26 Kasım 2021

Brick Hard


Brick HardBrick HardRon might be the kind of guy who would intimidate a lot of queens at first sight. He is a working man, has been all of his life, standing 6’ 2” and a bit over 210 lbs but not much fat, just all muscle. His burly, hairy body shows the effects of years of hard labor in the hot sun. As a mason and later as an independent masonry contractor he has been burnt by the sun and refined by heavy lifting it to a fine figure of a man. Even at the age of 73 he is still able to keep up both at work and in the sperm shooting arena.I first met him at an old gas station on a less used state highway west of where I live. He had his truck and trailer parked next to the pumps and was fueling both the truck and his Bobcat when I pulled in to the next island of pumps. It was late in the day, getting dark and I hopped out of my Subaru to gas up and head home. I usually stop in the convenience mart for a drink and a quick cruise of the area to see if there are any signs of men in need. This time the usual in and out crowd of truckers distracted me as I paid for my drink. When I turned I noted the man with the Bobcat standing behind me. I sheepishly smiled, made eye contact and said excuse me as I stepped around him to leave the store. Something in his smile and gaze told me “not so fast” so I slowed my pace and let him catch up with me at the gas islands. As he came around the front of his flatbed I watched and he watched as I watched his crotch. He stopped at the cab door, turned toward me and smiled pendik escort and asked how I liked my Subaru. I told him fine and that they were not just for lesbians any more. He laughed and smiled and as I gave him the once over with my longing eyes he did the same. He nodded, got in to his cab and fired up. I did the same and followed him out of the fuel plaza and back on to the two lane highway. I had a distinct feeling I would be late getting home and that feeling was confirmed by watching Ron as he watched his rear view mirrors to check and make sure I was in tow. I was and we slowly headed down the road.About a mile and a half down the road he tapped his brakes twice and then turned on his right turn signal. I did the same as he made a wide turn on to a secondary road that led down by the tracks. We went to the end of the road, near the crossing and pulled over in to a wide gravel lot. As I did so I noted that he was pulling over to a brush line on the west end. Bingo. This was an alternative hook up spot known to the truckers and other locals who were looking for some head on the way down the road. I pulled in behind him, parked and shut down. As I got out of my car I grabbed my fag bag and proceeded up to his truck. He was getting out as well and was walking toward me slowly. I could see the profile of his woodie through his jeans as he walked. We met at the end of the trailer and he said to me “bushes OK?” I said yes and told him I needed çekmeköy escort to get my knee pads out of the car. I did so quickly and then followed him behind some tall creosote and mesquite to a small clearing. There were bottles and rubbers and other signs of activity there and I was well acquainted with the spot. He turned toward me as we reached the inner sanctum of the brush and I could see the outline of his cock pressing against his jeans. It was getting dark but I could see he was a man in need. I approached, plopped my foam knee pad down on the ground in front of his feet and sunk to my knees. I reached up and started to unbutton his fly as he opened his belt and jeans. As he did so his cock popped out, rock hard and with prominent veins telling me he was fully loaded and fully erect. I took his glans between my lips, swirled my tongue around his pee hole and then around his glans and he rewarded me with a drop of precum. As I worked and went down his shaft he showed his appreciation with slight convulsions and an occasional drip of precum. I put my hands around his buns and he put his around the back of my head and we sunk in to a gentle rocking rhythm with his full nine inches sliding in and out of my willing mouth as I flicked his shaft and glans for more stimulation. I could tell he was fully loaded by the amount of precum he gave up every few strokes and I could tell it would not be long before he made his deposit in me. We kept maltepe escort rocking back and forth as I did my work and I could tell he appreciated my efforts. A few more minutes passed and when I thought he could not get much harder he did and then with only a slight change in his stroke he exploded in to my mouth and down my throat. He held my head from the back with both hands and drained himself down my throat. I was able to get a half stroke on him thinking that I did not want to stop the stroke and stimulation and leave him wanting. I like giving men deep, long and lasting orgasms and the only way to do that is to keep up the stimulation and the sucking until they tell you they are done. Ron reacted well to my continued sucking and rewarded me with an occasional burst of cum as I worked. After the third he started to go soft and then relaxed his grip on the back of my head. I continued to suck until he was nearly limp and then looked up at him with his cock still in my mouth. He looked down at me with a sheepish smile and said “I could get used to this.” I then pulled a couple of handi wipes from my fag bag, washed down his cock and balls with them then wiped my lips and face. As I stood he remained towering over me and I looked up at him and said “I hope I can convince you to let me get you used to getting this. I loved doing it and want to do it regularly.” We then picked up my gear and headed back to his truck. I gave him my card with numbers and e-mails and he has hit me regularly ever since. Sometimes it is on construction site after hours, some times the cab of his truck and occasionally he can get over to my house. Each time I worship his cock and earn his load in the way most men would want to be wanted. Feeling him orgasm and fill me with semen is a reward worth earning. And I think I do.

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