30 Haziran 2021



DEMONSAlana felt distressed. The weather had deteriorated and she felt the stirrings of the approaching electrical storm. Winds strengthening and blowing her long auburn tresses around her pretty face. Little she could do with manacled wrists attached to chains which only allowed her s few feet I’d movement. The creature could smell the human and instinctively knew it was a female, a distressed one at that. It made a pleased grimace which was never human, baring it’s long canine like fangs. The creature was totally naked, skin a dark brown similar to leather and thickly furred like a****l hair over most of its body, especially around the very large engorged cock that already dribbled liquid from the bulbous tip. This creature had the general shap of a man, extremely muscular and powerful, but instead of feet had cloven hooves like a goats, long dangerous claws for fingers and two demons horns either side of its forehead, eyes blazing red as it sniffed the air for any dangers in the area yet it’s desire for the young human female tended to over ride its natural caution. Alana remembered back to the celebrations, at how proud she,d been to be chosen as the virgin bride to Demonza the Demon King, how proud her family was, the old women of her village bathing her in the traditional fountain and the sensual feel of the transparent white bridal dress. She now realised the mead she,d been served With breakfast contained enough sedatives to calm her down as she had her wrists bound while a high priest said prayers of blessings and led the procession of acolytes to bornova escort the stone wall in the Demons forest where she was manacledto strong chains with no chance of escape, the priest taking the manacles keys with him. A bottle of fresh water had been left for Alana so she wouldn,t suffer from thirst before Demonzas agent discovered her. The rain now started with small drops at first, the first flash of brilliant lightning lighting the forest and illuminating the girl temporarily followed the angry rumble of thunder. The creature was close now, the rain now heavy, so heavy Alana was completely soaked which made the gown she wore completely transparent all but exposing her full woman’s breasts with puffy nipples of coral hardened by the chill rain falling on them, her stomach slim, legs long and shapely, thick pubic bush clearly visible between her youthful muscular thighs. The creature had now seen the woman and its cock seemed to double on size, the rain tending to wash away the semen dripping out the tip. Emboldened now the demon was only a matter of metres away, deliberately pressing the giant member in front like wielding a broad sword so strong it,s desire for virgin pussy! “Not today Devils, Spawn!” a loud voice suddenly interrupted and a tall man dressed in the armour of a warrior, muscular with powerful arms holding a genuine heavy broad sword ready for action, the other arm a heavy shield for protection, a leather vest and tunic under the armour, legs powerful and strong, his face not handsome or unattractive, but escort bornova determined and serious, hair blonde and worn quite long. The creature reared back in anger, let out a growl of rage and made a swipe at the warrior with its deadly claws, but the man easily stepped back and swung his sword. The creature was quick and evaded the killing stroke, but the blade caught the top five inches of its cock and it fell in the mud pulsing and bleeding like a living thing! The demon cried out in rage as it viewed its multilated maiden spoiler, then turned and fled into the dark forest. The warrior looked down at the remnants of the devils cock and chuckled, then moved to the girl who shrank back in fear. “It,s Okay. That demon won,t. E bothering any more virgins for at least a few months!” he addressed her. “The tears now began and she collapsed sobbing as he held her in his arms letting her cry. “I,d best get you out if this rain little one before you catch a fever!” He lifted her light as a feather and easily carried her to his horse he,d tethered far enough away so the creature couldn,t smell it, lifted her into the saddle, then took his wolf skin he used for protection and wrapped it round her. “Best bet you somewhere to dry out and get warm” swung up behind her and urged his horse to move on. Macro was delighted to find the cave he recalled from former travels, the entrance high enough to ride the horse into. He dismounted, thethered the horse to an old tree branch growing out of the cave wall, and helped Alana down. She,d now regained bornova escort bayan her senses, but kept silent. “Do you not speak, c***d?” “Yes Sir Knight. I must thank you for saving my life!” She spoke in a musical voice. “Ah your voice is like the music a waterfall makes so sweet and gentle. What is your name fair maiden?” “Alana. I,m so cold!” “Stupid me, but of course you are! Let me build a fire and you can dry your dress by it!” She sat on a large stone with the warm pelt sound her and watched as the big man gathered dry twigs and tufts if grass to build the fire from, used flint to spark the flames, the fire soon going well enough to warm them both. I have driedmeat if you,re hungry Alana?” He offered. “Yes please. What do I call you?” My friends call me Makro and you are now my new friend! My enemies call me Death for thst will soon happen to them!” “Fair Alana, your dress will dry far quicker if you remove it so it can be d****d near the coals of the fire. Unrobe when I go get some feed for my horse Zeus and keep the pelt round you till it dries. I,ll stretch it out to dry for you!” “You feed your steed brave Makro. I,ll deal with my dress!” When he returned Alana sat on the pelt next to the fire her naked body not hidden at all. “Dear Makro Have you not seen a woman with no clothing before?” “ Er yes of course I have!” He stammered. “So the brave warrior is caught unawares by the innovpcent virgin! Sir you saved me.! You won me! I cannot return to my family! I,m now your woman!” “You did surprise me Alana. I admire your spirit and find you the most beautiful woman I,ve ever seen! Few females affect me like you do!” So saying he lifted his loin cloth to show her his long, thick erection almost as big as the denons! “Are you an agent of Lord Demonza then?” she smiled. “No Fair Alana This is ALL Human! To Be Continued!

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