent from the terrified woman of a few hours earlier. She sat closeto me on the settee looking into the fire.”Gillian will be home soon,” she said quietly.”I am not going to harm Gillian,” I said, “she is a very affectionategirl and I may touch her up a little but only for fun and you have seenthat she enjoys it. She is possibly just a bit too innocent and I mean tohelp you bring her on a little”. Andrea looked at me dubiously.”Don’t worry,” I smiled, “everything will be fine just you see. Whenyou see how relaxed and happy she is, you will see that I am right. WhenGillian comes in, invite me for supper tonight. I can’t join you forbreakfast in the morning as I have to be in Caernarfon early but I’ll beback about two o’clock. We can have the afternoon together before I fly toSwitzerland in the evening to take care of some unfinished business!” (see’The Climbing Hut’). Andrea smiled tremulously at me. I squeezed her handreassuringly and kissed her gently as we heard the back door open. Weparted just as Gillian bounded in with all the energy of youth.”You look so lovely, Mummy,” she said spontaneously, and looked shyly atme. I smiled at her as she sat opposite me in her school blouse havingtaken off the blazer. Her short skirt was pulled high on her plump youngthighs and as her legs crossed I got a quick flash of the dark triangle ofher panties inside her dark tights. She chattered on telling us about herfirst day at school and her mother looked more and more relieved as itappeared that she had fitted in well to what can be a rather close-knitparochial community. She had already made a lot of friends and the name’Peter’ began to crop up rather frequently in her chatter, rather toofrequently if the look in her mother’s eye was anything to go by!”I have asked Mr Evans to have dinner and to spend the evening with us,darling,” Andrea said to her daughter, “go and change for dinner and we canwatch some television afterwards. I had stood up to put another log on thefire and Gillian gave a squeal of delight, leapt up and pressed herselfagainst me. I put my arms around her and hugged her but did not doanything to cause her mother alarm. I released her excited, exciting youngbody and said gently,”Do as your mother says, there’s a good girl”. She gave us both abrilliant smile and went upstairs singing happily.I sat and relaxed on the settee with my drink enjoying the warmth of thelog fire as Andrea prepared the dinner in the kitchen. Gillian came in andcame straight across to sit close by me on the settee. She was dressed ina tight tee-shirt and a very short white thin pleated skirt about sixinches above the knee. She was not wearing a bra and her immature youngbreasts were now more prominent with the points of her little nipplesevident against the thin material. Her legs were bare and she was wearinga fluffy pair of typical teenager’s slippers. I wondered if she haddressed a little more provocatively than usual and what her mother wouldsay when she saw her. She did not seem to realise that she was playingwith fire and that teenagers who play with fire sometimes get burnt!Her mother came in and gave her a rather startled glance but lookedrelieved when it was apparent that Gillian and I were just talking – shewas clearly very apprehensive in spite of my assurances. She may, I felt,have cause for apprehension. Gillian was a very tempting little pieceindeed. We went through and had a nice light dinner. I had brought acouple of bottles of champagne which we drunk and I was careful to ensurethat Andrea and Gillian had the majority of it. Andrea kept an anxious eyeon Gillian as it was obvious that she did not usually drink in the houseand the champagne was getting to her. It was also getting to Andrea as Ihad made sure that her glass was kept filled. After dinner Andrea and Iwent through to the living room and sat on the settee in front of the firewhile Gillian made the coffee. The champagne had affected Andrea more thansomewhat and I could see that her eyelids were very heavy. Gillian broughtthe coffee in and sat on the other side of me so that I was between her andher mother on the soft comfortable settee. Andrea was on my left andGillian on my right. She poured the coffees and Andrea stirred herself.”Get Mr Evans some brandy darling,” she said to Gillian. I watched theslim form of the teenager outlined in the light from the kitchen as shepoured her mother and I a drink. Her skirt was almost transparent to thelight and I could see her slender legs outlined beautifully. As she turnedI saw her tit-tilted teenage breast in sharp relief.”I’ve never had brandy, Mummy,” she said, “please may I have a taste?”.I didn’t give her mother chance to say no.”Pour yourself a small glass, Gillian, and bring our drinks over. Comeback and sit by me. Before you do, put the lights out so that we can watchthe film.” She did as I asked and the room was now dimly lit by the lightof the fire and by a small concealed table lamp behind us. Andrea switchedthe television on using the remote control and I watched the end of thenews in Welsh before the film started. Neither Andrea or Gillianunderstood the language but they waited patiently for the film as we drankour coffee and brandy. I heard Gillian choke a little on the spirit.”Drink it slowly darling,” I said, “it is very strong. Her motherinstantly tensed as I used the endearment to her daughter. She was very onedge. The film started and mother and daughter quickly became engrossed.Andrea was still drowsy from the alcohol but she stayed awake, at leasttemporarily. I was not interested in the film, of course, being much moreinterested in my lovely young companions. Neither of them could see what Iwas doing to the other in the dark. I put my left arm round Andrea anddrew her soft head on to my shoulder. My arm went straight under herarmpit and my hand found her plump springy breast which I started to gentlyfondle through the thin material of her dress. She gave a deep sigh andrelaxed against me as I continued to feel her, gently tweaking herresponsive nipple occasionally. I began to feel her more and more gentlyuntil my hand was barely moving against the curve of her full soft breast.The gentle caress was having an almost hypnotic effect and, combined withthe alcohol it became too much for her. I heard her breathing deepen andshe fell asleep against my shoulder. I dropped my hand to her waist fromher tit and just gently held her against me while I turned my attention toher sexy young daughter. I put my arm around Gillian with my hand on theoutside of her arm and looked into her excited young eyes. I smiled downat her.”Your Mummy is asleep so let’s be quiet and try not to waken her,” Isaid softy. Gillian nodded, squeezing her plump young thighs together tuzla escort inexcitement and some anticipation. I could smell the faint perspirationfrom the excited, rather apprehensive teenager who had also been affectedby the unaccustomed amount of alcohol that she had consumed. I thoughtthat it was time to play.”Have you ever had a boy-friend, Gillian?” I asked quietly, my mouthclose to the perfection of her ear. Her blush was obvious even in the dimfirelight.”I had one boy-friend when I was f******n and we lived in Kent,” shewhispered, “we went out together for about three months before we had toleave to come here”. I tightened my hold, pulling her more firmly againstme as I listened with approval to Andrea’s heavy steady breathing. She wasdeeply asleep and would not interfere with my plans. I gently drew my leftarm from round the mother and left her sleeping deeply against my shoulderas I continued to pay attention to her young daughter.”And I suppose that he often kissed you,” I asked quietly. Theteenager’s blush deepened. She nodded. I squeezed her arm reassuringlywith my hand and rested my other hand gently on her thigh. She looked downat it as I continued to whisper into her ear. “Did he used to touch yourbreasts?”. For the first time she looked at me with some alarm but I justheld her tightly. “Well?” I asked, “did he?”There was a pause and I could feel her excited but now apprehensiveyoung body beside me trembling slightly. I waited for the to collectherself. I knew that she would tell me eventually.”He used to touch me in the dark when we were watching television or inthe cinema,” she whispered. I laughed gently.”You mean that he used to feel you. You sat and let a boy feel yourtits without doing anything to stop him. Does your Mummy know?” She shookher head violently.”Please don’t tell her,” she begged. I moved my hand under her armpitand rested it on her hip just below the curve of her firm young breast as Ichecked on Andrea. Good, she was still deeply asleep. I now had just thesort of hold over Gillian that I wanted. She was afraid to let her motherknow of her c***dish sexual experimentation and this fear put her rightinto my hands.”Did he put his hand down your dress and feel your bare tits?” I asked.She shook her head. “Has anybody ever felt your bare tits?” She shook herhead again. “Excellent!” I thought.”Did your boyfriend put his hand up your dress and feel your cunt?” Iasked maliciously knowing how this would embarrass her. She shook her headviolently. “You do know what your cunt is, I suppose?” I said. She lookedinto the fire and nodded. “Do you know what a boy’s prick is?” she nodded,too afraid to lie. “Did you ever touch your boy-friend’s prick?” I asked.She shook her head violently again. She was certainly very immature andinnocent for a fifteen year old! I knew that I did not have very much timeas Andrea would be awake soon. I took my hand from Gillian’s thigh andtilted her face up to mine.”Give me a nice kiss,” I commanded and it was a measure of her fear thatshe did not hesitate. I gently kissed the frightened teenager’s soft lipswhile looking into her wide eyes. I gently moved my tongue forward until Ifelt her closed mouth and I ran the tip along her lips while pressing justa little more firmly. Her lips parted and I slid my tongue into thestartled girl’s mouth and gave her a relatively gentle but deep kiss. Shepanted into my mouth. I took my lips from hers.”Did your boy-friend kiss you like that?” I asked. She shook her head.”Have you ever been kissed like that?” she shook her head again. “Did youlike it?” She looked into the fire and did not answer. I smiled to myself.I knew that she was waiting for me to touch her further but I am moresubtle than that! I withdrew my arm from round her and turned to hermother. Was it my imagination or did Gillian look a little disappointed?”Go and get ready for bed,” I ordered in a tone that brooked no refusal,”when you are ready, come back down here in the nicest nightie you have, noslippers and no dressing-gown, understand?” She nodded and went upstairs.I moved my hand up on to Andrea’s breast and began to fondle her firmly,tweaking her nipple as it erected under my touch. I kissed her ear and shesighed and awaked, immediately looking around in alarm.”Where’s Gillian?” she gasped, “what have you done?” I laughed.”Calm down,” I said, squeezing her tit in my hand, “I haven’t doneanything. She’s gone to have a shower and to get ready for bed. She’ll bedown in a minute”. She looked at me doubtfully as she became fully awakebut seemed reassured as she heard her daughter in the bathroom.”I’ll go and make some supper,” Andrea said. I gently kissed her, gaveher breast a last feel and let her get to her feet. I relaxed as Ilistened to the domestic noises from the kitchen as the mother made supperand from the bathroom as the daughter showered. Andrea called me and Iwent through to the kitchen. She had made a very light supper and I satand waited for Gillian to join us.When she came in I looked at her with approval and her mother withabsolute astonishment. She was wearing a black sheer nylon nightdresswhich reached the level of her hips. The bosom was close-fitting and itclung tightly to her proud firm young breasts. The neckline was very lowand showed the start of her cleavage. The nightdress was very simple withno lace or other decoration but it was stunningly effective on Gillian’sfirm young body. The glamorous night-gown was complemented by a pair ofvery tight high-cut panties which outlined and clearly defined the firmplump lips of her young cunt. I could even see the soft fleece on herpubic mound through the thin material. She had left her blonde hair looseand flowing. She looked simply amazing. I got in first before her motherhad recovered from the shock.”You look absolutely lovely, Gillian darling,” I said, “come and sitbeside me”. Her mother gasped again in outrage.”Gillian!” she said rather shrilly, “what are you thinking of. Youcan’t dress like that in front of Mr Evans. Go and put a dressing-gown onat once!” It was time to exercise some authority. I looked into Andrea’seyes and said quietly”I don’t want you to put a dressing gown on Gillian. You look just fineas you are. Now come and sit beside me at once!” Her mother’s eyes,defeated, moved from mine and Gillian came to sit beside me on the benchseat by the table. It was time to let Andrea know how things were going tobe. By relaxing and accommodating herself to my desires during theafternoon she had felt more comfortable and less afraid in spite of what Ihad made her do. It was time to move on now though. I had had Andrea, nowI wanted Gillian.”You just serve the supper and don’t interfere,” I said to the anxiousyoung mother. I turned to her virtually naked teenaged daughter and tiltedher mouth up to mine. I put my lips to hers and began to kiss her. Thistime her lips opened without hesitation and I gave her a long deep sexykiss that left Gillian gasping and her mother trembling with anxiety forher daughter. I released her and laughed.”You are a fast learner, Gillian,” I said, “now let’s have supper.” Hermother served the supper and sat opposite us. I behaved perfectly and didnot touch either her or her daughter. I just enjoyed my supper. It wasnow getting late.”Tomorrow is Saturday, what are your plans?” I asked. There was a pauseand then Andrea said,”I shall be at home, the shopping is being delivered and there is stillplenty to do in the house”. I looked at Gillian,”I have been invited to the Chapel Youth Club in the morning and thenthere are trials for the school hockey team. I was hoping to be out allday. The trials finish at about five o’clock so I should be home fordinner at about six. Will that be all right, Mummy?” Andrea looked at mebut I said nothing.”That’s all right darling,” she said, “you should have a very nice daywith your new friends”. I looked at the pretty pair.”I am going into Caernarfon again in the morning to pick up my planetickets for Switzerland. I have to drive to the airport in Manchester fora plane about midnight so I shall have to leave no later than seveno’clock. I’ll come round for lunch when I come back from Caernarfon Andrea,and we can spend the afternoon together. When you come home from schoolI’ll have a little time with you Gillian before I leave. I shall be awayfor four or five days”. The mother and daughter just looked at the manwho, without effort appeared to have taken over their lives. “Andrea, youclear the supper things away and don’t come into the living room until Icall you – just get on with the washing up. Gillian, it is getting nearyour bed-time.” It was now clear to the two women that my requests hadbecome commands and they were aware of the change in the atmosphere as Iexerted my dominance over them. I got up and went through into the darkliving room and sat on a comfortable chair.”Come in here and say good night to me, Gillian,” I said.She came from the kitchen and stood in the open doorway of the darkroom, back-lit by the light from the kitchen. I could see every detail ofher firm young body through the thin night-dress as she stood uncertainlywaiting.”Come here,” I said, holding out my hand. She came to me and I took hersmall hand and drew her down on to my knee. I put my arm around her, underher armpit so that my hand was resting on the plump puppy fat of her youngbelly which I fondled through the thin material. She shivered.”Kiss me,” I said quietly and she raised her lips to mine. I gave her agentle kiss and then I took my lips from hers and looked into her youngeyes. “You said that you had never had your bare tits felt,” I said. Shelooked at me without speaking. I slowly moved my hand from her stomach toher tit and began to feel her springy breast through the thin nylon. Heryoung breast filled my hand and I could feel the stiffening of her excitednipple. She gasped as I began to kiss her again. This time my kiss wasmore demanding and I began to take full possession of her clean young mouthexploring her lips and gums luxuriously and leisurely with my tongue andsucking on her soft tongue. While kissing her I moved my hand to her otherbreast and stiffened that nipple up as well. Things had gone very quiet inthe kitchen and I could imagine Andrea sitting, consumed with anxiety,wondering what I was doing to her daughter but powerless to interfere. Enough for tonight, I thought, easing Gillian to her feet.”Go and say goodnight to your Mummy, I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said andenjoyed the sight of her young bottom as it wiggled through the lighteddoorway into the kitchen. I heard her kiss Andrea and wish her goodnightbefore going up the stairs. Playing with Gillian had got me aroused again.”Andrea, come in here” I called peremptorily. She immediately obeyed.”What did you do to Gillian?” she asked. I laughed.”Nothing much, I just kissed her and felt her a little. She enjoyed it.She didn’t look too distressed did she?” Andrea looked confused. “Are youwearing panties?” I asked. Andrea just nodded. “Well take them off andgive them to me,” I ordered. She slipped the dark sheer panties down hersexy slender legs and held them out to me. I just let her stand holdingthem. It always humiliates women if men who have the power to make themtake off their panties just let them stand there offering them. I tookthem eventually and put them in my pocket. I drew Andrea into my arms andbegan to kiss her, feeling her breast through the thin material of herdress with one hand and putting the other hand straight up the hem of hershort dress between her thighs on to her cunt which I began to fondle,rapidly moving to a finger-fuck as I kissed her deeply. I quickly put asecond finger up her tight wet hole and began to vigorously massage hercunt walls. I began to squeeze her tit more tightly, twisting her nipple.Something about this vulnerable young blonde made me want to make hersuffer from time to time. I broke the kiss and said into her ear throughthe soft blonde curtain of her hair. “Toss me off, Andrea,” I ordered. She pulled my zip down and began to wank my stiff prick.”I think a fuck would help us to sleep, don’t you Andrea?” She lookedhelplessly at me. I pushed her down on the settee. “Spread your thighs,”I ordered and she automatically did as I commanded. Her cunt was wet andready and I slid straight up her to the balls with no trouble. I began toshaft her without bothering too much about her pleasure. It was probablytime to call it a day but I could not resist a last hard fuck. Her thighscame up and grasped my waist as I took her tits in my hands and began toroughly squeeze them. She gasped. I increased the length of my stroke andgave her a really rough ride, shagging the arse off her. I came up herwithout bothering about her orgasm and lay on her sweaty body mauling herplump sensitive tits. She had tears in her eyes but lay clasping me to herwith her thighs, her dress clinging to her perspiring body. I withdrewfrom her and stood looking down at Andrea as I zipped my trousers.”Don’ forget to go to the doctor’s tomorrow,” I said mockingly, as Iwent to the door. I looked back at the fucked-out blonde lying with herthighs splayed my cum running down over her arse on to the settee from thegaping slash of her cunt. “I’ll see you for lunch”.I went back to my cottage and poured myself a drink as I stood lookingout at the cold light of the moon on the mountain. I thought over theevents of the day and smiled with satisfaction. Things boded well fortomorrow. I blew out the lamp and went to bed, falling asleep immediately.

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