2 Ocak 2021

April’s Dilemma Ch. 02


That morning at work, April went into the ladies room several times just to look at her face in the mirror. Were the blemishes starting to come back? She couldn’t be sure, but staring at them wasn’t helping her state of mind. April was distracted and it was a struggle for her to get any work done. She was totally surprised when Tina and Melissa came to her desk and said it was time for lunch.

April usually went to lunch with several other women in the office. Usually it was just sandwiches in the company cafeteria, but at least one Friday a month they went out to eat.

“Come on,” Tina said, nodding her head toward the front door. “We’re going to Hal’s today. Melissa’s got something to tell us!” Tina added, feigning excitement.

Melissa was, April knew, unlikely to have anything to say that she wanted to hear about. It was probably about a guy she had met the night before and, knowing Melissa, had already slept with. In light of her current anxiety, April wondered if she shouldn’t skip lunch this time. It would be bad enough that she was worrying herself sick about her blemishes returning. But if she had to listen to Melissa tell everyone about what a slut she was…

April had always been puzzled by Melissa’s lifestyle. It was just incomprehensible to her how a woman could be with men she hardly knew. All the time, too. When Tina had said Melissa had a story to tell, April took that to mean they would be spending lunch listening to Melissa describe, in more detail than April could possibly want, the guy she had met, sucked and fucked the night before.

It would be especially galling today, in light of April’s own worries with finding men herself. Here she was, desperately needing to meet a man or two to provide her with the sperm that would chase the blemishes from her face. And there was Melissa, a virtual cock magnet, doing so easily what April herself needed to do.

April wasn’t kidding herself as to the predicament she was in. Even if she were to meet a man, she had no idea how she would get things to progress quickly. Everything about April virtually screamed “prude!” It had taken Nicholas five dates over three weeks to work up the nerve to kiss her. And even then, he had admitted to her later, he hadn’t been sure she’d kiss him back.

While it was true that Nicholas was not the average guy in that respect, April knew that she naturally discouraged men’s’ advances. Now she had to overcome not only her fear of initial contact and conversation, she also had to somehow suppress the part of her personality that scared away men who were looking for something casual. And then, assuming that she could push herself to that extreme, she still had to overcome her values of her upbringing, which told her in no uncertain terms that “nice” girls simply didn’t behave this way.

With all of that weighing on her mind, the last thing April really wanted was to sit and listen to how easy it was for a woman like Melissa. Why couldn’t Melissa be the one afflicted with this incurable disease? April thought. At least she’d have no problem finding enough men and sperm to do the trick. In fact, for all anybody knew, Melissa might have the same condition, but swallowed enough cum anyway that there would never be any blemishes!

As she sat and picked listlessly at her lunch, April listened to Melissa’s latest escapades. This story was impressive, even by Melissa’s standards. She had met not one, but two men and somehow arranged to spend this coming weekend with them at a mountain resort.

“I haven’t seen Doug’s cock yet,” Melissa whispered loudly enough for the whole restaurant to hear. “But Tony showed me his in the parking lot and Doug says his is even bigger!” There was tittering laughter from some of the other girls.

“I’ll bet he ‘showed’ it to you!” Tina giggled. “Did he let you taste it too?” Another burst of laughter erupted, louder this time. Melissa gave a phony school-girl smile, putting the tip of her index finger to her cheek to feign innocence.

“A lady never tells,” she said sweetly. Her smile changed to a leer. “But I sucked him off right there in his car!” More laughter and even some clapping from the other women ensued.

April sat staring at her plate, equally put off by Melissa’s freewheeling lifestyle as by her own inability to mimic it. April was sure that if she didn’t find a cock to suck soon, the blemishes would return, And she had to sit and listen to Melissa talk so casually about meeting a man and giving him head… just like that! Why was it so easy for her when it was virtually impossible for April? How was that fair that Melissa should be rewarded for being loose or April punished for being proper?

The other women continued to laugh and joke about what would happen during Melissa’s weekend in the mountains with two men. Melissa encouraged them, agreeing excitedly when someone made a suggestion that appealed to her.

“If they have a Jacuzzi, do you think they’ll double team you in it?

“Oh, God! I hope so! There’s nothing like getting it at both ends in a tub of hot bubbly water!”

“Will your canlı bahis room have a balcony?”

“Ohhh, I don’t know. But if it does….” Melissa winked suggestively, then finished the sentence anyway. “I plan to get fucked leaning over the railing!”

April tried to picture herself having sex on a balcony. She couldn’t. Not even in her imagination was she able to conjure an image of herself bent over a balcony railing being taken from behind.

Of course, it didn’t matter if she could picture that or not, she told herself with a wry smile. What she needed to envision was herself on her knees on the balcony, with a man’s cock in her mouth. But that vision eluded her too. She pushed her plate away and sat waiting for lunch to end.

If April had been apprehensive about her blemishes in the morning, she was even worse in the afternoon. By three o’clock she was convinced that they were indeed getting worse. By the time she got home that evening, there was no doubt about it. They were coming back.

The semen she had swallowed had reduced them to almost nothing. But now, with her last treatment almost a full day behind her, they were re-emerging. And, April reminded herself, Nicholas had not ejaculated a large volume of cum since the second night.

Now she had the whole weekend ahead of her with virtually no chance of receiving any more semen. What would she look like by Monday? Worse, what if Nicholas spent all weekend having sex with his girlfriend and, come Monday, had only what little was left to offer her?

April spent part of Friday night staring at the mirror, looking at the faint outlines of her blemishes. She didn’t know if she was watching to see if they got worse or if she thought that they couldn’t get worse as long as she watched. Whatever the reason, it was beginning to unnerve her.

At one point April actually convinced herself that she had to go out to a local bar and at least try to meet someone. She got as far as getting dressed and opening her front door before going back to the mirror. What would she do if she went out? She didn’t even know what bar to go to. Other than the occasional happy hour with her coworkers, April really didn’t go out.

And what would happen once she got there? Could she sit there sipping a drink at the bar hoping someone would see her and try to pick her up? April really didn’t trust her own reactions in that sort of situation. She was incredibly nervous at the thought. How could she deal with it as a reality?

April was not a bad looking woman. She did know that. At twenty-nine she still looked young enough to get asked for ID. Her wavy brown hair spilled over her shoulders in silky curls. Her soft brown eyes, delicate nose and high cheekbones were attractive, if not glamorous. She was pretty in a plain sort of way. She wore little in the way of makeup, yet had a wholesome, good-looking face that didn’t seem to miss it.

Her smile, when she was relaxed enough to let it show without being self-conscious, was actually quite beautiful. She had perfect white teeth and soft red lips that combined on those rare occasions in a way that would get any man’s attention.

April’s body too, was one that was attractive, if not voluptuous. She was just under five and a half feet tall, had a slender build, nice hips with firm thighs and ass, thanks to her weekly workouts. Her breasts weren’t large, but they were firm and nicely shaped.

As objectively as she could, April took inventory of all these things. She easily concluded that she was indeed and attractive, desirable woman, one that men would pay attention to, even hit on. If she were to walk into a bar and order a drink, certainly someone would notice her, buy her a round and strike up a conversation. From there…?

But April couldn’t do it. Not alone, anyway. It was just too much of a leap for her, despite her circumstances. Maybe the next time they all went out to a happy hour, April could be bold enough to make eye contact with a stranger at the bar. At least she’d have her friends around for a bit of support and perhaps even encouragement.

Of course, if the next happy hour was a week or two or three away–and it wasn’t like they were planned out events–April would have a face full of ugly blemishes that would pretty much ruin her chances to meet someone new.

No, she had to do something soon. Before Nicholas either stopped or became incapable of helping her. She didn’t know what she had to do, but she knew that she had to figure it out and get to it without excuse or delay. April knew she simply couldn’t live with these blemishes anymore. If there was a way short of suicide to get rid of them, she was going to have to make herself do it. If that meant somehow conveying to strange men in bars that she wanted to suck their cocks and swallow their cum, then she better get busy figuring out how she was going to make it happen.

April wondered if she should ask Cathy, her internet acquaintance who had the same rare condition. It seemed a bit inappropriate to April, asking a stranger how she had gone about finding men to provide the bahis siteleri necessary semen to keep those hated blemishes at bay. But Cathy certainly would understand the problem better than anyone else April knew. And it was email, which meant none of the embarrassment of discussing men, their cocks and swallowing their cum face to face. Besides, April asked herself, where else could she possibly turn at this point?

She sat down at her computer and typed the email. She re-read it a half dozen times, editing various parts before she finally hit the send button. After she sent it, April got up and wandered aimlessly around the house. She had no idea what to do in the meantime. After a while, she sat down at the computer again and re-read what she had sent.

Dear Cathy,

Thank you again for all your help and encouragement. I have some other questions. Ones that I know are difficult for me to ask and maybe even more difficult for you to answer.

With some help from an old boyfriend I have been able to try your treatment and see that it really does work. He will probably continue to help me out, but I think you’re right that it won’t be enough.

I want to apologize in advance if I ask anything too personal, but I don’t know of anyone who is more likely to understand. I know you said you were married. When you found that your husband was not providing enough, what did you do? How did you find someone else?

I’m not a very outgoing person and I’ve only had a few boyfriends. I feel lost and was just hoping that you might be able to advise me. I can’t picture myself doing what it looks like I’m going to have to do. I’ve never “hooked up” in a bar or anything like that. Anything that you can suggest would be so greatly appreciated.

Sincerest thanks,


As April re-read the email she had sent, a new mail popped into her In box. It was from Cathy. She quickly clicked on it and read.


Don’t worry about asking personal questions! If what you’re going through is anything like what I went through, it’s tougher for you to ask than for me to answer.

Anyway, I have a lot of info and things I’ve tried that I’d be happy to tell you about. But I have a couple of “treatments” lined up for tonight, so I won’t have time until later tonight or tomorrow. But in the meantime take my word for it, it isn’t nearly as bad as it may seem right now. Finding a man who wants to have his cock sucked is about as difficult as finding sand at the beach! LOL!

Hang in there,


April re-read Cathy’s note and even managed to smile at her joke. Yes, it was obvious to April that it wouldn’t be all that tricky to find men who wanted to get sucked off. The only problem April had was how to convey to them that she would.

It was the kind of problem a woman like Melissa would never understand. It bothered April to think about Melissa, thinking about how she was probably in bed with two cum-laden men right now. She was planning to spend the weekend writhing naked in bed with them, fucking them and greedily drinking down their potent juices.

April thought about it and realized that Melissa, between last night, tonight and tomorrow, would probably have the opportunity to swallow twice as much cum as April had needed to get her face to this point. Again April wondered how it could be so easy for someone like Melissa. Probably in one night she could get more semen than April had gotten all week.

April read Cathy’s note one last time. It definitely helped her to hear that Cathy had once been in a similar predicament and had found her way through it. The way her note casually said that she was getting two “treatments” was, well… April blinked, as it hit home that Cathy planned to suck the cocks of two men tonight. And swallow both of their hot, sticky loads.

April couldn’t help wonder if Cathy was going to see both of them at the same time, or if she met up with one then the other. If they were both at the same time though, did one guy watch her while she sucked the other? April decided that Cathy probably saw them individually. Two men at once was more Melissa’s style. Cathy sounded a bit less wild than that. She was a woman like April herself who was only doing what she had to do because of circumstances beyond her control.

Then again, Cathy made it very clear that she had changed significantly since discovering the how to eliminate the dreaded blemishes. Still, April didn’t think Cathy’s changing out of necessity would turn her into someone like Melissa. April certainly wouldn’t become like that, even if she did have to swallow cum every day for the rest of her life.

The next morning when April looked in the mirror, she nearly cried. They were back. Still not as bad as they had been, but there was no denying that they were on their way.

April cursed herself for not at least trying to find a bar or a bowling alley or some place to meet a man. Just one man would have kept this from happening. So what if it would have been mortifying and humiliating and awful getting things to the point where he would bahis şirketleri cum in her mouth. At least there wouldn’t be these horrible blotches on her face this morning! All she would have had to do is suck one cock last night!

Even as she berated herself, April knew that she couldn’t have done it anyway. There was no way she would have been able to give a man she just met a decent kiss goodnight, let alone a blow job. She remembered that Cathy was supposed to send an email with some suggestions. Maybe there would be something in there that would give her hope. With a last, defeated look in the mirror, April went to her PC to see if Cathy had emailed her.

Sure enough, there was a mail from Cathy in April’s In box. April quickly opened and read it.

Dear April,

I know exactly what you’re going through. And I’ve got some advice that you aren’t going to like, but you have to hear. Whatever way you choose to find your sources of sperm, always, always, ALWAYS remember that there is a clock ticking. If you go more than a couple days without a good dose, you’re going to see your blemishes coming back. It’s incredibly important that you NOT let this happen! It’s going to be difficult enough for you to do this at first. It’s only going to be worse, if not impossible, trying to do it with the blemishes showing. So suck it up (pun intended!) and do what you have to do get rid of them and keep them gone!

That said, let me share some of my own experiences with you. Some of this may help, some may not. But at least you’ll see that I was just as bad off as I could be at one time but now that I’ve come to terms with it, I’m doing great and enjoying my life again.

Okay, when I first heard about this, I was married. I told my husband about it and (surprise, surprise!) he was more than willing to try it. At first we saw a definite improvement, which was great for both of us. Me, because I was desperate to have my face back to normal and him, well… it should be obvious enough why he thought it was great. At least at first he did.

But two things happened. First, a guy may think it’s a great thing to get a blow job every day, but when they actually get it, it isn’t as great as they thought. Now my husband was a bit older (late forties) when I started this. After a few weeks, he really didn’t have the same enthusiasm that he did at the beginning. It was taking more and more time and effort to get him to cum. And second, when he did cum, he wasn’t giving me much.

My blemishes never really disappeared during this time, but they got much, much better. I could hide them with makeup. But as time went on, they started to come back. I guessed immediately that it was because of how little ejaculate my husband was giving me after being sucked dry every night for two or three weeks.

I found that it was actually better to give him a few nights off and let the blemishes come back a little, then get a good dose and knock them back again. That meant that a couple days every week my face was spotty, but at least I had a chance to get my face almost clear whenever we had someplace to go.

When I realized that I didn’t know what to do or where to turn at that point, I got a bit panicked. I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. I had been married a long time and so I had no idea where to look for men. I tried the internet first. While it may work for you, I would say most of my experiences with it were bad at best.

First, the regular dating sites seemed to be too time consuming. I didn’t really want to meet someone. I just needed to get what I needed, wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am! There were some sites that claimed to be just what I needed: hook up sites for people who just wanted to have sex with strangers. At the time I thought it was too good to be true, and, as it turned out, I was right.

Half of the people I contacted turned out to be kids who were just looking for a cheap email thrill. Then there was the sleaze element, the guys that were looking for hookers. I guess professional women use those sites to get business. When I actually did find guys who seemed normal, half of the time we couldn’t work out a rendezvous or we did and I got stood up.

And on the rare occasions I did meet up with a guy, they weren’t always happy that all they were getting was a blow job. I always told them up front that was all, but I guess they didn’t believe me or figured they could charm their way into my pants once they met me.

Oh, and only one time did I ever see a man I had met that way more than once! Either they were out to find new women all the time or I give the worst head! LOL!

Anyway, I’m not to discourage you from trying it. Just don’t expect it to be the solution to your problem.

Meeting guys in public places like clubs and bars works to some extent. At least it worked out better for me than the online hook-up sites. It helps sooo much if you have a friend who is active in the singles scene. I was lucky enough to work with a girl who went out pretty regularly. I wound up confiding in her and she was a wonderful help. I admit, I would have probably not had the nerve on my own to do what I needed to do quickly enough to keep the blemishes away. She was that extra push I needed. Plus, she already knew tons of people she could introduce me to. 😉

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