30 Haziran 2021

Bettina and the Picture Book


Bettina and the Picture BookThese are excerpts from my novella, The Pohlheim Chronicles.E mail me at camel.jockey1@yandex.com for the complete story..1…… The Baron was turning the page of the big book and as he did so his hand delved further, pushing her silk panties down to her thighs, his fingers moving closer to her secret place. The feeling that was circulating around her lower torso suddenly flared and filled that private place of hers with heat. She closed her eyes again as the rest of the world seemed to fade away, leaving just her and the Baron’s fingers. Suddenly those fingers did something that she thought they shouldn’t really do, but she moved her feet apart slightly so they could do it more easily. The Baron didn’t miss Bettina’s movement, nor did he fail to take advantage of it. He slid his hand along her vagina and began to lightly massage her little clitoris, running a finger up to it through the folds of her outer labia. She was wet and getting wetter!2…….They were so ready. Their bodies betraying them so quickly, leaving them ready and waiting for him despite any misgivings they may have. Bettina was no different. She may be unsure of what was going on, but her body was absolutely aware of the proceedings and, according canlı bahis to the wetness that was now trickling down her inner thigh, was more than ready for what both it, and the Baron, knew was going to happen very shortly.He turned her to face him, then ran his other hand up her skirts. He eased her silk panties down and let them drop to the floor. It would have been so embarrassing to have the Baron fumbling with the cord of her cotton knickerbockers, she thought, instead of just slipping them down like this…. 3…….His left hand moved up her legs, back to her secret place. She let her thighs part, allowing him complete access to her.’Shall we undo these little buttons?’ the Baron asked Bettina. She nodded dumbly, and her hands moved to do as he bid. She watched them, as if in a dream, the liquor now having removed her inhibitions completely.The Baron had to suppress a laugh as Bettina began to undress. This was beyond his wildest dreams! He had expected to have to do it himself, with Bettina objecting. He eased the dress off her shoulders and she stood up to let the garment fall to the floor. She lifted her arms when he peeled her chemise from her torso and returned his smile when he removed her brassiere to reveal her pink bahis siteleri pointed breasts.She was naked in the candlelight. Her body was pale and white, like milk in a jug. She felt no shame as he smiled at her and fondled her bottom, suckling her breasts and kissing her face. The port wine had worked its magic on Bettina, smoothing away her fears and suppressing her inhibitions. She turned this way and that at the gentle urging of his hands.4…….overcome by a sensation so intense she feared she might feint, but her legs clamped the Baron’s head so hard that for a moment he too felt dizzy.Floating in a hazy post orgasmic stupor, Bettina did not realise the Baron had moved. He lifted her legs up and apart, moving closer to her, his penis nudging her body. That body, however, was more than ready for him. She was dripping wet, her vagina was well lubricated and hot as blood surged around her lower belly. The ripples of her orgasm had flexed her unused virgin passage, preparing it and making it eager for her deflowering. It was not disappointed.The Baron gently moved his hips forward, pushing the dark red knob of his cock easily past Bettina’s tight, wet labia and into her oily vagina. Her alcohol and orgasm induced state of relaxation bahis şirketleri enabled him to subdue her maidenhead easily, stretching it until it gave in to the inevitable, and, having done its duty, it snapped and admitted a man for the first time.Feeling the prick of pain, Bettina’s eyes flashed open. She tried to close her legs, but they only clamped his hips. She put her hands on his chest, but lacked the strength to fend him off. She realised that the pain was only momentary; she wasn’t being torn apart by the Baron’s huge penis. She looked down at his shaft as it slowly disappeared centimetre by centimetre into her. She could feel it’s big head forcing apart her tight passage as the Baron pushed it relentlessly into her slick hole. 5……They retired to Bettina’s room and for the next two hours, Bettina eagerly learned what pleased a man and brought pleasure to herself. They sucked and licked each other and she coughed a little when he came in her mouth the first time. But she learned quickly and, hearing again the words she had first heard at her mother’s bedroom door, ‘Suck a little longer my dear…’ giggled and swallowed easily the second time.She sat astride him with an earnest expression and learned how to fuck a man; but she giggled insanely when he positioned her on all fours and mounted her from behind.In the morning the maid found them curled up together, fast asleep.Copyright: camel.jockey1@yandex.com E mail me for the complete story.

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