14 Şubat 2021

Charlie’s Angels


Charlotte “Charlie” Spelling was glad to be out of the house and attending university. She was living far, FAR away from her uptight, overly-moral and extremely controlling parents and their silly outmoded judgements. Charlie would have called herself a “good girl” and had lived that way for most of her life. She likely would have remained that type of girl and gone on to marry a dull, boring man her parents both approved of. That was the path on which Charlie had been traveling. Fortunately for Charlie and the world at large, she encountered her new best friend Cheryl in the 11th Grade.

On the surface, the girls would have appeared to be total opposites. They should have hated each other on sight and yet, that is the opposite of what happened. When Cheryl Monroe sat in front of Charlotte that first day, a friendship was solidified in less than ten minutes. Cheryl introduced herself to Charlotte and was chattering away when the teacher gave Cheryl her undivided attention by telling her to be quiet and sit up straight. “School hasn’t even started yet,” Cheryl said, fixing her gaze firmly on Miss Hastings. “Who pissed in your cornflakes, huh teach?” There was a loud and very audible gasp from the room and then, hysterical laughter, Charlotte included.

Charlotte had always been taught respect for her teachers, but she couldn’t help it – she despised Kelly Hastings. She thought the teacher was nasty and vindictive, despite her attractive good looks. When Cheryl was sent to the principal’s office, Charlotte could not help but feel sorry for the pretty new student. Cheryl was back in just a few short minutes and she wore a smug smirk as she walked in front of Miss Hastings without saying a word. “Hiyas again, Charlie,” she grinned as she took her seat once again.

Charlotte had always liked being called “Charlie” but her parents didn’t like it when people gave their children nicknames. She smiled at Cheryl and got a wink in response. She had to know how Cheryl escaped the wrath of Old Man Dunford and promised to ask her during their new spare period.

“You wanna know why the head man didn’t tear me a new one, huh?” Cheryl laughed as she enjoyed a cup of coffee. Most of the other kids drank soda and the coffee in the cafeteria was mostly for the teachers. Charlie already thought there was something kinda neat about Cheryl, despite her flippant attitude and brazen way of dressing. “That’s easy kiddo, my family paid for most of the new gymnasium,” she informed Charlie. “My family is very influential and I was taught not to take crap from anyone – teachers included! I know I’m sometimes a bitch and I get away with murder, but that’s the kind of thing you can do when you’re filthy, stinking rich!” The girl roared with laughter.

Charlie sighed and decided she was going to be good friends with the outspoken blonde girl. Despite her outlandish garb, which probably violated a number of the school’s dress codes, she was very pretty. “My family has a lot of money, too,” Charlie informed Cheryl. “But I’d get a severe tongue lashing if I ever did what you did. Before I turned 13, probably a paddling, too!”

“What possible good does that do?” Cheryl responded, offering to buy a cup of coffee for her new friend. She thought the petite redhead was adorable and even cuter when she learned that Charlie had never even tried coffee. “Respect is something you earn, that’s what I believe. I have never been afraid of adults and challenging authority. That’s how things change. I judge everyone on his or her merits and I think Hastings had it coming!”

“She’s pretty, but she thinks that she is untouchable,” Charlie answered as she drank her first-ever cup of coffee. It was so good; she was going to have more of this stuff. “She was engaged to two different teachers, but she called it off. No one knows why or if they do, they aren’t saying.”

Over the next year, the girls became fast and strong friends. Charlie got into a bit of trouble when she started developing ideas of her own. For example, because she had a fair bit of her own money, she decided that she would buy her own clothes and accessories. When she came home in her first short skirt and high heels, an outfit Cheryl had suggested, her family hit the roof. A huge fight ensued and for the first time ever – she was having a lot of firsts – Charlie told her mother to fuck off!

That action got her sent to her room, which normally would have been the course of action implemented. Not this time. As Charlie was now 18 and taking full control of her own life, she called a taxi and went over to Cheryl’s house. She loved Cheryl’s fun, free-wheeling family, especially Cheryl’s older brother, Alan. The family listened to her and Cheryl’s older sister Jill laughed as Charlotte told her about the fight. “I’ve got lots of skirts shorter than that one,” Jill grinned. “Everyone here agrees that I have the body for short skirts and mom says if you have it, flaunt it! Right mommy?”

“Yes, illegal bahis indeed,” Alana Monroe smiled. A former Miss Texas, Alana Majors she had caught the eye of the judges and ended up dating two of them and marrying a 3rd. At 46, she could still have competed in pageants. “You’re welcome here any time, Charlie hon. You’ve been a good friend to my daughter and her marks have improved – you seem to be her Jiminy Cricket, she hasn’t been as reckless lately,” Alana commented.

“You bet, it’s been 3 whole weeks since we’ve had a phone call from the school,” Alan teased his kid sister. She punched her brother in the arm and he hit her with a pillow. The two siblings fought all of the time, but it was apparent to anyone paying attention that they adored each other. Charlie could see why. Alan was a strapping 6’4″ athlete with a broad chest, beautiful blue eyes and a smile that could have been used in a commercial for a dentist. The entire Monroe clan was gorgeous and blonde.

Cheryl and her bestie spent the entire night talking and went to school Monday morning with Charlotte dressed in an outfit even more scandalous than the one she had purchased on her shopping trip with Cheryl. The school placed a call to Charlie’s family and her scowling mother met her at the door at the end of the day. She didn’t approve of her daughter’s new attitude, look or persona. “I expect an apology for the other day, Charlotte,” Carolyn Spelling said as she glared at her rebellious daughter.

“Don’t hold your breath waiting mother, you might pass out,” the elfin redhead glared right back. “I’m sorry for my choice of words, that’s all. You need to realize that I’m an adult and I will be making my own decisions from now on.”

“Not with you living here and spending our money, you won’t,” Carolyn said, folding her arms across her chest and emphasizing her point.

“I’m sorry that you feel that way, mom,” Charlie stood her ground – in 5-inch stiletto heels. “I don’t need to live under your roof or need your money. In case you’ve forgotten, Grandmama left me nearly half a million dollars for when I turned 18 – which I did weeks ago. You and daddy have no say over what I choose to do with those funds. So you can either accept I’m a young woman with my own ideas and thoughts, or I’ll go upstairs and pack and move out. I can bunk with Cheryl’s family for a few more days until I find my own place. What’s it to be?”

“That – Monroe girl!” Carolyn was as close to using profanity as her daughter had ever seen her. “She’s to blame for all of this nonsense!”

“In part, yes she is,” the determined Charlie continued. “But it isn’t nonsense mother – I’m a sensible young woman and Cheryl and her family say, very attractive. Cheryl is teaching me to appreciate those things and find my own way. Don’t you want that?”

“I – I …”

“Never mind, mother. My grades haven’t suffered and I have new interests and friends. You won’t like this, either,” Charlie almost smirked. “I’ve decided to attend university in California and share an apartment with Cheryl.”

“Oh no, we’re not going to allow …”

“You don’t seem to get it, mother,” Charlie held back some of the almost rage she was feeling. “I now have a lot of my own money – you have no sway over me any longer. It’s a done deal, now do I come in and pack or come in and help you make dinner?”

The air seemed to go out of Carolyn as she stood aside and let her daughter enter the house. Dinner that night was terse and for the next few weeks until graduation, things stayed that way. The summer was going to be a blast for Charlie as Cheryl had promised her buddy that she would help make it interesting. Charlie sure wasn’t clear on what her friend meant by that, but she took Cheryl at her word. With her parents working most of the time in the pursuit of the all-mighty buck, Charlie was able to come and go at her leisure. She had given up her part-time job when she came into her inheritance. Charlie decided that someone else probably needed it more than she did now. Cheryl was thrilled at her decision. “That’ll give us lots of time to cut loose before school starts in September,” she told Charlie.

“Um, should I be worried?” Charlie giggled.

“Probably,” Cheryl informed her. “You can come over here and hang out by the pool; I know how much you like to swim. Most of my other friends will be around.”

“Yeah, about that,” Charlie said, shaking her head. “I didn’t mind my frumpy old suit when I was just hanging with you last summer, but no way in hell I am going to wear that thing around other people,” she said in a strong tone. “It’s almost like that old song, `I’m Too Sexy for My Suit’,” Charlie quipped.

“Good point,” Cheryl nodded. “You’re only 5’4″ but your legs make you look taller. You pack a punch and we need to show you off. Okay, let’s go and get you a new bikini.”

“I’ve never owned a bikini,” Cheryl grinned as the two friends piled into Cheryl’s new Lamborghini. illegal bahis siteleri

“There are a lot of things you’ve never done, but I think you’ll be able to check some of those off of your list by summer’s end,” Cheryl chuckled as they peeled out of the driveway and on their way to the mall.

A few hours later, they were sitting beside Cheryl’s large pool. Jill joined them and brought some drinks for them to enjoy. Charlie had never tried a Daiquiri and she loved the fruity flavor and the kick of the alcohol. “Wowee!” Jill commented on the now bikini-clad redhead. “Charlie babes, you look great in that!”

“I feel a bit like an exotic dancer,” Charlie giggled as she sipped more of the strawberry drink. “This doesn’t leave much to the imagination.”

“That’s sort of the point!” The Monroe sisters said simultaneously before Cheryl added “Jinx! You owe me a Coke!”

“A suit like that is more for looking at than for swimming,” Cheryl informed Charlie. “That’s why the girl suggested you get another one. She sure was helpful, although I think she was highly motivated,” she said to Charlie and winked at her older sister.

“You mean because of the commission she likely made on us?” Charlie asked.

“Oh yeah, the commission,” Cheryl replied, again looking at her sister. “That was probably it.”

Charlie was naïve, yet she wasn’t obtuse. “What am I missing here?” She asked the older Jill.

“I think what Cheryl has been hinting at is that the girl in the store was either into you or hitting on you, maybe both,” Jill explained. On one on Cheryl’s loaner pair of high heels, Charlie spun around and looked directly at Cheryl.


“Oh yeah, and it was both,” Cheryl laughed.

“Really? I had no idea! Of course, I’ve never had another girl interested in me before,” Charlie said as she almost fell down on one of the chaise lounges. “I’m not sure how I feel about that.”

“Not quite true, baby girl,” Jill said. Her blue Lycra bikini showed off every inch of Jill’s toned, tanned, flawless figure. Charlie often thought the Monroe family had likely been sculpted from bronze and then brought to life. People this perfect were rare as heck! “You’ve had girls admire you before, you just weren’t aware of it.”

“Oh no, you’re mistaken,” Charlie said respectfully. “I’m sure that I would have noticed something like that.”

“Nope, you wouldn’t have,” Cheryl countered as she sat on the other side of the girl, clad in a sequined black Lycra bikini. Charlie had been cute and adorable last year, but the intervening year had added some streamlines. As she was more athletic now, her body was more toned and her red hair had grown in fiery waves. Charlie had been a solid 8.5 in the 11th Grade and was now a fiery, fuckable 10 as they neared the end of the 12th. When the two of them got to university, Cheryl though she might have to hire bodyguards to keep them away from her sexy little friend. She continued her thought. “You aren’t trained to think in that way, trust us – a lot of cute girls have been checking you out!”

“Oh, I’m so sure that they have,” Charlie said, rolling her eyes. “Like who?”

“Our mom, for example,” Jill answered. “She’s always telling Cheryl how cute her best friend is. I happen to agree with her,” the older blonde commented.

Charlie was amazed to think that her friend’s mom and sister thought of her “that way”. She was further amazed when Cheryl added “So do I.”

Charlie spun around and saw the look on Cheryl’s face. It wasn’t a “gotcha” face, her friend seemed dead serious. “All of you think that I’m sexy?” She asked in a tiny voice.

“A lot of people think you’re sexy,” Jill answered. “You’re this dynamite little redheaded fireball, you just need to believe that yourself. Look at you in that bikini and those heels – you’re gorgeous!”

“I – I don’t know just what to say,” Charlie said, giggling nervously. “I’ve never thought of myself that way and certainly never thought of myself doing – anything – with another girl before! I’ve never even kissed another girl!”

“Do you trust us?” Cheryl asked her friend.

“Of course I do!” Charlie answered. “You and your family have been a godsend!”

“Then please, trust us in this,” Jill spoke. “We think there’s a lot more to you than meets the eye. Under that pretty, newly-sexy surface is a hot young woman just waiting to escape. Neither Cheryl nor I are going to let you enter university as a virgin. We’re going to give you ample opportunities to explore your sexuality, all with absolute discretion. Our mom and dad are fully behind this, all you have to do is give your consent,” she told Charlie.

“I guess so,” Charlie said nervously. “Consent for what?”

“We’re going to teach you an advanced form of `sex education’,” Cheryl tried to explain to her best-ever friend. “You’re going to be a little hell raiser by the end of the summer, but we’d never, EVER do anything to cause you canlı bahis siteleri grief.”

“I know that, silly girls,” Charlie laughed. “So just what does this `sex education’ consist of? What kind of things do the two of you have in mind?”

“This kind!” Cheryl spoke up and then, she planted a very large, very warm kiss on Charlie’s ruby-red lips. Before Charlie could even get her head on straight, Cheryl spun her head around so that Jill could also kiss her. An astonished Cheryl was then further surprised to see the sisters share a kiss that was not at all sisterly. She knew the Monroe family was a bit wacky, albeit in a good way, but this was pretty wild. She had been taught that incest was taboo and it had been ingrained in her consciousness. Still, seeing the two sexy blondes kiss familiarly was really strange, yet erotic, to see.

“Let’s have a few more drinks and talk,” Jill suggested. “You can ask us whatever you want, then we’re all going inside to the master bedroom. We’re going to start all of this today. The sooner, the better, right Cheryl?”

“You betcha!” Cheryl squealed with delight. “Besides, I’ve been waiting an entire year to get this one into bed.”

“Why the master bedroom?” Charlie asked with curiosity. “Why not one of your bedrooms?”

“Our folks’ bedroom has a huge bed and it’s at the furthest end of the hall,” Cheryl explained. “The walls are thick and we won’t be seen, heard or disturbed. We can take our time and explore.”

“But – your parents …?”

Jill flashed her model-perfect smile. “We weren’t bullshitting you Charlie, they really are fully supportive of our plan,” she told Charlie. “They’re giving us all the rest of the day and we’re going to give them a progress report later on tonight. Wow, you should see the look on your face. Do you think that you’re up for all of this?”

“I think so, yes,” Charlotte said, feeling as if her stomach wanted to jump into the pool and swim to the deep end. “It’s a good thing I like these drinks a lot. I think I’m going to need a few of them for liquid courage.”

“Not too many, baby” Cheryl cautioned her. “We both want you fairly sober so that you can enjoy all the events of the afternoon.”

“There are going to be a lot of them,” Jill added. “You might even be here until late tonight, it all depends on how fast you soak it up. We can order in food if we get hungry. Charlie – here is one last chance – do you still want to go through with this?”

“Yes, yes I do!” Charlie cried out with a joyous fervor. Once she had let the entirety of their words sink in, she was a happy convert to the idea of becoming a highly sexual being, like her friends. They were always happy and popular and the petite redhead wanted that for herself. Once she got to university, she planned to party as much as she planned to study. She had been having fantasies for several months now, some of which she had shared with Cheryl. Now the thought that some of them might actually come true was overwhelming and she shivered with delight at the thought.

The three young women finished their drinks and went inside the house, going up the winding staircase to the master bedroom. Once inside, Jill and Cheryl kissed. Until now, Charlie had no idea that her friend and her sister practiced incest and were lovers, but as they embraced, Charlie understood that it was so. They seemed to be really into it and Charlie wasn’t quite sure what to make of all of this.

“Who loves me more than my family?” Cheryl anticipated Charlie’s question as she and Jill broke their torrid embrace. Her breath was more rapid and she was almost glowing. “I can’t get pregnant having sex with Jill, right? She and my mom taught me a lot and now, we’re gonna teach you! Yes, both of us want to take you to bed and teach you about girl-girl sex. Are you ready for that?”

Charlie likely wasn’t ready, but she was not about to tell Cheryl that. There was a lot to take in and it overwhelmed her a teeny bit. She decided to just suck it up and to simply accept things as they were. She nodded and was surprised when Cheryl grabbed her arm and led her from the bedroom into her room. “To make your first time special, Jill and I went all out, ‘kay? We got you a few things, some sexy lingerie and a nice, trashy pair of heels,” Cheryl told her friend. When a quizzical look from Charlie seemed to ask the question “Why?”, Cheryl answered it. “Girls appreciate girls dressing up for sex too, you know,” Cheryl said to her friend. Charlie didn’t know, but she went along with whatever Cheryl told her.

The outfit was a rose-patterned body stocking that allowed easy access. It looked really sex on Charlie and the heels, black with a silver tip, were equally hot. She did a little spin to show Cheryl how she looked. As she did that, she realized that she was showing off a little, now that she knew her friend also saw her in a sexual light. Cheryl herself was now in lingerie and heels, looking desirable – a stray thought that took Charlie a bit by surprise. Girls had not been one of her newly-discovered sexual fantasies. Despite that, here she was, ready, willing and able to venture into that realm with not one girl, but, two of them!

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