7 Eylül 2021

Baker’s Dozen part 02


Baker’s Dozen part 0212 for fun, and one for love, I thought. A Baker’s Dozen. Seriously? Aidin must have a wicked sense of irony, I thought. The events of the evening were mostly pushed out of my mind. I did my best to wrap my head around this idea of goddesses, gifts, and all the sex I could want. I knew that, back in ancient Greece and Rome especially, the gods and goddesses did this sort of thing all the time. This wasn’t ancient times, though, and I didn’t even really believe what was going on. Last night’s blowjob was amazing. I didn’t know dirty sex could be so good and passionate. Now, when I say dirty, I’m not talking fetish stuff. Urine, feces, feet, and a nameless amount of other activities ranging from mildly unappealing to outright disgusting were not my cup of tea. Then again, tea wasn’t my cup of tea. This was more than I was used to, certainly. Sex so far had been a hushed affair. The lights out, no sounds except the occasional moan, heavy breathing, and sucking of a moist cunt, certainly hadn’t inserted anything anywhere else. There was Susan at a party in high school, but her blowjob consisted mostly of probing licks, giggles, and ended when someone’s (I have no idea whose party it was) parents came home. I pushed those thoughts away for as long as possible. The last batch of the night was the cinnamon rolls. Great big ones, fresh, hot and cinnamony from the stove. The glazing was what did it. Drizzling that sticky sweet substance over the tops of them brought back the images of Marsha’s face, dripping in my cum. The way she licked it from her lips. Stared back at me from beneath a layer of the stuff. I grew hard again thinking about it, and was so absorbed I didn’t realise I was no longer alone. “Good morning to you, too!” woke me from the daydream. The next few moments consisted of me finding I was nearly fully erect, my face burning hot with blood, and an attempt to hide the now deflating cock in my pants. The table stood as a shield between myself and Moira. The next few moments consisted of her giggling a bit too loudly, which dislodged a lock of red hair, and her brushing it aside while trying to maintain control. “No need to be shy, Mike. I’ve seen plenty of those, and to be honest that’s quite impressive. You’ll have to show me sometime.””Baker’s Dozen” I thought, waiting for my facial temperature to return to normal. Moira was sexy in that Tomboy-Next-Door kind of way. She worked on cars, shot guns, and chugged beer with the best of us. She was small framed, slender, and I’ve wanted to see her naked for a long time. “What better place to start?” “Step into my office, and I can show you now..” I challenged, opening the freezer door. Bolstered by the Gift, I forced her to blush now. My cock throbbed slightly at the sight, and the superimposition of her face on Marsha’s during last night’s activity. I sort of hoped she noticed.”You’re crazy! Not now!” she laughed, face losing color and changing. I could sense and see the almost immediate change in her demeanor. No longer flustered, she was lustful. I could almost see it radiating from her. A soft red glow and a gleam in her eyes. “What are you doing later?”It took a moment. The whole exchange was overwhelming me. I had lost control again, my face blushing once more, cock deflating in fear. Had it worked? I’ve been trying for over a year to get closer to Moira, but was stuck in the friend zone for nearly all of it. “Well.. I ..uh.. I was going to raid with my guild tonight.””No, you’re not.” She said, cat-got-the-mouse smile spreading across her face. She came closer, face an inch from my ear and her hand toying with my pants zipper.”I’m.. not..””You’re not. You’re going to make me dinner…” hot breath on my neck “..we’ll have awkward innuendo ridden conversation, Well, awkward for you anyways…” lips on my ear lobe “and then, you’ll show me your cock.” “And then?””And then, we’ll see what happens.” She said, releasing me and backing away before turning to leave. Her hips swung sakarya escort purposefully, in the way women do when they know a guy’s looking and they love it “By the way, do me a favor. Don’t play with that before I get there. I want all your cum, if I decide to let you give it to me.”I watched her walk away, round, tight little ass shaking just for me. After a moment of gathering myself together, I finished my daily tasks. The night was down now, turning into morning. Moira was one of the morning crew, so I knew the time must be near 8 AM. That meant shoppers and coworkers, and leafing the store will be difficult with the swollen cock I now had. Lingering, however, meant overtime, and overtime meant being berated by the store manager, so I slung my apron over my arm like a waiter at a fancy restaurant, d****d it low enough to hide the slowly lolling erection, and made for the door. I casually, but politely, declined any amount of conversation other than a nod, wave, or “Good morning” as I plodded through the store, trying to hide my erection. It was slow to fall, the bastard. Normally it would deflate rather quickly when I thought I was noticed. At work, out shopping, or standing in line at the bank, I would often find myself getting a chubby due to a short skirt, blouse, or combination of the two. Not today, however. I made it out after a gauntlet of coworkers and regular customers. My pants were still noticeably tented, but had died down some. I breathed a sigh of relief and reached for an emergency cigarette in the glove compartment. Sharply inhaled smoke, slight lightheadedness, and Moira’s offer overtook me. Was she the first? “Don’t waste it on her. Trust me, Mike.” came to me from the back seat. I choked a bit on smoke, garnering a laugh from the goddess. “She’s a whore without a fuck buddy, Mike. She was already considering it, since she hadn’t screwed you yet and she felt sorry for you. The gift just pushed it along quicker. It helps your cock is impressive. It’s not porn star material, but it’ll intimidate most average girls.”Her reflection was black and leathery, resembling a redheaded Joan Jett with her large breasts fighting to break free of the half zipped biker jacket. “Do you like it? I was on your computer and saw a lot of Joan Jett’s music. I like her, too. Sexier now than ever.””Is there something you want?” smoke drifting from my mouth, I watched her suck on a lollipop. She began to pout. “I’m just helping out. I don’t want to see you waste The Gift on someone who will fuck you without it. I never meant they’d be the only ones who would submit to you.” The sucker was lipped, tongued, and sucked on. My cock was engorging again. I threw the apron over my lap and pushed thoughts of her wet pussy out of mind as best I could. “It wouldn’t work on me, My muffin.” I failed. “Then again, you don’t need it for me.”She removed the sucker, red and bulbous, from her mouth. Lips spread slowly as it evacuated, pushing through pursed lips. I opened my mouth to receive it, warm with her saliva, dripping on my tongue and down my throat with artificial cherry flavor.”So when do I use it? How do I know?” I asked around the treat.”Just stop and think about it. You’ll know when you need it.” she smiled, nose crinkled and adorable, then with a tap of my nose she was gone in a whiff of vanilla. I thought about this and smoked my cigarette. The sucker I saved in my other hand. Even rolling the window down for the drive home I could still smell vanilla. It went well with the Cherry sucker, actually. I slept. I slept, and I dreamed. The dreams were not nightmares, nor entirely pleasant. I was in the middle of a circle of light. Women, nude and shoulder to shoulder, surrounded the perimeter. They had no faces. They were blank. Emotionless. Soulless. I was excited, but frightened. Thirteen of them, backs to the darkness. They all reached out to me, arms wanting to hold, to have, to be taken. Behind them, the darkness stirred. Everything smelled like adapazarı escort vanilla.Blueberries. Blueberry muffins. I awoke smelling blueberry muffins. I didn’t remember baking them, but I did bake them from time to time. Running water. The shower. Humming? The last few were not unusual, were I the one in the shower. The blanket hit the floor with a ‘Thufffft’. I reached for a weapon to protect myself from whoever was baking muffins and using my shower. That didn’t sound right, but with the couple of days I’ve had the guitar would make the perfect self defense mechanism. I could run away if need be.The door was not far, or closed. I inched my way towards it, checking the mirror through the crack. It was opposite the tub and would be perfect for reconnaissance, since my shower curtain was clear. They were tall, thin, and had a great of set of tits. I would have thought Aidan, but her hair was blonde. “Put that down, love. Get dressed and grab a muffin, I’ll be out in a moment. Her voice had bells in it, jingling on the high notes at the end of sentences. She didn’t sound familiar.”Who are you?”She hummed in response, a song I didn’t recognize. I decided to not tempt fate, and did as told. Jeans and a plain white tee were tossed on from the mostly clean pile of clothing on the floor. Cold linoleum met warm bare feet in he kitchen. My continental breakfast waited. The muffin was still warm, and a cup of coffee had been placed out. I sipped. Just how I like it. Was she another goddess? Following the morning ritual of the springs and falls, I ate out on the small patio. The coffee and muffin met well with the early autumn morning air. The hint of Halloween was there. This was my favorite time of the year. I ate the muffin. I drank the coffee slowly. I smoked a cigarette, and watched through the sliding glass window, waiting for the shower’s occupant to finish up and come out. Halfway through the cigarette (three quarters through the coffee) the blonde appeared from the bathroom. She was classically beautiful. Not in a Reubenesque way, but a classic 70’s Playboy pinup way. They don’t make bodies like that anymore. Or breasts. Or asses. Her light gait almost made her seem to not touch the ground at all. She smiled a Mona Lisa smile under hazel eyes. The kind that said, “I know something you don’t.” A t-shirt was plucked from the floor and tossed on, barely long enough to cover the bottom of her ass and the curve of her pussy lips. She kept on smiling, opening the sliding glass door and spinning in the sun.”I like your patio. It has a lot of sun in the morning. I love the morning sunshine!” arms outstretched, facing the daylight. The shirt lifted in back, showing me a good portion of her pristine ass. “Who are you, where are your clothes, and where’d you get these muffins?” smoking casually, those words said as coolly and calmly as I could manage. “I made them. Did you like them? I hope you liked them!” She beamed with pride, sitting across from me. Through the round metal top of the table, the kind with all the little holes in it, I could see her pussy now. It was smooth as a bowling ball but I’d want more than my fingers in it.”They were the best I’ve had, but that’s not the main issue here. My life’s been interesting the last couple of days. I thought you might be Aidin, but you’re obviously not.” She giggled, and I heard harps in it. “I’m Asra. Aidin’s my sister. I thought I’d come check you out. It’s been so long, you see, since she’s chosen. She can be pretty picky.” She took my cup and sipped from it, still smiling. “You buy great coffee.””Thanks, but can you answer my questions, please?””I don’t have any.” “Any what?” I took my cup back and drank. It smelled like wildflowers. I hadn’t noticed, but everything did in the background. It edged at the other scents, not overtaking them but merging with them. “Clothes, silly! What does a divine being of amazing power need with clothes? I figured it might help keep you from being distracted if I covered sakarya escort bayan up a little.” She was kind of right. The white shirt clung to wet spots she missed when drying, and her nipples threatened to burst out of the cloth. Her body was much like her sister’s, but softer. Brighter. Happier.”That’s not the question I meant, and you know it, Asra.”She giggled again, harps playing a tiny symphony. She took my cup in one hand, and my hand in the other. I was brought inside my apartment and she sat me on the couch. I watched Asra pour me another cup of coffee and make it the same way I would. “So… what do you want from me?””I just want to see you. I already checked out your manhood while you were asleep. Very nice. I was thinking of trying it out. You know, see what all the fuss is about.” She came back with the coffee steaming in her hands. “Try it out? Seriously?” My prick perked up at the offer. I tried to think about something else, but she set the cup down, and her pussy peeked from between her legs where she bent in front of me. “I can tell you like the idea.” She said looking back at my cock, fighting to be free from the confines of my pants. She was right, of course. A goddess of some sort had just said “Fuck me” and she beautiful and perfect and I would be a fool. I also felt I couldn’t say no. Somewhere in the back of my mind my inhibition sat. It wasn’t obliterated, just backseat driving.It watched as my hands opened my fly and I pulled my dick out. It listened as she sat on it, waving its arms and jumping up and down as my cock penetrated her asshole. Asra moaned, mewled, and bit her lip, looking back at me as my cocks head stretched her anus. I had never had sex outside, and in all my fantasies it was never during the day. She rode me gently, leaning back so I could play with her tits.She gasped for air, sliding my hand down to her pussy. I played with her clit while she fucked me, nearly dismounting before sliding back down on my cock. I sucked and bit her slender neck, one of her hands reaching back, tangled in my hair, the other helping me work her pussy.”I’m going to cum…” she whispered. “Cum with me!”My cock fired, the excalamation point on the end of her command. I could feel her pussy squeezing my fingers and her asshole flexing on my cock. I blew what seemed the biggest load of my life, gasping in her ear, her writhing against me.And that’s when it left. The inhibition gave up. Threw in the towel and packed it’s bags. Cum gurgled and dripped as she removed herself from my dick. “Oops! Don’t wanna leave a mess! What kind of houseguest would I be?” she said before sucking my cum from my crotch with a smile. She hummed the whole time. I lit a new cigarette while I waited for her to finish, the old one mindlessly lost sometime before I came. Finished, Asra straightened the shirt and sat once more. Hair in her face she blew it gently out of the way. “That is a good prick you have there! Some lucky ladies you’re about to have! And your juice is delicious!”I just smoked and watched her. She never stopped smiling once. “So… what now?” I asked, completely exhausted mentally and physically.”Now, I show you how to use the gift. It’s very subtle, if you do it right. It won’t work on everyone, but most everybody. True love, of course, nullifies it’s influence on a person.”I laughed. I coughed a little. I laughed some more. “Are you fucking serious? What kind of storybook did that come from?””It’s nothing as pure as you think, Mike. It won’t work because True Love is the work of our brother, Aurelis. We can’t get in the middle of each other’s deals. There are rules, after all. I’m sure he’ll explain it all when he visits.””What? When? He’s not going to want to take my junk for a test drive is he?” I asked, not really relishing the thought of a gay sexcapade. “I don’t swing that way.”And she laughed jingle bells on Christmas morning, giving god knows how many angels wings.”You were a good choice, Mike. Let’s go and test your powers, shall we?” she stood up and went inside, smirking as I butted out my smoke.”I need a shower first, and you need clothes, Asra.”She pouted on the couch, turning on the tv while I started to get clean. What did she have in mind, exactly, for this training.

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