5 Şubat 2021

Blame It On The Dance Ch. 02


Thank you to those of you who provided me with feedback on my first exploration into the darkness within. The voyage continues…


Three months have passed since I had made love to Aunt Jane on the carpet of her lounge room. It wasn’t just a sexual act between us but something so much more. I have never felt such intense and uncontrollable emotion as I did that afternoon. Unfortunately it ended in a disaster when Aunt Jane, or AJ as I call her, ordered me to leave. I tried numerous times to contact her, but she never answered the telephone and eventually I ran out of excuses to tell Uncle Barry, so I just stopped trying.

My life sucked now. I wanted to see AJ again so badly and couldn’t bear the thought of her not wanting to see me. I became moody and depressed. My girlfriend Sharon couldn’t stand being around me any longer and has moved out. I think that was inevitable anyway but my demeanor just helped the process along a bit. Luckily my work wasn’t affected because I tended to throw myself into it just to find some solace.

I could see mum and dad were concerned, but I guess they believed it was all caused by the breakdown in my relationship with Sharon. Poor Sharon. She really was the innocent party and had no idea why I changed so suddenly. She is a good person and I do need to make it up to her somehow. Then again, she will want to know what happened and I don’t think saying “Oh it wasn’t you’re fault, I just had sex with my aunt and fell in lust,” would be very helpful. Maybe one day I could just send her some flowers out of the blue. Mmmm, probably not.

The news must have spread amongst the family because my sister Kate also pried herself away from her husband to drop in and see me — something that never happens. I really don’t remember much of her visit except it was one Saturday morning after I had been to war with Jack Daniels. I lost. When I finally came to my senses it was late afternoon and I was laying naked on my bed and wet from head to foot. As much as I try, I cannot recall what happened, but it took a week for my bed to dry out properly.

Now here I was, three months later, in the back of mum and dads car on the way to hospital to see Aunt Jane after the birth of her son. Yes, AJ was six months pregnant on that fateful afternoon. I remember thinking at the time that her ‘baby bump’ only added to the sexiness of the woman that she is.

I lingered behind mum and dad as they entered AJ’s private room and just leant against the doorway. Uncle Barry was there and ecstatic that he now had a son to compliment their two girls. There were congratulations, hugs and kisses all around, but I never saw any of it. My eyes were only for Aunt Jane.

AJ was sitting up in bed and, although she acknowledged everyone, I could see she looked drawn and tired. I sensed that she just wanted to rest. Eventually AJ looked across and spotted me for the first time. As our eyes locked I could see her tense up before she relaxed and snuggled into the comfort of her bed — the ends of her mouth turned up in the beginnings of a smile.

I was then totally shocked when Aunt Jane said, “Barry, why don’t you take George and Caroline to see the baby. I’m sure Tony will stay here and keep me company while you’re away, won’t you Tony?”

“Sure AJ, of course I will.” I walked over to Bazza and said, “Congratulations Uncle Barry,” then reached out and shook his hand.

“Thanks Tony,” he replied, then turned to Aunt Jane and said, “you make sure you get some rest Hon, we’ll be back in about 20 minutes.”

After the three of them had left an awkward quietness descended upon the room. Aunt Jane and I just looked at each other for a short time before AJ held her hand out to me. Like a little kid in trouble, I slowly made my way to her bedside and took her hand in mine.

“Your mum tells me that you and Sharon have broken up, she also said that you have been quite depressed about it.”

I looked up from the floor, taking in all of AJ as she lay in a mound of pillows with a blanket pulled up onto her stomach. She was dressed conservatively in a light blue cotton nightgown. The deep V of the cleavage did little to hide her beautifully freckled milky white breasts, fully engorged and hard with life giving milk. Her copper coloured hair was not tied up in the usual bun but cascaded in waves onto her shoulders, the fringe framing my Aunt Jane’s beautiful face.

As my eyes once again locked onto AJ’s, I heard a small gasp escape from her. “I’ve not been down because of the break up with Sharon, AJ,” I said. “It’s because you didn’t contact me, because you were avoiding me.” I then paused, took a deep breath and said, “I love you Jane.”

“I so, so sorry Tony,” she replied. “I didn’t know what to do. There are any number of reasons why what happened between us should never have happened. I am your aunt for god’s sake and you are the son of my brother. I am a married woman and I love my husband, your uncle. I am 37 and you are 21. What casino siteleri we did was wrong.”

“I know all of that,” I interrupted, “but I also know of the desire that I feel for you, that I want to be with you… to make love to you…. far outweighs any of those reasons.”

“We could never be together Tony, I have a husband and three children that I love, and you are young and have your whole life ahead of you.”

I knew then that I was defeated. I could never do anything to hurt AJ, Uncle Barry or the kids.

“I am sorry that I didn’t contact you Tony,” AJ continued. “I guess I may have been in shock and disgusted with what I had done. I had committed incest and become an adulteress in one act. I was confused and needed time to think. But as time went by and the more I thought about it, the more I realised that my marriage was still good, the sky had not fallen and the sun still rose every day. Oh don’t worry, I also know that for the rest of my life I will always be an adulteress. I cannot take that back. But I have become comfortable with that. We are the only ones who know and I believe I can trust you not to say anything, can’t I Tony?”

“Of course you can Aunt Jane. I promise you that I will never utter a word to anyone.”

“Thank you,” AJ responded. “You know, when I was trying to work myself through all of this I also thought about what we did, I thought about you and how you made me feel, how considerate and gentle you were, about how you felt…”

“I’m sorry that it wasn’t for very long,” I chipped in with a smirk.

“No it wasn’t,” she said, matching my grin. “But that doesn’t matter. The way you made me feel Tony, that’s not something I will ever forget. You made me feel so very special,” but before AJ could finish mum, dad and Uncle Barry where back.

“So what have you two been talking about?” Bazza said.

“Well,” AJ responded, “I was just telling Tony that when the baby settles down, probably in a few months time, I will be looking to try and get my old figure back. When you walked in I was just about to suggest to him that we take up dancing again.”

“That sound like a great idea,” responded Uncle Barry. “What do you think Tony?”

I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say. I just looked at them both, my mouth agape. Just a few minutes ago I was resigned to never being a part of AJ’s life again, and now, “Umm, Ahh,” I stumbled.

“He would love to,” mum answered for me.

“Good,” said Uncle Barry, “that’s settled then.”

I looked back at Aunty Jane. She mouthed a “thank you” to me then settled back into the comfort of her bed and closed her eyes. Mum and dad decided then that it was time to go so we all said goodbye to Barry then they dropped me home again.

At about 8.30pm that evening I received a telephone call from mum, who sounded distraught. She told me that when her and dad got back home they were walking down the stairs to the basement dance studio when dad tripped and fell down. He was taken to hospital in the ambulance and has broken his left leg in three places and has concussion. She said that he was staying in hospital for a few days and had to undergo surgery to have pins and screws put in the leg. Eventually he would be allowed home but would have to undergo therapy but he would not be dancing again for at least twelve months.

Mum then explained that when dad got home she would need a hand to move him around and up and down the stairs. Initially she asked whether I would be able to drop in and help her after work, but I would not hear of that. I told her that I would move back home for a short period and that I could stay in the small bedroom at the end of the dance studio. It was convenient and had its own ensuite. So about a week later I moved back home.

Dad was not a good patient. He was demanding of mum and he became aggressive. We both understood that he was feeling frustrated, because he had always been very active, so we tried to compensate for the moods.

However, because of the difficulty moving around, dad spent most of his time upstairs in his office or the bedroom. Mum and I found this a good arrangement because in the evening we would have a break from him and stay downstairs and watch television after dinner. This was our relaxing time.

One evening mum said to me, “I heard from your Aunt Jane today. Things are not going too well for her and the baby is not settling down very well.”

I pricked my ears up “Oh?” I said.

“Yes, she reckons it’s going to be a long time before she is going to be able to get back into the dancing. She said to tell you that she is sorry.”

I felt like a truck had hit me. I had not seen AJ since the hospital and the time had been going ever so slowly. Now this. Immediately my mind went into overdrive as I considered whether Aunt Jane could be having second thoughts.

Three nights later I was extremely restless, tossing and turning in bed when, at about midnight, I thought I heard music canlı casino coming from the dance studio. Although the volume was down low I was still able to hear it, then it suddenly stopped.

I usually sleep naked so I threw on a pair of track pants and slowly opened the adjoining door — just a crack. I was immediately blinded, just for the seconds it took my eyes to adjust to the light, then noticed mum standing by the CD player dressed in her night attire. She had her back to me so I thought I would sneak up and give her a gruff “So, what’s going on here then!” when suddenly the music started again and she took off dancing a solo Viennese Waltz.

I stepped back into the room, just leaving the slightest gap in the door. As I watched I couldn’t help feeling sadness for mum. It had never occurred to me how much the impact of dad’s injury would flow onto her life as well. Not only did she have to cope with the day-to-day work, anger and frustration from my father, but she also had to forgo the one thing they both loved doing together. What had consumed their lives for so long. As mum swirled and turned I could see she was lost to the music, lost to the dance, lost to the moment.

It was then that I became acutely aware of just how sexy my mother really was. I guess that witnessing the beauty of her dance was the catalyst that transformed her from my mother to a sexually attractive and desirable woman. Of course it may also have had something to do with the small amount of clothing she was wearing as well.

For whatever reason, it was then that I started to look at my mother through different eyes. Mum had just turned 45 years old but I could see that all the years of dancing had kept her body fit and toned. Although gravity is the curse of most women, it had been kind to mum. She stands about 5 foot 7 inches with jet-black hair, which falls just past her shoulders, and eyes that almost match its colour. Some wouldn’t like the thickness of her legs but I do, it gave her legs shape and added to the feeling of power that they so obviously possessed.

Like most men I am not a fan of the ‘stick’ figure that models seem to aspire toward. I prefer my woman to have that hourglass full figure, although mum is quite slim in her body she still has a great shape.

Tonight she was wearing a ruby red tiger stripe kimono type robe that was loosely belted and would flare out every time she rotated or turned. This movement exposed the beige and cream satin and black lace camisole underneath with, what appeared to be, matching French knickers.

The camisole string straps did little to support mums 34B breasts, which happened to bounce invitingly with every step that she took, the material clinging to the conical shape of each breast and clearly defining the nub of both nipples.

I was so caught in the moment that I did not realised the effect mum had on me. My cock had hardened and was straining to be released from my track pants.

And then that it happened. I still remember the bone-crunching thump as mum tripped and fell heavily to the hardwood floor. I sprang out of my room and ran to her side. I bent down and said, “Mum… mum — are you ok?” I was concerned that she may have severely injured herself.

She just lay on her back with her eyes closed — sobbing. In between sobs she explained that nothing felt like it was broken other than her pride and her butt felt really sore from landing so heavily.

As I stood back up I innocently asked, “Well, what were you doing anyway?” It was then that I noticed how much of mum was on display. The tie on her robe had come loose leaving it completely open and bunched around her shoulders. Her camisole was twisted to the right, which in turn forced her left breast completely out the side, displaying a dark beige nipple perfectly centered on a rather large, but light pink, areola. Her legs were splayed apart at odd angles and that caused her French knickers to pull tightly across her pelvic area outlining a very prominent pussy.

The effect on my cock was immediate, no time to think distracting thoughts, no time to consider that this woman is my mother, no time to think of any possible consequences, just Bang! Flaccid to steel rod in microseconds.

It was while mum was responding to my previous question that she noticed the tent in my track pants, “I was just doing some dancing prac….,” she was saying then cut herself short. She looked up to my face open-mouthed and eyebrows raised inquisitively.

I could feel myself going bright red from embarrassment. I tried to mumble an apology but the words just wouldn’t come out. What could I say anyway?

Slowly mum looked away and I think it was then that she realised just how disheveled she was. “Oh my god!” she shrieked as she quickly pushed her breast back and pulled the robe around her. It was now mums turn to be embarrassed.

I found my voice again and said, “Let me give you a hand to get up,” and simultaneously offered her my hand.

She kaçak casino looked up at me, still slightly red and said, “thank you son.” But as she took my hand I noticed her glance toward my crutch area once again. “I think I best be off to bed now anyway,” she continued.

“So what were you doing mum?” I asked again.

“Well, with your dad not being able to dance for another year I didn’t want to lose any of my skills either. I have worked too damn hard to get where I have, so I thought I would just continue with some practice, but it looks like that wasn’t such a good idea was it!” With that mum said goodnight, turned and hobbled up the stairs.

I watched mum leave then turned off the lights and returned to my room. As I lay on the bed thinking about what I had just witnessed, an idea was starting to form on how I could help mum out, then sleep finally overtook me.

The next morning I woke to the sound of mum getting dad’s breakfast ready. My mind immediately wandered back to the events of the previous evening and the sight of my mother in her lingerie. Once again my cock started to harden as I embraced the memory, in the full knowledge that I now had desires for my own mother.

As my right hand sliped under the covers I closed my eyes and slowly started to stroke myself, letting my mind just drift off with the fantasy. My partially circumcised foreskin sliding smoothly up and down the length of my thickened shaft in an ever-increasing rhythm. I could feel myself building to a climax as internal muscles start to propel sperm on its journey from my balls.

Suddenly, “Tooonyyy, breeaaakfaaasst!” mum yells.

I get such a fright that I just grab the nearest thing to cover myself, which just happens to be a blanket I discarded earlier. However in my haste the blanket snags on the ornamental bedside lamp with a large steel base that lands squarely on my crotch. Not only am I doubled over in pain from having my hard cock forced back at an impossible angel, but the globe on the lamp also blows plunging the room into total darkness.

I am writhing on the bed in pain when it occurs to me that I have just got what I deserve for the sick and depraved person that I must be. Firstly I have sex with my aunt and now I have similar desires for my mother. The universe is not so subtly sending me a message.

Eventually I get my breath back enough so that I can get dressed and head upstairs. I have just sat down to breakfast when mum comes back downstairs after giving dad his. I notice that she is limping quite badly so I just look at her and raise one eyebrow.

“Still stiff and sore from last night,” she said. “I told your dad that I slipped down the stairs so please don’t let onto him what really happened. He’ll just end up blaming himself if he knew the truth. Can you do that for me please Tony?”

“Yeah, sure mum. I wont say a thing, but I think I may have a solution. How about if I replace dad until he’s fit again?”

“You?” mum said.

“Yes, me. Well, you think about it. It suits us both really. AJ doesn’t want to go back to dancing just yet and you don’t have a stand in for dad. So, if we get together at least we can both keep up our skills. Ohh I know that I’m nowhere near as good as dad, but at least I can keep you from falling again, heeheehee!”

Mum gives me a playful slap on my arm but I can see her churning the idea over in her mind. Finally she says, “Okay, I think it’s a great idea. We can practice every night after you get home and we can work something else out when you move back to your own place in a few months.”

Oh my god, what have a let myself in for? Practice every night!

“Mmm, I getting excited,” she chortles, “I must go and tell your father that I have traded him in for a younger, sexier model!” And with that she gives me a kiss on the cheek then bounces off toward the stairs with a final, “Thank you Tony.”

Sexier? Does mum think of me as sexy? Nooo, I’m sure that was just a figure of speech.

As it turns out, dad was very happy about us dancing together. Apparently he had been feeling really bad about letting mum down after he injured himself, and that had been contributing to his moodiness.

So that evening after I arrive home from work, mum and I square dad away for the night then head down to the studio for our first practice. Mum had already changed into a leotard with a bright green modesty skirt and I went into my room and threw on an old pair of elastic waist shorts with a baggy old shirt. When I came back out I noticed mum was trying to do some warm up moves but was still limping.

“Mum, are you going to be okay to dance?” I say.

“I’m not sure, my bum is still really sore and the top of my left leg feels quite stiff.”

“Maybe we had better give it a miss until you are fit again,” I respond.

“No, I want to keep trying,” she says, “just give me a bit of time to loosen the muscle up a bit. Can I use your room?”

“Of course you can, its your room anyway,” I say. With that mum enters my bedroom closing the door behind her.

I start to look through the music selection and after about five minutes mum yells out, “Tony, can you come in here for a sec?”

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