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Birds of a Ferther, Chapter 20


Birds of a Feather, Chapter 20 (a great time at Mt. View)

This is a work of fiction and may include incest, group sex, bi sexual actives and more. If these things offend you, you may not care to read this story. I try to improve on, not only my writing but also my story line. I hope you, the readers have enjoyed my efforts and I would appreciate your input and votes.
They’re on their way. Mountain View is just minutes away and Frank’s throbbing cock can find some relief. They both also look forward to spending some quite time together.
SPECIAL NOTE: Sorry this chapter has taken so long to post. I was involved in an auto accident and have not been able to do much of anything for the past two months. I’ll try to do better from now on

The room was warm from the morning sun shinning through the sliding glass doors that lead from the bedroom to the large balcony. I was still cuddled up behind Kathy with my hand on her tummy, hold over the two babies inside her womb.

I smiled as I thought of the events of the past three months passed. Even though Kathy was still asleep, it seemed I could feel her love radiating from her body. Oh my darling wife, our lives were so simple on one hand and so complicated on the other. I loved this woman and knew she loved me. I also knew most people would think it was just a perverted sexual attraction if they were aware of the lifestyle we were becoming accustom to

I felt Kathy‘s hand as she placed it over mine “Good morning my loving Husband, isn’t it exciting to hold our baby’s.” “Yes my darling, it is so exciting to hold you and our baby’s.”

Kathy rolled over and kissed me softly on the lips, “Let’s go see what the world looks from the balcony. We rolled out of bed and made our way to the sliding doors that lead to the large balcony.

The cool breeze felt good as it blew over our naked bodies. I stepped up behind Kathy, wrapped my arms around her as we looked out over the beautiful view below us The Lake off to our left, looked so quite and peaceful. On further down the mountain, we could barely see the top of the chimney of Erich’s house.

We could see other peaks and valleys of in the distance. It all looked so quite and peaceful. It was the kind of place that would be so easy to fall in love with and I was thinking how lucky to be there together.

Kathy giggled a little and when I looked down at her, she said, “My pussy and ass are tender as hell.” We both laughed and I confessed my cock and ass was about the same.

Kathy suggests we get a shower and head to the kitchen and round up a little breakfast. We washed each other.being very careful around the private areas. We both laughed at the condition we were in at the time.

As we walked through the den to the kitchen, we noticed the DVD’s still lying on the table. Kathy laughed, “We need to talk about those. “

Our meal consist of waffles, eggs over easy, breakfast sausage, juice and coffee

Kathy asked what I thought about the DVD’s we had seen so far. “To be honest with you, I’m still having trouble getting my mind around all this. In their public lives, many of these people are wealthy, elite leaders in their respective fields. We wouldn’t fit into their social group or ever have the power, money or social standing they have. Yet, in our private lives we have licked, sucked and fucked each other, shared our cum, piss, spit and about every perverted sexual act you could think of and it only seems to bring us closer together.

“Are you complaining or are you ashamed of the things we have shared?” Kathy asked with her little mischievous smile. “Oh hell no, not at all, I’m doing things now that I have only fantasized about most of my life. It’s almost like I’m living in a dream world.”

“As for the DVD’s, why don’t we just fast forward through and watch the main parts a little later today” Kathy asked as she cleaned off the table. I agreed with her as I helped her in cleaning the kitchen.

Kathy was still smiling, “Do you want to call Erich or should I call?” I knew what she was talking about and I told her to call and see what he had to say.

We walked into the den and Kathy used the old crank phone to call Erich. Of course I could only hear on side of the conversation, Good morning to you to “Erich, we watched some of the DVD’s and tried out that amazing shower, so we are both a little on the tender side this morning“.(pause), “Yes, very unusual and very hot. We were wondering about Signe’s coming of age party and what would be taking place.” Kathy turned and told me Erich was talking with Ronell.

Kathy listened for a few seconds then told me Erich wanted to know if he and Ronell could come up in a couple of hours and talk with us and they would fill us in on all the details.

I nodded and Kathy told him that would be fine. There was another pause while Kathy listened to Erich.

“Yes Erich, I’ll tell Frank but I’m sure that will be okay.” Kathy told me Bjorn and Lawan wanted to meet us, so they would be with Erich and Ronell when they come up here and they hadn’t bothered to dress and wanted to know if it would be okay if they come as they were. I just laughed and nodded my head.

We poured ourselves a second cup of coffee and headed to the den. We settled in in the couch and Kathy picked up the remote and started the DVD again.

“Honey, do you think we need to be watching this kind of action this early in the morning?”

“It’s okay Honey, I’m only going to fast-forward and only catch the hot spots, I just want to see what this little sex ball, Lawan, is capable of.”

After watching the action highlights of Lawan there was no doubt, she was a very flexible and very sexually talented. From what we had seen, I knew Kathy and I were hoping to get better acquainted with this whole family and especially with Lawan.

We put the DVD’s away and Kathy had just finished preparing a snack tray of crackers, cheeses and fruit when we heard a knock at the door.

We both went to the door to greet Erich and his family. When I opened the door Erich, Ronell and Bjron was stand there only wearing a big smile. My first thought, “Ah shit, Lawan didn’t come with them.”

Erich stepped in, gave me a big hug then stepped over and gave Kathy a hug and an open mouth kiss. Ronell and I greeted each other with a hug and short but hot kiss. Erich then introduced Bjorn. He and I hugged, then he moved over, hugged, and kissed Kathy.

I started to close the door when Erich said, “And this is our lovely daughter-in-law, Lawan.” I turned back to the door and could feel my face turning a bright red as I observed the tiny, dark haired beauty standing in the doorway.

She looked even smaller in person than she did on the DVD’s. She stepped through the door, put her arms around my neck then surprised me when she jumped and locked her legs around my waist. She pressed her lips to mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth.

Without even thinking, I put my arms around her, pulling the tits into my chest and sucking her willing tongue into my mouth. When we broke the kiss, she put her mouth up next to my ear as though she was going to whisper something. Then she spoke loud enough that everyone could hear, “I love that big headed cock of yours. I sure hope I get a chance to suck it down my throat. She kissed me on the cheek, released her legs from around my waist, then stepped over to Kathy.

Lawan wrapped her arms around Kathy’s neck. At the same time, Kathy reached down and grabbed Lawan by her ass cheeks, helping her as she pulled up and locked her legs around Kathy’s waist. Kathy made sure their tits were lined up and then hugged Lawan tight to her body. We could all see their tongues sliding in and out of each other’s mouths as they ground their tits together.

Bjorn laughed, “Please excuse my wife, she’s a little standoffish and shy at first but she’ll be friendlier once she gets to know you.”

We all laugher at his comment. I suggested we all move to the den. Kathy lead the was with Lawan still locked around her waist and didn’t stop the tit grinding and tongue swapping until they reached the far end of long couch.

Kathy sit Lawan down at the end of the couch and when Kath stood up, Lawan pulled her forward and give Kathy a slow, lingering lick up the length of her pussy. Kathy moaned as she pulled away, then moved to the other end of the couch and set down next to me. Erich and Ronell set in the love seat across from us.

“We understand you two have some questions. I should tell you that we know that you are part of the HORTON LOVE FAMILY. With that in mind, no question is off limits and we will truthfully answer any question you ask. We would also ask the same of you,” Erich said in a very mater-of-fact manner.

We both nodded our agreement, then Kathy started laughing, “My first question should be a very easy one. Your names, they’re a little unusual compared to the usual James, Joe, Jane and such. I understand Lawan a little as she is Asian but this is the first time I had ever heard most of your other names.”

They were all smiling as Erich said, “That would be a great place to start. Our names are old Nordic names and Lawan is an old Thai name. They all have special meanings, which we can get into later. Although our ancestors come from different parts of the world, we were raised very much the same way for more than a thousand years. Our families live what is sometimes called either an open family, family love or the family secret. None of these really tells the whole story. It’s true we are very open sexually and we do have sex with other family members. We also teach our children to work hard, for themselves and their families. To keep yourself clean, healthy and among other, things enjoy yourself. Over two hundred years ago it was decided by the elders that a child could ask questions, be allowed to pleasure themselves and almost anything you can thing of except have sex with anyone until the age of sixteen and they should remain a virgin until them. That would bring us to Signe. She will turn sixteen on Thursday of this week.”

Erich waited for us to ask the next question. “So, that happens on her birthday” Kathy asked.

“To tell you the truth, that will depend on the two you and how much you would like to be involved.”

Kathy and I looked at each other, and then I asked Erich how it would involve us.

“Have you two seen the play room casino oyna in the basement?”

Kathy and I looked at each other and laughed. We didn’t even know there was a basement, much less a play room,” I said.

Erich asked for the set of keys he gave me when we arrived. I got them off the table and handed them to him. Then we all followed him down the hallway to a door with no doorknob, only a key slot. He unlocked the door and it opened into a medium size elevator. We all stepped inside and Erich keyed it for the bottom floor.

When the door opened, we stepped out into a large basement area. It was easy to see why it was called the playroom. There was a table designed similar to the three we had used in Walter and Maggie’s playroom, only this one had large rollers on the base so it could be moved around the room.

There was a large shower along the left wall. It was similar to the one in the master bath but larger. There were two cabinets along the same wall. They were about the same size and the ones upstairs but these had glass doors on them and we could see all the enema and douche accessories and a verity of sex toys.

A sybian system was firmly mounted to a table setting between the two cabinets. It was the first time Kathy and I had ever seen one but Lawan assured us she could show us how to use it as well and the two sex swings that was mounted the ceiling.

The long padded table setting near the far end of the room was just like the one in the master bath. There was a wall across the far end of the room with two doors in it. Erich explained they were private restrooms that come in handy from time to time.

We saw two king size beds along the right wall and I noticed a vinyl covering on each mattress. There was another cabinet between the beds filled with bed linins and towels.

Big screen TV’s were mounted on three different walls around the room. A cabinet set on the floor next to the elevator door filled with components, controls and DVD’s.

A small kitchenette area was along the back wall, just down for the shower.

The floor covering was a cushioned vinyl with area rugs here and there. There was no dough about it; the entire room was designed especially for sexual fun

“As you can see, the basement is designed to accommodate most any kind of sexual activity you may be interested in” as he pointed to the different features in the room.

“Frank, you and Kathy had asked about the coffee enamel. This is where we always do those and this is where Signe would like to have her coming out, birthday party. I told her it was your honeymoon and we were not going to do anything to interfere with that.”

I noticed Kathy had that wicked little smile on her face as she asked, “First, just what is a coffee enamel. Next, who would be giving Signe her enamel and when would she want to do it. Then, what does Signe want to do for her party. Last of all, if we like the idea of the coffee enamel, when could we get one and who would do it?”

Everyone started laughing, and then Erich replied, “Lawan loves to give enamels, so she usually does it. The coffee enamel is done with about twice the amount of liquid, mostly coffee. It takes more time to do because you take about half the liquid then she will massage your stomach so the warm coffee is pushed all through your colon. Then the remainder of the liquid and more massaging until you can’t hold it any longer. Then you go to one of the restrooms at the end of the room and you will shit out everything from your stomach to your sphincter. Lawan likes to give you what we call a saddle shower after that but that’s optional because she likes to pleasure you while she is giving you the shower. If you are wonder about the aftereffects of the coffee enamel, I would suggest you try one and decide for yourselves.”

“When would you start with the enamel and who would you do first,” Kathy asks a gleam in her eyes.

Lawan was smiling as she answered, “If I get to do all three of you, we would need to start about middle of the afternoon. I would do Signe first and you can help or just watch. If you help, you must understand that the three of us can do as we please but we can only give Signe the coffee enamel then a clear water enamel on the saddle. We can’t do anything sexual to her or with her tomorrow. She can pleasure herself and we can watch but can’t touch. All that will take palace the next day, onThursday, that’s her sixteenth birthday.

“If we survive tomorrow evening, when will things start happening Thursday and what can we expect,” I asked.
Ronell smiled, “I guess this means you would like to join the party?” “YES” Kathy and I said at the same time

We walked over and set down on the bar stools by the kitchenette. Erich started by telling us a little more about their family history. Rules and standards have changed over the past thousand years or so but in Ronell and Erich’s family, males and females have been considered equals for the past two hundred years.

They have been taught for birth, the importance of a close family relationship. They were taught to love and care for other family members. They’re taught that Knowledge and hard work is the key to a better life. The families are very open and shared their knowledge with other family members.

Much of this knowledge was of a sexual nature and many years ago, almost everything was in favor of the male children and very little attention given to age. Over the years, that lead to so many problems, you could write an entire book about the problems they encountered in those days.

This prompted many of the clan leaders to set up rules. These rules applied to many aspects of their lives but we will only dealing with the sexual changes.

Nudity was common in the family homes, even extended families, aunts, uncles and so on. Children were allowed and encouraged to ask questions, about not only sex but also anything that might arouse their curiosity.

Children were allowed and sometimes encouraged to experiment with pleasuring themselves and often permitted to pleasure each other as long as the maintained their virginity until the age of sixteen.

That’s when they would have their coming-of-age party. They could plan their own party and decide the sexual activities.

Ronell told us Signe was on the pill so there was no problem with her getting pregnant. Even though her hymen has been penetrated by Signe use of sex toys, she was still a virgin.

Kathy asked what we should expect in the way sexual activates. The four of them laughed and Bjorn said, “Instead of asking what you like sexually, it may be quicker to tell us what you don’t like.”

I looked at Kathy and nodded for her to answer, “We both like animals but we’ve never seen on we wanted to have sex with. We like it a little hard and rough sometimes, a little spanking or hard fucking but we don’t like severe pain or scat play. That’s about it, everything is okay with us.”

Erich was smiling when he asked, “How do you like the wine you are drinking.” We both told him it was very good. “How you like it if it was about half wine and the other half a collection of piss from all of us.”

Kathy laughed, “Do you have a container handy, my bladder is about to burst right now?” Lawan rushed over to the kitchenette area, grabbed a glass pitcher, ran back and shoved it up to Kathy’s pussy, using the fingers on her other hand to part Kathy’s pussy lips.

Kathy let out a couple of little squirts to start with. Then it was as if the floodgates opened as a hard stream of piss started covering the bottom of the pitcher. Lawan stuck two fingers in the stream of piss then moved them to her mouth and sucked them clean. “MMMMmmmm, one of my favorite drinks, I hope I get a chance to drink some more later.”

When Kathy had finished Lawan put a cover over the top of the pitcher and placed it in the refrigerator. When she return to our group Erich started telling us, some of the things Signe had in mind for her birthday party. He laughed as the told us that she was like to other women in the family. She was looking forward to all the wild and crazy sex she could stand. She will tell us what she wants as we go but I do know she is going to loose her virginity in all three openings. She wants to be fuck, suck, and eat all the pussy she can. She tends to be very bold and daring so there is no telling what she might want to do. We have all agreed to go along with anything she asks for and hope you will do the same.

Ronell started laughing as she pointed at us, “There’s your answer, and they are both will to do anything Signe asks of them. We all looked down at my raging hard and the pussy juice that was running down Kathy’s thighs.

When we started to get back on the elevator, I stepped in first and stood along the back wall. Kathy was next and she turned her back to me, spread her legs and let my hard cock slip up between her leg, with the head resting against the back of her pussy lips.

Erich and Ronell stepped in to my left. Bjron stepped in to my left and as Lawan started to step up beside him when Kathy reached out and took Lawan by her arm, turned her around and pulled her back against her.

Kathy then reached under Lawan’s arms and wrapped her hands around both tits. Lawan tilted her head back and turned until her lips met Kathy’s and they shared a wet, tongue-swapping kiss.

When they broke the kiss Kathy followed Lawan as she leaned over and run her hand between her legs and back to where my cock was resting against Kathy’s pussy lips.

Lawan placed her hands on the bottom of my cock shaft and pushed it deeper into Kathy’s hot, dripping wet pussy.

My cock was leaking a steady flow of pre-cum onto Lawan‘s hand and she started running her slick hand ups and down the bottom of my rigid shaft.

The three of us were smiling and moaning softly as we enjoyed the pleasures. Erich, Ronell and Bjorn were laughing as they enjoyed our little show. “I can see why you two were excepted in the Family as quick as you were” Erich said as the elevator door opened on the first floor

Erich locked the door open and the three of them stepped off the elevator and looked back at us. Kathy pulled back on Lawan and they both stood up. Both women stepped forward causing my cock to slip from between Kathy‘s legs.

Kathy released Lawan‘s tits and took hold of her wrist, holding it up so we could all see the wet combination of my pre-cum and Kath‘s pussy juice on her palm.

Kathy pulled the palm to her mouth and licked it clean. She pulled Lawan around until she was facing me and pulled down on her wrist, causing her to drop to her knees in front of me.

Kathy reached over and wrapped her thumb and index canlı casino finger around the base of my cock. Lawan seem to know what was going to happen next. She opened her mouth as Kathy grabbed the back of her head and shoved it forward.

All in one move, my cock went to the back of Lawan‘s mouth and into her throat. “Does my man’s big headed cock feel good in your throat BITCH?” Kathy asked as she leaned down next to her ear.

I heard a sigh of pleasure from Lawan as she nodded her head. Kathy was jerking her head back and forth on my cock and I knew I wouldn’t last long at this rate.

It crossed my mind that Kathy’s behavior may have offered the others. I looked over to see the three of them watching. Erich and Bjorn were stroking theie erect cocks while Ronell was frantically massaging her clit and all three had a big smile on their faces.

I could feel Lawan’s drool dripping off the bottom of my scrotum and my balls were tingling and I was about to shoot my load down Lawan’s throat. Suddenly, Kathy pulled Lawan back, causing my cock to slip out of her mouth, “That’s enough SLUT, get your nasty mouth up here and give me a kiss.”

Lawan stood and Kathy leaned down until their lips met. Their kiss was so sexy and full of passion you could hear the wet tongue and lip sucking as they groped each other’s breast.

When they broke the kiss they walked, hand and hand, out of the elevator, leaving me standing there with my cock about two good sucks away from cumming.

“What the hell is this, are you just gonna leave me like this, with this raging hard and right on the verge of cumming/”

Everyone laughed as Kathy told me, “Yes my dear Husband, you can do anything you please except cum. You have to save that for the birthday party.”

Erich told me to follow him and he would give me something else to think about. I waked off the elevator with my hard cock bobbing up and down in from of me and followed Erich into the den.

He asked if we had looked through the large cabinet in corner of the den. I laughed, “No, we hadn’t even seen it. We were too busy with the DVD’s and shower.”

He asked for the key ring again. I gave him the keys then followed him to the far corner of the den There was a built in cabinet that blended in so well with the paneling that if it were not for the key slot, you wouldn’t even know it was there.

“When Walter called to tell me you were coming here for your honeymoon he also told me a little about both of you including the fact that you were part of the FAMILY. He also told me to give you the big key ring, it has the keys to open all the locks and operate the elevator. He told me you may have some questions about some of the things is this cabinet and I should do the best I could to answer any question you may have.

To be honest, I expected to find something of a sexual nature when Erich opened the door. I was a little surprised to see a cabinet filled with large folders, long tube type holders, ledgers and several large boxes of disc similar to the ones we used to program our robots and auto cutters and presses.

Erich looked through the folders until her found the one he wanted. “I think you’ll find this of interest to you both. He took a paper from the folder and unfolded it. It took a few minutes to realize what I was looking at. Then I realized it was a plot map of our town and part of the county.

All the existing buildings were all blacken in. There were other drawings including some with streets I knew didn’t even exist yet. The footprint map had quite a few new sites drawn in and had a letter and number for each one.

Erich handed me the folder that contained quite a few sketches and all had a letter and number to correspond with the numbers and letters on the plot map.

I could tell it would take some time to go over it and try to get a better understanding of what it was about. One thing did catch my eye and aroused my curiosity. The plot map and all the drawings had a little note in the lower right corner. “Property of Voss Reality and Construction Co.”

I pointed it out to Kathy then asked Erich if these were all by Gail Voss. “Oh yes, your dear friend Gail is handling the entire construction project. She owns quite a large company and she is also a very wealthy woman.”

“I would never have guessed this lovely woman was so rich and powerful,” I said as Kathy nodded in agreement.

Erich laughed, “You’ll find in most cases the truly rich and powerful don’t make a show of it. It’s usually people who want you to think they’re rich and powerful who try to flaunt it. Frank, you and Kathy are friends with some most wealthy people but you probably don‘t realize it because they care more for people more than a dollar.”

Erich looked through the folder until he found a small not book. He handed it to me and asked if I had any idea what it might be about.

The first part was easy enough, it was notes about what the power, phone, cable and public utilities had done or would be doing in the city and county. Next were about the Horton and Lewis’ joining companies. The only thing surprising there, all this started about ten years ago.

The next page was the one I was sure Erich was curious about. It was a list of names. Over the first list was the word ‘TOPS’. There were seven names listed below. Mine was the forth one down but the name above it had been marked through and the number beside my name had been changed to number three.

There were other names and notes. Lorie (Mr. Horton’s secretary), had a not by her name ’New Title, Allison More, study, training, home. Kathy Howard, study with Allison, home then home and training.

I showed it all to Kathy and she didn’t know what it was all a bout either. I told Erich we were just a much in the dark as he was and had no idea why the names were in the book.

“Well, this’ll give you something to think about in your spare time” Erich smiled as they all stood to leave. We walked them to the door. I was not at all surprised when each one of them gave Kathy a passionate, farewell kiss. I was very surprised when each of then leaned over and sucked my semi-erect cock into their mouths. Everyone, including me, laughed at my reaction to their farewell suck.

We return to the den and continued looking through the different items in the folder. It was more confusing then anything else. Two things we were fairly sure of, this was a layout for the future plans for our town and we were going to be somehow involved.

Kathy took one of the long tubes from the cabinet. There was a label on it “Billy Bob’s Branding Iron Restaurant. When she opened the tube, we found it was a complete set of floor plans for a large restaurant. There was also a color drawing of what the restaurant would look like when completed.

We spent the next couple of hours looking through the items in the cabinet. When we were through, we still had more questions than answers.

We prepared a light lunch then headed to the deck to soak up a little sun. Katy kept playing with me but wouldn’t let me cum. She has me eating and fucking her pussy and ass. She would suck my cock right up to the point of shooting my load then she would stop. She made me promise I wouldn’t finish the job myself.

We had about a much sun as we needed for one day so we went inside, took a couple of stakes out to thaw for dinner then enjoyed a cool shower.

The moon was full and cast a beautiful light out on the late. We walked down to the boathouse where we found a nice ski boat, a large pontoon boat and two canoes. The pontoon boat had a nice gas grill and a small cooled.

We decided to gather up a couple of stakes, corn on the cob and a couple of backing potatoes and a bottle of wine, grabbed a couple of beach towels and headed back to the boathouse

We loaded everything on the pontoon boat, eased out of boathouse and headed out onto moon lighted lake. After cruising around the lake for a while, the dropped the anchor and took a nice cool swim.

The cool water felt good against our bare skin. We were acting like kids splashing and dunking each other for about an hour. When we climbed back aboard we lit the grill and got our dinner started. Then we poured a couple glasses of wine and settled in on one of the cushioned seats.

As often happens, our minds seem to be going in the same direction. Kathy asked if I had understood all the things we found in the big cabinet. I told her, like her, I understood some of the things but I still had more questions than answers.

After dinner, we continued to talk about the contents of the cabinet as I started the outboard and started cruising around the lake. We just cruised, cuddled and talked for the next two hours, then headed to the boathouse.

Once in the cabin, we started looking through the drawings and books again. We were able to determine some of the other things being planed for our community.

Kathy and I were setting next to each other at the table. We were still naked and were constantly touching each other but nothing very sexual.

Kathy asked if I was mad or upset with her. I’m sure I had a confused look on my face when I told her I had no reason to be upset with her and asked why she thought I might be. We’ve not had sex at all today and I wondered if you were upset about it.

I asked if she had made a point of not having sex or had I done something to upset her. “No, you haven’t done anything wrong, as a matter of fact, I’ve had a great time with you today. We have spent the whole day just being husband and wife. I’ve spent the day with my best friend and loved every minute of it. I know we have a great sex life and I love that but I also know I have a good husband and a good friend.

I took her in my arms and kissed her gently on the lips, and then I just held her in my arms. It felt good, it really was as if we were only half a person without the other.

We enjoyed a nice warm shower and went to bed a little early. I spooned in behind my darling wife, put my arm around her, and massaged her left breast for just a second. Then I slipped my hand down over her stomach, covering our two babies. She placed her hand on mine and we fell asleep in seconds.

The sun was just coming up the next morning when I woke up. I was trying to ease out of the bed when I heard Kathy snicker, “Are you trying to slip out on me this morning?” “No Honey, I was going to the bathroom,” I answered.

“Why don’t we take a shower and go fix some breakfast.” I reached back and took her hand, helping her out of bed.

As we showered, we were hugging and kissing quite a bit but it was all love and not sexual. I think we were both enjoying it. I know there kaçak casino would be lots of sex later but I also know there was no hurry.

It was about 7 AM when we made it to the den. Just as we walked in the old-fashioned phone began to ring. I knew it had to Erich or some of his family. When I answer the phone, I heard a soft female voice, “Good morning Mr. Howard, this is Signe, I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“No Signe, we were already up, is there a problem.” “No, no problem, I was just wondering if you two have had breakfast yet. If you haven’t Lawan and I would love to come make you a special breakfast.”

I asked her to hold while I checked with Kathy. Of course, she agreed, so I told Signe it would be okay if she would promise me one thing, don’t call me Mr. Howard. That makes me feel older than I already am and all my friends call us Frank and Kathy, She laughed and said it’s a promise, then asked if it would be alright to come on up now and would we be offended if they didn’t ware any clothes. I told her, “Now will be fine and if she didn’t wear cloths she would fit right in.”

It was about ten minutes later when I heard a knock; Kathy answered it and when she returned the beautiful and very naked Signe and Lawan was following close behind her.

I stood up as they walked into the den, then I was greeted with a hug and firm, friendly kiss on the lips by both women.

Each of the women was holding a handle, sharing the load of a large antique looking woven straw picnic basket. After sharing our greeting, both women headed toward the kitchen, still carrying the basket.

Once in the kitchen, they set their basket on the counter and Lawan come over, pulled the chair out from the end of the table, and turned it to face the cooking area. She told me that Signe would like me to set there, she set at the other end of the table and Kathy set down between us.

Signe turned to reveal a perfect profile as she opened the basket and started taking the items our one by one, explaining each one as she removed it from the basked. “This is fresh bread I baked and sliced yesterday so the slices would be nice and firm for today, this is fresh milk from a local dairy and the butter is from the same place. Fresh eggs, gathered just yesterday, fresh Wisconsin cream cheese and we have one jar of fresh, finely chipped peach and one of strawberries, both with just a touch of maple syrup added. Finally, we have local, smoked cured ham, thick sliced and guaranteed to please.

I heard every word Signe had said but I don’t think I saw a single thing she took out of the basket. I could not take my eyes of the young beauty and her prefect profile.

She was barefooted, with long, well toned legs, leading up to a heart shape ass and with her standing sideways to us, I could only see just a hint of the blond pubic hair just below her flat stomach that lead up to her beautiful breast. It would be hard for me to judge the cup size of the tits. They were fairly large at her chest and though they were full and looked very firm, they were more of a cone shaped, leading down to a light pink areolas, with fully erect nipples almost the same color. Top that opp with a beautiful cheek to cheek smile, sparkling blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair, pulled back in a ponytail.

She turned and faced us and I could see the close trimmed pubic hair that barely cover the full, moist lips of her beautiful vagina. When I looked up, Signe was looking me straight in the eyes, with a big smile on her face.

I knew I had been caught staring and it make me blush a little. I looked over at Kathy. She looked as though she was in a trance, staring at Signe’s beauty. I startled her and she jumped when I touched her hand. She was blushing as we all laughed together. “She is a real beauty, a sexual sight to behold,” Lawan said as Signe turned back to the counter and started preparing our breakfast.

She was busy getting everything ready when she said, “Frank, I hope I don’t embarrass you by staring but I asked Lawan to set your chair out so I would be able to get a good look at you and your cock. I’ve heard all my family talking about how nice it was with that big mushroom head. I have some decisions to make before tomorrow and even though I can’t touch it today, I was hoping I could get a look at it.”

Before I could reply, Kathy stood and walked around in front of me, placed her hands on my knees and pulled them wide apart.

“Look all you want Honey and let me know if you would like to see it hard and fully erect,” Kathy said as she smiled down at me.

Signe turned and looked straight at my cock and I could feel it move as it became a little firm from all of the attention.

“Oh Kathy, you are such a lucky woman and yes, I would like to see it standing at full erection” Signe said as she turned to watch.

Kathy leaned down and kissed me then whispered, “Fear not my dear husband, we will not leave you hanging today.”

She dropped to her knees by my side, leaned across my leg and lifted my cock to her hot, wet mouth. She pulled back for just a second, “Lawan, are you going to help me with this or will I have to do this all by myself?”

“Damn Kathy, I thought you would never ask” Lawan said as she jumped up from her chair and come to stand between my legs. As Kathy turned her attention back to my cock, Lawan held my face in her hands and gave me one of her wet tongue, deep throat kisses. She then moved to my nipples for a quick suck on each before she dropped to her knees and I felt her warm mouth around one of my balls as she gently sucked on it.

I was watching Signe as she leaned against the counter, her feet wide apart and two fingers very busy frigging her young pussy while she was using two fingers on her other hand to pinch and pull very hard on one of her nipples.

Kathy pulled my cock out of her mouth and asked Signe if she would like to come closer for a better look. She never answers but started walking toward us until she was standing next to Kathy. She continued fingering her pussy and pulling on her long, hard nipples.

Kathy continued her attention to my cock for another couple of minutes. The she ask Lawan if she would like to switch places.

The two women quickly switched placed and Kathy pulled me closer to the edge of the chair just before Lawan leaned across my leg and flicked her tongue out, licking the pre-cum from the head of my cock.

She kept her hand wrapped around my cock shaft as Kathy lifted my scrotum and pushed her tongue under it until it was touching the outer edge of my sphincter. She slowly pulled her hot, wet tongue forward until she could suck one of my balls into her mouth.

Lawan took the head of my cock back into her mouth and gently sucked on it a few times, then started sliding down my shaft until my cock hit the back of her mouth and then down into her throat. I knew I wouldn’t last long at this rate.

Lawan pulled back and licked around the head, then shoved it back down her throat again. I looked to my left to see Signe watching every as she continued to jam her fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

I could feel my balls tightening and Kathy must have also felt it She raised up and told me “Honey, don’t cum down Lawan’s lovely throat. You should cum on our tits and faces so Signe can see your hot juice as it comes out of your big cock.

Lawan pulled my cock out of her throat, wrapped her hand around the base, and squeezed down. Kathy set up to a kneeling position and Lawan spread my legs wider and moved around beside her.

Lawan started doing a circular and short up and down movement at the base of my cock while Kathy used her mouth to coat the head of my cock with her warn, slick saliva.

Once my cock head was nice and slick, Kathy started pumping hard and fast. The first shot of cum hit Kathy’s tits and up across her throat, chin and mouth. I heard a loud groan from Signe as she reached a cum dripping orgasm.

Kathy turned the head of my cock toward Lawan, relaxed her grip and the second shot of cum struck Lawan on her tits and splashing up onto her chin. Kathy aimed a little higher and the next shot landed on Lawan‘s chin, across her lips and up across her nose.

Kathy redirected the next shot toward her and it covered her face from her chin, across her lips and up into her hair. Lawan leaned in and pressed her right tit against my cock head. As the cum continued to flow Lawan moved her tits back and forth, thoroughly cover each one with a thin layer of my cum.

Signe was on her knees, leaning over so close to me her lips were almost touching my cock and Lawan‘s cum covered tits. She let out another loud moan as she reached her second orgasm.

Kathy held my cock up to Lawan’s mouth and rubbed it across her lips as small amounts of cum continued to ooze out of my piss hole. Lawan opened her mouth and Kathy paced her had at the back of Lawan’s head and pushed it forward, letting the last few drop of my cum flow into her throat.

Lawan let my cock slip out of her mouth as Kathy started licking the cum off her tits. Signe was setting back on her heels, her finger still buried in her soaked pussy but no longer fucking herself.

Kathy and Lawan continued of lick and suck on each other’s tits and face until they had cleaned up most of my cum.

The four of us stood and Signe suggested we take a shower. “Lets not bother with the shower before breakfast, if a little bit of us gets in the cooking, that will only make it better” Lawan said with a wicked smiled.

We all laughed in agreement and Signe headed back to the stove. While she was melting the butter in the large cast iron frying pan, she started mixing the dip for the bread.

Kathy walked over, used her finger to remove the line of cum that still remaining across her forehead, up to her hairline. She then pulled her finger over the edge of he bowl, allowing the cum to run down into the Signe’s mixture.

Signe smile as she used the two fingers she had recently removed from her pussy to mix the cum into the milk, eggs and spices. “I have to pee really badly,” Signe said with a smile.

I quickly gabbed an empty jar from the cabinet , removed the lid and handed it to her. Signe propped one knee up against the cabinet and held the jar up to her pussy and let go with a hard yellow stream of piss.

Just before she finished, she cupped her hand in the flow of piss and filled her palm. She then added that to the mixture in the bowl and used her fingers to mix in in. I put the lid back on the jar and placed it in the refrigerator

Signe busied herself with preparing our meal while the girls set the table. I set back down in the chair, Kathy and Lawan made a point of making a set of lips or a tit available to me each time they passed me.

Signe turned around and informed us that breakfast was ready.

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