30 Haziran 2021

Discovering My Sex Life – Encounters In Office


Discovering My Sex Life – Encounters In OfficegelöschtgelöschtHere i am going to tell u all about my sexual encounters with my boss and office colleague.It all happens two and half years ago when my hubby got transfer to another city. I can’t go with him due to my job. I am working in a production house, as a team leader. My boss name is Rahul , i used to call him Rahul da . I know he has a crush on me, when he used to get chance he used to touch my body, but seriously i used to ignore him. My sexual life with my hubby was very good.But after he gone to other city, there were some dry seasons. One day Rahul da announces that one pleasure trip has been arranged for 3 days to nearby place which is also a sea side. My entire colleague and i was very excited. That day came, we boarded the train. I wore jeans and white short kurti. By the way, i have a figure of 36-30-38 and height 5 feet 6 inches. In the train, Rahul da appreciated my dress and told me that i am looking gorgeous. I was overwhelmed. Anyway we reached Puri , hotel was already booked and i was in my room along with my female colleague.At night all my colleague was drinking whiskey and i was just sitting there and giving them company, but the situation worsen as Rahul da was drunk enough and out of control , i bornova escort was too nervous , i got him in my arms and took him to his room . Took him to bathroom and just literally bathed him with water. He was regaining senses. I was sitting by his side. Suddenly Rahul da caught my hand and told “Priya , u r too sexy , i love u Priya ‘. I was shocked to hear that. He put his hand on my face , put a kiss on my lips , firstly i avoided , but after that i like it and responded . I was wearing a sari. He pulled my pallu , exposing the boobs and caressing my boobs over the blouse . He himself got naked in no time and i can see his penis, which is thick but not long enough like my husband. He make me stand and opened my blouse, boobs were free. He was sucking like anything, pinching my nipples. Wow, what a sensation. He made me sit in chair and told me suck his penis.I was sucking the dick and he murmuring -” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssfffffffffff suck it Priya ” . I went mad at this and sucking the penis violently. He made me nude, only panty was there, pulled the panty and started licking my pussy which was hungry for so many months . I was shivering with pleasure, licking my clits and escort bornova i was moaning in pleasure “iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. He made me in doggy position and inserted his penis in my wet vagina, wooooooowwwww what a feeling. Ramming my vagina , after 30 minutes of fucking when i had already 3 orgasms , i took his penis in my mouth and he ejaculated , i drank all the cum . What a feeling…….Now i am going to narrate the next part of this story in Bengali language.Ei ghatanar por amra jama kapor pore khete gelam. Keu chilona , sabai mod kheye chur , sabai sute chale geche . Khaoa sesh kore amra abar room e fire elam , satti bolte ami aro chodate chailam . Ami chupchap suye porlam amar nighty pore . Rahul da amar thote kiss kore bollo – ” r ekbar hobe naki ?” . Ami hese bollam ” apnar ichhe korle , korun” . Uni amar nighty khule , amake langto kore diye giges kkorlo j ” tomar bor konodin tomar poder futo te jiv diye chete diyeche ?” ami bollam “na” , Rahul da amake doggy style e suye diye , du hat diye amar pacha fak kore , jiv diye amar pod chat te suru korlo , uuuufffffuuu ki anubhuti …. Ami pagol hoye jachhilam , tarpor amar mai duto jore jore tipche , mone hochhe jeno dudh ber kore charbe , gud e angul dhukiye bornova escort bayan chodachhe … Ki bhalo lagche … Hathat darja kholar awaj , dekhi amar ek collegue tapas dariye ache . Amra darjar lock korte bhule giye chilam. Ami bhoy peye gechi , tapas ese bollo ” ami sab dekhechi , jadi bhalo chao to amakeo chudte dite hobe , na hole sabai k bole debo”. Bolei tapas pant khule amar samne or lamba bara ta niye ese bollo ” chos chudmarani , amar bara chos ” , Rahul da bollo ” priya o ja bolche karo , na hole o sab bole debe ” . Ami badhya hoye or bara chus te suru korlam— ki baro bara , pray 8 inchi lamba r 4 inchi mota , kichhukhan por amar chus te bhaloi lagchilo. Ami ei bhebe excited hochhilam j du duto bara amake chudbe . Rahul da bollo j ” ebar ami priya k chudbo , bole amake nijer opar suye diye chudte bollo” ami woman top position e Rahul r bara gud e niye chudchi r tapas amar mai duto dalai malai korche …. Ki bhalo lagche . Duto purush amar sathe sex korche …. Tapas bollo j anek chudechis , ebar ami chudbo toke randi ,, bole amake suye diye amar gud e bara pure chudte laglo , Rahul amar mukhe or bara ta dhukiye chudje …What a feeling !!!!!!Dujan mile amake ek ghanta dhore chudlo. Ami klanto hoye ghumiye porlam. Pordin dsakale ami 10 tar samay ghum theke uthlam , uthe dekhi j ghare keu nei r ami nighty pore suye achi. Bathroom theke ese dekhi Rahul da bose ache , hate ekta packet , bollo j kal tumi amake sukh diyecho tai tomar janya gift enechi . Packet khule dekhi j ekta sada low neck top ar ekta hot pant sange mathching sexy bra r panty…

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