3 Şubat 2021

Ariadne and the Chair


Ariadne walks into the chamber and hears the doors hiss closed behind. The Chair looms in front of her, daunting but exciting. This is her first time to try The Chair. She has slept with both men and women before, but it is rumored that The Chair gives the most intense orgasms you’ll ever have. She lets down her long, dark hair, pulls off her boots, and unzips her black, tight-fitting jumpsuit, freeing her full breasts.

Hesitantly, she steps up to the machine—a large, rather clinical-looking chair with armrests overarched by a large domed canopy with a control panel—and sits down on the seat. It is made of gel-filled rubber with two very noticeable holes from which the tips of what appear to be lifelike vibrators protrude slightly. The rubber molds around her body as she she sinks back into it. In front of her are video-goggles and a control panel with two switches and a film selector. She turns the first one to “female” and the second one to “on,” then puts on the goggles. The video she selects is “gangbang.”

The chair surprises her when the casino siteleri back tilts downwards. Clasps come out of the arm rests and lock her wrists to the chair as they spread her arms down and away from her body, forcing her breasts up prominently. Similar clamps shut around knees and ankles, as they are spread wide. She feels a hint of fear, as she is no longer in control of what happens next.

She watches as three men surround and disrobe a voluptuous woman, and feels light stroking as if by feathers all over her body. Warm, moist suction cups come down and attach themselves to her areolas as needle-like vibrators penetrate her nipples. A tiny suction cup with a vibrating ball inside attaches itself to her clit. The sensations in her breast and clit make her moan feverishly as she watches one of the three men on the video tit-fuck the woman while she sucks off another, and the third rubs his cock against her pussy. Ariadne feels the wetness dripping from her achingly-empty, clenching pussy as she cums for the first time of the night.

A canlı casino bulbous head presses against her lips, and she takes something large the feels like a cock and is coated in a creamy, sweet substance into her mouth. She moans on the machine’s cock as it fucks her mouth, while her wet, pink pussy begs to be filled.

She feels the tip of one of the chair’s two life-like vibrators pressing against her tight anus, and gyrates her hips, rubbing her ass against it while the suction cups suck on and the vibrators stimulate her engorged nipples and clit. The vibrator against her ass secretes a lubricant from the tip which drips down the shaft before it shoves into her the first time. She cries out against the creamy-sweet cock in her mouth as the slowly-expanding one in her ass fucks her deeper and deeper. Ariadne clenches her tight ass as she cums again. The men in the video are fucking the woman in all her holes now. She watches with desperate longing as a big, hard cock shoves in and out of the woman’s drenched pussy.

Finally, the third vibrator kaçak casino rubs against her pussy lips. She moans and presses her hips towards it, trying to get the cock inside her pussy. Suddenly, it shoves deep inside her, and she cries out and arches her back with her third orgasm. She feels the big, vibrating cock fucking her hard in time to the ones in her ass and mouth. She sucks deeply on the sweet cock in her mouth and bucks her hips wildly as the sensations overcome her. The warm, moist suction cups suck harder and harder on her big tits and her clit. The tiny vibrators fuck her nipples. She cums and cums and cums, completely overwhelmed and out of it. Her pussy and asshole clench tightly again and again around the big vibrators. Her nipples and clit become red and swollen, and she gulps down the sweet cream secreted by the big cock in her mouth.

Finally, the machine seems to sense her over-stimulation, and slowly each of the rubber cocks pull out of her, the suction cups release, and the chair gently pushes her upright. After the clasps release her arms and legs, she shakily stands up. Her legs seem too weak to support her weight, and she sits on the edge of the machine for a few minutes before picking up her clothes and going through the next door to the showers.

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