5 Ocak 2021

Black Women’s Assholes Are Hot


The name is Franklin Perez Bronson. A tall, good-looking, brown-skinned young man of African-American and Hispanic descent. I’m a Criminal Justice student at Boston College, a first-rate sexual adventurer and an aspiring urban fiction writer. I’m here to tell you about one of the best weekends of my life. The kind that other people can only dream of. Steamier than the pages of frigging Penthouse! Well, folks, that’s just how I get down! Know what I mean? I just spent a wonderful weekend with Linda Brown and Fatima Suarez, two sexually adventurous and rather raunchy female students from the nearby Roxbury Community College. Brace yourselves, folks. It’s about to get steamy hot in here.

One of my professors, Mr. Harrington, left me his Back Bay townhouse for the weekend. He was off in Cape Cod with his boyfriend Niles. So, I invited Linda and Fatima to spend some time with me. They’re a couple of horny bitches looking for a good time, so they were definitely down with that. Linda is five feet ten inches tall, kind of pretty in the face, with jet-black skin and short hair. She has a really plump body, huge breasts, wide hips, thick legs and a big, plump ass. Her friend Fatima was something else. A six-foot-one, big and tall, large-breasted, thick-bodied and big-bottomed, olive-skinned Hispanic woman. She was even bigger than Linda, who was no dainty little dame either. Fatima proudly weighed in at three hundred and ten pounds. Linda was a 250-pound dame whose hobbies included Greco-Roman Wrestling and Riding. We ended up having tons of fun together.

Yeah, we enjoyed the pleasures of Professor Harrington’s townhouse. I went into the pool with my luscious female guests, and we had a water fight. Me and Linda versus Fatima. We splashed water all over the big Hispanic woman’s face and body. She laughed and fought back. We still managed to overwhelm her, mainly due to our superior numbers. She couldn’t stand before our combined might. Laughing, Linda canlı bahis and I downed Fatima, who finally surrendered. She resurfaced, trying to stop laughing. This was awesome. We had tons of fun together. We also ordered Chinese Food and ate in Harrington’s huge living room while watching Smoking Aces on his Flat TV. Now, that’s what I call living. White folks really do have it made. After eating some delicious food and watching a good movie, I found myself feeling horny. Fortunately, Linda and Fatima were also in the mood. They began making out on the couch. Watching two big women kissing definitely turned me on. I began stroking my dick. Ten inches long, uncut and quite thick.

Linda lay on the floor, her plump thighs spread wide open. Practicing the ancient art of muff diving on her was the lovely Fatima. The big Hispanic chick began licking and fingering the big black woman’s pussy. Linda giggled, and urged Fatima to do her thing. I watched, pumping my hand up and down on my dick as Fatima licked Linda’s pussy. Now, that’s what I call a good time. Fatima had the biggest booty I’d ever seen. I’ve seen forty-inch booties on black and Hispanic women before. Rarely, I’ve seen them on white women. However, this was the first time I had seen a booty that size. I joined the fun, and began fondling Fatima’s huge plump ass. Hot damn, the big Hispanic woman had to have a sixty-inch booty at the very least. Now, that’s what I call a ghetto booty!

Fatima stopped licking Linda’s pussy for a second and told me that her plump ass was all natural and I couldn’t find a better one anywhere else. I smiled. Time to test that theory. I caressed Fatima’s huge ghetto booty, loving its wonderful feel. Then, I decided to fuck it. I spread Fatima’s huge butt cheeks wide open. Then, I slid a finger inside. She didn’t seem to mind. So, I added another finger. She seemed to love this. Her asshole hungrily devoured my fingers. So, she likes having her asshole played with. That’s cool. bahis siteleri Two can play that game. I pulled a small can of lotion out of my pocket, and began applying the contents on her asshole. I smeared the lotion all around her asshole, then worked it inside. I made sure the big Hispanic woman’s tight asshole was well-lubricated. Then, I rubbed my cock and pressed my dick head against her backdoor.

Man, I couldn’t wait to stick it in. I slowly pushed my cock into Fatima’s asshole. To my surprise and relief, the big Hispanic woman did not scream as my dick penetrated her asshole. Heartened, I pushed my cock deeper into her. Fatima continued licking Linda’s pussy. The big black woman had a beatific look on her face as Fatima licked, probed and fingered her glistening wet black pussy. Linda was clearly having the time of my life. I knew how she felt. Sort of. I placed my hands on Fatima’s hips and pushed my cock deeper into her asshole. Ever since I read a certain odd article in a certain men’s online magazine, I’ve been quite obsessed with anal sex, particularly with big women. The magazine said that big women had tight assholes. Very tight assholes. Supposedly, they were tighter down there than skinny women were. Arguably, this made them the very best fucks anyone could find in the domain of anal sex. How about that?

I worked my dick into the depths of Fatima’s asshole. Oh, man. This big Hispanic woman’s asshole was so warm and soft. I couldn’t believe it. It felt just awesome around my dick. Like a smooth and tight caressing glove. Or something. Meanwhile, Linda was squealing happily as Fatima finally made her cum. Fatima eagerly lapped away all droplets of Linda’s girly cum. Apparently, the big black woman had squirted in a moment of orgasmic bliss. How about that? I’d never seen a female squirt during sex before. This was awesome. A few moments later, I did some squirting of my own. I came, flooding Fatima’s asshole with my cum. At last, the bahis şirketleri big Hispanic woman screamed as my cum flooded her asshole. I was very pleased. It’s always fun to hear a woman scream while you’re fucking her.

Later, I invited Linda to a fun ride. An anal ride. After getting her pussy licked and probed by Fatima, she was down for more fun sensations. I sat down and she sucked my cock while Fatima watched, fingering her own pussy. Linda was a sloppy cock sucker, but it didn’t take me long to get hard again. Once that happened, I happily put Linda on all fours. Face down and big black butt sticking up. I spread those black butt cheeks of hers wide open, and pressed my cock against her butt hole. With a swift thrust, I went in. Anyone who says anal sex isn’t fun either hasn’t tried it or simply is too uptight to enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures. Thankfully, Linda was not uptight. I worked my cock into the big black woman’s booty hole for some raunchy anal fun.

Linda was not like Fatima. The big Hispanic woman had taken my big cock up her asshole without so much a grunt. It’s true that her face was buried in Linda’s pussy at the time, but I think Fatima is a stoic woman. Linda was screaming her lungs out as I rammed my cock into her asshole. Oh, yeah. And you know what? It made her more fun to fuck. I had my fun, then I came for the second time. Flooding the big black woman’s asshole with my manly seed. Linda squealed. I slowly squeezed my cock out of her now gaping asshole. Fatima hurried over and sucked on my dick, straight out of Linda’s ass. I smiled. This is the perfect way to end a good fucking.

Over the rest of the weekend, the three of us fucked like sex was going out of style. Linda and Fatima were the most raunchy women I had ever met. They happily took my cock into their mouths, pussies and assholes. Hot damn, I wished all women were like that! Sexually adventurous and carefree. Unfortunately, most of them were uptight prudes. Oh, well. When the professor came, he got mad at me for all the cum stains on his rug but I told him to send me the bill. Life is short. You got to have fun when you can. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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