17 Haziran 2021

Bathtub Beauties


Bathtub BeautiesAs a young man I entered the Air Force and sent to South Korea for my first assignment. It was 1980 and 81 and the tension between the North and South was thick enough to cut with a knife. I was 19 and scared to death of what I’d be exposed to when I arrived.It was a different time and place from Washington State where I grew up. Korea was still like it was stuck in the 1950’s with a blend of 60’s night life kicked in. I worked with bombs in the munitions squadron. Work was so different from today, you could have two beers with lunch, and BBQ’s with beer served on Friday afternoons right outside munitions storage buildings in the bomb dump.With the two beer limit at lunch there were the go-go dancers in the NCO club to enjoy between bites. Outside base go-go was the main theme for the clubs. They were old fashioned bars with women and girls dancing on various make shift stages. Some were topless and others wore a bikini and occasionally flashed a nipple from time to time, not forgetting the pussy and ass flashes of course. LolDifferent work assignments on base claimed a different bar as their own. The bomb loaders had a bar. We munitions specialists had a bar which was my favorite. There were no go-go’s here so we got a break from buying drinky-drinkies for the girls. The other bars played dance music and here it was early 60’s Southern Rock most of the time.It was a funky bar complete with a sign saying; “Please wipe your feet before entering the street.” I thought it was funny, but evidentially the floor use to be dirt that turned to mud as the day went on. Another attributing factor was the toilet, no one sat on the toilet and the urinal drained onto your shoes when you peed in it. And there was nothing to wipe your feet on before returning to the bar.One night my room mate and I were at another bar a few doors down. He had just arrived in country and I had 3 or 4 months of experience in the local community. New G.I.’s arriving are called green beans because, at the time, the uniforms were solid olive green. And we would take them out on the town to get them laid.On this particular evening we partied with a small group of girls who love to be introduced to the new G.I.’s. We’ll call the new guy Jeff. The 5 or 6 guys were at a table teasing the new guy who was very confident he would not stray from his wife tonight. One of the girls introduced him to a new girl in town.Jeff and the new girl were cute together. Both had the deer in the head light look in their eyes. She was a cute little chubby girl with a pixy cut hair style. Cute little breasts, chubby cheeks, and butt. The girl showing her around was a cute skinny, bikini clad, hotie with a skinny nose and shoulder length charcoal hair. Of course, both girls had illegal bahis brown skin and brown eyes.We danced and drank for 3 or 4 hours. And of course, all of the green beans had to be introduced to the local brew and alcoholic drinks. So in between, dancing, swilling OB beer, and shots of Soju a Korean breed of hard alcohol, we became more familiar with our dates.The girls were inseparable. They went potty together, to the bar together, and decidedly going to the same motel after work together. They even occasionally danced together when we wouldn’t.Everyone was having a grand time. The girls would jump on our laps and the sequins from their dancing bikinis dug into your leg when they did. Painful but fun banter and play increased as the evening went on and the liquor flowed. During slow songs the bikini bottoms allowed for more intense contact with their young supple bottoms. When a fast song played the girls would shake their butts in your face.At times they were obligated to go and do their go-go dance on stage and we would plan and discus our nasty desires with each of them. Jeff was trying to spoil the party and just go back to the dorm on base. I plied him with more Soju and observed his attitude change. Just as it happened to me on my first night the guys took me to town.We make it to closing time. Which was 15 minutes before the base’s curfew. So, we had to make a choice fast. The girls were all in with spending the night with both of us G.I.’s. Jeff was not convinced this was a good decision and wanted to return to his bed. Luckily, when the girls went to change into their street cloths our time to make a decision ran out. So, Jeff was stuck.The girls returned, we left the bar in each other’s dancing partners arms, walked around the corner to a motel. Jeff didn’t want to be alone with his date and his date didn’t want to share a room and have sex in front of other people. My date Mia made the decision to get two rooms.The rooms were next door side by side. Jeff nervously unlocked and opened the door to their room. Mia and I giggled witnessing Jeff and his date, little Sonja, uncomfortableness together. I opened our door as the other couple disappeared into their room.Our room was a white concrete painted box with one window and a queen bed against the far wall. There was a door on each side of the bed that lead to the bathroom. There was a toilet, sink, and tub in the floor to ceiling tiled bath. Water could be sprayed anywhere with the corded shower head and it flowed to a drain in the center of the room.Mia and I tried to get busy right away. There were a couple of knocks on the door from the Sonja. I knew she was new and nervous about the situation and understood the interruptions. This went on 3 or 4 times before illegal bahis siteleri my date seem to convince her things were alright. Finally, free from disturbances Mia and I got undressed and into bed.She had a lovely thin build, tiny breasts with wonderfully puffy nipples, and small bush covering her pussy lips. We kissed and explored our bodies with our hands and mouths. I latched on to a nipple and fingered her tight wanting cunt. Mia moaned and wriggled in ticklish pain and pleasure. Evidently she was ticklish. lol After kissing again Mia took a turn kissing my body and taking my cock into her mouth. Our giggling had not yet stopped from when we left Jeff and Sonja. Each new bit of exploration brought new levels of pleasure for both of us. I could not help but get in a sneaky tickle in once in a while, just for a tease. I held Mia’s hair making her stuffed lips visible to me. She was warming me up which was totally unnecessary. Sharing sucks and hugs I made my way back to her wet pussy. I love the little bush above her labia bit not intruding in the lips. The lusty dank smell filled my nostrils. At these times I’m thankful for the family schnoze (nose) on my face. And I love kissing after sharing oral together.Mia arched her back in pleasure. My tongue lapped at her volva and the schnoze flooded my mind with desire. I began the journey back up her body. Slowey kissing, nibbling, and teasing my way into a mounting position. Now, mind you we were both very young and inexperienced with intimate moments. I was a virgin when I got off the plane in Seoul and not ready in anyway for exposure to a non-puritan environment. We did have sex education in high school explaining the biological mechanics of life. Mia was most likely only my second or third exposure to a live nude woman, mind you.She and Sonja both appeared younger than Jeff and I. Jeff must have been about 26 or so that night. I’m afraid to venture a guess the age of the two girls. Before leaving Korea, I ended up marring another Korean woman who appeared young, whom I found out she was three years older than me the day we were married. Mia’s dark brown begging eyes called me up from my oral preforming position. Her hands gently tugged my shoulders as I moved up into missionary position. The sweet taste of her sweat and pussy tingled on my lips. I was in heaven. Except for the nervous giggles we shared together everything we did flowed like we had been there before. A rare thing in first time love making.Mia rolled back placing her beautiful hair on a pillow. I followed yanking at my penis to line it up with her tiny cunt. Our bodies slid together with ease. My swollen head touched and teased the man in the boat. Lowering closer to penetrating Mia’s sweetness was canlı bahis siteleri overwhelming all of our senses. Mia latched her legs around my thighs, pulling me closer to her desiring cunt, and my cock deeper into her. I pushed and pulled my cock slowly in and out in shallow movements. Mia’s legs pulled me in deeper and deeper in her sweet musky hole.Speeding up and slowing down I unintentionally caused a tad bit of frustration with her needs. We settled into a palatable rhythm driving our desires to the surface. Arms and legs locked on me pulling me even deeper Mia shuttered and shook with pleasure. Probably with the first time I experienced a woman in orgasm. The condom shielded my innocent cut cock from prematurely ending our secession.The smell of a freshly opened condom, to this day, cause a deepening sexual horniness in me. I do love feeling a warm pussy bareback, but condoms have lengthened my love making and allowed me an exceptional range of f***ing ability I may not have been able to develop. Dose that make sense? Anyway!I came she came and as we layed there in one another’s arms in spent fashion. Chatting in broken English with an occasional Korean word thrown in we returned to giggling and teasing back and forth until there was another knock on the door. Mia gets up naked to answer. . .It was Sonja! Fully dressed distressed over her date. Evidentially, Jeff left some time ago and Sonja sat outside our door waiting to come in. I’m not sure but Jeff would have to explain himself when he arrived back on base.Both girls disappeared into the bathroom, where I could hear running water. With the doors open I could hear everything going on in there. I believe I heard them both take turns peeing, chatting, and splashing in the tub.I did not know enough Korean to know what the subject of their conversation. I knew the situation and Sonja had questions about what happened with Jeff. And I could tell that their discussion went from somber to happy and playful.Mia called for me after I had already gotten dressed. I cautiously went around the corner finding Mia and Sonja nude in the tub. I was asked in no uncertain terms what’s wrong with Jeff. I said that I didn’t know. That he was married and maybe his consensus and feeling for his wife were too much for him. Try explaining this kind of thing with limited language skills in two different languages. I dare you!So, just a couple of months after seeing my first live naked woman, up close, I was in a room with two naked girls. How was I supposed to know this was a prelude to a threesome? Missing all the signals to get into the tub, with them I worked hard at making conversation.After gently speaking with the little nudies, for about a half hour, I was excused so they could get out. What had just occurred, I asked myself. Come to find out later what Mia had in mind was to have her virgin friend, Sonja lose her virginity with me. After Jeff blew his opportunity, I majorly failed as well. Inexperience one, juan nil! The expletive end!

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