6 Şubat 2021

Blackmailed into Submission Ch. 07


“I don’t think it will be for very long,” Mom tells me.

“I still think you should just tell her and then I don’t have to worry about it.”

“I can’t. It’s too embarrassing. Too humiliating. I just can’t tell her. Please don’t make me tell her, Steven. I can go to your place and take care of you whenever you want just please don’t tell my sister that I’m your slut. Please,” she begged.

“Okay. I won’t tell her for now. But this really sucks. And speaking of sucking. You’d better get over here and suck on my cock and see if you can get me in a better mood,” I tell my Mom.

Aunt Vicky was getting a divorce and had come to ‘visit’ for an undetermined length of time. I like Aunt Vicky, but with her here, I can’t use my Mom in the fashion I have grown accustom. Which is any way I want. Now it has to be planned with a reason to get Mom up to my apartment over the garage so I can use her.

“Mmmm. That’s it bitch. Suck my cock. Show me how much you love being my little fuck slut. That’s it. Get all 8 inches of my cock in your fucking mouth. Lick and suck my balls now. Oh you fucking slut whore, that’s it. Stir the cum up in my balls,” I tell my Mom.

Mom’s mouth, like her other slut holes, is fantastic. She knows how to use her tongue to get me hot. I can feel the cum boiling in my nuts, ready to rise up at any moment. I fight the urge and hold back, enjoying her ministrations. I make her suck my cock this time while still dressed, since I have no intention of letting her cum while pleasuring me. In fact, I am thinking of denying her the right to cum until her sister leaves. That’ll teach the cum hungry bitch.

“Back in your mouth now, slut. I’m gonna fuck your mouth like the cheap whore that you are. I’m gonna fill your mouth with my hot cum and then I want you to find your fucking sister and talk to her with my hot cum on your breath. Hell maybe I need to slut fuck her too. Then I can have fun using both of you and making you both pleasure me at the same time,” I fantasize out loud.

The thoughts of having Mom and Aunt Vicky at the same time are too much for me. I grab two handfuls of hair and start fucking my Mom’s mouth, pushing my cock all the way in until my balls slap against her chin. Her hands go to her sides submissively as I fuck her mouth the way most men only seldom get to fuck their wife’s pussy. Mom keeps her mouth tight as my strokes become shorter and faster, fucking just the head of my cock into her mouth and feeling her tongue working on the sensitive tip. I loosen the grip on Mom’s hair and move one hand to hold her head and the other I use to jack my hot load into her mouth, forcing her to gulp as she tries to swallow all my messy cum.

Mom sits back on her knees when I pull my cock from her mouth.

“Was that okay dear? Did that make you happy?” Mom asks.

“For now. It’s still better to have you whenever I want without making excuses to have you come up here.”

“It won’t be too long, dear. When do you think you will need me again?” Mom asks with lust filling her eyes.


It wasn’t the same. It wasn’t any fun for me to have to wait until I could get Mom up to my apartment to use her. Not when I was used to having her whenever and especially where ever I wanted. I very much missed just bending her over and taking her at any time. In the kitchen, out by the pool, in the car. It got to the point that I guess I started getting a little anxious about the situation. And apparently I wasn’t hiding my discomfort of the situation to well from Aunt Vicky.

I was sitting on the deck of my garage apartment smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. I thought Mom and Aunt Vicky had gone to the store together and casino oyna was a bit surprised when Aunt Vicky came through the door.

“Hi. Mind if I sit down?”

“Please, “I motion to a chair, “Can I get you a beer?”

“Yeah, that would be great.”

I get her the beer and take stock of my Aunt’s attributes. About the same size as Mom but with slightly smaller tits. Even at five years older than Mom she was still in great shape.

“Steven, I can’t help but notice that you have been a little stand-offish to me lately. Have I done something that bothers you?” she asks.

“No, not at all,” I answer with a forced smile.

“Maybe it’s just me, but I get the feeling I’m in the way sometimes. Or like I am keeping you from something. I apologize for intruding in your normal patterns. I really appreciate your folks letting me stay here while Bill and I sort things out,” Vicky says referring to her impending divorce from her husband.

Guilt sets in as I think about what she said. “It’s just a bit of an adjustment. We really love having you here and you are more than welcome to stay as long as you want or need to.”

What the fuck am I saying? Get out of here bitch. I know your husband is leaving you cause you couldn’t give him kids, but shit. Why do I have to suffer too? Fucking family.

“That is so very nice of you, Steven. I wish I had a son like you.”

I wouldn’t be so sure about that lady. But then again.

“Aunt Vicky, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure if you’ll drop the aunt and make it just Vicky,” she tells me smiling.

“Do you remember a phone conversation with my Mom awhile back when you first started having trouble with Bill?” I ask.

“We’ve had a lot of conversations.”

“Well, this one my Mom was sort of giving you advice about your situation.”

“Hell, your Mom is full of advice,” Vicky tells me laughing.

“This advice was what she would do if she was you to keep Bill happy,” I prompt.

I knew she remembered the conversation by the slight blush crossing her cheeks.

“Yes, I do remember that call. If I remember correctly your Mom had been drinking. She tends to get a little boisterous when she has had a few drinks.”

“Yes, I know. Well, to be perfectly honest, and I hope you are not mad at me, I made a tape of that conversation,” I tell her.

“Oh, you did?” Vicky answers with curiosity, “And what did you do with this tape.”

“I sort of blackmailed Mom. I told her if she didn’t cooperate with me I would give the tape to Dad.”

“But that was actually a very innocent conversation, she could just tell your Dad what was going on and I’m sure he would understand,” Vicky rationalizes.

“It may have sounded innocent knowing the context, but just on the basis of what is said and how she said it, it was very incriminating.”

“Was? You’re not blackmailing her anymore?”

“Not really. I don’t think I have mentioned the tape for some time now,” I tell my aunt avoiding what I know she has to know.

“So. What did you blackmail her for? Money?”

“No I get a very decent allowance from Dad, and he pays all my bills anyway,” I tell her making her figure it out in her head.

“So what then? Are you blackmailing her to cook and clean and do your laundry?”

“That too,” I reply with a grin.

When I see the redness of her cheeks return I know she has figured it out. I go inside and get two more beers, returning and setting them on the table before standing close to Aunt Vicky. I move my hands to the top of my shorts near the button.

“Would you like to see what she gets for her efforts?” I taunt. The excitement of the situation has caused my cock to begin to swell canlı casino and I watch as she looks at the bulge forming in my shorts. She remains quiet, staring as it grows.

“Vicky, do you want to see why I don’t have to blackmail my mother anymore,” I ask again.

She bites her lower lip and nods her head.

I slowly remove my shorts until my cock is hanging down, getting harder by the moment. I take Aunt Vicky’s hand and place it on my cock, watching her take a sharp breath as it jumps in her hand. I move closer to her chair until it is mere inches from her face, staring at her. She strokes it in her hand and it grows larger. She moves her head forward and sticks her tongue out running it over the head before parting her lips and taking my cock in her mouth. I let her suck on me for a few moments and then pull her to her feet and take her to my bedroom.

I make sweet, gentle love to my aunt, fulfilling the emotional and sexual needs that months of marital discourse had caused and that can’t be replaced with a vibrator. I also explain the special relationship I have with my Mom.

“So your telling me that she will do whatever you say,” she asks while idly stroking my cock.


“Whenever, to whoever you tell her to do it with?” she asks stroking me back hard again.


“What happens if she doesn’t?”

“She gets punished until her attitude changes,” I tell her.

“How do you punish her?”

“Spankings, whippings, tie her up and sexual abuse and arouse her until she is compliant. It usually doesn’t take much anymore. She is more than willing to be my sex slave now,” I inform my aunt.

Vicky throws her leg over and guides my now hard cock back to her wet pussy.

“I want to play too. Can I play with you and my sister?” she asks slowly riding up and down.

“What did you have in mind?” I ask.

“I’ll tell you in a minute,” my aunt says as she starts fucking herself on my hard cock.

It’s two days later before I allow myself to be alone with Mom.

“Steven is everything alright? Have I done something to make you mad at me?” Mom asks.

“Everything is as fine as it can be,” I tell her with a frosty tone in my voice. I stand at the sink looking out the kitchen window, refusing to make eye contact with her.

“Let me talk to her. Maybe we can get her an apartment or something. Then we can have things back the way it was.”

“You mean the way it’s supposed to be,” I prompt.

“Yes, that’s what I mean.”

“Wouldn’t it be just easier to tell her?” I ask turning to face my Mom.

“No. I can’t tell her. You can punish me if you want but there is no way I could tell my sister about what we do,” Mom says in a voice that gives me a slight insight to her meaning.

I move behind Mom and with a hand on her shoulder guide her to sit at the kitchen table. I lovingly massage her shoulders, upper arms and neck.

“You know what I think?”

“That feels so good Steven. What do you think?”

I stand behind the chair and let my hands wander down over Moms breasts, rubbing her tits through the material of her top.

“I think you want her to know. I think you want your sister to know what a slut you are,” I say and enjoy feeling her nipples harden under my hands. “I think you are proud to be my slut and you would love nothing more than to have your older sister know how you please both men and women.”

Mom’s head droops to the side causing her hair to brush my arm. I gently pinch her nipples between my fingers causing a low moan to escape Mom’s lips.

“Did Vicky push you around when you were kids?” I ask.


“Did you enjoy the attention you got from her?”


I kaçak casino stand Mom up and lean her back into me, still rubbing her tits. “Did she ever make you do anything for her or did she do anything to you?”


“Did you want her too?”

“Oh, yes!”

“Did you want her to make you lick her pussy?”


I push my hand down in her pants and rub Mom’s wet pussy. “Did you ever wish she would have you clean her up after her boyfriends fucked her.”

“Oh! God yes I did!”

“Or maybe have them come over and use your mouth or fuck your hot ass so your sister wouldn’t have to satisfy them that way.”

“Yes, have her hold my head to her pussy and make me lick her cunt while her boyfriend ass fucked me. Oh yes I thought about it all the time,” Mom tells me as she tries to remain standing while I finger her pussy.

“Would you ever tell her what you just told me?” I ask.

“No. I couldn’t.”

“You’re lying.”

“No I can’t. I won’t,” she tries to remain in control while I tease her body.

“You can tell her. In fact you just did tell her.”

Mom moves her head instantly and even though I am behind her, I know here eyes are open wide. She sees her sister, naked, sitting on the edge of the kitchen counter. I pull my hand from her pussy and move her over to the counter. I place one hand on the back of her head and the other on Vicky’s hand. I then place Vicky’s hand on the back of my Mom’s head and let her guide Mom’s mouth to her pussy.

“That’s it baby sister. Lick my pussy. Your son just fucked my cunt and now you need to lick me clean. He pumped a big load of cum in me and you need to get it all out,” Aunt Vicky tells Mom.

Having gotten hard from rubbing on Mom’s ass, I pull my cock out and move behind Mom. I pull her shorts down and then make her spread her legs. I watch as Mom’s hands move up to caress and play with Vicky’s tits and nipples. I move in between her legs and make eye contact with Vicky. Her eyes are glazed and full of lust. I take my cock in hand and guide it to my Mom’s wet pussy, pushing just the head in.

“Steven you are way to good to your Mom. Don’t ease your cock into the slut, ram it in. Fuck her and use her,” Vicky tells me.

I do as she requests and slam hard and deep into Mom’s pussy. I pull all the way out and then slam back into her again.

“That’s it Steven. Use the bitch. Slut fuck her cunt while she licks your cum out of me. Suck my clit my little slut sister. I want to cum on your face. And when Steven gets done fucking you, we will sit back and watch as you finger his cum out of your cunt and lick it off your fingers,” Vicky tells Mom.

“Oh, fuck. Cum with me Steven. Fill your Mom’s pussy with your hot load while I cum on her face,” Vicky tells me, “Come on bitch, suck my clit. Pinch my nipples harder. Make me cum while your son slut fucks your cunt.”

“Yes! Oh fuck, yes! Do it now Sis! Make me cum! Oh, god! Do it Steven! Fill the bitch’s cunt with your cum!” Vicky demands.

I lock eyes with Vicky and holding Mom’s hips I slam into her deep and hold there as I unload into her. Vicky begins to scream as Mom’s mouth pushes her over the edge and I feel Mom’s pussy tighten around my cock as her own orgasm milks the last of the cum from my balls.

Mom continues to gently kiss and lap at her sister as I pull out of Mom’s pussy.

Vicky takes Mom by the hair on the top of her head and pushes her away.

“Don’t you have something you are supposed to do now?” she asks.

Mom places a hand between her legs, pulling out a glob of my cum dripping from her well fucked pussy. She places it to her mouth and licks her hand clean.

“Yes, Miss Vicky. Whatever you say.”


Author’s Note: Your votes and feedback are very much appreciated. Please watch for my next series involving a Dad that teaches his Son to dominate his Mother.

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