1 Ocak 2021

Beach Camp


At the age of twenty-seven I decided that all work and no fun was wearing on my mind and body. I live near the ocean in Southern California but I have never spent much time at the beach.

I took a day off work and drove to a quiet stretch of beach where I put down my towel, stripped down to my old one piece swimming suit and snuggled down to read a good book. Soon the beach started to bustle with activity as more people arrived, including many surfers.

I spent more time people watching then reading my book. I could not believe how many women wore very skimpy bikinis, even women much older than me. I made a mental note to go bikini shopping tomorrow.

I was fascinated with watching the surfers move swiftly through the water while riding the crashing surf. I was also surprised to see how many female surfers seemingly having no problem handling their large boards.

A short time later a petite girl carrying a long board took a spot next to me on the beach. As she waxed her board she said Hi to me and we chatted while she worked. I asked her how hard it was to ride a surfboard. She laughed and said if you have balance and you’re limber its very easy. She told me her name was Jill and if I wanted I could go into the water with her and she’d show me the basics.

After about an hour Jill said that I was a natural surfer but that it would be a good idea if I took some lessons or attended a surf camp. I asked Jill what a surf camp was, she said it’s a four day school/party at the beach where you sleep in a tent at night and surf or talk surfing all day. In fact, Jill’s dad was sponsoring a camp in two weeks at a private beach up the coast. Later as she was leaving she gave me her phone number and told me to call her if I was interested in going to the camp as she could get me a discount.

The next day I called Jill and told her that I wanted to attend the surf camp. She was very happy that I called and said that she would get it all setup. Jill told me that all I needed to bring to camp were towels, sunscreen, clothing for the cooler nights and numerous bikinis as that is the dress code all day every day.

As I hung up from my call to Jill, I remembered that I was going shopping for a new bikini today and now it looked like I’d need to buy more than one. I drove to the mall and shopped for hours in all the major brand chain stores and still didn’t have a single suit. As I drove down Highway 1 in a small beach city I saw a little hole in the wall bikini shop that had cute bright colored suits hanging everywhere outside. I parked and went inside to check out the suits.

I selected five bikinis and went into the dressing room to try them on. To my surprise the dressing room was one big room lined with mirrors, there were no curtains or any type of privacy offered. Lucky for me I was the only customer in the store at the time.

The store clerk was in the dressing room cleaning the mirrors as I slowly undressed to try on the bikinis. I took my shirt and pants off without a problem but hesitated a moment before taking my bra off hoping the clerk might leave. Finally knowing that she wasn’t going to leave I unhooked my bra, slid the straps off my shoulders allowing the cups to fall from my 38C breasts and dropped the bra to the floor. I quickly put the bikini top on followed by the bottoms which I put on over my panties for sanitary reasons.

I heard the clerk say that I didn’t need to wear my panties as the store cleans all the suits after they have been tried on. Now I really felt embarrassed and took off the bottoms and my panties. As I was pulling the bikini bottoms back on I looked up and there was the clerk standing right next to me looking at my semi nude body.

As I looked in the mirror I thought WOW, I look good, I guess all that time I spent in the gym and all those diets really paid off. The bikini fit perfectly, I felt so sexy in the first suit which was a simple standard bikini that I went back to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the rack and got some skimpy string bikinis to try.

The clerk brought me two suits to try on, saying that with my body I’d look hot in these. One was a black thong back and the other was an orange g-string suit with more strings than fabric. The clerk then helped me takeoff the last suit I had on and assisted me with the strings of the G-string suit. This cute clerk never touched me as she helped me into the sexy suits but my just knowing that she could see every inch of my naked body made me tingle with excitement inside and made my nipples harden. The orange suit was so small that my pubic hairs showed from all sides of the tiny triangle of fabric, the clerk said’ Looks like somebody needs a bikini shave”.

I bought four bikinis including both the thong and g-string. I went home and put the orange g-string bottom on again and decided to trim my pubes down till the suit covered them. I soaped up my pubes and slowly shaved off little by little of my blonde curls until “oops” there was nothing left. I rinsed off my now bald pubic mound and checked out my handy work in the mirror.

I really looked good and my skin felt so smooooth as I rubbed lotion onto my newly exposed skin. I soon rubbed lotion lower and lower until I felt my clit hardening under the pressure of my fingers. I no longer needed lotion as my crotch became wetter and wetter as the speed of my finger increased on my pussy. I started to feel that deep warm feeling building within me and I knew I was close, so I thrust two fingers into the silky folds of my vagina, that was it, I started to shake as wave after wave of orgasm swept thru my body leaving me laying on the floor of the bathroom.

The day finally arrived of the surf camp, my excitement rose as I drove to the beach. As I got out of the car I saw Jill and a good looking older man greeting the camp guests. As I approached Jill ran to me and gave me a warm hug telling me how happy she was that I came to camp and that she had volunteered to help her dad teach the school.

I got settled into the tent that Jill had already setup a little apart from the rest of the tents. She said that our tent would have three girls in it, Her, Me and a nineteen year old redhead named Mary. The other tents would have six high school age boys in and her dad Bill would have a tent of his own.

Jill was already in her bikini and told me to hurry and change as class was about to start. I quickly stripped out of my street clothes and was bent over naked digging thru my suitcase looking for my bikini when I sensed movement behind me. I suddenly realized that I had left the door to the tent open, as I spun around to close the door, there he stood, Jill’s dad. He stood there gazing at my nude body without saying a word. He just smiled and gave me the thumbs up sign as he turned and walked away.

I finished putting on my bikini and ran to class just as Bill was starting class with a safety rule update. Bill was looking me straight in the eyes as he gave the final rule which was to try and keep your tent doors zipped up as you don’t know what might be attracted into your tent. I could feel my face turn red but my heart raced with excitement.

Class continued till lunch time when I had a chance to meet my other classmates. All the boys were 18 and had just finished high school and were very immature as they tried to undress us girls with their eyes as we talked. The other girl, Mary was a very strong willed person with large boobs that were squeezed into a very small thong bikini.

As class started again Mary sat next to me and said that she was going to work on her tan while in class so without hesitation she untied her bikini top and pulled it over her head allowing her large round melons to fall free. Bill looked on and smiled at Mary’s action but never wavered from his speech. As class ended Bill announced güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that swimwear was not required on this beach and to feel free to enjoy the days at camp.

Mary asked if I wanted to go for a swim and I replied, sure. Mary ran to the water and as she ran she untied her bikini bottom and let it fall to the sand. I caught up to her in the water where we both horsed around and splashed each other for about an hour. Finally we got out of the water and went to take a shower, Mary naked and me in my bikini.

I stood under the warm water as it flowed over my now naked breasts when Mary walked into my shower stall and said, “Save water, shower with a friend” as she started to soap up my back and shoulders. I said nothing and allowed her to continue her gentle assault on my body.

Soon Mary twisted me around and rubbed soap onto my breasts and torso, without thinking I returned the favor soon I was sliding my soapy hands over and around her massive breasts , nipples and firm tummy. Mary’s hand found my bald pubic mound and her soapy fingers slid into my pussy. I had never been with a women before but I found it easy to spread her pussy lips and insert a finger into her.

It didn’t take long for the both of us to vigorously finger fuck each other to orgasm. We finished our shower then walked naked back to our tent where we found Jill laying on her sleeping bag with a large dildo in her hand and shoving it recklessly into her wet pussy causing loud slurping sounds. Jill’s other hand was busy pinching her left nipple making it red and hard.

Jill must have sensed us being there because she opened her eyes and without stopping the assault on her pussy she said, “I saw you two in the shower, it was so hot I had to do something”. Just then she started to make a soft cooing sound as she gently slid into a long orgasm. We all cuddled and kissed each other until we fell into a blissful sleep.

The next day was spent entirely in the water on our boards learning to ride the small waves. Jill, Mary and I didn’t bother with our tops and only wore our thong bikini bottoms. Two of the boys also felt brave and only wore their smiles as their board shorts stayed on the beach, totally naked their cocks looked so inviting. Mary told me that for lunch she was going to eat one of those cocks, I was so hot that I said that I’d do the other one.

Finally lunch break came and Mary and I grabbed the two naked boys and pulled them into their tent for lunch. I took Mikes cock into my mouth and licked and sucked his swollen member till it was so hard you could have driven a nail with it. I looked over at Mary and saw that she was getting it doggie style by her boy, John. I got on all fours and soon had a long hard cock pounding into my pussy. It seemed like hours till I felt this young studs cock start to pulse as he pumped load after load of cum into my pussy. Mike pulled out of me and fell onto his back to rest. I was still horny so I went down on his cock tasting my own juices for the first time and sucked that cock back to life. Mike thrust that cock of his into my oral opening in rhythm to my sucking motions.

I could feel his balls tighten in preparation for another shot of semen. I sucked his shaft as deep as I could into my mouth awaiting his delivery, I wanted it NOW so I took my wet finger that had been busy playing with my clit and stuck it into his asshole causing him to let go and shoot his hot, salty load into the back of my throat. I swallowed it all with ease, as Mike withdrew his now shrinking penis from my satisfied lips, I gave the tip of it a final kiss as I licked the last drop of cum from his tool.

We finished the afternoon class session with Mary and I totally naked and exhausted. After dark we all sat around a bon fire eating hot dogs and marshmallows. As the fire died I excused myself to go to bed, but instead I went to Bills tent and crawled naked into his sleeping bag. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I now wanted a real man and decided that Bill was to be that man. I laid there quietly as I heard Bill’s voice approaching but who was he talking to? I soon found out as Bill and Jill entered the tent. Jill was dressed only in a large beach towel and Bill had on board shorts. They didn’t know that I was there as they came together in a long kiss. Bill untied her towel letting it fall to the floor as their tongues played in each others mouths.

Jill pulled his shorts down as she knelt in front of his now nude body. She licked down his blood engorged shaft as he looked down at her beautiful breasts. Soon she licked his completely shaved balls as her hand pumped his cock.

I was so hot watching this action it didn’t take long until I was working my clit with both hands. I didn’t care if I was discovered anymore and soon my moans of pleasure gave away my hiding spot. Bill pulled back the covers and said Jill, heres one of your toys for us to play with.

He wasted no time in getting between my now widely spread legs and working my clit with his tongue and fingers. As Bill worked over my pussy Jill squatted over my face and lowered her shaved, wet vagina onto my waiting lips. My tongue worked her lips apart and I thrust it into her silky folds. She tasted so good that I could not stop myself as I licked her to her first orgasm.

Bill was an expert at eating pussy and soon had me over the edge as a large orgasm ripped through me, He didn’t wait for me to recover as he placed his large cock into my pussy and worked his tool with precision until he filled my chasm with his love fluid.

I looked over at Jill and found her stepping into some type of harness that fit around her waist, as she turned and faced me I could see the largest rubber cock I’d ever seen attached to the harness. I said “What to hell is that?” She replied, “I’m going to fuck you with this strap on first then you have to fuck me with it”.

When she put the tip of the large toy against my pussy I would have sworn that it would never fit into me but with my juices mixed with Bill cum dripping from my body the rubber dick slid in to the hilt. As Jill stretched my insides with the largest projectile ever inserted in to me, Bill placed his semi hard cock against my mouth and worked his way in. With the head of his penis in my mouth I stroked his now hard member with both hands.

Between the dildo slamming into my pussy and a mouth full of manhood I was in heaven. I could feel a massive orgasm building deep in my loins, as the impending climax approached I pulled Bill’s cock from my mouth and screamed with joy as Jill pushed the final thrusts into me triggering the waves of pleasure to rip thru me.

Bill’s cock burst forth with streams of thick white fluid onto my face and chest which I quickly licked away. We all collapsed into a deep sleep together.

By the final day of camp I had fucked or sucked every boy in camp and made soft girlie love to Mary and Jill many times.

Mary and I were packing to leave when she asked me if I’d ever been T.P.’d? I said I don’t think so as I don’t know what is. Mary ran from the tent and soon returned with all six boys from class. She told me to strip naked while she did also. The boys were naked as well and were slowly beating their young meat.

Three of the boys took me to the floor where I was instructed to sit on the 1st boy’s lap and put his penis into my pussy which I did. The 2nd boy stood in front of me and but his cock into my mouth and I hungrily sucked on it. Suddenly I felt another cock pushing against my asshole, I reached around and spread my ass cheeks apart allowing the last cock to slowly slide into my rectum with very little pain but a whole lot of pleasure. I then heard Mary yell, “that’s it, were both T.P.’d- Tripled penetrated”. The pleasure was immense as I rocked up and down on three young hard cocks. I nearly passed out as I came in a mind blowing experience.

When I recovered, Mary was cradling me against her large soft breasts and held me till I had enough strength to dress and drive home. As I drove I knew that by next summer I would definitely need to attend surf camp again for a refresher course.

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