19 Temmuz 2021

Desperate times Desperate measures-cuck oriented

Big Dicks

Desperate times Desperate measures-cuck orientedWe were so at peace when we first married, I was working in the mortgage industry making a 6 figure income when I met the love of my life, Sharyn. I was mesmerized by her from head to toe. She is about 5 feet 5 inches and she is an ex-dancer from New York and did some Broadway. She is built very solid and curvy with a natural 38dd bustle and about a 42 inch butt packed around a waistline, she probably wears an 8-12 in a dress depending on the maker. She resembles Christina Hendricks a little bit and since I was a Mad Man fan and Hendricks especially, well it was easy to fall in love.Soon the mortgage crash hit and so did my income. Sharyn also in the same industry and we had no plan. I would be making a lot less pedaling something besides mortgages and finance rates. As the bills mounted we started looking and we looked and we looked, Sharyn tried a couple MLM style companies but to no evail. One day she was laying around the pool in a bikini which she pulls off easily. This one was yellow and she had not shaved real well around her pussy so very small tufts of her bush were peaking out and I was getting excited just looking at her.I also noticed the neighbors especially the fathers and husbands liked to be out doing yard work when my wife was lounging about the pool. One day our neighbor John asked me to swing by the fence, he knew we were looking for employment or help as I was asking around the neighborhood. John informed me that he ran a small video production company and if Sharyn would like to come by and take some advertising photos. Shar had a beautiful face with big green eyes and full eyebrows, she was typically on stage thru dance and musical theater, she could make facial expressions that a lot of actresses have a tough time with. Sharyn also had a rather large and pronounced nose, she thought it was her worst feature but I grew to love it. Sharyn was also strong up top in the arms and shoulders, she was no easy pin in wrestling.I asked my wife quietly and she said loudly “why the hell not? I have nothing to lose right now.” She jumped up and came to the fence giving John an up close eyeful and he didn’t look away. Sharyn and myself assumed this was a normal advertising photo shoot, we certainly had no idea what awaited us.We showed up at John’s studio and it was just John at first but then I did notice a few others sneaking in the door and finding equipment to either look busy because the studio was already set up, or they were waiting for something to happen, we are just taking some ad photos so how many folks could there be?John greeted us warmly and even kissed Sharyn on the cheek, ”Hi Sharyn, the suit you will be wearing is already set up inside the dressing room.”“Lauren, Coture, Newman Marcus or Nordstrom, business or after hours?” I asked.Sharyn had hurried off to the dressing room and really didn’t need much time to change meanwhile I saw a male run in there and realized it was a unisex dressing room and they only had one, that seemed mighty odd for a production company, not much privacy in it either. She came out of the dressing room in a rather tight and loud colored 1 piece.“Oh…swimsuit, I see.” Men were starting to walk towards the set and looked highly interested in what she had tucked under in the front and back.John had Sharyn get on the set which was an impromptu beach set/scene and they started taking pictures pretty fast. He asked her to put her fingers around the hip or inner thigh at times and hook the suit. After a lot we f shots in a quick period of time John asked if she could do,a few shots with a male model who would be wearing a pair of board shorts. Sharyn did not,consult this with me, she acted like she was in charge and would decide what she would do…it’s her body so what can I say?“That sounds great, is it going to be the hunk over there?”“As a matter of fact, yes I am going to call up Willy. He has done a few of these and can help with any questions you have, the ladies he has posed with seem to really like him.”And on set comes Willy who was 6 foot…now I’m tall and pretty slender at 6-3/180 and I am in good shape but I Don’t carry a lot of extra muscle on me. Willy was pretty chiseled and should model swimwear, really. He had a barrel chest which Sharyn loves and I myself have kind of a bird chest that hides my lack of big muscles in my chest, I’m pretty flat. John had them standing next to one another and then a few minutes canlı bahis later more photos but now Willy put his hands around my wife’s waist and she was playing up to him, no awkwardness.“Let’s change into the 2nd shoot and suits.” Omg, really? I’m thinking to myself. What next?Sharyn came out in a bright orange bikini, her tits were swelled due to it being close to that time of the month, I think she was more like a 40DDD or maybe even 40E if something like that exists, you noticed them until after she walked past you and she had just enough to cover maybe half that plush but firm and no sag butt of hers from all those years of dancing, she is very flexible for a lady in her size range, always gets folks attention when she is dancing or prancing around.Will had a little more than a speedo but not much, I also saw him come out of the same dressing room…didn’t see them both going in, they weren’t in there long enough to see much but they sure can now. Willy was sporting a massive erection, could almost tell he was circumcised as a c***d, they were that tight and Sharyn had to see what appeared to be an impressive package.For this shoot they were much closer and in more intimate poses. I watched Willy put his hands in a lot of places as she sat on his lap for a few shots, I swear I saw a look of ecstasy on her face and I usually can tell if she is acting or not but she even had me fooled. Between takes she would ask for my feedback but mostly it was to remind me of what was happening at the moment.“Can you see any of my goodies?”“No sweetheart but it’s not hard to imagine what is in there, it barely covers but it does the job. Are you OK? Fun or Work?”“Don’t ask, I have to put on a strong front to convince them to hire me. Or to be called back for more work.”This went on, the photo shoot for some time, they had the two of them face each other and Sharyn was touching his big dick with the front of her bikini bottom in what you would call close to a grind. Finally the photo shoot was winding down. John asked to speak to Sharyn privately for a minute. I didn’t like it but it seemed normal to me, maybe going over a few things and didn’t want me to make her nervous.Sharyn emerged and said she was going to stay and shoot another shoot and that there might be some partial nudity, they wanted to use her image or photo on the cover of some of their more risqué productions which we were quickly learning include some soft core adult films, I said I Think I better stay and she asked me to get lost for a little while. She promised to be a good girl, maybe flash some skin but nothing outrageous. John told her this extra set might take a little longer.To John’s credit he cleared the set of almost everyone except a lighting guy who came off like he was gay so I wasn’t worried about him. I left and came back…who am I k**ding? I ran like a c***d to a window to peak in and I got an eyeful. Sharyn took the bikini top off and held her large heaving breasts in her hands. John began shooting and then he did something he didn’t do much of in the previous two shoots, he started talking and touching Sharyn to place her as he wanted. After a couple minutes the arms fell down and she was topless.The photo shoot went on another few minutes and then suddenly Willy was asked to come on set. He still had on his sock basically around his long thick 3rd leg and not much else. Photos continued like that for a while, lots of intimate looks and eye contact with them, these photos were hot. Will went to touch a breast and he actually cupped both and John was firing the camera. Sharyn seemed like that was going to be as far as he got…I hoped. John held 2 fingers out and motioned for Shar to drop the bikini bottom…now I don’t know how far Shar was planning on going but we went past where I was comfortable a long time ago…I was peering in one of the top windows when I heard…“What cha doing?” It was the girl next door who lived with John but we never spoke prior to this moment. “Hi I’m Phil, you live next door, are you John’s???…. I waited a long time hoping she would finish the sentence or question and I didn’t have to guess, and please don’t be Phil’s daughter.“I’m his niece from California. My name is Dana and I’m here in Miami visiting for a year but I might stay, I work here.”“Director, writer, lighting, superviser”…I tried to throw out many different titles she could have.“Actually, I perform in their production films.” I was shocked bahis siteleri and also didn’t know what else to say.“You’re wife will be fine, they never push the envelope the first day with a married woman whose brought along their hubby, silly boy. You have beautiful blue eyes and nice thick hair for someone in your age range, she is lucky to have a good looking hubby that supports her working in this industry.”Then she asked me point blank “ how big is your dick?” I responded, “ never get asked not sure just average I guess.” She grabbed at my crotch and held her hand there, oh wow you have a below average cock I think, can I See it?“Certainly NOT!” I half screamed.“That’s too bad because John was telling me you all are hard up for money and you could be earning a paycheck in here same as your wife. We are getting ready to start a new series on Cuckolding in our production films. We need an average to below average and you might be perfect if I can see your cock.”I ALMOST FORGOT, Sharyn! I looked in and this time she wasn’t wearing anything, totally nude and Willy removed his sock as I was peering back in and with not a stitch between them John was now,having them side by side, touching each other intimately and just as you think things can get much more heated up, John decides to try another model, this,one is built in the chest and had a ripped set of abs but he cock was not nearly as big but it was thick and a solid 7-8 inches, their chemistry was instant and I believe John got a lot more useable photos during the shoots.It was finally a wrap and Sharyn took a while in the dressing room with Vince in there changing too, they already saw each other naked, what else could there be? Holy Snickerdoodles!!! I started running towards the dressing room, John had gone in there a couple minutes prior and I walked into what appeared to be a Film Scene, John was instructing Vince to help Sharyn lay down on the couch in there.Sharyn told me they pay a lot more for films. I asked what was required and Sharyn said the man puts his cock between the thighs but not inside. I have heard a lot of bull spit in my life but this took the cake and I bought it…”Ok honey, whatever you want and are comfortable with.” I watched the Director make a quick note of that.John said the plan was to have a practice session and then the real thing in the next couple of days. He commented on the chemistry between these two,and wanted to see if they would make good fBomb buddies on film. Be honest, those reading at home…you kinda could see this coming, not really a question.I watched the practice session start and was encouraged by the director to stick close. Because it was just the director, actor, and cameraman for the practice shoot they said they might need me to fill in and I happily agreed. Sharyn was ready and wore a t-shirt and shorts that were easy to get in and out of. Vince hugged and cuddled and made small talk to ease the tension and Sharyn began to relax. Vince started to kiss Sharyn and then eased his hands down on to her large natural breasts. Her nipples began to harden under the fabric and Vince soon lifted the shirt off and started to nibble on her tits including the harden nipples, this sent my wife into moans which the director was enjoying.“she’s a natural” he turned to say to me, “I haven’t seen tits that nice since Debbie Dreamz.”Vince soon had his hands on the button to Sharon’s shorts and managed to undo them and start sliding them down. My wife has a rather large ass for a white girl and they took their time going over every inch of it. Vince was turned on and had hard on before he lost his jeans. Out popped an impressive cock but nothing over the top huge. The director purposely started with a slightly average to above average cock so Sharyn could get comfortable in front of the camera. She began to take Vince’s cock into her mouth slowly and surely as he moaned and groaned. Shar made special sure to lick his balls and extend her talented tongue over every inch of the base of his cock.Vince and the director would stop every once in a while to point out she needed to keep her arms back so viewers could see, make sure her hair was flipped to the side opposite the camera. They filmed her blowing Vince in many positions for almost 20-25 minutes. The director said it is common to shoot for 90-120 minutes and only use about 15-20 of it. Sharon then laid out flat and Vince went to work on her for a while, perhaps 10-15 minutes bahis şirketleri but in that timeframe Sharon became very aroused. The director asked if she was up for actual penetration and she seemed to nod and signal “let’s do it”Sharyn was adamant about the use of condoms and the director didn’t make a big deal about it. They asked me to fetch one and I did, the director then asked if I would mind getting it out of the pack and I did so while I was battling an erection of my own with my very average 5 inch cock. Sharon was on all fours and her ripe plump rump was aimed at the camera, I hated to disrupt her but she needed the condom to put on Vince…John the director was concerned he might not replicate the shot of her wide inviting ass and Vince was in deep concentration on his erection and keeping it so he kindly asked me to put it on Vince…I was not excited about that however I would be protecting Sharyn in the process so only for that reason I proceeded to unroll the condom around his thick and rock hard cock and began unrolling it down the shaft gingerly as I didn’t want to grip it f I didn’t have to.The Director asked if she needed lube and she replied with a curt “No, I’m already plenty lubed up naturally. I never use it even on anal my man over there just dips his little guy in my warm very wet pussy and then slides it in no problem, right honey?” Uhhhhh I was so embarrassed and then a little voice sounding like the young lady I spoke to earlier could be heard in the distance “he has a small dick and he is cute, he is perfect.” We will get to my own mini porn career in future chapters.Vince slid in without much resistance and began slowly pumping into Sharyn as she cried out in pleasure…now all porn actresses worth their salt typically moan but Sharon was not faking it much and started saying lines like she would in the actual film like “Fuck me deep” and “Your cock feels so fckin good” They opted not to switch positions and Vince was quickly approaching orgasm, much faster than with other skinny models as people were mumbling around me. Sharyn has an incredible ass that a lot of men absolutely love, Vince would be no different and a couple minutes into some deep thrusting he announced he was going to come. Vince pulled out and ripped off the condom and began pumping a large load on to Sharon’s plump and mini kardashian-like full size ass. After the scene, John said that Sharon could begin filming right away. While she wasn’t as skinny as the usual actresses they selected, John felt she would appeal to an audience they were not currently pulling in. He felt with the right scenes, actors/studs and some good marketing that Sharon had a chance to be a little star in their productions. I thought maybe she would only shoot a couple just to help us get by. We asked about pay and this was difficult to hear at first but and because we were adamant about condoms that she would make about 500-750 per scene.“And if we were not using condoms?” Sharon asked.“Probably about double or even triple and then if you worked with multiples in the same scene your pay can move be up from there. The more you are willing to do on film the more you make, very simple.”The next time will be in a studio with a few more folks walking about the director informed us. We would begin shooting the day after tomorrow. They left and Sharyn and I to ourselves.I asked her what she thought and she felt she could do what they asked of her for now. She also reminded me why we stopped using condoms a couple years ago as she does have an allergic reaction down their with rubber if sex sessions go on too long. We felt we should at least give it a try to preserve some semblance of our marriage, we really do care about each other and did not want either of us to get hurt. She also felt my presence was comforting and allowed her to be more herself in front of everyone and the camera, we had always been best friends.“Are you sure about this?”“We don’t have a choice honey, mortgage and car payments are due.”I went to touch her and she said she was a little sore from earlier with Vince who even at just 7-8 inches was stretching her pussy out and making it ache a bit. “I bet they get bigger.” And Sharyn shrugged and said “Part of the new job”I asked her about being on the pill, she reminded me how moody it makes her. It was time to knock off and get home, we had a big day tomorrow and Sharyn had an 8 am STD/HIV test, they were required once a month and John told us he had results from all the actors and actresses and he himself gets tested monthly and I thought that was odd. He told me to get tested as well since I would be working crew or production assistant at a minimum.

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