6 Temmuz 2021

Curiosity: Part IV (4)

Big Dicks

Curiosity: Part IV (4)Part 4:The first cock I ever sucked was Mr. Paterson’s, my eigth graide math teacherr. When I asked what I could do for extra credit to bring up my grade, he made a semi honest offer to tutor me after class and on our first private tutoring session he caught me staring at his bulging crotch. Thinking back on it now I’m pretty sure he was already semi hard, even before our brief study session was over. Feeling embarassed, I excused myself as I grabbed my bag and headed for the door. I was halfway to the door when suddenly I heard the loud jingle sound of his belt buckle coming loose, and once again curiosity got the best of me as I turned around to face him. He asked me to suck for extra credit instead of the boring tutoring session and I accepted his offer, earning my first of many extra credit opportunities to come…It was on a friday afternoon because I remember spending the weekend at home thinking about what I had done, and how everything seemed as if it was all perfectly planned out for this to have happened to me.Jessica called me on Saturday to see if I wanted to hang out, but I told her that I couldn’t because I had a lot of homewerk to do over the weekend and it was all due on Monday, which was a lie. I was caught between my guilty conscince and dirty thoughts that constantly filled my mind, causing several brief masturbation sessions, whether in my room or in the shower.When the yelow buss came by to pick me up monday morning to take me back to schoul, I was feeling a mixture of emotions and throughout the entire ride I felt really nervous as I began to anticipate how my day at schoul was most likely going to end. As a result of my feelings of anxiety, the ride to schoul that morning seemed to be longer than I normally remembered it to be and even that made me anxious. Once the buss arrived at schoul I was somewhat relieved that I could at the very least distract myself by heading to my first period of the day, English. I would write notes in my journal which our teacher Mrs. Martinee never actually read to respect our “privacy”, instead she just walked around marking each of our 200 page thick daily journals with a green check mark after we filled in at least one page with our thoughts, happening first thing every morning. I wrote about my weekend, but I only hinted about what really happened between Lenny and me on friday afternoon. Before I knew it first period was over and the bell rang letting us know it was time to switch to our second period class of the day. I felt those butterflies stiring around in my stomach again as I grew more and more nervous by the hour as the day went on without seeming to slow down even a bit. When the bell rang for me to go from 5th period to 6th I nearly trembled from how nervous I had become.FINALLY, after spending all weekend and all of that day thinking about what the next “normal” face to face encouter with Mr. Paterson might look like or how it would make either of us feel, I arrived at the door of his class. I took a deep breath as I reached for the door knob and I gently twisted it, opening the door quietly so I wouldn’t be noticed walking in. Sure enough, as I made my way to my usual seat I felt his eyes on me and I blushed a bright red, knowing of what he was most definately thinking about at that very moment. I snuck a glance over at Mr. Paterson while he remained at his desk and he was looking down at his textbook at the time when suddenly his eyes looked up, meeting mine from a far. He winked at me as I slowly turned my head back to my desk when suddenly the bell rang, letting bursa escort us know class was beginning and it caused me to jump up, nearly falling out of my seat in the process. One of the boys sitting next to me laughed at my reaction to the bell as he called me a name I can’t quite remember, because all I was thinking about at the time was the way Mr. Paterson winked at me just a second ago.Class went by just as slow as the day had been going so far and I wasn’t paying attention to a single word Lenny was saying up in front of the class. When the bell FINALLY rang for us to pack our things andhead home for the day, ALL the other studennts left in a hurry while I stayed for a while longer, taking my time as I quietly packed my bag. Once everyone left Mr. Paterson stood up from his desk and he walkedover to the door to check the hall while I kept my eyes down at my desk, thinking about what he might want me to do for extra credit again today.Mr. Paterson then shut the door, locking it with his key which only the janitiors had access to and they wouldn’t come by his class room until much later on that afternoon. Once again we were alone together, within the private setting of his class room and after he locked the door he started walking over to me as I slowly stood up from my desk to greet him properly. Mr. Paterson, or rather Lenny reached down to unzip his fly, working on taking off his pants right away. Suddenly, I remembered that he told me to call him by his first name “Lenny” when class was over for the day, making it seem like we were having a secret forbidden affair or something. Of course, I didn’t realize it at first but we were in fact having such an affair because sadly he had a wife and two k**ds waiting for him at home.Without saying a word, Lenny pulled out his already fully erect, 9 inch long uncircumcised cock as he started to stroke it gently in his hand and I could feel my own dick stirring in my pants. I watched in awe as his long foreskin retracted, revealing his glistening shiny pink-ish cock head and I noticed a thick bead of his precum building at the very tip. A part of me that I didn’t yet recognize wanted to lick the precum clean off his peee slit and take his whole cock down my tight throat without hesitation, but I knew better. I wanted to show him how good and obidient I could be, so I waited patiently for instructions.Lenny stood right in front of me as he let go of his cock and he said, “GO ON BOY… GET ON YOUR KNEES AND SUCK IT…” I thought he’d never ask as I got down on my knees without showing an ounce of hesitation this time around. I wrapped my hand around his long shaft giving it a few light strokes before aiming his cock to my mouth and I parted my lips, letting my soft pink tongue explore only the tip of his cock first making him moan. “UHHH… OHH YEAH. ATTABOY… OOOHHHH…” I finally licked off the bead of precum oozing from the tip as I passed my tongue over his cum slit and I savored it for a while before he pushed more of his cock into my mouth. I tried my best to keep him entertained with just the first three inches of his big black cock already inside my warm wet mouth and I sucked on it as best as I could. Lenny moaned over and over while I took turns looking up at him with just my eyes to watch his facial expressions as I kept sucking his cock. “OHH FUCK… UHHH!… OHH YEAH. I LOVE IT WHEN YOU DO THAT… OHHH SHIT…” He started thrusting forwardand that’s when things got less fun for me. Suddenly, Lenny grabbed my head while he shoved about four more inches into my mouth and I took a deep breath, just in time bursa escort bayan before I felt his thick cock head squeeze itself down my tight pink throat hole.Lenny seemed to take longer than the last time and I felt like I just could’nt take his cock down my throat anymore. He was keeping it inside too long and I could barely catch my breath, while he seemed to be doing just fine, so after about two more minutes of this I just about had enough. I threw my head back, making him lose his grip on my head and I gasped for air as he watched me with a very disappointed look on his face. He complained about my sudden choice to pause giving him the pleasure, which I vowed to give him and he questioned my obedience as he said, “I CAN’T BE STOPPING LIKE THIS TONY… YOU NEEDTO DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT YOU WANT THAT EXTRA CREDIT TO PASS MY CLASS…”I bowed my head out of shame as I replied, “Yeah, B-but I…” Lenny saw that I was having trouble sucking a cock so big and I didn’t need to let him know what the problem was, but he insisted that I hadto perform as I was expected to. He took a brief moment to try and come up with a solution as he said, “OKAY TONY… I THINK I KNOW A WAY THAT’LL WORK FOR BOTH OF US, YOU JUST HAVE TO TRUST ME AND DO AS I SAY ALRIGHT?… THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE TO EARN YOUR EXTRA CREDIT FOR THIS SESSION!…” I nodded my head as I wiped the tears building in my eyes and soon I was ready to listen to what he had to say. Lenny backed up a little and he told me to stand up, so I did. I looked down at his cock which was still hard and I raised my head to look at him, feeling a chill up my spine when he said, “TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS…GO ON, WE DON’T HAVE ALL DAY BOY…” I hesitantly undid my belt as I heard it jingling around once it was loose and I slowly pulled down my pants, letting them drop all the way down to my feet. Lenny said in a more serious tone as he grew more impatient, “DROP YOUR UNDERWEAR TOO BOY!… COME ON…”Once again I leaned over hesistantly as I slowly dug my fingers into the waistband of my white underwearand I carefully brought them down around my feet too. I stood up revealing my then semi hard, 4 inch long circumcised white boy dick and he stared at it for a while as he stroked his much larger cock in his hand. Lenny seemed to like what he saw because he was moaning again as he stroked his cock and then, without giving it any further thought he said, “OHH YEAH… THAT’S IT… WE’RE GONNA DO THIS INSTEAD… GO ON AND TURN AROUND BOY… TURN AROUND AND LEAN OVER, PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN FLAT ON YOUR DESK… LETS GO, COME ON!”I gulped down hard as I turned around slowly and then once I was facing away from him I raised my hands up over my desk when I noticed they were trembling. I placed them down flat on my desk like he said to and I prepared myself for what was coming since I knew exactly where this was heading. The whole time I was picturing that white boy getting fucked up his ass in the men’s restroom that day. I became extremely nervous knowing that the same guy who was fucking him up his ass was about to shove his big black cock up my ass too!Lenny came closer up behind me, turning my head to watch as I heard his breathing getting heavier when suddenly he reached up his hand and he spat on it, letting out a good amount of his saliva on the palm of his hand. He then reached that same hand down as he spread his fresh, slick saliva all over his cock and he stroked it as he seemed to be focused on his cock for a while. I couldn’t exactly tell what was happening from the bad viewing angle I had, but now he was moving his hips escort bursa forward carefully towards my bum and that’s when I felt it for the first time.Lenny wedged his thick wet cock head between my butt cheeks as he pushed it in further and soon I felt it pressing in upon my extra tight, puckered up virgin ass hole. Then, without showing any signs of backing down, he slowly pushed forward and I felt my tight anus eventually spreading open, allowing histhick helmet shaped cock head to slip inside me. I grunted when I felt him penetrating my boy pussy for the first time and then I moaned, “MMMM!!!…OHHH!… OHHH! WHOA…” I thought it would’ve been far worse, but once he was inside me it actually felt… kinda good. Lenny moaned as he slowly sunk his huge cock into my ass, “UHHH!… OHHH FUCK!… UHHH! IT FEELS SO GOOD…”I actually started helping him by pushing back a bit and I moaned some more, feeling inch by inch of hisbig black cock slipping all the way deep inside of my ass hole. “UHHH! OHHH MAN… MMMM!… YEAH. STICK IT ALL THE WAY UP MY BUTT… UUHHH!” Lenny seemed to like it when I urged him to fuck my ass and he said,”OHH YEAH. THAT’S RIGHT WHITE BOY, TAKE MY BIG BLACK COCK UP YOUR TIGHT WHITE ASS… OHHH!” Then, once his cock was all the way inside me, along came the part that I wasn’t all that prepared for. Lenny backed up some as he pulled out maybe 6 or 7 inches of his long, thick cock and then using more speed heshoved it all the way back inside of my ass.I moaned louder feeling his cock sliding deep into my ass hole and it was coming in faster this time. “UHH!… UUHHH!!!… OHHH SHIT!… OHHH!” Lenny kept going as he pulled his cock out some more and then he thrusted in again with the same pace while he moaned too, “OHHH YEAH!… TAKE IT BOY… UHHH!… UHHH!” I braced myself for more as I tightly gripped the edge of my desk with both hands and my whole upper body was pushed forward with every thrust he gave into me. I kept moaning loudly while he started fucking me with full power this time and all I heard in that moment was the constant slapping sounds from his hips smacking my butt with each deep hard thrust. “UUHHH!!!… UHHHH!… OHHH YEAH!… F-FUCK ME LENNY!”Lenny moaned loudly as he said, “OHHHH!… OHHH FUCK TONY… I’M GONNA CUM… I’M GONNA… UHHHH! UUHHHH! UUHHH!… OHHH SHIT! OHHHH!… THAT’S IT… TAKE MY CUM UP YOUR TIGHT ASS WHITE BOY… OHHH YEAH… YOU KNOW YOU WANTED IT… UHHH!…” He thrusted in a few more times while he was busy squirting several heavy spurts of his slick warm semen inside me and he kept his cock lodged halfway inside of my ass hole for a while. I sighed now that I knew the ride was over, although I sort of secretly wished it would never endand I waited patiently for him to pull his cock out.I looked back at Mr. Paterson as he continued to moan softly and he slowly pulled his spent cock out of my ass hole. “OHH FUCK… LET ME PULL IT OUT… THAT’S IT… UHHH… OHH…” Finally I felt it slip out and some of his cum leaked from my gaping anus before it closed back up. Lenny’s cum trickled down to my balls before dripping onto the floor and I stood back up, turning around to look at my surroundings. Then, just like that he pulled his pants back up and he cleared his throat as he said, “GOOD BOY… I’M REALLY IMPRESSED WITH YOU TONY… THERE WILL BE MORE EXTRA CREDIT FOR YOU, MAYBE LATER ON THIS WEEK… IS EVERYTHING OKAY WITH YOU?” I nodded my head letting him know I was perfectly fine with any extra credit opportunities that may come up in the future as well and I leaned over to pull my underwear back up along with my pants too.I grabbed my bag and I headed for the door as he unlocked it for me to leave. He waived goodbye as I walked away and I smiled as I waived back saying, “See you next class Mr. P…”The end…?

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