6 Şubat 2021



Winter break from college was boring me. I had a job, but it was only on weekends, and I had friends, but they were still in school. It mostly consisted of sitting on the couch, eating and watching T.V. And sleeping; I can’t forget to mention sleeping. However I didn’t sleep well. I would lay in bed for hours before finally drifting off and usually the best I could do were short three hour naps with an hour or so break in between each round.

On one such night, I was laying in bed shifting from side to side trying to find a comfortable position. I looked at the time on my phone and it said 1:00AM. Remembering that I had gone to bed at eleven, I groaned in frustration and stretched my body, my legs moving somewhat of their own accord and when my body went limp, I was in an almost spread-eagle position. I stayed like that, too lazy to move.

I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on breathing and relaxing, but I became strangely aware of a cool sensation between my legs. I had worn only my shirt from the previous day and panties to bed that night, as most nights, and I had the fan on because my room gets very hot in the winter when the heat is turned up. I could feel the cool air lightly caressing my panties and seeping through to brush my pussy. I grew…interested at this discovery and instead of worrying about my loss of sleep, I began to devote my attention to the new, barely-there sensations.

I started to lose them, my body getting used to this new tease, and I spread my legs wider, feeling my outer lips open further. The sensations came back, a bit stronger than before. I smiled to myself, realizing what was going to inevitably happen: I was going to masturbate. If only that word held any actual meaning to me. I had never had an orgasm before. Touching myself only ever led to more frustration afterward from feeling myself get close but achieve nothing. *The problem is* I thought to myself *I never learn.*

Feeling my fingers trailing down my stomach to my black panties, my heart began to beat a little faster, already anticipating what was to casino siteleri come. When they got there, my fingers stopped at the elastic, almost as if they had minds of their own and were wondering the same as I whether or not it was worth the trouble. I let out a sigh of frustration and willed them further, over the fabric, just to trail my middle finger along the slit, testing the situation at hand (if you will excuse the pun).

My panties were warm and slightly damp already, encouraging me to go from a feathery touch to pushing the cloth slightly into my folds, feeling them hug the tip of my finger. Bringing my finger back up along its path, I felt my soft clit poke against me, almost begging for attention. I encircled it lazily for a minute, still trying to arouse myself enough to forgo my outerwear. Until that point, I had still been in a state of half indecision as to how far I would go before I gave up and went to sleep. Sighing again, I pushed myself, in some ways unwillingly, to bring my hand back up to the band and slide underneath.

With nothing between them I felt for the first time the overwhelming heat radiating from my pussy. I took a deep breath and with the tip of my forefinger, lightly touched my clit. It was very dry and sensitive, and the friction, while electrifying, was slightly uncomfortable. I tensed and my eyes widened, the feeling was so brief and intense. I relaxed, licking my lips and trying to even my breath, which was now growing heavy and quick. I moved my finger lower along my dry, sensitive folds until I felt the hot, wet dip of my hole. I circled it and let out soft, low moan.

My juices lubricated my finger, making its touch bearable and I brought it back up to my clit. I closed my eyes and spread my juice all over it from base to tip, constantly circling. Once finished with that wonderful chore, I gave it a push. I gasped and my entire body jerked. I forgot to breathe for a moment and smiled when I realized how wonderful that feeling just was. I pushed again, harder, and with the same result.

Again and again I did canlı casino this, each time convulsing with pleasure. Moans and sighs would escape my throat with the occasional strangled squeal. I did my best to keep quiet as not to wake anyone, but it was becoming very difficult. My body grew tired and I went back to just circling my clit, giving myself time to catch my breath

When my breathing began to slow again, I thought about my hole, hot and wet, waiting instinctively for the warm, hard cock of a man. I did not have one at my disposal at the time, so I settled for one of my fingers instead. I slipped my index finger inside and discovered the exact extent of my arousal. My cunt was completely soaked with my juices and began trying to squeeze my finger, to draw it further into its depths. I tried to move my hand, but my panties were preventing that, so I removed my finger long enough to take off my panties. The exposure to the cool air against my pussy created a much more erotic atmosphere and I began to finally go into a more sensual mode of thought, stretching out on my bed, arms above my head, back arching, and legs briefly drawn in.

After writhing in my new state of sexuality, I bent my knees and spread my legs even further than before. That position in itself felt amazing and my pussy flexed at the freedom it provided. With renewed vigor, my hand went back to my pussy and this time, I inserted two of my fingers. The fit was much for fulfilling and curving my fingers and pushing my hand against my now throbbing pussy, I began to finger-fuck myself.

What happened next can only be described as possession. It was as though the primitive, sexual desire that drives humans just burst out of me. My hips began to buck into my hand, slowly at first but quickly picking up speed and a guttural moan escaped my lips in time with the instinctive rhythm building in my hips. At times I would lift my ass right off the bed and push my fingers in as deep as they would go. They would rub against something; the G-spot or not, I wasn’t sure, but just the feeling of my finger kaçak casino tips pushing against it was remarkable. I was sweating, whimpering, squirming in my ecstasy. I was no longer thinking about what I was doing and just focused on doing.

I then put in a third finger, gasping at the stretch and started fucking myself faster. I tried a fourth, but it was just too tight and couldn’t fit. I was disheartened, but quickly disregarded it after I went back to just the three. My clit was pulsating so I brought my hand back to it. I started rubbing it violently, gritting my teeth and stifling my screams.

My pussy was starting to drip by now, my juices dripping down my ass. My arm was getting tired as well as my legs, my muscles working overtime to keep my hips rocking. I was breathing heavily and proclaiming my rapture aloud, “Oh god oh god oh god yes please please oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhh!” My entire body tensed and my pussy squeezed, but there wasn’t an explosion, I didn’t see stars, shudders didn’t rake through my body.

I did forget to breath. I didn’t think. I felt a rush; almost like my entire body just breathed a sigh of relief. The next thing I remember was collapsing back down on the bed and feeling my juices flowing freely down my ass unlike they ad before. As best I can imagine, the look on my face was complete shock. *Was…that…what…I think it just was?*

I was panting for air, my body weak and shaking. I got out of bed and almost fell when I put weight on my legs. I had to hold on to a chair nearby to steady myself. I walked in a daze down the hall to the bathroom. As I washed my hands I felt a small drop of my juice drip down my leg and I began to doubt somewhat whether or not I had actually had an orgasm. I had learned by then that how pleasure is described is not how it actually feels. The words used just look good on paper, but it was so consistent with the talk of an orgasm

It occurred to me that I might have a slight problem. I quietly went back to my room, turned on the light and threw back the covers. Sure enough, the proof of my orgasm was all over the covers. There was nothing I could do, so I just went to bed, hoping I could get it out the next morning. Sadly, I couldn’t. A perfectly wonderful night ruined a perfectly good set of linens.

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