8 Ekim 2021

Bi Time with Wife and Eric


Bi Time with Wife and EricMy wife and I have been swinging for a couple of years now. Although we have had few experiences, they have all been good. Our latest experience happened a few short months ago. For the last year or so we have been members of an on-line swinger personals site. We have met some real losers on there but for the most part, the experience has been great. The last guy we met for fun and games, we met through there. We have mostly met guys from there because the single bi female is more elusive than bigfoot. Bisexual couples are almost the same. Bisexual single guys though are everywhere. Yes dear reader, both of us are bisexual. My wife and I both enjoy the pleasures derived from a wet pussy or a hard cock.We met a single bi guy named Eric (not his real name). We talked through instant messenger for a while and exchanged pics before deciding to meet in person. We invited him over to our apartment to meet in person and go from there. We figured we would have a couple of beers, play some dice and go from there. Hopefully we would all click and be able to move to the bedroom before the night was over. I was really looking forward to sucking some cock as it had been too long since the last time I had any.We made plans for him to come over that Friday night. We told him to dress in clothes that were not only casual but easily removable. Just in case. I was wearing a pair of shorts, no underwear and a plain t-shirt. My wife wore a pair of shorts, a black thong and a black shirt that was low cut to show off her beautiful tits and was tight to highlight the fact she was braless. Since her nipples are pierced, they are extra sensitive and always hard and poking through the fabric of what ever top she is wearing. Eric arrived at 9pm. After our initial introductions, we went into the living room to get better acquainted. I got us all a beer and we drank them while making small talk. He seemed to be exactly the same in person as he was on-line. Sometimes people are much different in person. I thought he was very much the same. My wife did too as she suggested we play dice. This was our little signal that she was comfortable with what ever may happen since just about anything can when we play our dice game.We moved over to the dining room table. I grabbed another round of beers for us and sat down. We got the rules and points sheet out and explained the game to Eric. The special rules that we added to the game were the most important. Basically if you scored a certain number of points during your turn or rolled a certain combination of dice, you got a special chip. If you got a chip, you could cash it in to have any player do what ever you wanted to any other player bahis siteleri or yourself. The more you drink and more comfortable you get, the wilder the chips become. We started the game and Grace, the lucky bitch, got a chip right off the bat. For some reason the dice love her. She decided she was going to hold on to it for now. An hour, many beers and 5 games later, we all were holding several chips. I decided it was time started cashing them in. Before my next roll, I told Grace it looked like our guest needed some servicing and she needed to kneel before him and suck his cock until it was her turn again. She got up, walked over to him and got on her knees. Eric stood and Grace pulled his shorts and underwear down exposing his nice sized cock and balls. He sat back in his chair and offered his cock to her mouth. My wife moved in and engulfed his rapidly growing member. She used slow strokes making sure he was able to savor the feeling as each inch was wrapped in the warm wetness of her expert mouth. After a few moments, I remembered it was my turn. I rolled the 6 dice one at a time. I wanted to make sure he was able to enjoy himself. Unfortunately my turn ended quickly. It was now his turn and I suggested he roll the same way I did to make his blow job last longer. He took my advice but busted out quickly and it was now Grace’s turn. I told her she could stop and stayed sucking a few extra moments for good measure.When she got back to her seat, I told her I was cashing in another chip and that the rest of the time we played dice that evening, she would do so topless. She decided to cash one of her chips in and told us we would play bottomless. Then she told me that after my turn was over, I was to pick up where she left off on Eric’s cock. No objection here. I have been waiting to get his cock in my mouth ever since we set this whole thing up. On my next turn I purposely busted out fast and went right to work on Eric’s cock. It felt and tasted good. I took in all I could in one shot. Then I started to leisurely slide my mouth up and down his shaft from head to balls swirling my tongue as I went. He started to moan softly with each stroke. Then way too soon I was told it was my turn again. I sucked him for a couple more moments and then released his cock from my mouth.When I got back to my seat Grace had a huge smile on her face. “Like what you saw?” I asked her. “Oh most definitely!” she replied. I then explained to Eric that she gets off in a major way watching male-male action. After that the game didn’t really hold our interest any more. We were all thinking about just hitting the bedroom. I just happened to be the one to suggest it. 30 seconds later we canlı bahis were in our bedroom stripped naked and on the bed. Grace and Eric were kneeling on the bed facing each other and Eric had his mouth latched on to one of her tits and a hand found her dripping snatch. Grace started to moan from his attention. I saw the opportunity to get more of his cock so I lay down on the bed on my side between them and engulfed his hard cock. I slowly slide mouth up and down his shaft as I did before. I used my hand to fondle his heavy balls. They felt very full. I moved down and started to lick and gently suck each one while stroking his cock with my hand. Grace told us she had to go to the bathroom. Once she got off the bed, Eric took my cock in his mouth. We were now in a 69 with him on top. I grabbed his ass in my hands and pulled him down to get his cock all they way in my mouth and down my throat. He took the hint and buried his cock to the hilt in my mouth. He then started to slowly fuck my mouth. Pulling out so just the tip was between my lips before slowly sliding it all the way back in to my mouth. While he was fucking my mouth, he was also doing a great job on my cock. One minute he was deep throating me, the next he was sucking my balls and stroking the shaft. When Grace came back in from the bathroom I heard her say, “Yeah, now that’s what I wanted to see! I was hoping you wouldn’t stop so I could walk in on something like this.” I took his cock out of my throat long enough to say, “I told you she loves to watch.” With that, she lay on the bed off to the side for a moment playing with her pussy watching us go at it. After a few more minutes of that, he rolled off of me and we decided it was time to give Grace a good fucking. We got between us on her hands and knees with her ass facing Eric. Since has was the guest, he could get first crack at her pussy doggie style. He got up behind her and rubbed his cock up and down her slit before slowly sliding balls deep in my wife’s wet pussy. He started out in a slow rhythm. I moved to her head and placed my cock at her lips which she parted and took my rock hard cock in her mouth. We now had her in the spit roast position. Every thrust Eric made behind her, sent her mouth farther down my cock. I told him that no matter what, he couldn’t cum inside her pussy. He agreed to pull out before hand. We fucked her like this for a good long time and after her second orgasm, I decided I needed some of that sweet pussy. We changed positions by having my wife spin around. As soon as she did, I rammed my cock home. I started pumping her hard. One thing I like to watch is her Mouth sliding up and down on another mans cock. Very sexy to güvenilir bahis watch and that plus the feeling of her pussy almost threw me over the edge. I had to stop for a moment. I asked Eric what he thought of anal. He said he liked it very much. I told Grace to lie on her back. I got between her legs, handed Eric a tube of lube and told him to fuck my ass while I ate Grace’s pussy. I bent over and put my ass in the air for him and buried my face in my wife’s pussy. As I started to lick and suck on her clit, I felt him press his cock head to my hole. He went slowly and eased the head in. I told him to stop for a second so my ass could open. After a few moments I told him I was ready and he could just shove it the rest of the way in. Shove it in he did and boy did it feel good. He got in to a good rhythm with nice long hard strokes. I went back to servicing the beautiful pussy in front of me. I started sucking hard on her clit and shoved two fingers in her hungry hole. Soon I had my wife bucking against my face and hand trying to release the orgasm building deep within her. When she finally came, she squirted her love juices all over my face and lay still catching her breath. I decided I needed to fuck her. I reluctantly had Eric pull out of my ass. I climbed up on top of my wife and shoved my cock home in her pussy. Eric moved to her side and started sucking on her erect pierced nipples. All the excitement of the evening and having my ass get a real good fucking I couldn’t hold out long and was soon pumping my load deep inside my wife’s pussy. Grace had a small orgasm when my cock exploded in her. When my orgasm ended, I rolled to the side and Eric immediately buried his face in her freshly fucked pussy. He started lapping up the mixture of cum like kitten does milk. He brought Grace off to another small orgasm before shoving his cock in her pussy. I had to get back into the action. I started sucking on her tits while reaching down and rubbing her clit. I wanted to make sure she had another good orgasm before we were done. It didn’t take long and she started to convulse with the waves a powerful orgasm. Eric announced that he was about to cum. I told him to cum in my mouth. I moved so my mouth was just above my wife’s pussy. All of a sudden he yanked his cock from her pussy and thrust in my mouth. He pumped a couple of times before he let loose a large load in my mouth. I swallowed his sweet salty cum as fast as he pumped it in to me. I was definitely right when I thought earlier that his balls felt full. He dumped a very large load in to my hungry mouth. I continued to suck him savoring the taste of his cum mixed with the juices of my wife’s pussy until he collapsed on the bed. We lay there for few minutes catching our breath before getting ourselves cleaned up and dressed. We sat back at the table talking for a few minutes before he left. We all agreed we needed to do that again real soon.

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