6 Aralık 2021

Be carfull what you wish for part 2 (a sissy story


Be carfull what you wish for part 2 (a sissy storyMy life was over everybody i ever knew saw what a cocksucking sissy slut i was. My parents threw me out instantly none of my friends wanted to talk to me anymore. I had to leave my hometown where i was public talk number one and left for the capital. I stayed at a hotel for a few days but soon i was running out of cash. i had no cash no job and nowhere to go i was desperate.So i had no other choice than to phone daddy. Yes exactly the guy who fucked me in front of my parents postet everything on socialmedia an ruined my life. But since i didnt want to be homless i had no other choice.When he picked up the phone it sounded like he was expecting the call i begged him to stay at his place for a while and he agreed. He was living in the capital not far away from the hotel. When pendik escort i arrived at his place he smiled evil but i knew i ad to be nice to him in order to not be homless even though i was really pissed. His flat was really nice and i even had a room for myself. I tried to avoid seeing him as much as possible. He only had one rule we had to eat dinner together every day .. it wasnt so bad he tried to be really nice. First evening i told him that i want o find a job and leave as quickly as possible but he told me he was really sorry what he did to me and he will give me money when i need it as long as i need it. so the first few weeks maby months went very quickly i spend the most of the time in my room watching netflix and so. I soon recognized that my body changed my sixpack was gone kartal escort and it was overall softer i thought it was becuase i hadnt trained for a long time. So i asked daddy for a gym membership. He even got me a personal trainer but she only really wanted to train belly but and legs with me. A few weeks later i asked daddy for money to go to the barber because my hairs started to get really long he told me that he didnt want me to cut my hairs but he will rewardd me to get it bottle blond. So i did it and he took me to cinema i even was allowed to choose wich movie i wanted to see a new romantic comedy and i had to cry a little in the end. i didnt know why but i likedto do a few girly things now i listened to girly music and soaps and i was really emotional.Strangest thing was suddenly maltepe escort my body hair were gone but i hated shaving anyway so i didnt care. Then it was the great day it now was 6 month since i moved in with daddy and he told me he wanted to celebrate it with a big meal and i should go for a run whil he is preparing everything. when i came back he told me to shower and to dress… when i came out of the shower and in my room i was stunned all my male clothes were taken away and replaced by female ones. i couldnt find anything to put on so i just slid into panties ran to the kitchen and asked what the fuck he did with my clothes . when daddy saw me he just stood there and laughed at me. “thats not funny ” i replied “what you really think you still need male clothes look how girly you are by now ” ” why only because of my long blond hairs” “naahh” he laughed harder ” because of the hormones you have been taking for six monthes now i mean look at you how dumb are you you even starteing to grow boobs now its not even reversible anymore” and now get dressed we will start your training today sissyto be continued

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