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Enslaved Chapter 37


Enslaved Chapter 37Rosalie was plaiting Melissa’s rich dark auburn hair. She did it quickly and skilfully. One of her regular duties as a girl had been to plait her sister’s hair. When the two pigtails were completed, she tied a dark blue bow at the end of each… then stood back and regarded her work with satisfaction. “Alright Melissa,” said Rosalie. “Go and stand alongside Julia.” Melissa did so. Julia’s black hair had already been plaited and her pigtails were fastened by two red bows. Rosalie smiled at the two submissive figures. It was a smile of contentment, indicating the pleasure she felt at her power. She saw the apprehension in two pairs of wide eyes… and understood it.“Do you know why I have done that?” she asked. “No… Miss…” they answered almost together. “Because,” said Rosalie, “you are both going to become schoolgirls… just another of our little games!” The looks of apprehension increased. Melissa bit her lower lip; a muscle twitched in Julia’s left cheek. “Yes…” continued Rosalie, with malicious satisfaction, “you are going to play the part of 16-year-old schoolgirls. Eager but innocent, if you follow me. Your Master will enjoy you very much in that role. I guess! But today we’re going to have a trial run so that you can learn to play the parts properly before he returns. Got it?” “Y-Yes… Miss…” “You’ve been ‘Society Ladies’, ‘Victorian Skivvies’, and ‘Labouring Serfs’. Now it’s something different again. You’re going to have to think and act like sixteen-year-olds. And I don’t have to tell either of you what will happen if you don’t get yourself well and truly into the parts!” Rosalie could see that she didn’t… “Well, then,” she continued, “so it’s the minimum of make-up… and here are your uniforms. You will put them on now.”Two small piles of clothes were tossed on to a bed and the two girls moved across to see what new form of humiliating garb awaited them. All the same, it was something to be allowed to wear any clothes at all!“You will see,” said Rosalie with a grin, “the knickers are navy blue. Traditional that, I believe, in England. But not of serge. That’s polyester. Put them on!” Rosalie watched the knickers pulled on. The think blue material clung tight to the curves, still leaving a good deal of the lower buttocks exposed. “Your only undergarment,” announced Rosalie. “Now put on the blouses.” These were white and thin, virtually see through. They were a provocation rather than a covering. “Now the gym-slips.” These were regulation-style. Black, pleated skirts, shoulder straps. Julia and Melissa silently put them on. The skirts came no more than a quarter of the way down their thighs. More provocation! “White socks,” said Rosalie. “Calf length. And black buckle shoes.” She continued to smile maliciously while these too were put on.“Enchanting,” she said when at last the two girls stood side by side in their ridiculous but, somehow, so sexy outfits. And, it must be said, that Rosalie’s descriptive adjective was most apt. She felt very pleased with herself, knowing that this was just the sort of scene that Quentin would go for. Not to mention one Hell of a lot of other men… if only they had the chance! “How old are you, Julia?” “S-Sixteen… Miss…” “And you Melissa?” “Also… sixteen… Miss…” “That’s right,” cooed Rosalie. “Don’t forget it. Now, my dears, we’ll go to your classroom. I’ll lead the way…”It was with mounting dread that Julia and Melissa followed. Each ‘game’ they had so far played had been a mental and physical agony in different ways. That their new ordeal would be any less agonising was most unlikely.Rosalie had specially prepared one of the smaller rooms in the mansion. It contained two c***d-size wooden desks and chairs which faced an ordinary desk behind which ‘teacher’ was to sit. To one side of the desk was a blackboard and an easel. On a shelf nearby were two piles of textbooks. “Be seated, girls,” said Rosalie in a motherly tone. With difficulty, Julia and Melissa squeezed themselves behind the small desks. Somehow, the cramped size of them added to their sense of humiliation. Rosalie took her place behind her own desk… and beamed. “Now, girls,” she said, “this, as you see, is your classroom. Rather a small class, though, I am afraid. Perhaps we’ll get some more recruits later. Who knows, eh?” Julia and Melissa remained silent. Their hate for this plebian woman – who held temporary power over them – knew no bounds. But as always, there was nothing they could do about it. Or, rather, nothing they dare do about it! “I have to tell you,” went on Rosalie, “that this is rather a special establishment. One for young ladies who have been naughty or lazy at their previous school. They are sent here because they have become rather ‘unmanageable’.” Rosalie smiled benignly. “We specialise here in dealing with such young ladies. I hope I have made myself clear so far…” Julia and Melissa remained nervously silent. “You have been sent here by your parents so that you education and your manners improve rapidly,” continued Rosalie. “They have been recommended to our school… or Academy for Young Ladies, as we like o call it… and they thoroughly approve of our methods. They have both signed a statement to this effect. I will read the statement.”Rosalie paused and took a paper out of a drawer. She was enjoying herself no end!“Dear Principal,” she read out. “ I am aware that corporal punishment is part of the educational system at your Academy and give you full permission to use it on my girl…” She paused and looked up. “Julia or Melissa, as the case may be, whenever you deem it.“ That puts desirable. „Signed…”Rosalie replaced the piece of paper. “There,” she said matters into their proper perspective, I think.” Rosalie opened another drawer, a shallow one which ran across her desk. She took out a single-thonged strap and a slim, hook-handled cane and, getting up, moved across and hung both implements in full view of the blackboard. One each side. Both implements were lightweight compared with those more customarily used at Cragness… and this was deliberate. The idea was they could be used frequently ‘in class’ without rendering either girl hors de combat. The tic in Julia’s cheek was visible again; Melissa bit her lower lip once more. It could not be said that what they now looked upon was exactly unexpected! Rosalie resumed her seat. “The Principal of the Academy – a Mr Havers – will be around to inspect you later,” she announced. Deliberately she had kept Havers out of the way to begin with, hinting heavily it was about time she had some fun on her own and it would be advisable for him to play ball on this occasion. “Stand up Julia…” Julia stood up, pushing back her chair. Impulsively, she clasped her hands in front of her. The knuckles were white. It was beginning in earnest… “ I have a report on your behaviour at your last school, Julia,” said Rosalie with some severity. “It seems that you were not only lazy but cheeky and arrogant as well. Is that so?” “I… I don’t kn-know… Miss…” came the whispered answer. “Don’t know?” Rosalie’s eyebrows went up. “Well, whatever you suppose, young lady, let me tell you that, if you display any of those characteristics here, you’ll find yourself across my desk, with your knickers down, in no time at all! Understand?” “Yer… esss… Miss…” “Have you ever been strapped, Julia? or caned?” came the crisp question. “Yes… yes… Miss…” Rosalie shook her head. “Wrong answer,” she said. “N-No… Miss,” corrected Julia, the bitter irony of her answer searing into her. “Well, you won’t enjoy it, young lady, so you’d better watch your P’s and Q’s while you are here.” “Yes… Miss…” “Sit down, Julia. ” Julia sat down and, in her turn, Melissa was ordered on her feet. “Melissa,” said Rosalie sternly. “Your step-mother tells me that, on occasions, she chastised you when you were younger. Is that correct?” “Yes, Miss,” Melissa stood straight, hands by her sides, face expressionless. “Not sufficiently, it seems,” said Rosalie canlı bahis pontifically. “She also tells me you are very stubborn. Is that so?” “I… I may… be, Miss…” Rosalie smiled. “I think you are. Well, we know how to deal with stubborn girls here! I have something else to tell you, Melissa. Your step-mother informed me that she did no more than paddle you… or sometimes cane you lightly. Over your clothes, it seems. Here, Melissa, you get it on the bare flesh… and you get it hard! Understood?” “Yes… Miss…” Melissa’s hands were now clenched. “Finally, Melissa,” said Rosalie, “your step-mother added a rider to the statement she signed. I will read it to you.” Out of the drawer came the piece of paper again. “It says… ‘Though I have punished Melissa from time to time, it would appear I have been too lenient with her. The idea occurs to me that a sound birching would benefit her if she does not pull herself together pretty soon. Certainly that might help to make her less stubborn. So, if you happen to have a birch in your establishment, please do not hesitate to use it.’“ Rosalie looked up and smiled. “Well, Melissa, I may tell you, we have a birch here. It is kept green and supple in brine water… and, believe me, it is no laughing matter!” Underneath her short skirt, Melissa felt the involuntary twitch of her nates. She knew well the particular torment of a birch! “You may sit down, Melissa…” Melissa sat down. The seat was hard; she had to force her long, bare thighs under the low desk top. Her heart was pounding. Mainly with hate. For a few brief moments she let her mind dwell on what she would like to do to this woman… then switched away. Such thoughts were too dangerous. “Julia… stand up…”Julia stood up. Her heart was beating fast too and her throat was dry. It would not be long, she knew well, before the pain began again. The physical pain, that is. For the mental pain was always present. “Go and fetch two exercise books… and the two text books called ‘Hall’s Algebra’. Also distribute pens and ink. Hurry up, girl!” The travesty of a ‘schoolgirl’ did as she was bid, her fulsome breasts bouncing in the see-through blouse. “Algebra,” said Rosalie. Then she grinned. “Not, I gather from both your reports, a subject you are very proficient at. Open at page 10. Read the chapter. Then solve the five problems set at the end. Begin now. You have half an hour…” Needless to say, it was many years since either girl had so much as thought of Algebra. It was one of those subjects one pushed to the back of one’s mind immediately one left school. So it was with mounting dread that both Julia and Melissa strove to even understand the chapter they had to read. Even though it was only concerned with simple equations, practically was incomprehensible. Moreover, the problems at the end were baffling. They made no sense; there seemed no way of solving them. Panic and dread mounted. There could but be one end to this charade! All the time, Rosalie sat quietly, reading a novel, occasionally looking up to enjoy the distraught expressions on each face. She knew just how much at sea she would have been if she had been set such a task! The throb of sadistic pleasure within her was incessant. Oh God… What must it be like to them! “Time’s up…” At last the moment had arrived! “Julia… bring up your work…” Julia rose and stepped to the front of the desk. She placed the exercise book upon it. The pages were blank. “I… I just don’t understand them…” Her voice trailed off. “I see,” said Rosalie. Her eyes were suddenly beady hard. “Well, they said you were lazy. And this proves it. Not even an effort…” “I… I c-can’t do Algebra… M-Miss…” “Can’t!” Rosalie’s voice was high-pitched. “Won’t try is more like it. My God, it’s lucky they sent you here, Julia. I’ll have you doing Algebra so well it’ll seem as natural as breathing. Melissa… now bring up your work! It can’t be worse than this…” The sc**** of a chair… the long thighs swinging sideways… then Melissa’s book was on the desk. It contained five answers. “That’s better,” said Rosalie with a smirk. But Melissa knew she was no better situated than Julia. She had simply guessed the answers. After all, she might be lucky with one or two! She watched resignedly as, having consulted her ‘crib’, Rosalie put a cross against each set of figures.“But not much better, Melissa,” said Rosalie. Then she stood up. “I’ll deal with you first, young lady. Bend over my desk, pull up your skirt, and take your knickers down.” Then she walked over and took the strap from its hook on the blackboard. Melissa did not delay. With Julia looking on dejectedly, she pulled her short skirt up as high as it would go and then stretched across the desk. Then she pushed down the Navy Blue knickers to her knees. Finally she stretched out and gripped the other side of the desk. She felt the humiliation of being treated in this ‘schoolgirl’ fashion intensely. Just pushing down those knickers, for example… Rosalie surveyed the smooth, bare bottom presented curving to her. The throb of sadistic pleasure within her increased. “Since you made an effort, Melissa,” she said, “I shall be lenient with you. Also, you are new here. Later, you will not find me so easy-going. Just five…” Secretly, Melissa was astonished. And relieved. She had expected far worse… not then being aware that Rosalie’s policy was to be ‘little’ but often! The single thong of well-oiled brown leather swung up… then down. Thwack! Melissa barely made a sound. A pink band encircled her nates which quivered from the impact of leather. This was c***d’s play compared with the sort of treatment she normally got! Be thankful, she told herself… Thwack! Of course, it stung and burned momentarily. At one time, it would have made her gasp and yelp. But now, it was nothing really… Thwack! Of course… it hurt… oh yes, it hurt… but not all that much… Melissa kept her bottom square. One could not have said she squirmed at all. There was just the quivering of the soft flesh. Face turned, looking along the flat top of the desk, Melissa could see Julia. Waiting. Her turn soon… Thwack! Nearly over. She had not made a sound. Be thankful. It would not always be so easy. Of that she was sure … Thwack! The last. Stinging… burning painfully… burning momentarily deep… blazing as only leather on bare flesh does… It was over. Melissa remained bending. Feeling the glow in her buttock cheeks. Feeling the bitter humiliation of it. The bitch… the bitch… oohh… the bitch! “Alright, Melissa… get up and get back to your desk.”Melissa stood erect and got hold of the elastic of her knickers around her knees. She pulled them up, wriggling her hips slightly. They were very tight. Her short skirt dropped as she went back and seated herself. “Now, Julia… let’s see if I can stimulate a little of your grey matter. Over you go…” As Melissa had done, Julia lifted her skirt high, and pulled down her knickers. Another area of curvaceous flesh was presented to Rosalie. “Five for you too,” she said, then paused. “To begin with,” she added. “I will not tolerate laziness, Julia. The sooner you learn that the better.” Once more the thong began to swing at measured intervals on the lush flesh, which bounced and quivered incessantly. Julia was almost as stoical as Melissa had been. But her teeth were clenched and there was a hint of tears in her eyes. They were tears of hate and fury. It was a terrible thing for a grown woman to be treated like some errant Victorian schoolgirl! When the fifth stroke had fallen, Rosalie replaced the strap… and took down the slim cane. She ran her fingers along it lovingly. “I’m giving you five with the cane as well, Julia,” said Rosalie, tapping the waiting buttocks lightly. They twitched… once, twice. “You say you have not been caned before, young lady?” “N-No… Miss,” whispered Julia. “Well… it hurts!” rasped Rosalie, whiplashing the cane down. A thin, encircling weal sliced over Julia’s bottom. She uttered bahis siteleri a breathless gasp as her head jerked up, her pigtails swinging. Few could have been more accustomed to the cane than Julia but, even though it was relatively light, it did hurt. They all did, didn’t they? It was only a matter of degree. Julia tightened her grip on the edge of the desk. “Doesn’t it?” “Y-Yes… ss… Miss…” Another tap on the cheeks… another twitch… then another whiplashing cut. It was indeed evident, from the way Julia’s bottom juddered along the edge of the desk… to and fro… and the way she gasped, that the cane hurt considerably more than the thong. Unhurriedly, Rosalie laid on three more strokes. Each time she tapped Julia’s bottom several times beforehand… drawing out the girl’s anguish… delighting in her apprehensive flinching and twitching. “Right… knickers up… back to your desk, young lady!” While Rosalie replaced the cane, Julia returned to seat herself alongside Melissa. A tear ran down one cheek and she was trembling. The effort to control her surging emotions was almost unbearably difficult… despite all her experience. And her knowledge of what would surely happen if she did not! “Melissa… take back the Algebra books and pick up the French Grammars. ” “Yes, Miss…” Two more text books… the exercise books opened at a fresh page. “You will translate the whole of the passage on pages 23 and 24,” said Rosalie. “I don’t advise there be too many errors!” With sinking hearts, the two girls approached their new task. Since neither were exactly academics, French translation was just about as difficult for them as Algebra had been! Rosalie knew it… and was well content.At the end of another half hour’s mental toil, both girls were strapped again. Ten strokes each this time. “It is quite clear to me,” said Rosalie when both girls had returned to their desks, “that you have been allowed to be so slack that your brains have practically atrophied. Well, I’m going to change all that. I shall continue to tan your backsides until you do produce some decent work. Is that quite clear?” “Yes… Miss…” they answered. Both were beginning to feel quite sore, Julia particularly. The hard seat of the chair was becoming distinctly uncomfortable to sit upon. “English Literature,” announced Rosalie, this time distributing the books herself. “You will both learn the poem of pages 131 and 132. There’s nothing difficult about that. Just a matter of mental application. So I’ll accept no excuses.” Rosalie turned back to her desk.“ You have precisely half an hour, again,” she said, “and I warn you that the girl who is not word perfect will feel the cane.” Julia and Melissa were indeed a study in concentration as, with bowed heads, they began the arduous task of memorising. Need it be said that, at the end of the allotted time, neither was word perfect? Not even trained actresses would have been… but no matter! Rosalie gave Julia her five first… regretfully aware that that was her ‘ration’ with the cane for the day. Doubtless Havers would be rather miffed for she knew he had had it in mind to cane both girls himself… for their ‘failure’ of the previous evening. Still, Havers had had plenty of fun with his ‘horsewhip’, hadn’t he? It was just as Melissa was taking her knickers down that, in fact, Havers came into the classroom. He had been delayed longer than he had hoped, through having to wait for a phone call from the Boss. Then what he had heard had not exactly pleased him. “Hallo…” he said, “what’s this Miss Rosalie? A punishment already?” He gazed lustfully at Melissa’s pink-striped bottom… seeing the gym-slip pulled up… seeing the knickers down around her knees… and loving it! “I’m afraid so, Principal,” said Rosalie smugly. “It is obvious these girls are very lazy. As you can see, I have already had to strap this one.” “Yes,” nodded Havers. “What about the other one?” “Her, too. And she’s had the cane as well. I felt I had to assert my authority at the very outset.”“Oh yes? How many’s she had?” “Ten, Principal.” A flicker of annoyance crossed Havers’ features. Damn, he thought, that ruled out any opportunity for him to wield the rod on the girl. The Boss had just informed him he would be back that evening… so there would not be sufficient time for full healing treatment. “I see…” he mused. I knew he’d be annoyed, said Rosalie to herself. Too Bad! “May I proceed, Principal?” “Eh?” “With this one… she’s getting five…” “ER… no… if you don’t mind, Miss Rosalie, I think I’ll interview these girls first.” “Whatever you say, Principal.” She tapped Melissa’s bottom with the cane. “Go back to your place, girl…” Once more Melissa struggled back into her tight blue knickers, conscious of Havers’ eyes gloatingly upon her. As she seated herself at her desk, she saw the brute smiling. What fun to have ‘schoolgirls’ at your beck and call! “Stand up… both of you…” Julia and Melissa stood up. Havers walked from one to the other, feasting his eyes. Then he stopped before Julia.“Name?” “J-Julia… Sir…” “Age?” “S-Sixteen… Sir…” Absurdly, she felt herself colouring. And she knew he would enjoy that. “You look older. She’s got big breasts for a sixteen-year-old, hasn’t she, Miss Rosalie?” “Indeed she has, Principal.” “How big are they, Julia?” enquired Havers. “I mean, what’s your bust measurement?” “F-Forty… Sir…” The colour seemed to deepen.“Really? I think I’ll just check that. It’s unusual for a girl of your age. Have you got a tape-measure handy, Miss Rosalie?” Of course, Rosalie had! When Julia had raised her arms, Havers measured her… taking his time about it… feeling the warm, lush flesh through the thin white covering. How exciting that was! Somehow even more that if those orbs had actually been quite bare. Havers tried to think of Julia actually as a schoolgirl. Someone quite new to him; whom he was permitted to examine in this fashion. The lust surged through his loins at the very thought! “Correct! What’s your hip measurement, young lady?” “Thirty… thirty… n-nine, Sir…” “I’ll check that, too. Pull up your skirt, please.” Julia did so, exposing the tight-fitting blue knickers which seemed to emphasise the provocative swell of her mound. Round went the tape measure again, the fingers fumbling. “Also correct,” he pronounced after a few moments. Havers walked round behind the girl.“I understand Miss Rosalie had to cane you this morning. So soon!” “Y-Yes… Sir…” “You’ll soon discover that discipline is strict here, Julia. Mmmm… I can partly see some of the weals. But only partly. Take your knickers down please, young lady. I wish to examine you more thoroughly…” Down they went! “… now bend over. ” Julia bent over and Havers gazed at the ten evenly-spaced stripes running almost parallel over the shapely nates. They were red and twin-tracked in contrast to the wider, pinker marks from the strap. Havers’ finger ran up and down several of the weals. They were quite hot. He felt Julia flinch a little. “Did you cane hard, Miss Rosalie?” “Fairly…”“Mmmmmm… well this seems quite adequate. Still if there isn’t an improvement soon, we may have to consider a heavier cane.” “Quite so,” nodded Rosalie. “Alright, Julia, you may pull your knickers up now. And stand up.” Red in the cheeks – and only partly from bending – Julia did so. Havers moved to Melissa. The rigmarole was repeated. “Name?” “Melissa, Sir…” The girl’s voice was quite firm, but she was obviously very tense. A caning still awaited her. “Age?” “Sixteen, Sir…” “Ah… also sixteen. It seems a naughty age, eh Miss Rosalie?” “It does indeed, Principal!” Rosalie could hardly stop from laughing. Imagine… Havers… a Principal! That was rich! “You’ve got good breasts for your age, too, young lady. Size?” “Thirty eight, Sir…” “Better check.” Once more the tape-measure went to work. “I make it thirty eight and a half…”“It could be so, Sir… I… I… haven’t measured lately.” Havers grinned.“Hips?” “Also thirty eight, Sir.” “Skirt bahis şirketleri up.” Up it came. Another delightful pair of ‘schoolgirl knickers’ displayed! Round the measure. “I make it thirty eight and a half, too. Oh well, it’s hardly here nor there, I suppose. But we don’t want you young ladies getting too plump. Or we’ll have to organise some gym classes, won’t we, Miss Rosalie?” “Yes… I think that’s a very good idea anyway, Principal.” Havers gazed lecherously at Melissa who continued to stand meekly with skirt raised high.“My,” he said, “they do grow up quickly nowadays, don’t they?” “Yes, indeed they do,” smiled Rosalie. “Now, Principal, shall I proceed with Melissa’s caning. I was about to give her five…”“Er… Miss Rosalie… I wish to have a word with you. In private.” “Certainly, Principal.” The two retired to the far end of the room. “The Boss is returning tonight,” whispered Havers. “So soon?” “Yeh… all too soon. So it’s only fair that I have a crack at Melissa. Might be my last chance for a while. After all, you’ve given Julia her ‘ration’.” Rosalie shrugged. “I suppose so,” she said resignedly. “And we’d better make this the last punishment… and get them both on to Treatment. The Boss will want them looking good.” “Fair enough,” agreed Rosalie. “So you’re going to give Melissa her ten all at once?” “That’s the idea,” grinned Havers. “Then I’m going to have her stay behind ‘after school’. Like I said. Just for a while.” “Suit yourself,” replied Rosalie a little sulkily. She had been getting on fine until Havers had come and put his oar in. Havers walked back to Melissa who stood exactly as when he had left her.“I have discussed your case with Miss Rosalie,” he said. “You look an intelligent girl… so there’s no reason on earth why you shouldn’t have learnt that poem. It’s just sheer lack of effort… and that is unforgivable. I have decided to punish you myself, young lady. And more severely than Miss Rosalie decreed originally. Ten strokes of the cane on your bare bottom.” Havers walked over to the easel and took down the waiting implement. “I believe you are more used to chastisement than Julia,” he said. “That is another reason for giving you extra. Now… take those knickers down and bed over Miss Rosalie’s desk. At once, young lady!” Biting her lips, Melissa obeyed the humiliating command. She was very aware that, even though the cane was a relatively light one, it was going to be no easy matter to take ten, experienced and hardened as she was. Especially as her bottom had been tenderised by the strap. Havers measured the shapely posterior. Some schoolgirl, he said to himself! “You’re here to learn, my girl,” he said, “and learn you will!” The cane whistled down and cracked across the cringing flesh. Havers gave it all he’d got… and Melissa’s head jerked up and a breathless gasp was forced from her. At the same time, she half twisted over, squirming deliciously. In Haver’s eyes, that is!The stroke had hurt considerably more than Melissa had expected. She clenched her teeth fiercely and summoned her strength and resolution, as she had so often done before. She was determined not to give this b**st added pleasure by ‘breaking’… by crying out and begging for mercy. Suddenly it had become a matter of pride. Of what remnants of pride Melissa had left anyway. Deliberately, Havers delayed the second stroke, lightly tapping thee quivering bottom with the tip of the cane. Drawing out the anguish; almost feeling the tension mount. These were moments to be savoured. When Melissa’s nates gave a sudden twitch of dread, Havers winked at Rosalie who was looking on intently, her mouth twisted in a cruel smile. Then the second stroke came. Ssswwweeeee… ccrraaaccckkkk! Again the jerk back of Melissa’s head… again the breathless gasp… again the juddering squirm of her bottom… But no more. She still had control. “It hurts, doesn’t it, young lady?” “Yes… Sir…”The voice low and soft, but firm. “It’s meant to. Have you been caned on your bare bottom before, young lady?” “No… Sir…” The auburn head shook slightly. Havers grinned. Melissa was playing her role really well. Oh what a schoolgirl! Tap-tap… tap-tap… tap-tap… Then up… and down… a full blooded cut again. “Ooooffff… aahhh… ooooffff!” The gasp was a little louder, the squirming a little more intense. Once Havers would have been amazed by the degree of Melissa’s stoicism; now it merely pleased him. “This Academy is founded on discipline,” said Havers. “And correction. You’ll get plenty of the latter if your attitude and effort does not quickly improve. Understood?” Melissa unclenched her teeth. “Y-Yes… Sir…” she answered. Even as she did so, the fourth stroke descended, with a little less interval between this time. Perhaps it was because it caught her rather unawares, perhaps it was because her teeth were not clenched, but a positive cry of pain was forced from Melissa and her bottom twisted three-quarters of the way over before her belly thumped back on to the desk. Havers grinned and winked at Rosalie again. I’m getting through to this beauty now, he thought… I’ll have her yelling before I’m finished!Tap-tap… tap-tap… tap-tap… Cruel, agonising moments for Melissa, whose nates had now begun to tremble and contract involuntarily with dread. Her breath could be heard hissing through her clenched teeth; her knuckles were ivory white over the edge of the desk. I won’t ‘break’… I won’t… she told herself! Oh God give me strength! But at the fifth stroke, Melissa almost did ‘break’. For Havers laid it across her ‘overhang’, just where the lower curves of her buttocks met the tops of her thighs. It was a most sensitive area, made all the more so since Rosalie’s thong had fallen there repeatedly. “Oooooofff… aaaaahhhhh!” It was half a gasp, half a cry. it was amazing it was not a scream. Melissa’s writhing bottom twisted over again… to the right… back… over again to the left… and back. And as she did so, her legs kicked out and her thighs splayed involuntarily. There was the sound of her flimsy knickers splitting. “Careless,” said Rosalie. “Very,” agreed Havers. He tugged the remnants away. “Wishing you’d learnt that poem now, young lady?” “Y-Yes… S-Sir…” There was a croak in Melissa’s soft voice. “You’ll be wishing it more by the time I’ve finished with you, my girl! Come off that desk… I want those buttocks tauter than they are!” Melissa released her grip and slid off the desk. She stood before Havers, superb breasts heaving under the see-through blouse, eyes moist with tears, soft lips quivering. Havers suddenly remembered what those lips felt like when they enclosed his prick. Well, maybe a ‘schoolgirl’ could suck him later! “Bend over and touch your toes, young lady,” ordered Havers. Melissa did so at once… and Havers pulled up the short pleated skirt of the gym-slip, right to the waist. “That’s better,” he said. “Now, Melissa, you will stay bending while I complete your caning. If you do not, I shall have no option but to increase your punishment.” For the moment, Havers was overlooking the ‘ration’. What would two or three extra matter anyway? It says a very great deal for Melissa’s courage. . . and for her strength of will… that she actually gave Havers no excuse for giving her extra. One must put it down to her vast experience. For although, at each vicious cut across her taut-curving buttocks, her fingertips lifted momentarily off her toes and her knees buckled a little, it was only a second or two before the fingertips were back in place and the limbs straight again. Always, she kept her bottom presented for punishment, even though once she almost squirmed to her knees. Havers had told her to remain bending… and she did! All the same, Havers was highly delighted by Melissa’s reactions. Especially as the last three strokes produced outright yelps of pain from her. In truth, Melissa didn’t mind so much about that any more. She concentrated mainly on maintaining the demanded posture as the blazing stripes of fire seared across her bottom. Then it was over… Havers replaced the cane on the easel. His hand trembled slightly and his lips were wet. He had enjoyed himself a lot… and now he was about to enjoy himself a lot more!

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