1 Kasım 2021

Devina is blackmailed

Cheating Husband

Devina is blackmailedThis is how I become owned and forced to serve my Master…I had arranged to meet a Dom Master in a hotel, we have spoken more than a few times on line and he has asked many questions about me and my fantasies. He seemed nice and only up for a bit of fun and nothing to heavy or long term. So we arranged to meet in a seedy hotel near King Cross in London one evening for a bit of fun. He would take a few humiliating pics & I would, of course suck is cock.Anyway he told me how I was to be dressed – short black pvc mini skirt, tight white blouse (top buttons undone), black seemed stockings, black high heels & my shortish cream Mac. I was also to bring my handcuffs (which I was happy about, as I know I can escape from them if really needed).We had arranged that I would text him from the room when I was ready and dressed. The arrangement was that he would enter the room, handcuff my hands behind me, take some pics of me, then ‘force me’ to suck his hard cock. He would then release me & leave.After texting my Master to tell him I was ready for him, I went and stood in the corner as instructed, leaving the door ajar. After a few mins I heard the door open and footsteps approaching me. They stop at the dressing table and I hear him pick something up (the handcuffs I assume). He then strides up to me, forced my hands roughly behind my back and forced the cuffs tightly around my wrists. I feel the cold metallic sensation as I hear them click locked. He then turns me around and starts taking a few kocaeli escort pics.This all goes to plan. He takes a few pics of me standing there, undoes my Mac, then a few more, forces me to me knees, then a few more pics Then he puts the camera down on the table, moves towards me, undoes his fly and out pops a lovely hard cock. He rubs it around my heavily made-up face and even on the collar of my Mac. He then pinches my nose tightly which forces my mouth open. He then slips the hard cock between my bright red lipsticked lips. As this was happening I could hear the camera going off still. He must have left it on auto shoot.He forced his cock deep into my mouth, holding the back of my head firmly as he gyrated in and out of my mouth. Finally his body tensed and I knew what was coming next… He deposited large amounts of hot creamy cum into my mouth, telling me to swallow it all. I happily complied, but he still had more. He took the hard member out of my mouth and decided to deposit lots of his cum on my slutty face. Smile for the camera he ordered!!!After making his full deposit in me and on me he ordered me to clean his cock up. Of course I was only too willing to comply. All the time the camera was taking many humiliating pics of me.Then he tells me he wants a few more special pics, with a gag in and the cum still on my face. Before I can say anything a large ball gag was inserted into my mouth and locked in place. Then I was ordered to stand. He walked behind me and released the handcuffs. However he kocaeli escort bayan immediately recuffed me… but not with my handcuffs!!!. ‘Yes you silly slut, you cannot escape or scream, you are now in my total control’ he laughs as he shows me the handcuff key .. I was trapped I am forced onto the bed; my legs are tied to a corner each… I am now totally bound, with my sissy arse ready for use.Then a large dildo is inserted into my sissy fanny, a blindfold put on me, & lots more pics taken. Then I hear him rummaging around the room, opening my handbag, I think. Then he shouts ‘Where is it you slut?’ Suddenly I feel his hands in the pockets of my Mac. ‘Arrrh here it is he’ laughs, as he takes my phone from meI cannot move, or see what he is doing. I am just trapped on the bedThen after what seems forever but is probably only 15mins or so, he asks ‘how I am enjoying being trapped and am I ready to be his slut forever’… and with that he spanks my sissy arse 10/15 times with a riding crop’.‘Right bitch, just to explain your position. I have your phone, with all your numbers and a few email addresses to, very kind of you. I have just uploaded the best 20 pics of you dressed, sucking my cock and eating my cum. They are now saved on there forever and password protected so you cannot remove them. I have downloaded onto my laptop here all your numbers and email addresses. If you do not do as I ask then all these people will be receiving the pics of you right now. All I have to do is press the send button izmit escort on my laptop. Do you understand bitch. WELL’ I nodded‘Any shouting or screaming or misbehavior will have the same effect, do you understand’ Again I nodded; shocked at the position I had got myself intoHe then removed the gag from my mouth and the blindfold too‘What is your real name Slut’ he demanded ‘I will be checking, so do not lie’David Jones’ I mumbledHe then dialed a number on my phone.‘Can I speak to David Jones please’ he asked into the phone‘Just a friend, Ok thank you’ I heard him say‘The woman, who answered, your girlfriend I assume, says you are out with friends tonight. Shall I send her a pic David, to show her what you are really up to?’‘No please don’t Sir’ I begged‘Right next I need you email address & password, I am going to have complete control over you and your life. Any mistakes or misbehavior will lead to all the pics taken tonight and on future nights sent out to everybody you know. I think you understand’‘Yes Sir’ I replied meekly.‘Don’t worry bitch, you are going having loads of fun, all those fantasies you have been telling me about on-line, will all be coming true. Finishing off in a few months time, when fully trained, you will be becoming that Whore you fantasise about, walking the streets, and earning me money’ he laughed.‘Now let’s start your training, whore’ as he removed the dildo.‘Now before we start smile nicely to the camera and beg me to fuck you like the sissy whore you are, and tell me your real name too, not just your Sissy one’ he instructed.I looked around the room to see a video camera on a tripod in the corner. How long had that been there I wondered ‘This will look great on you-tube’ he laughedCamera, action….

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