10 Kasım 2021

Done by Dad


Done by DadThis isn’t your usual fantasy story about a young girl having sex with her dad, this is true.I will start with a little bit about me, for the sake of a name I will call myself Christa, I am a 50 year old woman married with 3 grown c***dren, none of which still live at home thank goodness, I am (dyed) blonde 5ft 3inchs tall I have a pretty good body for my age so I am told, I am a 36d cup 28inch waist and 38 inch hips coupled with the fact I have an extremely high sex drive, I am constantly wet and in a state of sexual arousal if I cant have sex then I will masturbate probably twice a day either with a toy or just my fingers.Now a little bit about my father (again for the sake of a name I will call him Tom) my father is 72 and looks late 50’s physically he is almost the same height as my husband Jeff who stands at 6ft 3 inch, tom is slim build like Jeff but about 6ft 1inch, unfortunately my father suffers from the onset of dementia though it is still in its very early stages, 98% of the time he is fine.My mother and father have been married for 52 years unfortunately my mother is in a nursing home with advanced Alzheimer’s so my father lives alone but visits my mother regularly, my sister and I usually visit him when ever we can get there, as my father lives 4 hours drive away we don’t get to see him as often as we would like so I managed to convince my father to come down on the bus and spend a week with us just prior to Christmas and my sister agreed to drive him home from our house and spend Christmas with him.Well my father duly arrived and a set him up in one of the spare bedrooms right across from the washroom and just down the hall from ours which is right at the end of the hallway.Now I am used to having the house to myself during the day and Jeff is at work unless he gets called out in an emergency so I get to satisfy my sex cravings any time I choose, with my father here and only me to entertain him this all changed, I didn’t feel like I could run off to the bedroom and play without it being obvious, and to make matters worse Jeff was on an emergency call out and working till late into the nights not getting home till around midnight so no sex and after 3 days I was climbing the walls needing to get off so badly.Due to Jeff’s varied work hours I started wearing a sleep mask and ear plugs when I went to bed so I could get undisturbed sleep as when he gets home Jeff will always turn on lights and the TV to unwind, so as I said my father had been there for 3 days and I was going crazy, to get my mind of my horniness it was on the fourth day that I took my father to the mall Christmas shopping then we stopped off for dinner at a local restaurant. We ended up getting home around 7.30pm after leaving at 11am, at around 8.30 my father said he was exhausted and was headed off to bed I told him I wouldn’t be up much later myself and wished him a good night.Around 9pm I looked in on my father and he was out like a light as I had no idea what time Jeff would be home I thought I would just head off to bed myself, I went to put on granny nitie as Jeff calls it only to find I had thrown it in the wash so I grabbed one of my short summer nities put on my sleep mask put in my ear plugs and tried to go to sleep, I must have laid there for ages maybe it was 5 minutes I don’t know all I knew I was way to horny to sleep I had to get myself off without taking off my sleep mask or ear plugs I reached over to my bedside table and took out the first toy I put my hands on I could tell by its feel it was my 11inch dildo, perfect, my father was sleeping I was going to get myself off.I brought my toy under the blankets and opened my anadolu yakası escort legs I knew how horny and wet I was and thought it wont take me long to get myself off I slid the dildo all the way into my soaked pussy in one go, thinking damn how I needed this I started to fuck myself with long strokes pulling the toy out to my lips and driving it back deep inside me, it probably took me no more that 8 stokes before I had my first orgasm, I lay there with my legs shaking knowing I needed to do it again once my orgasm subsided I started to work the toy in and out again but I found that the blankets were getting in my way so I threw them off to Jeff’s side of the bed raised my knees and proceeded to give my pussy a good hard fucking. It felt so good I could feel my orgasm building I tried to hold it back to increase the intensity and managed to hold it for another half dozen hard strokes I let out a moan as it started, I was bucking hard against my toy as I rammed it deep into my soaked pussy I could feel myself squirting all over the toy and my hand as my whole body shook from the intensity. It took a short while for the feelings to subside when they had I slowly removed my toy from my satisfied body and put it under the blankets beside me and only half covering myself with the blankets I drifted off to sleep thinking how nice it would be to have a real fuck when Jeff got home.I am not sure how long I was sleeping for but the next thing I remember I was having a wonderful dream that I was getting my pussy eaten it wasn’t until I felt myself being fingered and licked at the same time that I realized I wasn’t dreaming any more, I just thought Jeff had come home, seen the fact I had been playing and decided to help himself to some fun also, as I was enjoying the attention I didn’t see any point in removing me sleep mask or ear plugs, now Jeff and I like crude and dirty talk when we have sex, so as I was being licked and fingered I said quietly give me the fucking I need baby, all I could hear was a muffled reply, so I continued to talk saying do you like licking my wet cunt baby, stick more fingers up me, work your hand into my tight cunt, now Jeff has tried to fist me so many times but he has never managed to get his whole hand up me no sooner had I told him to get more up me he stopped licking and took his fingers out putting his hands on my hips urging me to roll over Jeff’s knows I love doggy style so I rolled over pulled my nitie up around my shoulders so my tits were accessible spread my knees and lowered my head to the pillow, no sooner was I in position I felt fingers go back to working their way up me my cunt was dripping as I could tell I had three fingers working their way in and out then I felt the fourth and I knew that was all I could take as Jeff had never been able to get hand in past his knuckles I could feel him trying to get his thumb in as he was working his hand in and out and turning it at the same time I could feel him start to curl his fingers all the time working it in and out like a rotating piston I could feel an orgasm starting to build as his fist went right into me I just erupted into an orgasm pushing back onto his fist, feeling it hit my cervix over and over as I came.I collapsed forward onto my tummy with his fist still buried to the wrist in my pussy once I had my breath back I lay there with my mind reeling to what we had just done I could feel him starting to pull his fist back out but it wasn’t unclenched and it felt like it was stuck up me I had no option but to get back to my knees once there I felt the fist start to unclench and ease ataşehir escort out of my now well fucked and stretched pussy as his hand came out I felt a gush of juices that had been trapped in me flow down my legs, I felt his hands spread my cheeks so I said do you like my gaping cunt baby do you want to sick your big cock in my cunt a blow your cum right in my womb, Jeff has a great cock it is about nine inches thick and uncut but I could tell as soon as he put his cock in my pussy apart from the fact I was soaked I must have been really stretched as he felt smaller, so I said baby I need you to squeeze my tits and fuck my ass ram your cock in my asshole and fuck it hard but I want your cum in my cunt, normally Jeff works his cock in my ass a little way and lets me adjust to it before he fucks it, I felt him put the head of his cock against me asshole and apply a little bit of pressure, he reached down and grabbed my tits hard and in one motion drove his cock full length into my ass, I tried to pull forward but the tight hold he had on my tits kept me in place unable to move, I could feel his balls resting against my pussy as my ass got used to the feel of his cock buried in it he released the tight grip on my tits and took my nipples between his fingers and thumb and started to roll and squeeze them as he did that he pulled his cock back so I could feel his head just inside my ass then drove it deep so that his balls slammed into my pussy, he let go of my right nipple and I could feel him leaning forward he must have reached for my dildo that I had used earlier and he put it in my hand I got the hint he wanted me to fuck myself with it while he was up my ass, I reached back and slid it into my pussy and started to fuck myself with it and he resumed fucking my ass, I told him remember I want you to cum in my cunt I want to feel your cum right up me so I can use my fingers to lick it out and eat it after we are done, well that was enough said to get him close I could feel his cock harden and start to swell I knew he was close so I stopped fucking myself with my toy and took it out when he jammed his cock into my pussy pushing it all the way in and holding it there I could feel him shooting his cum deep inside me, I must have counted at least 7 or 8 squirts as my own orgasm started by the time it had finished I could feel his cock soften and start to slip out, as soon as it was out I quickly rolled over onto my back and stuck 3 fingers up myself to scoop out the cum, I needn’t have worried I had a huge load up me way bigger than normal which surprised me but then again we hadn’t fucked for 3 days I brought my fingers to my mouth and let the cum run off them as I swallowed it all I did it twice more and then sucked my fingers clean.I sensed or felt Jeff get off the bed and figured he had gone to the washroom to clean himself up and would be coming back to bed shortly and satisfied and totally exhausted I drifted back off to sleep.I am not sure how long I was asleep but I woke up naked and with my nitie still around my neck knowing I needed to go pee badly I took off my sleep mask the house was still in total darkness I tried to pull my nitie back on but it was twisted all around so I just took it off and headed to the washroom, I had totally forgotten about my father staying over until I walked past his open bedroom door, I thought to myself I hope he didn’t hear anything and quickly went into the washroom, I sat there going pee thinking I was never going to stop and realized my tits were quiet sore when I was finally done and went to wipe myself I found that my pussy was even more sore so I ümraniye escort decided to turn the light on and have a look at myself, my pussy looked a little swollen it was definitely red after the work out it had been given I was about to turn off the light again when I saw myself in the mirror, I had finger print bruises on my tits where they had been squeezed so hard I had never had that happen before I thought to myself I will make Jeff pay for those, I turned off the light and hurried down the hall back to the bedroom, it was then that I noticed the light flashing on the phone, that’s the one bad thing about the ear plugs I never hear the phone ring I picked it up to hear the beeping from a missed call and a voice message waiting I pushed the button to listen to the message it was Jeff saying hi Christa just me I know you wont have heard the phone ring but I just wanted to let you know incase you woke up we are going to work though the night to finish this job so I wont be home till around 7am love you honey see you in the morning.Stunned I looked at Jeff’s side of the bed to find it hadn’t been slept in my mind was racing as to what had happened had Jeff come home and left, I was just starting to think this is what must have happened when I heard my fathers voice behind me asking is everything ok Christa? I spun around totally forgetting I was naked to see my father standing there also naked I couldn’t help but looks at his half hard cock it was almost as long and thick as Jeff’s but he was cut with a big mushroom head, how could I not know the difference and I thought to myself well I never actually touched it I went from staring at the head to noticing his pubes were totally matted in my juices.Christa…. his voice snapped me back to reality, dad what’s going on? What did u do?I gave you what you wanted and needed I fucked you like the little whore I always knew you were, your exactly the same as your mother and your sister, now get down on your knees and suck my cock clean.Stunned and in a state of shock I found myself doing as he told me taking his cock and balls in my hand I proceeded to lick them clean, open your mouth slut he told me, seeing you liked my cum out of your cunt so much now you can give me a blow job, I don’t know what happened but I found myself opening my mouth and greedily sucking on his mushroom head it didn’t take him long to get hard he grabbed the back of my head and started face fucking me he tried to ram it into my throat causing me to gag instinctively I pulled back which caused him to tighten his grip saying oh no you don’t you fucking whore your going to keep sucking take my cum and not spill a drop he eased back just a fraction and went back to work sucking and slobbering on his cock I could feel his cock starting to swell I knew he was close and I heard him say you fuck and suck way better than your sister, and with that he started to blow his load in my mouth, surprisingly it was a another big load almost as big as when he fucked me but I managed to swallow it all as he had told me to do, he took his softening cock out of my mouth and said your mother is better I can fuck her throat but your way better than Jane (my sister) I started to get up and reached on the bed for my nitie and he said oh don’t worry about that you wont need it, its only 4am Jeff wont be home till 7am I heard his message when I was fisting you and in about 15 minutes I am going to fuck you in the ass again and this time I am going to cum there just to complete the night.True to his word 15 minutes later he did, its now 6am I am laying in bed I cant sleep my mind is racing not only because I have found out my father has been having my sister willingly for years but about what if how do I tell Jeff what has happened let alone explain the bruises on my tits coupled with the fact I enjoyed it all and want to do it again.This was the first time I was fucked by my father it hasn’t been the last and I have never told Jeff and never will.

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