21 Haziran 2021

Asia Traveling


Asia Travelingby: francisdashwood1066I have been travelling in Asia, and we have managed to arrange to meet in Jakarta. It’s been about a year now that we’ve exchanged emails and chatted. It’s an odd situation–we feel that we know each other well, but we’ve never really met and each of us is a little nervous. After all, will reality be a disappointment after a year of imagination? We decide that it would be best to meet first for dinner in my hotel. That way, if things don’t work out, each of us has the chance to say no before things go too far. I’m waiting in the coffee shop when you arrive. You recognize me from the images that you’ve seen and come over. I’m very pleasantly surprised: you’re even better looking in person than I’d expected, an Asian goddess come to life. We sit for a while and chat, talking a little awkwardly at first, and then we go into the restaurant where I let you order for us. The food comes and, although it’s undoubtedly delicious, I don’t really taste a thing since I’m so taken with your good looks and what has become a great conversation. It’s a wonderful but somewhat strange situation: we’re like old friends but we’ve never really met before. Our talk continues until we realize that over two hours have passed and you look at me and say with a little smile, “Bob, why don’t you show me your room.” My heart begins to race and I can feel myself getting hard as I nod. I pay the bill and we head for the elevator.Once we enter the room, we canlı bahis turn toward one another; there’s an awkward hesitation for just a moment and then you move closer to me. I wrap my arms around you, our mouths come together and our tongues touch, caressing each other, and then you thrust your tongue deep into my mouth. My God, I think, this is exciting and I place my hand on your right breast. I can feel your nipple, hard like a little rock, and I gently roll it between my fingers. You begin to moan softly and then pull away, telling me a little breathlessly to sit down in the chair. When I do, you dim the lights and begin slowly to undress, unbuttoning your blouse, button by button. Finally, I see that you’re wearing a flimsy red bra that is close to transparent. Next you unzip your skirt and let it fall to the floor. Underneath, you have a matching red thong, a garter belt and stockings.I’m unable to move as you approach, reach out and begin to unbutton my shirt. You remove it. Then kneeling in front of me, you unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants. I raise my hips slightly as you slowly pull them down and toss them aside. I’m harder than I’ve been in years. After you look into my eyes for a moment, you lower your head and slowly kiss the tip of my cock. Then you open your mouth and take just the head between your lips, sucking hard on it for a moment before continuing down. I’m surprised that you take the entire length with no problem. You move up and down, bahis siteleri at the same time taking my balls in your hand, gently squeezing them. I realize that you can’t continue this for too long; I don’t want to climax too soon. I take your head in my hands and slowly pull it away, coming to my feet and pulling you to yours. Without a word, I lead you to the bed.As we move to the bed, we quickly pull off what few clothes we have left. We fall together onto the bed, our mouths locked together, each of us feverishly caressing the other’s body. I place one hand on your breast and with the other reach for your pussy. My fingers glide through your silky pubic hair and over your pussy to find your lips, already swollen with excitement. I gently run my index finger along your moistening vagina and can feel your clitoris pushing out. You begin to moan and I slowly pull back from your arms. I continue to move my fingers around below while at the same time I bend to flick my tongue across your nipples. After sucking on them for a moment, I begin to run my tongue lightly across your chest and stomach, tickling the tiny hairs on your skin. Slowly, slowly I work my way down. You are becoming increasingly excited. I pull my hand away and replace my fingers with my tongue, lapping at your clit, at the same time cupping your ass in my hands. I am amazed by how sweet you taste and how wet you’re becoming. You begin to push your pelvis against my face and I respond by bahis şirketleri licking harder and faster. Then, I stop for a moment and lift you slightly in order to be able to reach your ass with my tongue.For just a moment I lick your ass hole and then return to your pussy.I take your clit between my lips and begin to suck. You begin to quiver and push yourself against my mouth and my finger. I can tell your orgasm is beginning. “Oh…oh…oh,” you begin, softly at first, then rising almost to a shout. You stiffen and, then with a soft moan, you fall limp.You have cum. You lie motionless for just a few seconds and then reach down and pull me up. Putting your hands behind my head, you pull my mouth down to yours, thrusting your tongue into my mouth. After a moment of feverish kisses you pull away and whisper harshly, “Fuck me.” I don’t need a second invitation. After having your lips on my cock and then mine on your pussy, I’m excited to the point of bursting. I know that I won’t last long. You reach down and guide my cock into your soaking pussy. It’s tight but well-lubricated. I slide in and begin to thrust in and out. I’m breathing hard and my heart is pounding. I’m surprised because I sense that, even after your first powerful orgasm, you’re still at a high level of excitement and are about to come for a second time. I can’t last long and manage to say, “Umi…I’m going to cum.” You’re unable to reply. Suddenly, at the same time, we both explode. I gently roll to the side, though our arms are still around each other. We lie like that for several minutes, our eyes closed. Finally, you kiss me gently on the lips and say, “I’m so glad you came to Jakarta, Bob.”New Years Eve 2018

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