2 Eylül 2021

Coming Home


Coming HomeImagine this, you are strolling up to the door to come into the house and you hear female laughter. You stop and wonder where the hell is that coming from because the laughs sound almost angelic. As you reach for the door you notice it is beginning to open and a gorgeous vixen is standing before you in a thong only and holding a beer for you. She stops and says, “Welcome home sir,” while handing you the beer. Standing quietly for a moment, just looking over every inch of this luscious body and think I must be dreaming. As you pass her, she leans into to kiss you on the cheek and squeeze your ass causing you to moan slightly. As you look around your home you notice several other equally beautiful, practically naked women, sitting on couches and chairs chatting or making out with each other and you think please don’t let me wake up. Suddenly, you notice me coming from the kitchen strolling very cat like over to you with my cute little apron on with nothing else. As I reach tunceli escort you, I slide my arm around your back grabbing your ass firmly and pull you aggressively into a passionate kiss. The sexy welcoming vixen you encountered first, looks sad that I have taken away the moment that she was planning to lay on the same treatment, so you and I both pull her into our circle and kiss her together while fondling her and removing her thong. As she and I simultaneously notice the raging hardening of your cock, we both lead you over to the counter. Removing your pants reveals to the room that amazing cock. Laying you down on the counter, we begin to lick your sides, your hips, your neck, your ears in perfect harmony, pleasure in stereo. While I rub your shaft and she is rubbing your balls. We slowly make our way back down your body with our mouths, we stop at your stomach to rub our breasts on you and kiss one another leaning over you. While still kissing uşak escort we continue down to that bulging cock to suck it together. Licking and sucking your cock and balls with our mouths so close to each other we can’t help but rub tongues together. We look at your face to see the pleasure we are bringing you and we all smile. Sensing that you are thirsty I take the beer given to you and get a mouth full to share with you by spitting into your awaiting mouth and then kissing you while she continues to suck on you. After a few minutes of this decadence, we take each hand and pull you off the counter saying, “Come with us we have a surprise for you.” Leading you into the dining room you notice an amazingly delicious woman laying naked on the table covered in tasty treats for us to enjoy. The ladies you noticed making out and chatting have joined us as well to eat off this hot woman laying before us. Standing momentarily at the end of the table, you watch van escort each of us remove food with only our mouths from this divine creature. Several women proceed to grab a bite and slowly walk over to you, offering the bites from their lips in passionate kisses. Once each siren shares a bite with you, you decide to get a bite of your own. Proceeding to step onto the table, you straddle this beautiful woman, squatting down so close to her body, your cock rubs onto her body where whip cream is caked on. Grabbing a strawberry from just above her moistened pussy, you drag your cock and balls through the whip cream up her body to her mouth to plunge that cream soaked cock into her inviting and ready mouth. Gently fucking her mouth, you feel an additional tongue licking your balls to clean them off. Closing your eyes to enjoy the sensations your experiencing for a moment. Upon reopening your eyes, you notice that each woman is now licking, rubbing, nibbling and sucking this woman prompting her to arch her back, moan on your cock, sucking with so much intensity that you feel the orgasm coming closer and closer to the peak, pulling out just in time for you to shoot this massive load all over her tits, stomach and hips for each of us to share.

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