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Barbara was late. I looked at my watch, frowning. Early was fine. Lateness was not to be tolerated. Twenty minutes after she was supposed to be standing in front of me, there was a timid knock on my condo door. I waited for a minute, letting the tension build before calling out that the door was open. Barbara meekly opened the door and stepped inside, making sure to close it behind her.

I sat in my chair, a disappointed look on my face as Barbara walked over and stood in front of me, her hands by her side and her head bowed, a look of consternation on her face. She was dressed conservatively, a grey jacket over a white blouse and a matching grey skirt with black pumps. Even though her head was down, I caught a glimpse of tears forming in the corner of her eyes. My heart softened for a second. Maybe I should forgive her this transgression I thought to myself. Then I came to my senses. If I let this pass, it would countermand all that we’d established in our relationship so far. I couldn’t do that. Barbara would have to be punished.

I’d met her at a bar. Just turning twenty-one, I was still trying to find myself sexually. Having messed around in college with both sexes, I decided that I much preferred women over men. I also found out that I liked being the dominant one in the relationship. All of the porn that I watched in my dorm room was lesbian D/s videos and many was the night that I would rub myself off to satisfying orgasms while watching the images on my computer. In my mind’s eye, it would be me spanking the girl draped over my lap, it would be me putting clamps on her nipples and fucking her from behind with a strap on, it would be me sitting there while she kissed my feet, her hands bound behind her. But, unfortunately, I never got the chance to indulge in my fantasies while in college.

When I finally graduated with my master’s in business, I was hired by a company in the bible belt and couldn’t refuse the generous pay and benefits. I thought that my chances of ever dominating another woman were done for. I was so wrong.

It didn’t take long for me to find the lesbian scene in my new home. The local “girls only” bar, Tulips, was amazing. Many a morning found me waking up next to some cute woman that I’d met only the night before there. It was fun but still not satisfying. I wanted more that just a one- night stand. Then Barbara walked into my life.

It was rather dead at Tulips that night. I was sipping on my Cosmopolitan and talking with Chris, the cute bartender. We were discussing my frustration with finding the right partner to explore my kinks with when I noticed a smile appear on Chris’s face. Turning my head to see what would cause such a reaction, my eyes fell upon the beauty that had just walked in. The newcomer was older. I judged her to be around my mother’s age. I normally didn’t go for older women. I much preferred newbies, those young girls that wanted to explore what it was like to be with another woman for the first time. But there was something about this woman that caught my attention. There was an air of nervous vulnerability about her; like a fawn leaving her mother to explore the vast woods for the first time.

When Lisa, the waitress who took the woman’s order, walked up to the bar and told Chris what to make, I said to put it on my tab. Lisa smiled at me and winked before taking the white Russian over. I watched the woman’s reaction as Lisa told her that I’d purchased it. A shy, blushing smile. Nice. Without waiting for an invitation, I sauntered over to the table where my prey was sitting and joined her. She didn’t object when I sat down.

The conversation was banal. Barbara’s story was the same shit that I’d heard a million times before. Husband cheating. Divorce. Wanting to try something new. I slow-played it, not wanting to scare my little fawn away. When it was time to go home, however, I informed Barbara that I expected to see her here Friday at eight. Without even waiting for her to respond, I paid my tab and left.

Sure as shit, when I walked into Tulips Friday at eight, Barbara was sitting at the same table alone, waiting for me. My face broke into a wolf-like grin as I approached her from behind. That was the beginning of our relationship. Barbara was a natural submissive. The first night I had her undressed, I couldn’t help but marvel at her nude body. Beautiful breasts, toned legs, a nice tan from her working outside with the horses that she helped take care of and train. Again, as the first night I’d met her, I took it easy on her. I wanted to show Barbara the pleasures only another woman could give her. And it worked like a charm. She was begging for mercy for me to stop eating her out and fingering her pussy after only the second orgasm.

Barbara’s first attempt at sucking my pussy was not good. It took all of my willpower to not grip her hair and just grind my vagina against her face. That, I waited until the second time she ate me out. The moan that she gave as my fist canlı bahis tightened with a handful of her red locks let me know that she got off on the submission as much as I got off on the dominance. It was a match made in Heaven.

It only took a couple of more sexual encounters when she was over my lap, trembling as I prepared to give Barbara her first spanking. I could feel her dangling breasts brushing up against my bare leg and after I reddened her ass cheeks a little, a quick feel of her puss showed me just how turned on she was. I shook my head in amazement as I fingered her to an orgasm. Her ex was a fucking idiot for letting this one go.

In the following weeks, I established my dominance over my little fawn as well as ratcheted up the pain. The first pair of nipple clamps that I used on Barbara were the least painful set I could find, more for decoration that anything else. She wore them while she prepared my dinner. I didn’t remove them until after I fucked her hard from behind with my eight-inch strap on. The next spanking I gave her because she failed to get me off with her mouth, I used my hair brush. Tears were streaming down her face as she did her best to please me. The orgasm that I had was so intense. Knowing that Barbara had a stinging butt because of my displeasure with her caused me to flood her face with my juices.

Which led me back to tonight. I had planned for her and I to meet a couple of girlfriends of mine from college. The dinner date was still three hours away so there was plenty of time to get ready but that wasn’t the point. I expected her to be on time and didn’t give one rat’s ass why she was late. I sat there on my favorite chair, just looking her over before simply saying “Strip.”

I could see her trembling as she removed her jacket, carefully draping it over the back of the sofa. Barbara had a hard time undoing the buttons of her blouse. I fought the desire to just rip the blouse open and instead sat back in my chair, thoroughly enjoying the effect my displeasure had on her.

I stopped Barbara from undoing her garter and removing her silken stockings. As per my instructions, she hadn’t worn panties or a bra and the sight of her nearly naked body caused me to momentarily lose my breath. I stood up and began circling her, touching her tits, caressing her ass, running my fingers through the soft down of her dark red-haired bush.

“You know I have to punish you, right?” I whispered, my lips nearly touching her ear.

“Yes Miss, I understand,” Barbara replied with only a hint of nervousness in her voice. Standing behind her, I lightly gripped her hips and maneuvered her to the front of the couch, then pushed her between her shoulder blades so that she was leaning forward, her hands flat on the cushions.

“Don’t move,” I said before walking to the kitchen. Out of her sight, I made a big production of rummaging through the drawer where I kept my cooking utensils even though what I was looking for, the big wooden stirring spoon, was laying right on top. I loved this spanking implement as Barbara had told me that her mother used to use it on her when she was little. It not only reinforced the dynamic that I wanted with our relationship but it did a great job of reddening her bottom, leaving a nice mark with a loud smack.

Barbara hadn’t moved as I had instructed. Her breasts were dangling down, nipples erect in fear and excitement and I took the opportunity to cup each one in my free hand, enjoying their weight and tweaking her hard nipples between my fingers. As I did that, I rubbed her ass with the spoon, letting the anticipation of the first smack build.

“I think twenty whacks, one for each minute you were late, will be appropriate,” I said as I pinched her left nipple, causing her to wince. “What do you think, pet?”

“Yes Miss, that is more than appropriate.”

“I’m so glad you think so, pet.” With that, I removed my hand from her breast and brought the wooden spanking implement down hard on her right butt cheek. A loud SMACK filled the room and Barbara let out a gasp. Before she had time to recover, I delivered another one to her left side.

I took my time, enjoying the opportunity that Barbara had presented me. Yes, I’d spanked her before but it was rare that it was actually for punishment reasons. By the time I was finished, her ass was nice and red and tears were streaming from her eyes. Ordering her to stand, I presented the spoon to her face and she pressed her lips to the wide flat part.

I tossed the spoon onto my chair, then wrapped my arms around her and kissed her hard on the lips. Barbara kissed me back, our tongues wrestling in lust. Pulling back, I cupped her face and gently wiped her tears away with my thumbs. “You handled that punishment very well, my pet,” I said before kissing her again.

Barbara smiled at the compliment and rubbed her sore backside. I instructed her to put the spoon away and apply her makeup. As she passed me, I brought bahis siteleri my hand down and smacked her ass one more time, causing her to let out a cute “Eeep!” I marveled at the sight of her lovely ass as she walked away and out of sight.

When she couldn’t see me, I slipped my hand down the front of my shorts. God, I was so wet! The temptation of a beautiful, submissive woman who I’d trained to please me with her mouth was too much to bear and I called out to Barbara to come to me. As she walked from the kitchen back to the living room, I slipped off my shorts and soaked panties, sat down on my chair and spread my legs wide.

Barbara didn’t even need to be told what to do. Kneeling between my legs, she closed her eyes as she placed a hand on each of my legs, leaned in and began to feast. I did my best to hold off orgasming as long as I could but it was a losing battle. Barbara quickly brought me to the edge and then teased me a bit, delivering little kisses on my engorged flesh and stiff clit before pushing me over. I let out a scream, coating my pet’s face with my fluids.

As I came down from my orgasmic high, Barbara gently licked me clean. I could see the happiness in her eyes and the smile on her face, shiny with my juices. Reaching out, I petted her on her head, then instructed her to finish putting on her face.

Barbara stood up and scampered to the bathroom to get ready. I sat there for a few more minutes, having to catch my breath. Then I made my way to the bedroom. In anticipation of tonight, I’d purchased a couple of new toys that would be perfect for tonight. Laying them on the bed, I rummaged through my closet, pulling out the clothes that I was going to wear. Red blouse, black slacks, matching pumps. I donned my sexiest bra and panties and sat down on the bed, calling out to Barbara to come back to the bedroom when she was finished with her makeup.

Barbara stopped short upon entering the room, her eyes widening at the sight of my new toys. I motioned for her to stand in front of me and even though I could tell she was very reluctant to do so; my pet followed my order.

The first toy I picked up was the chastity device. I could have chosen one with an internal lock but chose to have the lock external, because with a tight enough skirt, the outline of the lock would be clearly visible, which is exactly the effect I wanted. What was really devious about the device, however, were the two dildos that were affixed to it. A fat, eight inch one for the front hole and a smaller, thinner one for the back.

Handing the device to Barbara, I watched in glee as she stepped into the leg holes and pulled it up before positioning the dildos to each of her openings. Then, she grimaced in pain as they entered her body. I tightened the device, making sure that it wouldn’t slip off before locking it in place. Then I took the key and put it in a pocket of my purse. After that I reached for the bra.

The metal tacks lining the interior of the cups reflected the light, each one glinting with the promise of pain. I purposefully had ordered a bra one size too small for it to be extra snug. Slipping it over Barbara’s arms, I made sure her breasts were perfectly positioned in the cups before fastening the garment to her body as tightly as I could.

Turning Barbara around, I gazed upon the wonderful cleavage that her tortured tits formed. Reaching out, I gripped each breast in my hands and while gazing deep into her eyes, squeezed.

Barbara cried out in pain, her hands instinctively reaching up but she wisely brought them back down before she touched my hands. Smiling, I ordered her to go get dressed and sit on the edge of the couch while I finished getting ready. Barbara nodded and went to follow my instructions while I made my way to the bathroom to apply my face.

Barbara was sitting on the couch just as I had told her to, her back straight, her chest proudly pushed out. The smile she gave me on my entrance was strained as she stood up when I approached. I reached out, undoing the top two buttons on her blouse, rearranging her shirt to show off her cleavage. Standing back, I enjoyed the view for a second before quickly bringing both my hands down and slapping her breasts hard.

Barbara gasped, then cried out in pain, which caused me to giggle in delight. Ordering her to grab her purse, I walked out to the driveway. I decided to take her minivan instead of my car. She entered the passenger seat, giving me another strained smile.

“I expect for you to be on your best behavior tonight. Understand, pet?”

“Yes, Miss. I won’t embarrass or disappoint you,” Barbara replied demurely.

“That’s good,” I said as I started the vehicle. I gave her a wide grin and pulled out. There was one more surprise that was in my purse. I couldn’t wait to use it.

We arrived at the restaurant about a half an hour early. There was a bit of a line so I put my name down on the list and sat down on the hard, bahis şirketleri wooden chair in the waiting area, directing Barbara to do the same. It was fun to watch my little pet do her best not to squirm uncomfortably as she sat there. Reflecting on it, I wished that I’d spanked her right before she had gotten dressed so that her ass would still be stinging. Soon though, my friends arrived. Eva, a hot Latina was wearing a simple but elegant little black dress. Her long, flowing hair hung down to the middle of her back and her dress emphasized the delicious curves of her body. Jess was always a bit more boyish in her appearance. Short cropped dark hair, a man’s button up and slacks completed her ensemble. However, I knew the soft, delicious breasts that lay just under that fabric. All three of us had partied together back in college and it was actually I that had introduced the two of them to each other. Now, Eva and Jess were all but inseparable.

I introduced Barbara to them as “My pet Barbara” which caused her to blush furiously. Both Eva and Jess hugged her tightly, just as I texted that they should, which caused my pet to let out a gasp each time. Right then, my name was called and the cute, little hostess led the four of us to our table.

When we sat down, I reached inside my purse and pulled out the toy that I was so eager to use; the remote control to the vibrating dildos that were presently nestled deep inside Barbara’s cunt and ass. Eva, who was sitting to my right, asked me what it was. I winked at her and told her to press a button. Jess, Eva and I had a bit of a gigglefest when she pressed the button which caused Barbara to let out a surprised squeak.

“My poor pet hasn’t orgasmed in a while,” I said in a low voice my two friends.

“Oh, let me try,” Jess exclaimed. I nodded and she picked up the remote, studying it carefully before pressing another button. Again, the three of us laughed at Barbara’s reaction. I let her and Eva play with the remote until the waiter came for our orders at which time, I took it back and turned it off.

We had a wonderful time at dinner, reminiscing about all the fun we’d had. Jess had actually been the first woman I’d ever been with, introducing me into the pleasures of sapphic love. It was getting close to the end of the meal when Barbara leaned over and softly asked permission to use the bathroom.

“Wait,” Eva said. “you make her ask you to pee?”

“Well, you see, I’m the one with the key,” I replied, digging into my purse and pulling it out. I held it up and winked. “You want to see?” Both of my friends nodded and the four of us walked to the restroom.

Barbara was blushing furiously as I ordered her to remove her skirt. Both Eva and Jess laughed at the sight of my little pet’s chastity device. We watched Barbara gingerly lower it, the dildo that was in her pussy dripping with her juices, and sit down on the toilet. She was nearly in tears from embarrassment as the urine flowed from her body.

Jess volunteered to clean her up and Barbara let out a gasp, then a moan, as Jess patted her dry, teasing her all the while. Then, Jess made her stand up and she inserted both dildos back inside my pet’s holes before I locked the belt in place.

“God, this is making me horny,” Eva said as she rubbed her breasts.

“Well, the night’s young. You ladies want to come over to my place and party?”

Eva nodded vigorously and Jess let out a “Hell yeah!” When Barbara was finished getting dressed, we paid for our food and walked to the car. Instead of letting my pet sit down on the passenger side, however, I opened up the back of the van and ordered her to lay down on the floor, her hands behind her back. Barbara’s eyes widened in fear but she did as she was told. I reached into my purse and withdrew the handcuffs I always carried. Her lovely breasts were mashed flat, the tacks digging into the soft flesh as I locked her wrists together. Then, I took the remote and turned both dildos on to the highest setting that they would go. On the drive home, there wasn’t a pothole or bump that I didn’t hit, giggling at each squeak or moan that my pet let out.

Pulling into the driveway, I exited the van and walked inside, leaving Barbara to lay in the back. I retrieved the bottle of red wine that I’d been saving for a special occasion along with four wine glasses. I am sadistic, yes, but not that mean as to deny someone a nice glass of vintage wine.

After that, I went to the bedroom and got out my toys; clamps, ball gags, a nice selection of dildos including the strap on. When I brought them to the living room, Eva and Jess pulled up. Running out to meet them, I opened the back of the van and Jess helped me retrieve my pet.

As soon as we were inside, I removed Barbara’s skirt and pumps. I was tempted to use scissors on her clothes but then realized I had to undo her hands anyway to remove the bra that I’d ordered so I reluctantly unlocked the cuffs, and, after ordering Barbara not to move, the three of us disrobed her completely, leaving the chastity device in place. We saved the tack bra for last and when I undid the clasps, it stayed put, the tacks holding the fabric onto her abused tits.

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