11 Şubat 2021

Carol and Brian’s Surprise


I am standing here in the bathroom, naked. In the hall I can hear my twenty year old step-brother wanking off. I am just turned eighteen and still a virgin but want that to change, soon. I wait until he starts to speed up then I straddle the toilet bowl and, aiming deliberately for the water, start to pee.

I have been drinking water since I woke up in anticipation of this so my bladder is full to bursting. All I can hear now is the sound of my pee hitting the water and, from the other side of the door, the sound of Brian beating off.

“Yess, Yess, aarrrgh, ARRGH” he moans quietly, then a long sigh just as I stop.

I wipe the pee from my leg, taking care to leave some on my pussy and quickly open the door before he has a chance to clean up the mess and scamper back to his room.

“YOU DIRTY BASTARD! How dare you spy on me?” I scream, in mock anger. He is standing there, his magnificent dick in hand with his cum coating the wall.

“What the fuck is that?” I scream again, pointing to the wall.

He is reddening now as this is the first time he has seen me fully naked. I know he has a hidden camera in my room because last month I found his laptop switched on, showing my room on its monitor. He had gone downstairs to take a call and left his door ajar so I looked in by accident, hoping to see some porno magazines and I was not disappointed. One was open at pictures of girls peeing, so it gave me this idea.

Since then I have only given him teasers on camera; a boob, a glance at the top of my leg, my sexy underwear on the bed and yesterday, a full moon but with my legs crossed. I have also heard him wank off as I showered so I started leaving the bathroom door slightly open so he could hear more clearly, especially when I was peeing. This seemed to give him a better show even if he could see nothing.

With my pussy still leaking (I had made sure I wasn’t finished) I pointed at my leg, still screaming, casino oyna “Now look what you’ve made me do!” as pee dribbled down and pooled on the floor.

I grab his dick and shout – taking my anger down a notch, “Clean this mess up, right now!” pointing to my pee on the floor. He starts to pull away but I tighten my grip. “With your tongue you dirty pervert, and don’t forget my leg!”

I can feel his dick start to harden again – although it hadn’t gone that soft. It feels lovely, all warm and throbbing. I think of how much I want it to be throbbing in my pussy, not my hand.

He went to lap up the pool on the floor but I snap “My leg first pervert, I don’t want dirt from the floor on me.” He moves towards the top of my leg but I force him down to my ankle (I have to let go of his dick, mores the pity) and make him start from there. As he gets to the middle of my upper thigh I let out a little more pee. He laps that up and reaching the top of my leg, stops.

“And the rest.” I say, spreading my legs further apart so he can gain better access to my pussy. His tongue feels exactly as I had expected. It is rough yet glorious, warm yet gentle.

“Don’t forget inside.” I whisper easing my lips apart.

As he gets to the right spot I release the rest of my pee (which I had been saving just for this moment) straight into his mouth.

“Fuck me Brian: You love it, don’t you?”

He looks up at me smiling, wiggling his finger near my entrance.

“Forget the mess for now, take me to bed” I order. And so, his finger finally in my love tunnel, he leads me back to my room.

As we get to the door I ask if the camera is still recording. He looks at me thunderstruck!



“Turn it on then! Quickly – Go, Go.”

When he gets back I simply say “On?” and he nods.

“Is there sound?”

He shakes his head.

“We must do something about that.”

I lay on the canlı casino bed, lifting my knees and splaying my legs, letting both him and the camera see all my charms.

“I need it washed properly before you use it, get on with it.”

I have no pee left but still he finds my clit and starts flicking it with his tongue. Soon I am panting, squirming and leaking from another place. I move his head downwards so he can taste my other offering. When it becomes too sensitive I let him come back to my clit.


He looks up at me.

“Brian, in – NOW.”

That lovely stiff cock is sliding into my cunt. It feels even better than it looks, just as if it were made for me alone.

“Ride me you pervert, ride me. Make us a porno movie!”

He starts slowly at first but with increasing pace and I meet him thrust for thrust. Soon we are panting, groaning and covered with mutual sweat. He grunts that he is ready to cum but I am not. He tries to pull out but I won’t let him. Soon neither of us cares.

We cum together, me screaming and him grunting my name.


We didn’t hear the front door open and our parents come in.

We didn’t hear them come upstairs to investigate the noise.

We didn’t see them watching us until we both collapsed, exhausted.

Then it was too late. I see them first and panic.

Brian tries to hide but there is nowhere to run.

Dad says “Get cleaned up and come downstairs, we have to talk about this!”

Brian and I come down only to find Mom and Dad sitting at the table calmly drinking coffee. They didn’t seem to want to argue.

Dad started.

“This may shock you he says but you must understand that although we are married now, Wendy and I are actually brother and sister.

Brian, your Mom is my sister and you are my son.

Carol, your Mom is a friend of the family who knows our secret and wanted to marry kaçak casino Brian’s dad. When I got Wendy pregnant, we came to this arrangement until you were old enough to understand.”

“Your dad Brian – I won’t call him your father as that’s me – is my second cousin. There is a tradition of intermarriage in our family that neither of you knew about, we hope.”

“Now Carol, you know why your mom married Brian’s Dad so soon after the divorce, and why I married Wendy soon after.”

“Mom and I knew from the start that the only person we really wanted was each other, so we arranged amicable divorces and then all married as we should have done in the first place. As for you two, to save you having to go behind our backs, if you want to sleep together from now on, that will be fine with us.”

Mom added, “It was a good show by the way, almost as good as when Brian was conceived and Brian, I didn’t know you had such a great looking cock: I may want to try it myself soon.” she smiled and winked at Dad as if sharing a secret.

Turning to me she asked “Were you protected today?”


“Are you fertile this week?”

“I don’t know, but I think I am.”

Turning back to Dad Mom sighs, “I suppose there will be another baby in the house soon.” And with a twinkle in her eye, “How about we try to make baby ourselves?”

Dad says “If that’s what you want, I’m game.”

They look at us and we just shrug.


Brian and I now sleep together and fuck like rabbits. Brian’s laptop is now in our room. Mom and Dad have a camera in their room as well, so now we swap files regularly. We sometimes swap partners too. Brian fucks his mom (or she fucks him) and Dad and I fuck each others brains out, with or without Mom and Brian watching. We all agree its not adultery as were keeping it in the family, but that’s another story…

When we are alone, Brian and I still play watersport games and will continue to do so until our beautiful son is old enough to notice.

Mom and Dad never did conceive but are wonderful grandparents and, as we know from experience, spectacular lovers.

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