7 Ekim 2021

crazy Academy of perfect pussies “The c Crazy


crazy Academy of perfect pussies “The c Crazycrazy Academy of perfect pussies “The cCrazy Academy of perfect pussies “The principle that”I present to you, my name is Dani am 35 years old and works as a teacher of mixed martial arts and personal trainer in a gym that I too with a friend. I am divorced for four years and have a daughter, a girl Noe treasure just turned 13 years old, who besides being a beautiful green eyes, hair blacks and a lot ‘of the body where you look from his mother, he is kind and friendly as few.It all started one morning it seemed like everyone else until a knock on the door. I was arranging my gym bag because I was going to go to the gym, went to open the door was my ex and my daughter came two precious.Hey Daddy (he hugged me and kissed me)Hello dear, you do so early here (my ex I brought my daughter to 5 or 6 days a month, because she had gone to live in another city far enough)Dani port before today, I have a photo shoot very important (my ex-wife, despite already having 32 years still rival any model of 18 years, has been very good, I have every time I saw her I thought only back with it, but the our own despite I was finished)Well well, but you’ll have to come with me to the gym (I told my daughter with a smile)Dad Okay we’re going wellWell thank you very much Dani Rs sky (and kissed me gently on the cheek that seemed like paradise)My daughter entered the giggle because I was red as a tomato.Come Mom go because I’m with DadI leave -ChaoMy wife and I went on to get everything ready to go to work. My daughter ran to her room where she kept her old clothes after ten minutes under running callingDad, Dad going well and trained-I He was looking at me as fascinated (wearing a white cotton shorts when I was 11 years to the gym, and for once he did not look my daughter, but her cute face down)”You have a little ‘treasure tight? (It was a vision that my 35 years I could not believe so much like my daughter literally swallowed the chief had a pussy that was crazy, I had never seen lips so marked and so well defined)If dad is but everything I had, but it is not so bad dad (with a mischievous smile that seemed to understand where was looking)I swallowed without understanding that giggle and looked away as contemptuous-OK let’s goI must admit that my ex also has a good vulva very plump and marked and I liked it, but my daughter’s pussy is spectacular.Okay dad to see if I understand (and ran to the car).I followed and I also appreciate the nice ass as did these short, round, and pert as her mother, but with 19 years younger.After half an hour we arrived at my gym where Paul greeted very happy and jovial as ever.-hi Dani.’As Paul? (My daughter said with a smile from ear to ear)See if the Noe, how magnificent? how you’ve grown. What you get to play sports with your dad?Yes, with my father and you (he said with a smile that made me laugh)Paul is the typical gym blonde and blue-eyed courage that had all the Broads at his feet and, frankly, for this was, to attract female viewers. I already me the rest beg.Rather Okay, start the two that I finished and I’ll fill in some subscriptions.We went to the area of ??the machines and my daughter asked me where to start, I said that we had the first heat and got to it.We have in front of mirrors, I got behind her and taught her to warm the shoulders and neck, got arms and legs slightly apart began to take turns with the arms, from behind had a perfect view of your ass and pussy that looked gorgeous in the mirror, his fat lips and well trained have been developed to perfection.Okay dear, now we’re going to change, you’re going to open your legs and try to touch your palms on the floor (I did not lose the details from behind and started to splice).Okay dad, and I’m doing well or less (all told me with a mischievous smile, as if he knew my thoughts).Very well, I see you have not lost the flexibility of these years (almost with his head between his legs looked at me laughing with each other).I with one eye on the ass of my daughter and her pussy, that does not lose its shape or that position, I did not realize that she looked at me pants that seemed to burst.Dad, what’s wrong there? (With a red face and a smile)Hey, all this, is that I want to pee, ok ?. WaitingRed with shame went to the bathroom, where I was greeted by one of my students prepare to teach the class the morning of mix martial arts, starting in 10 minutes. It took me a while ‘until I came on, and I went back to the area of ??the machine, where I met Paul I was doing flexibility exercises with Noe, who was lying on his back with his legs in the air and bringing them to head Pablo .Paul looked avcilar escort at me and motioned me said it was.Dani Look how much flexibility is the daughter (and took a hit to the knee shoulders and left it there).The short in that position is open at the sides, revealing part of the vulva of Noe, who was neither a hair, and so even seen wearing panties. E ‘was crazy, that pussy was driving me crazy.Paul looked at me as if he understood that he had to go to the bathroom just now and with a smile said:Are you this kind all over the world?Yes, hey Paul, I think you can let go and legs.But if love, look.If Dad, I love you with flexibility, it’s fun (and with both hands, which is located inside of the thighs, ankles was behind him. That made her one of his lips off completely, voltage short to always in the depths of her pussy)Okay, let me, I’ll give the class (I regret to go to the class)When I was going to go Pablo grabbed his shoulder and hit him a look that could melt steel.Paul understood right away, but I left out a quiet Dani, not very convincing.I’ll be back at 1:30, okay?Dani Okay, shut up, I worry.After taking the class, I went with my daughter, and ready to go, and when I entered the engine room I saw an image that I will not forget as long as I live.My daughter four legs together and hands stretched forward with the full mind pump ass and the two lips completely out, it seemed that wearing a dental floss instead of a short. Paul, in front of her with both hands pushed him back, it seemed that they were nursing, and that’s not all, at least 10 boys watching the scene at will, one he was in line over pants. Paul looked at me with a bastard and came towards me.Dani are you okay ?, You seem to be transposed (still with the joke).’I see as the staff control, asshole, you’re done with the stroke? My daughter and I are going and (with the face of anger).Easy, I did nothing, but the man, his daughter is a marvel. See how it all uncles, many have asked me, without a haircut, if your daughter was going to keep coming.And your bastard you told them?Which did not know, but certainly not (Paul to see my face always he was backing)But I explained that my daughter does not care in the least that mirasen, and also seems to like it.I could not hear over and called my daughter, with the same rose by a blow to hear my voice and came running towards me. I never took my eye pussy daughter was coming out everywhere.’We love.If Dad, I’ve had very well with Paul (with his beautiful smile).Paul grew up hearing this and asked if my daughter came to spend the day with me.Dad, if I’ve had a great porfa’We’ll see honey (looking at Paul pissed).We said goodbye and left. Getting into the car, my daughter has put the music and started singing their favorite music, and do not stop until half way told me that I had to pee, I could not stand. I stopped the car in the ditch and my daughter went down like a bullet, and I began to piss beside the car. Good thing we had left the city and went there almost no cars, because they did not notice much if they saw during urination. While I was wondering if crazy to watch my 13 years, so it was, and keep all the photos that my daughter had given me that morning, I think it is spliced ??and suddenly:Daddy look that bad bugI, without thinking, I left the car and walked over to my daughter, who was still crouching with shorts to his ankles, and with one hand while pointing to bug me with the other big fat lips open. That already was for others and my cock grew at most, and half a meter in the face of my daughter, with a chuckle, looked at my crotch and then looked me in the eyes.Dad, you also have to pee, have very big dick.You ‘, I will, but I stand to go home (red as a tomato just occurred to me to say this and turn around)Why did you turn around Dad? Are you going to pee here?I never imagined this, I eventually said yes, that would pee there, and that if he had finished he left the car. Truth wanted to get it out a little ‘because it hurt a little’.He went to the car, and left me alone. When I heard the door close I forward, and empalmadísima had super sensitive, and started tocármela. No time happened when I felt a shiver down my spine.-¿Papi And that’s it?Hey, no daughter still does not (it took me by surprise, I still had a cock in its fullness, my 23 cm shone in the afternoon sun).I-and I see Dad, I got very big yet, what’s wrong with Dad? (She told me smiling and looking at my cock with eyes wide open)I tried to get in my pants, but it was not easy, with my daughter and watching my cock burst, when my daughter suddenly without warning, said:Wait dad to help (I left şirinevler escort little hand and with the other I tried to open my pants, at first made the threat of putting it, but as I looked at my face and did not object in the least to the contrary continued touching touching )Oh dear what do you do? (I treated myself promoted that touch of his hand, I could not say no, and let them do)Dad has that big, fat and can not take everything, ah ah like to touch you? (My daughter could not understand with his little hand the thickness of my penis)Honey, I feel very embarrassed to say this, but I really like (I was in heaven and my daughter looked like it was the first time he took a shit)Dad, I was right? As well, back and forth? (As I looked into the eyes)Yes, it is perfect, but why do not you go in the car? here we will see.Whatever, Dad, but I can continue touching in the car?I nodded and went to the car. I sat in the driver’s seat and put on his knees resting on the passenger seat, looking for me, and with both hands at the same time I started pajear. I saw how he did and I could not believe that my 13 years I have been able to play so well. E ‘was because I could not, I was going to run.My life, I can not take it anymore, I will stain your hands.My daughter looked at me with her beautiful face, and I take a little ‘of language in a gesture not to worry, horny face and had got his prize, he continued but faster and with more pressure.Ah, ah, daughter well! (I came so that reached almost to the ceiling, hands, steering wheel and shirt were full of sperm)Wow ha ha, what you lost Dad!I, with great pleasure that they had already lost accounts or words of my daughter, but after a few seconds I could rebuild, I opened my eyes and looked at my daughter. She reclined in his chair looking at me with his bright eyes, as if all this had not happened.My life, I would like to ask you where did you learn to do this? it seems that is not the first time you do it (I asked him politely not to feel bad)Ah, ah, you like it daddy? I learned to do in the nudist colony.-What Nudist colony?Yes, mom and her new boyfriend bring me every summer. Everyone there is naked and, well, that touch is not taboo. My friends have taught me and, well, sometimes the boys played and (my daughter was as if to say more)I swallowed, I could not believe my ears, of course, I thought, now I understand many things.And how old are your friends treasure? (Waiting for an answer less obvious)Well … let’s see, more than 13 or 14 and 15 years.And with this age already do things like that for k**s?If Dad is normal, you want to come with us for a bit ‘and you present them? (The latter told me with a grin bad)’Do not baby, do not be nicer, I’ve never been in a place like (imagining the situation was putting me Morcillón again and, of course, with cock and untucked could not hide it, I loved both)Sure you like and also a man so handsome and strong as you will surely leave with their mouths open to all women, ah ah (looking at my horse was returned to its fullest)A cat jump on my daughter rode on horseback and began to kiss her face, neck and mouth.The first I found it strange if between a daughter and her father this was the last straw.-Noah What are you doing dear? (My cock was stuck to her pussy around her with her big lips)No Dad, I love you so much, and as I see that you love me because you recompense like to continue? (She said looking into my eyes with cornea little girl face)My answer was a resounding Go on my life. And with me wearing the fever did not care all, and my daughter, and bluntly, I bit my neck and gave me little kisses on the mouth, and hips rose and fell across my cock with her pussy.Dad, I can take the whistle?If affected, do with it what you want.She grabbed my cock and slid down the short side, it was delightful to hear her skin smooth and humidity increased.Dad, I love to feel your huge cock to touch my pussy, ah, ah (her face is very red and his accelerated pace seemed that I was going)I do not spend even five minutes, when my daughter literally exploded. It ‘was a source, put his legs say no more cock, drenched.-Noah Are you okay? (To see that after orgasm has remained as brutal as u*********s hugs me)If Dad, I feel very good, but I feel bad for you.Why daughter? I’m fine.Keep up with the whistle, I want to fix (now grabbed my cock, got up and placed the tip into his wonderful entrance and was digging, but it was not easy.Dad, it’s too fat, I do not know if I can (but do not stop trying until he entered my cocoon thick) ah, ah, dad, entered.Daughter-quiet, otherwise you can not pass anything (he watched taksim escort his face and looked like they had impaled)If I papi, you’ll see (is stored for more than half, it seemed that he did not fall)That pussy was wonderful, it was very tight and so wet it was, gave off an incredible heat.My daughter was a few seconds as it used to, but then began to rise and fall slowly, put her hands on his shoulders and with a smile he gave me to understand that the party has started, he started to ride my cock like crazy.Oh, Dad, I really like.And my daughter, are a marvel.Dad, Dad, I love you, I’m, I’m, ah! (He threw the body back and leaned against the wheel and ran a way that I had never seen, left me all the liquid lost, but I do not stop)I continued to give and give until you could not stand more weight and went to get out and I ran in the ass.My daughter was shaking like hugs me possessed, do not know how long we stay cuddled in the car.Daughter, awake, and we have to go eat (my daughter did not respond fast asleep)I got out of the car with her in his arms and put in the back seat. He noticed her pussy, she was very red and completely wet.On the way home I remembered the words of Paul (your daughter is an omen) does not know, I thought, after 15 minutes of walking we got home and my daughter slept.I went upstairs where his bedroom and rushed into the bedroom. I went to eat, and while watching TV. An hour passed when my daughter down the stairs, wearing only a long shirt. He smiled at me, and I went through the mochas head crazy to do with it, but would have had time for everything, I had to make good use of these days.Daughter, do you want me to make you dinner?Okay Dad, I’m very hungry (sitting on my lap)Dad, I liked what we did in the car, I would repeat several times (with the face of good girl)’I also liked honey, quiet, we repeat several times (I got it) what do you want me to eat?’What you want Popes (there seemed to melt in your life)I began to prepare the food, and when I least expected it, I felt a hand touching his back, was my daughter. I went with the meal, as it makes me hard, but gradually my daughter went back down to my cock which was already morcillita, and put her little hand in his pants and grabbed her firmly.’Do not you were hungry c***d? (In tone funny)If Dad, but I am happy to repeat it before (I said in a voice between mimosota and cornea)I turned and stood in front of her, she was completely naked, he looked at his eyes, chest, belly, and that pussy so cute that I was crazy and even looked into his eyes and kissed her mouth.My daughter hugged me tight and I, with the hug, I got my ass with both hands, charging and knocking her to the kitchen table, I spread my legs as I could, I opened the lips who held the see clitoris, and I started eating that pussy which was great, and when he started to get wet, you put a finger, to which my daughter responded:Ah, yet Dad, I’m enjoying a lot (and I put another finger)Like daughter? (Silly question, because the crack was beginning to look like a river)If dad, more, more love, more (for my tender daughter loved the sex, I would think)Well, now you see (I put aside, and with one hand on her belly and two fingers of the other attached to the bottom of her pussy, I began to move quickly, reaching the top surface of the vagina)-Ah Ah! Dad no, not so fast, I can not stand!A pussy source from my daughter every jolt that made him who he was brutal orgasm, even in my wildest dreams have imagined this morbid. My daughter was convulsions on the table while I watched. She, with her little hand, I started stroking the eggs, was the signal. I had between my legs and I was slowly rocked stick his cock in that hole so tight and wet accompanied by those lips that seemed so full and good wrap.Oh Dad, that makes sense I have, as I noticed that … ah!-A See if you can put everything, all right Noe? (Hinchadísima had, I could not believe it was so beautiful pussy swallowing my cock, which was bigger than ever)Gradually I was getting every inch up to touch bottom, but my daughter seemed to put everything, so I held her tight and closed her legs around my waist.Dad, I love you, I do not want to take it out.Honey and see, you’ll like this, spread your legs so you can move your hands and take your ass.If Dad, do whatever you want (even open her legs and ran my hands to grab her ass and charged by weight)My daughter, who would not or 50kg in the air like a doll in my arms and without warning began to push at full speed.Ah, ah, ah, Dad, ah (at each thrust reached bottom)So we were about 10 minutes, I was changing its position legs. They are collected in the shoulders, open as he hugged his neck until my daughter went rigid, threw back his head and ran for the fourth time. I, who had not run me, I left on the kitchen table and I came looking over her small breasts.Dad, I’m going to go very well these days, I hope the mother leaves us most days.

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