18 Şubat 2021

Christmas Cheers

Big Tits

This is the continuing saga of a relationship that I have with my sister-in-law (well, now my sisters-in-law).

It was some time before my sister-in-law Susan and I were able to get together after those two nights during Hurricane Charlie.

In fact, it was 4 months later that are families got together to celebrate Christmas. My wife’s parents have a house on the beach on the east coast of Florida. We usually do Thanksgiving or Christmas there depending on what each family’s plans are during the Holidays. The beach house has five bedrooms plus we rent the one next door (townhouse style) that also has five bedrooms. Four families complete with kids ranging from 4 up to 18 plus my wife’s parents packed into these two houses for the holidays.

My sister-in-law and I had not seen each other since the Hurricane. I really didn’t know how she was going to react to me. I figured that maybe things would be a little awkward. But as we walked in the door with our arms full with packages, suit cases, and groceries, my sister-in-law Susan ran up to me and gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear,

“I’ve missed you.”

I just smiled and said hi.

All through the afternoon, she would give me looks and smiles sometimes winking at me. To say the least, I was afraid that my wife or one of her siblings would notice it; or worse yet, my brother-in-law would notice it.

The day went without much event. We had divided up the rooms and we settled in for the night. The kids were all dispersed and we went to our separate bedrooms. I made love to my wife that night and went to sleep.

The next day there were a bunch of activities for all the family to get involved in. Some went to the beach; others played tennis, some road bikes. Most of the morning I spent on the beach on a lawn chair reading a book while watching kids play. It was fairly warm for December, about 78 degrees and people where actually walking around in bathing suits.

I had almost drifted off to sleep when I caught two women walking down toward the water. I focused my vision and it was my sister-in-law Susan and my sister-in-law Crystal. Crystal is married to my wife’s younger brother. They both looked awesome. Susan is about 5’5″ and weighs about 115 lbs. She has cute perky “A” cups, great legs and an ass to die for. Crystal is about 5’4″ and 120 lbs. with “C” cups and very athletic body. Crystal is 32 years old and has two kids while Susan is 37 and has 4 kids (but it’s hard to tell).

Watching them lying down on the beach in their two piece bikinis had me a little stiff in my swim suit. I had sunglasses on so I could stare at them without them knowing it. But I got the feeling that Susan knew that I couldn’t take my eyes off her. They were talking and every once in awhile they would look back at me and smile. This all made me a little nervous. If it got out that I had sex with my sister-in-law the shit would it the fan and I would be in houseful of trouble.

Again, the rest of the day went without an incident. casino oyna We played cards, watched movies, had dinner, etc. About 10 PM the kids went off to bed. Some of the adults played cards for an hour or so later. At around 11 PM some of the adults decided to go to bed. My sister-in-law announced that one of the townhouses by the beach had a Jacuzzi tub and she was told by the owners who weren’t going to be there over Christmas that we could use it any time.

My wife had no desire to get into a hot tub. She had already taken a shower and dried her hair. So her and her parents and one of my brothers-in-law decided to play another hand of cards. Susan and Crystal both said that they wanted to go the hot-tub. None of the other guys wanted to. One was going to catch a movie and the other was going to bed. Susan’s husband said he was going to play another hand and go to bed too.

The girls looked at me and I acted like I was not really interested in going down with them. But everyone said, “Go, they shouldn’t be down there by themselves.”

So I put on my bathing suit, grabbed a towel and a bottle of wine and headed down to the hot tub. I was bit nervous to say the least. My two hot and sexy sisters-in-law were going to be in a hot tub alone with me. I really didn’t know what Susan had told Crystal about our two nights back a few months ago. I didn’t know if she had told her anything at all.

I got down to the townhouse and opened the gate and turn on the lights in the tub and settled in. It felt great! Ten minute later the ladies walked through the gate. They were both wearing the two piece bathing suits that they had on earlier that morning. God they were hot! They climbed into the tub opposite me with a big smile on their faces. I had to admit, I was already rock hard in my shorts. Thank God for the bubbles.

At first we had just small talk about our families and work and the such. Then it happened. Crystal sheepishly smiled at me and looking down said, “Susan told me about the two nights you had together.”

My face must have shown the surprise because she immediately said, “It’s ok, I think it is hot!”

With that Susan scooted over by me and ran her hand on my chest. “I think we need to be careful here.” I said, sounding like a wimp.

She smiled at me and reached her hand down my suit feeling my hard cock and smiled, “Well, it looks like you aren’t going to be able go anywhere with that lump in your shorts anytime soon.”

“Come over here Crystal, feel this rock hard cock!” Susan said.

Crystal scooped over on the opposite side next to me with her breasts rubbing my arm and even through the swim suit, I could feel her hard nipples. She reached down and started playing with my balls. It took every ounce of will power I had to keep from blowing my load right there and then.

Susan reached in from and untied my suit and loosened the band and put her hand down my suit. God, it sent shivers down my spine. Crystal realized what she had done and followed down the canlı casino same path into my shorts. I now had two hot, gorgeous women with their hands in my swim suit playing with my cock and balls.

I leaned over and kiss Susan on the lips and she started to kiss me harder and deeper. I broke the kiss and looked over at Crystal with those big, beautiful, blue eyes. She smiled at me and brought her lips to mine and we kiss for the very first time.

I couldn’t take it anymore. My cock was so hard it was stretching my shorts to the breaking point. Susan reached behind me with her other hand and pulled my shorts down my hips. Crystal joined her on the other side until my shorts were complete off.

I now alternated between kiss Susan and then Crystal. They both were stroking me with one hand and rubbing my chest with the other. I broke the kissing long enough to say, “Hey, this is not fair. I’m the only one that’s naked here.”

Susan and Crystal smiled at each other. Without waiting for permission, I reached behind Susan and undid her bikini top and her small breasts were exposed as the bubbles from the tub cause her top to float. She smiled and reach back undid the part around her neck. Now her breasts were fully exposed.

I turned and looked at Crystal to see if there was any hesitation on her part before this went any further. Her blues were glued to Susan’s breasts as though contemplating the same thing I was. Could she go any further? I took my hand and placed on her back and slowly moved up to where the bikini strap clasped behind her. She looked up at me with a mixture of fear and anticipation but no resistance. I undid the clasp and the suit rose up from underneath as her breast floated on the water. Oh, they were amazing… She looked down and saw them bouncing, she smiled and reached over and pulled the top off completely. We kissed again.

The girls were still working my cock all this time and I knew I would not last long if they kept this up. I turned back to Susan and I moved her so she was sitting on top of me. I started sucking her little nipples as they stood straight out. She moaned as I work my mouth on both her breasts. She stood up and pulled her bikini bottoms down and threw them on the side of the hot top and crawled back on top of me with an animalistic fervor. She worked her little ass until her pussy was lined up with my cock and slowly worked it into her hot hole. I kept sucking her breasts as she worked up a good rhythm. I turned over to see what Crystal was doing and her eyes were as big as saucers. I leaned over and kissed her again and took my right hand massaged her beautiful breasts.

I had her scoot up a little so that her breasts were right on level with my mouth. MMMM… they were awesome. I kissed and sucked them as the nipples hardened in my mouth. She also started moaning. I was afraid that anyone within a 100 feet of us could hear us.

I was in breast heaven alternating between the perky “A” cups and beautiful “B” cups. Susan continued to move kaçak casino her hips in a steady pace as she moved up and down my cock. I took my free hand and reached down between Crystal’s legs rubbing her inner thighs to her knees. Moving up with my hand, I gently touched her pussy through her bikini bottoms. She jumped up in surprise but then settled down without resistance to my fingers. I worked my fingers moving the suit aside so I could feel her pussy lips. She was clean shaven and her lips were swollen. My fingers found her hole and I worked one in. She moaned and moved her ass down hoping for more of my finger. I sucked her breasts and pumped my middle finger in her pussy.

Meanwhile, Susan was working my cock to a frenzy. Here pussy muscles tightening around my dick and I knew that meant she was about to explode. I really wanted to save my first cum of the night for Crystal. I wanted to fuck her so bad it almost hurt. Susan was working me so good that it was going to be a miracle if I could keep my load. She started humping faster and more intense. Her moans, I knew could be heard all the way down the beach. I tried to hush by kissing her but she just kept moaning in my mouth. With one big shiver and shake, she came and after about a minute of quivering she laid her head on my shoulder.

I still had my finger in Crystal’s pussy and she was wiggling on my hand and breathing hard and strong. Susan moved off me and I reached over and moved Crystal in front of me. I took her bikini bottoms on both side and pulled them off her. She hesitated for a second as I moved her toward me. She looked at Susan and Susan smiled at her still exhausted from her orgasm. Finally, she moved in closer to me and I lined up my cock to her pussy and gently pushed her down on my cock. At first, it took her breath away as I penetrated her. Crystal relaxed and sat down further until my cock was filling her pussy. She was tighter than Susan probably because she had not had 4 kids.

We started on a good easy pace. I sucked her breasts as she moved slowly up and down my cock. Susan rubbed my chest and stomach and then worked her hand between me and Crystal putting her fingers around my cock like holding a cigarette. I guess she must have touched Crystal’s clit because all of the sudden Crystal’s pussy walls clamped down on me and she moaned in a high pitch moan like a little girl. Her pace quicken as she worked my cock deeper into her pussy.

Then something happened that surprised the hell out of me. As I was sucking on one of Crystal’s tits, Susan moved in and started to suck on the other. It didn’t just surprise me because Crystal stopped right on her tracks and looked down at Susan working her tit and exhaled in a deep “OOOOOOHHHHH!” She came hard without even having to move. She held her breath for what seemed like an eternity and then exhaled with her high pitch moan that was close to low scream.

I guess I was so surprised by the vision of Susan sucking her sister-in-laws tit that I did not cum. Crystal stayed on top of me for the longest time trying to catch her breath. This whole thing was awesome. But I didn’t know what to do next. Good thing Susan knew what she wanted…

To be continued….

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